The Girl with the Raisins: How to Be Yourself and Win in Love

In the American television series “Sheldon the Prodigy,” Mixie, Sheldon’s sister, portrays a captivating and vivacious young girl. Mi Xi is enamored with a charming, fair-haired lad from her school, and it appears that the sentiment is mutual.

Presently, Mixi encounters a predicament and seeks counsel from her sagacious grandmother, an expert in matters of the heart. In an upcoming baseball match, Mixi finds herself on a different team than her admired beau. Being a skilled baseball player, Mixi firmly believes that her own prowess will inevitably lead to her opponent’s defeat.

“If I triumph over him, he will grow indignant and disregard me,” Mishy expressed.

“Why?” Grandma inquired of Mixi.

“I have vanquished numerous boys in the past, and they became irate, with some even shedding tears,” Mixi revealed.

“So, you intend to purposefully defeat him resoundingly?” Grandma questioned.

“I am uncertain,” Mixi confessed.

On the day of the competition, Mixi resolved to relinquish her animosity towards the handsome boy. Initially observing from the sidelines, Mixie grew increasingly restless as her team fell behind, with the opposing team continuously scoring.

Donning her baseball glove, Mixie had to confront that alluring countenance in a narrow encounter.

The opponent hit the first ball thrown by Missy, and the same fate befell the second ball. The outcome of the final pitch would be decisive.

Gritting her teeth, Mi Xi summoned the power of her inner “cosmos” and hurled the ball with all her might. Her efforts proved triumphant, leaving the handsome boy rueful in the end.

Mi Xi felt a deep sense of worry, uncertain whether the handsome boy would continue to hold affection for her.

Similarly, my genteel female colleague Manman finds herself entangled in the tribulations of love. Recently, her suitor’s attitude has grown cold, prompting her to seek a mediator to uncover the whole story. The response she received was that the suitor desired a girl with more “raisins.”

“What does ‘a girl with raisins’ mean?” Manman found herself lost in a haze.

I elucidated to Manman that in Russia, there is a popular low-alcohol beverage called kvass. To enhance its sweetness and flavor, raisins are added to it. Subsequently, Tolstoy incorporated this concept into a novel, where the protagonist likened his lackluster marriage to “kvass that forgot to add raisins.” Consequently, “a woman with raisins” became synonymous with a woman possessing character and allure.

“Perhaps you have been too reserved in your interactions with him, fearing loss, and thereby failing to exhibit your authentic self and charm, causing the other person to perceive you as lacking ‘raisins’!” I suggested.

Having shared this insight, Mixie, who had “struck out” her beloved on the court, showcasing her strength and individuality, exchanged exuberant high-fives with her opponents’ teammates as she passed the handsome gentleman. Raising her hand to meet his gaze, the handsome boy interlaced his fingers with Mi Xi’s, leaving her blushing and elated.

Before the game, Grandma had advised Mixie: “You must display your true strength. By overcoming him, you will earn his respect.”