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The Journey of Self-Reliance: Building Your Own Safe Harbor in Life’s Storms

Perhaps, we all once hoped that we would have good luck, that even in the trough of adversity, there are people who are willing to lend a hand to us.

But the truth is often very heart-wrenching. Luck can never be obtained by being pious, and it will never happen to you for no reason.

Good luck is closely related to your strength.

The more capable you are, the more open the world is, and the more lucky you will meet unexpectedly.

Keigo Higashino said:

“There are two things in this world that should not be looked at directly, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart.”

Human nature has always been cruel. When you are weak, everyone wants to step on you, and no one is willing to understand you and support you.

Remember Xu Banxia in “The Wind Blows Pinellia”?

In the early days of starting a business, Xu Banxia had limited resources. Wu Jianshe, the leader involved in the steel business, looked down on her small company and always allocated the least resources to her. Other companies also avoided Xu Banxia.

Xu Banxia was not reconciled, so he fought hard to the end and brought back 50,000 tons of scrap steel that was cheated. After the steel price recovered, he made his first pot of gold. After a lot of hardships, he finally established his own universe steel company.

At that time, Wu Jianshe’s company was on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to survive, he turned his head and prayed to Xu Banxia to help him.

Those companies that laughed at Xu Banxia at first also contributed capital one after another, hoping to get a share of Universe Steel Company and get a share.

From the disdain at the beginning, to the smiling face later, the difference between Xu Banxia and the other party’s matching status and resources.

There is a question on the Internet: “Which moment makes you feel that the world is cold?”

Gao Zan replied very heartbroken: “In the darkest moment of life, when the people around you are watching with cold eyes.”

Those ridicules and sarcasms from the outside world are like arrows shot out, aiming at your weaknesses, hitting your bullseye, and hurting you both physically and mentally.

Do you choose to fight back, or let yourself cultivate a hard armor?

In fact, all the followers and followers who are followed are nothing more than the fact that the party being followed has sufficient capital.

The more valuable the skill, the more difficult it is to learn it. The stronger the strength, the more time-consuming it is to accumulate.

It is a person’s greatest talent to be able to store energy for himself when he is at a low point, and to lead people up when he is at a peak.

If you are in the midst of turbulence, you must stand firm until the day when the clouds and the moon shine, so that you can gain the right to speak.

Have you ever had such an experience.

Toasted with a smiling face and added WeChat, but after the banquet, the lively greetings turned into a deserted chat box.

Climb up the circle with a thick skin, but the conversation scene, the noisy social scene has become your one-man show.

This is because poor people talk about feelings, and smart people only talk about equivalent exchange.

What is more effective than pushing the cups and enjoying the wine is the capital of the icing on the cake and the charcoal in the snow.

Without exchange value, you can only be a guest. Only when you are useful to others can you be regarded as a guest of honor.

The old godfather Vito Corleone in “The Godfather” knows this well. He expands his network of contacts by helping others, especially those who are in urgent need of help.

He pleaded with the landlord and asked to continue to take in the poor widow so that she could have shelter;

He adopts homeless children, so that the children can study and become talented, and display their talents;

He provides jobs to laid-off people so that they can protect themselves and their families during the economic downturn.

Every low-level person the Godfather helped willingly regarded him as their faith.

This has also become an increasingly powerful force in the hands of the godfather, even big enough to affect the election results in his district, and local high-ranking officials have come to curry favor with him.

As a result, the godfather has jumped from a poor man who no one cares about to a core figure who is vying to be wooed by the bigwigs in the political arena.

As economist Liu Run said:

“Connections are not those who can help you, but those who you can help.”

Long-term social interactions have come and gone. Today you hold an umbrella for others in the rain, and tomorrow others will build bridges for you.

And the more bargaining chips you hold in your hand, the higher your initiative in this relationship will be.

Childish people like to spend their minds on dealing with human relationships, but those who are not strong enough to be warm, after all, are self-sufficient, and can only get the other party to stand by.

Mature people know how to focus on improving their own strength, live as a hub of social networks, accumulate the value of being used, and attract outstanding people of the same frequency to meet at the top.

You need to be hard on your own to forge the iron. Only when you are strong can you have the ticket to enter a higher circle.

In everyone’s life, there are not only sunny days, but also violent storms.

When we can’t hold on, we all want to find a safe haven, even if it’s just a short stop.

But after wandering for a long time, I realized that some ports are besieged on all sides, and some ports are dilapidated, so we should live as our own safe havens.

Yang Lijuan, who was born in a poor family, was promoted to the chief operating officer of Haidilao just by managing herself.

At the age of 17, because her father was sick and needed money urgently, Yang Lijuan joined Haidilao, which has a higher salary.

However, Yang Lijuan, who only has a primary school diploma, finds it difficult to adapt to the fast-paced work mode in the store and does not know the relevant service knowledge.

But she was not discouraged. When her colleagues were sleeping and resting, she flicked through the materials and studied late at night; when others were shopping, she studied computers and reviewed work.

In this way, Yang Lijuan stood out and got the management right of the newly opened Xi’an branch.

In order to gain popularity and attract traffic, Yang Lijuan personally took her staff to the streets to distribute leaflets, and gave free soy milk to passers-by under the scorching sun.

With the efforts of Yang Lijuan, Haidilao finally gained a firm foothold in Xi’an, and she also became the shareholder and chief CEO of Haidilao.

Life is like a piggy bank. Every effort you put in for yourself will be given to you with interest someday in the future.

I really like a sentence in “Skin Bag”:

What can really support you is a wealth of knowledge reserves, a sufficient economic foundation, continuous emotional stability, a controllable pace of life, and an invincible self.

At any time, cultivating yourself deeply is a profitable business with no loss.

Reading good books and improving your own cognition and pattern are the shortcuts for you to skyrocket.

Save money and increase your ability to resist risks, that is your foresight to deal with unexpected events.

Cultivate a good mentality and put your clear head on top, that is your sharp weapon to break through the circle upward.

The greatest noble person in life is always yourself.

When you live yourself as a beam of light, you can be seen by more people in this radiant world.

Yu Qiuyu wrote in “Lend My Life”:

“The road of life has to be walked step by step by yourself. What can really protect you is your own life choice.”

Life is ultimately a contest between yourself and yourself.

If you want to reach the dazzling distance, you must first let the distance see that you are worthwhile.

In the years when no one cares about it, no matter how hard or tired you are, you have to rely on yourself.

Those accumulated disappointments are the stepping stones on your way forward; those suffered pains are the medals of your great achievements.

When you have enough strength and talent, you can become a stage under the spotlight even if you are in a small place.

From then on, the sky is high and the birds are flying, and the sea is wide and the fish are leaping.

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