The Mysterious Meanings of Car Logos

  Symbols have a long history in human history, and many symbols have very mysterious meanings. Car logos are essentially symbols, but few people pay attention to their original meaning.
Volvo: the symbol of Mars, the ancient Roman god of war

  Many people think that Volvo’s logo is a circle with the English word “Volvo” inside. Not really. The Volvo outer ring logo is the symbol of Mars, the god of Mars in ancient Roman mythology and the god of war.
  Mars is the son of Jupiter (equivalent to Zeus in ancient Greece) and Juno in Roman mythology, and his importance is second only to Jupiter. Both the Latin word “Mars” and the English word “March” are derived from Mars.
  In Roman mythology, he was not only brave and good at fighting, but also became the ancestor of the Romans. There is a famous statue of a wolf feeding a child in Rome. The biological father of the two children was the great god of war Mars. This shows how tall the image of the god of war was in the minds of the ancient Romans.
Maserati: the weapon in the hands of Naphtius, the god of the sea in Roman mythology

  The logo of Maserati is a trident placed on a leaf-shaped base. This is the emblem of Bologna, Italy, where the company is located. It is also the weapon in the hands of Napchu, the god of the sea in Roman mythology, symbolizing the immense power of the god of the sea.
  Napcho is a Roman name, and it was called Poseidon in ancient Greek mythology. Legend has it that he divided responsibilities with Zeus and Hades, with Zeus in charge of the sky, Poseidon in charge of the ocean, and Hades in charge of the underworld. Poseidon’s trident was a gift from the Cyclops during the Battle of the Titans. Using this weapon, not only can it easily set off huge waves, trigger storms and tsunamis, sink continents and crack the world, but it can also smash everything into pieces, and even cause powerful earthquakes that shake the entire world.
Vauxhall: Based on a mythical creature called a gryphon

  The Vauxhall logo is based on a mythical creature called the Gryphon. A griffon is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, often with wings. Gryphons are often known for guarding treasure. In ancient times, it was a symbol of divine power and the guardian of the gods.
  In the 13th century, the knight Fulkle Breant was named the County King of Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire by King John of England for his outstanding military talents, and granted him the right to wear weapons and enter the royal estate.
  Later, Fulkle Breant chose the symbol of the griffin-headed monster as his herald symbol, and the land belonging to him was named FulksHall. After years of name evolution, it was finally “VAUXHALL”. In 1857, the British established the Vauxhall Motor Company in south London and officially adopted the griffin-headed monster as the company’s logo.
Alfa Romeo: the coat of arms of Milan and the legend of the “serpent” merged into one

  When Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910, the founder created a logo by combining two symbols of the city of Milan: the red cross is part of the coat of arms of Milan, used to commemorate the Crusader knights of the ancient Eastern Expedition; cannibalism The dragon-shaped snake pattern comes from the emblem of an ancient local aristocratic family (Visconti family), symbolizing the legend that the ancestors of the Duke of Visconti, the lord of Milan in the Middle Ages, fought off the “giant snake”. The combination of two logos, representing Milanese heritage and not related in meaning, became one of the most famous icons in the automotive world.
Mazda: Transformed from the ancient Persian Zoroastrian symbol

  Many people think that the Mazda logo is a seagull. In fact, it is derived from a mysterious religious symbol in ancient Persia. This is Zoroastrianism, also known as Zoroastrianism or Zoroastrianism in China.
  Zoroaster founded an ancient religion in Western Persia, advising people to worship the Creator as the source of good, requiring people to have good thoughts, words and actions, and to give up evil.
  There is a god in this religious system named “Ahura Mazda”. The founder of the Mazda brand, Matsuda Jujiro, took it as the name of the company, symbolizing the pursuit of light and kindness.