The Power of Old Photo Albums: A Look Back at Time

There are several antiquated photograph albums at home, and we often extracted them to peruse through the recent few years. Many photographs in the archaic albums are blurred and faded, but it does not impede us from scrutinizing them with avidity. Perusing through the antiquated albums, it appears to submerge into the river of the past with a splash. The flowing watercourse of time pitilessly washes away everyone, but the details of some remembrances cannot be expunged.

My mother gestured to a yellowed photograph and uttered to me: “Perceive, this icon of mine was captured when you were just in high school. I had not a single white hair at that time.” After turning the page down, she suddenly emitted a ponderous sigh, “Indeed, observe this, my hair will be gray when you graduate from college.” My mother lamented the fleeting of years, with a modicum of melancholy in her tone. I jested with her: “Juxtaposed with now, your hair is gray and you are decades more youthful than the present!” My mother chuckled: “That is veracious! Scrutinize this photograph, it is a family photograph we procured when you espoused. The crimson dress I am wearing was purchased for me by my daughter-in-law!” I leaned over to inspect and uttered, “Mama, you did not have any wrinkles on your facade at that time, and you were not stout at all. You appeared really pulchritudinous!” articulated my mother. “Certainly, observe how obese I am now.” After voicing that, my mother rotated to the front page of the archaic album, gestured to the photograph of her and her father and vocalized, “Perceive how I peered thus when I was juvenile!” There was a modicum of pride in her oculi. I verbalized: “As per the standards of the time, you were deemed a gorgeous woman when you were juvenile!” My mother grinned from auricle to auricle.

My mother is a solicitous person, and she organized all the photographs in chronological order. Leafing through an antiquated album is akin to voyaging upstream, roaming in the river of the past. Revolving gradually, you can leisurely savor and relish at the station of time through aged photographs, and steadily aftertaste. Turn more swiftly, old photograph albums are analogous to montage shots, which can condense all vivacity into it.

One of my favorite antiquated albums contains photographs from my student days. There were very few photographs from my middle school days. When I was in college, I had the occasion to take photographs, and I left more photographs. I recollect that one of my classmates had a camera at that time, so I borrowed his camera to take pictures. There is a photograph that can be denominated my “prideful photograph”. That was a photograph taken of me and the “handsome gentleman” recognized by the entire school. I am relatively diminutive, so I situated a brick under my feet when taking photographs. While the photographer was capturing the photograph, I strove to stand on my tiptoes. The consequences of the photograph were excellent. The “pulchritudinous gentleman” was debonair and unrestrained, and he and I peered equally satisfactory side by side. In the photograph, I appear tall, heroic, and majestic. It is comical to utter, once when we were proceeding on a blind date, I presented this photograph to the introducer. After perceiving the photograph, the other person inquired: “Which one is it? But both of them are handsome in the photograph, so do not fret about that, it does not matter!” Of course,

the most consequential thing is that an antiquated photograph can reawaken the youthful years. In that era, every day was a lyrical poem that inspired the years and criticized Fang Qiu. I cannot refrain from laughing when I leaf through antiquated albums. I can feel it myself, the smile on my lips must be abundant and meaningful.

In recent years, with the enhancement of mobile phone camera and video capabilities, we have become less intrigued in antiquated photograph albums. My family’s antiquated album has not been revolved over for several years. Today’s mobile phone camera has a pulchritude function, which can smooth out wrinkles on the facade and embellish facial blemishes. Many people who are not youthful are intoxicated by beauty, and feel that they really gaze thus after embellishment, and time has not deserted any traces on their facades. But I ponder embellishment is a bit self-deceiving, and the photographs in those antiquated albums are the most faithful. Aged photographs are steadfast recorders of time, not to be hoodwinked, not to dupe, to restore remembrances, and to preserve them in perpetuity.

One day, my wife accidentally leafed through an antiquated album and uttered to me a little sadly: “Oh, even the tenth level of pulchritude cannot occult the vicissitudes in my oculi. Gaze at my oculi when I was juvenile, how brilliant and pellucid they were!” Undoubtedly, at that time, her oculi are so lucid—the antiquated albums conceal the past years.

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