The rose blooms freely

  ”He is the young man she met on the plane.” Mrs. Carteret said. “Go to sleep.”
  Outside the bedroom window, under the bright moonlight, the leaves of the willow tree seemed to swim slowly in tiny and even gaps. Like a school of gray-green fish. The thin willow branches are like thin arched rods, backed by the white sky of summer night.
  ”This is the first time I have heard that there is a young man on the plane.” Mr. Carteret said.
  ”You saw him,” said Mrs. Carteret. “He was there when we met her. You saw him walking out of customs with her.”
  ”I don’t remember who I saw her with.”
  ”I.” I know you have seen him because you talked about his hat. You said its color is really beautiful. It is a gray-green with a turned-down brim—”
  ”My God,” Mr. Carteret said “That guy? He looks at least 40 years old. He is the same age as me.”
  ”He is 28 years old. Sure. Which side will you sleep on right away?”
  ”I’ll lean on for a while,” Carteret The husband said, “I can’t sleep. It’s been a long time since I heard the clock strike at 3 o’clock.”
  ”You can fall asleep as long as you lie down peacefully,” she said.
  Sometimes the damp air changes direction, as if an extremely soft air current shakes a large soft and shiny leaf of the whole willow tree. At this time, Mr. Carteret always felt that it was the sound of a car gradually approaching. Then, the sound of the wind suddenly turned and swept across the field at night, together with a series of echoes between the leaf clusters, blowing on a solitary tree or two in the distance. He always knew that it was not a car, but just another quiet, midsummer night’s air current. Long gasps, floating up and down, slowly disappearing.
  ”Where are you in a hurry?” said Mrs. Carteret.
  ”I want to go downstairs to drink some water.”
  ”You’d better half-close your eyes and lie down in one place,” Mrs. Carteret said. “Are you not asleep at all?”
  ”I can’t fall asleep in the moonlight at all,” he said, “I don’t know what’s going on. I always seem to sleep unsteadily. Besides, it’s too hot.”
  ”Put something on your feet,” Carterley Mrs. Te said, “Look at God’s point.” On the
  landing, on the stairs, in the kitchen downstairs, I saw the moonlight, but the dazzling whiteness of the reflection without shadows. The kitchen floor he was walking barefoot on was warm, and the water coming out of the faucet was warm. He filled a glass with water twice, poured water into the pool, filled it again, and drank after it was cool. He didn’t wear slippers because he couldn’t remember where they were. He has been thinking about Su in his heart. At this moment, he suddenly remembered that the slippers were still in the coal spit by the stove, and he had thrown them in.
  He put on his slippers, opened the kitchen door, and went to the garden. Indeed, his clear eyes can see the colors of all roses, even the darkest red roses. He can even distinguish between yellow and white, whether it is the flowers that are still standing upright, or all the fallen petals, the thick petals all over the dry land after the heat of the day of July.
  He walked to the middle of the lawn and stopped. For a while, he couldn’t see a star in the sky. The moon is like a solid opalescent glass light bulb, the dazzling light, he thought, pouring almost cruelly on the dark green summer trees.
  After a while, Feng’er made a gradual and rapid turning sound with water vapor in the willow leaves, and then swept back across the field at night. He once again thought it was the sound of a car. He felt the breeze blowing on the two trouser legs of his pajamas, it was very cool. He irritably scratched the messy hair that had just left the pillow with his fingers.
  He suddenly felt helpless and miserable.
  ”Sue,” he said, “From God’s point, where are you? Susie, Susie–this is not like you.”
  His nickname for her is Susie, usually calling her Su. In rare moments of anger, maybe call her Susan. He kept calling her Susie on her birthday three weeks ago, after which she flew to Switzerland for vacation. Everyone thought that day, how old she had grown, how solid and plump she was, how wonderful it was for her to fly alone. Only in his eyes, she was weaker than ever, more like a girl, thin body and childish face, even though she was wearing lipstick. He looked at her with a cup of sherry in surprise, and thought she was drinking too much. Quite different from himself, she seems to be not nervous about taking a plane.
  In the small town ahead, a bell struck the half-time chime, and almost at the same time, he heard the sound of a car. This time I can’t make a mistake. He could still see the turning of the car’s headlights and the car turning a quarter of a mile away by the big bend next to the egg grading station on the side of the road.
  ”It’s really time to come, miss.” he thought. He suffocated his stomach, and didn’t feel miserable anymore. He could hear the car coming quickly, moving so fast, forcing him to run home from the lawn. He wanted to get back to bed quickly, before she got home and saw him staying there. He didn’t want her to run into his embarrassment. The tube of his pajama pants was a few inches longer and wet with the dew on the grass. He simply picked up his trouser legs and ran like a skirt.
  What a terrible and absurd situation, he thought. Children can sometimes make you look alive and stupid, just as they sometimes hurt your head.
  At the door of the kitchen, he took off a slipper, and when he stopped to pick it up and listened to the sound of the car again, he found that there was no sound at this time and the headlights had disappeared. Once again, there was only a large silent and dazzling reflection, plus the subtle echoes of the gradually weakening wind.
  ”Oh, we always go home after dancing,” he thought, “that’s fun too.”
  He suddenly felt a chill. He couldn’t help but think of the long curve next to the egg grading station. There is no gentle slope with a slight arch on it. As long as the speed is a little faster, it is impossible to control it. There are car accidents every week. God, does he know anything about this person? He may be the one who goes around waiting for the opportunity to carry passengers. Probably a married man. anyone. A liar.
  In an instant, he had a terrible hunch for all this, just as he felt when he watched her walk into the cabin, and when the passenger plane took off. Accompanying it was a sense of inevitable disaster: he concluded that she could not come back. He felt inexplicably that the blood in his body was turning into a drop of blood isolated from each other. These blood drops flowed through the blood vessels, carrying an orderly and infinite deadly breath, causing cold fear in the heart. Somehow, he knew that there was an air crash.
  He didn’t really know that he was running from the rose garden to the gate. He just vaguely felt that he was pacing back and forth on the road outside the door, irritably pulling his pajamas tighter.
  My goodness, he thought, how easy this kind of thing happens. When a girl traveled by plane or bus or something, some horrible incident happened before you knew what was going on.
  He walked onto the road, feeling the cold blood plummeting, one by one, the terrifying drops of blood rolled down on his legs to his feet. Seeing a pale yellow in the sky, he suddenly realized the amazing fact that day was coming. He couldn’t believe it, and then ran in pain.
  After a while, 100 yards away, he felt a pair of yellow eyes looking at him from the side of the road. He immediately saw that it was the light of a parked car. He didn’t know what to do. He can’t just knock on the car window and say in a strict father’s tone: “Is my daughter in there? Susan, go home.” In the end, it is always possible that this daughter likes someone else. Doing what she is doing, she particularly hates the annoyance of a strange middle-aged man who wears pajamas and is nosy.

  He stood still, watching the edge of the daylight widening and deepening the yellow of the sky. This made him more soberly aware that he should immediately stop being a fool and regroup.
  ”Don’t be like a babysitter anymore,” he said, “hurry home and go to bed. Don’t you trust her?” The trouble really came when you didn’t trust them. It is when you are asking for trouble. You don’t trust them, but it’s a bad thing.
  As soon as he turned to walk back, he heard the sound of the engine of the car. He looked around and saw the car lights moving towards him along the highway. He suddenly felt that he was extremely stupid, and now he had no time to get through a gap in the hedge by the road. The hedge was not too high, so he simply squatted among the damp and messy burdock weeds and thorns, and the parts as high as the chest and shoulders of his pajamas became wet. At this moment, the sky had turned into a striking golden color, and the various colors of the day became exceptionally clear again. He smelled the scent of honeysuckle from the dew on the hedge.
  When the car passed by, he raised his head a second or two late, so he couldn’t see if Susie was in the car. He followed the car all the way, and new troubles arose in his heart. He felt very uncomfortable when he put on his pajamas wet with dew. He knew he had to change his clothes quickly, dry his body with a towel, and then return to the bed.
  ”Oh my God, they will make you look like a poor fool,” he thought, and then he thought, “Damn it, maybe it’s not her. Oh! Damn it, maybe it’s not her?”
  He felt his legs start to change again. cold. Han Ning’s blood beads began to fall slowly, making him forget the dew on his chest and shoulders. He vaguely thought of a hospital, and suddenly felt violent dizziness, accompanied by a burst of uncontrollable nausea.
  ”Oh! Susie, depending on Jesus, don’t do this to us anymore. Don’t do it anymore—”
  He immediately realized that the car had stopped at the door of the house. He realized it only after being prompted, because the red taillights of the car suddenly went out under the brighter dawn.
  After a while, he saw Susie. She was wearing her long lavender evening gown and lifted the skirt with both hands gracefully. Even at a certain distance, he still could see that she was so pretty. In the silence of Xia Chen without birds, the air was equally silent, and he could clearly hear her soft and sweet voice full of childishness and kindness saying: “Goodbye. Okay, dear. Thank you.”
  The top priority at this time, he Thinking, don’t let her see. He had to stay out of her sight. Unconsciously, he figured out how to sneak into the house through the side door, then sneak into the bedroom, put on clean pajamas, and even take a shower.
  In just a moment, he saw the car turning around and coming towards him along the highway. This time there was no chance to hide, he could only walk to the side of the road and let the car pass by. For a few uncomfortable seconds, he stood there as if standing naked under a sunny day, trying to look away pretending to be indifferent.
  He heard the car park dozens of yards behind him, and then a voice called: “Oh! Sir. I’m sorry. Are you Mr. Carteret, sir?”
  ”Exactly,” he said.
  There are no more tricks, he thought, he can only go over and see who this nasty guy is.
  ”Yes, I’m Carteret.” He tried to add a bit of self-conceited indifference and dignity to his voice.
  ”My name is Bill Jordan, sir,” the young man said, “I’m sorry we came too late. I hope you are not worried about Susie.” His hair was combed slick and smooth, with a black tuxedo. The whole person seems very energetic.
  ”Uh, no. Seriously, no.”
  ”All blame my mother. She
  kept us.” “You guys have been dancing?”
  ”Oh! No, sir. Dinner with my mother. We are I danced on the lawn for a while, but then I started playing Canasta cards and continued until 3 a.m. My mother played this card very well. I am afraid it was mainly her fault.”
  ”Oh, it doesn’t matter. Just have a good time.”
  ”Oh! We are very happy, sir. I just thought you would worry about Susie—”
  ”Oh! To tell the truth. No.”
  ”That’s good, then, sir,” the young man had already moved toward his damp pajamas. He glanced sideways, then glanced again, “It’s a wonderful and warm night, isn’t it?”
  ”It’s very stuffy. I can’t sleep.”
  ”Sleep—it reminds me.” He laughed. , Showing two wide rows of well-maintained teeth, making him look younger and handsome, “I’d better go back quickly, or I will miss breakfast. Good night, sir.”
  ”Good night.” The
  car began to move. . The young man raised a hand to say goodbye, and Carteret yelled behind him, “You must come to our house for dinner some night—”
  ”I’m glad. Thank you very much, sir. Good night.”
  Carteret shunned . Walk along the way. Very touching and serious. It’s eye-opening, and it’s good. Very unique. That kind of posture is the most important thing. He breathed a sigh of relief, and felt a strange feeling of narcissism.
  When I walked to the gate of the garden, the sky was already bright, and the extremely clear light reflected all the roses that quietly bloomed in the night. Among them was a very beautiful crimson rose, very dark and almost black. He thought for a moment, and he wanted to take it off and take it upstairs to his wife. But he finally dispelled the idea and let it stay in place to grow.
  At this time, the moonlight gradually dimmed, and the birds filled the sky.

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