The fragility of a happy life

  In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, there is a highlight scene in “Confession by the Wall”, which is the part of “Either busy with life or busy with death” – Andy has a saying, it’s my bad luck… bad luck is everywhere, Always hit someone. The scene of confession by the wall is full of tension. When I used to watch this scene, I liked those more gorgeous lines and didn’t pay much attention to Andy’s line.
  Originally, Andy was a vice president in a bank and lived a very happy life, but his wife cheated and he was wrongfully imprisoned. He was shot by the arrow of doom. The ethics of ancient Greece discussed this issue. A happy life always has its side of luck. You can live a good life. It is the arrow of bad luck that hits others, and you are shrouded in good luck. Is a happy life all about luck? no. There must be skills. The skills the ancient Greeks referred to are not only the skills of building houses, farming, hunting, raising animals, and building ships, but also knowledge of speech, writing, creating some utensils, calculating, and predicting the weather. It can turn bad luck into good luck. People are at the mercy of luck, and we are all at the mercy of fate, but craftsmanship can give you a little autonomy. Plato also hopes that philosophy can become a craftsmanship. If we master more skills, we will be able to survive when bad luck comes. go down. This year, we may have had a better understanding of luck, our vulnerability to bad luck, and our vulnerability to a happy life.

  This year, we may have had a better understanding of luck, our vulnerability to bad luck, and our vulnerability to a happy life.

  There is a scholar of ancient Greek ethics named Martha Nussbaum, who wrote a book called The Fragility of the Good. To put it simply, a good and beautiful life depends on luck. When you suffer from bad luck, it is not so easy for people to practice virtue, but the greatness of goodness and virtue is largely reflected in how you deal with bad luck and bad luck. environment. Martha summed up ten standards of a good life, and a good social environment should help people achieve these ten standards. The Fragility of the Good mainly focuses on ancient Greek tragedies. Those texts are too far away from us, and The Fragility of the Good is too serious, but these ten criteria are worth talking about.
  The first is life, which can live to the end of a normal person’s life and will not end his life prematurely due to a decrease in the quality of life. The second is health, adequate nutrition and adequate shelter. The third is physical integrity, freedom of movement, freedom from violent attacks, opportunities for sexual gratification, etc. Fourth, have the ability to use the senses, sensations, imagination, and thinking to lead a rational life, to be able to write and read, to have happy experiences and to avoid unnecessary suffering. Fifth, the ability to express emotions, to love and be loved, to care for and to be cared for. Sixth, be able to form a good concept, be able to reflect on yourself and life, and protect your conscience. Seventh, have good interpersonal relationships, mutual assistance, self-esteem, and freedom from humiliation. Eighth, care about other species. Ninth, there must be games. Article 10 is very important. You must have leadership over your own environment, have political rights, have the right to be hired on an equal basis, and have a job, and you must not be banned for no reason.
  If I put “The Fragility of the Good” on the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” and do some analysis, it would be too blunt. These ten standards are not easy to be fully satisfied in a normal social environment, and even less likely to be satisfied in a prison, but Andy shows us how hard he works to practice virtue in a bad environment, Let prisoners learn culture, have books to read, and maintain their own imaginations. If we say that this is a great inspirational movie, then it tells us two things, one is to improve your skills, and if you have the ability, you can try to avoid being at the mercy of bad luck. The second is to always work hard in a good direction, have good interpersonal relationships, be able to express your emotions, and care about animals. Even if you are in despair, you must believe that hope is a good thing, and a good thing is immortal.
  ”The Shawshank Redemption” was released in 1994, and it crashed with “Forrest Gump” and “Pulp Fiction” and was a massive box office failure. It was later voted the best movie of all time, surpassing The Godfather. People all over the world who meet Tim Robbins or Morgan Freeman say: I love this movie so much. This movie inspired me and made me feel free. Or, this movie inspired me to lose weight successfully. This is an inspirational movie, perhaps because it shows how to practice kindness and virtue in a difficult environment.

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