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The first person to cross the finish line is not necessarily the champion.

It is said that it took 27 years for Americans to witness the first American runner to sweep the finish line of the new york City Marathon and take the men’s team championship at the finish line of Central Park last Sunday. Coble Ziqi, 34, was born in Eritrea and grew up in California. The year 2004 was the golden age of this black guy. The silver medal in the Olympic Games and the runner-up in the new york City Marathon had breakthroughs and regrets.

Before he ran through the finish line for the first time, there were some people who were extremely nervous. They were not paranoid about expecting Americans to win the championship all day long, but a group of competition staff with special missions. They should have a unique eye to find out which of the 42,000 participants took a shortcut and which made a false move so as not to embarrass all participants who were familiar with new york’s roads by suddenly appearing at the finish line and bumping into the line.

Every year, about 400,000 people complete marathon races in the United States. According to the summary of the organizers of the races, about hundreds of people are willing to be lazy and slippery during the long races, causing the organizers a headache. In last year’s new york City Marathon, two women from California walked slowly in the first 26 kilometers of the race. Before long, they appeared in the first camp of high-level professional athletes, quickly arousing deep doubts from organizers. Only after the race did the investigation learn that the two women carefully examined the race route and suddenly disappeared, running four blocks less than other competitors. Judging from the results after the match, the two women who deliberately cheated almost completed the marathon devil’s second limit in a ” flying” way. The two women who tried to hide from the world were the most exaggerated of 71 cheaters in last year’s new york City Marathon. Although the others used the route to cut corners, they did not have the courage to rush into the first group. After the match, when the cheating woman was questioned by the reporter, she gave the answer: ” technically speaking, I did not finish the whole process.”

Thirty years ago, the poor Boston Marathon was successfully ambushed by cheaters. The most notorious cheater in history was Rosie Lewis. She was the first to cross the finish line in 1979 wearing a MIT T – shirt. She was surrounded by people cheering and wearing a wreath. Judging from the black and white photos left over, Louis’s facial expression was numb. A few months later, the public was fully aware that the numbness at that time was probably due to a little fear in the cheater’s heart, which caused the disaster. In the little-known Lewis competition, he took the subway several times, went straight to the finish line, fell from the sky, and was immediately notorious after being reported. Since then, organizers of major marathon events have set up teams to supervise tens of thousands of runners. The most advanced technology is to attach electronic trackers to competitors, return the trackers after reaching the finish line, and read the data to prove that each competitor who finally passes the finish line is legal. The two bold Californian women were found cheating because their electronic trackers had no record of 26 to 41 kilometers.

Last year’s new york City Marathon was won by two age groups. The real champion was not recognized until this year. In the 18 – 19 age group competition, a 19 – year – old contestant gave the competition number and the entry certificate to a partner five years older than himself. Finally, the fake easily won the first place, and his result created the world’s best result in this age group. Perhaps it was because the result was too good that the rangers were alarmed. After several investigations, we finally got to the bottom. The real champion kevin keegan didn’t receive the championship certificate and Tiffany’s silver necklace until April this year. In the deserted award ceremony, surrounded by his family, kevin keegan excitedly said that he was extremely eager to enjoy the glory of the championship on the match day.

Problems also arose in the 60 – 64 age group. The 61 – year – old Italian contestant gave the number cloth to a 25 – year – old young man, who was mixed up in the hordes of soldiers. Of course, the grandchild contestant was the first in the grandchild group. The best result in the new world was easily born. The stationary team appeared immediately, pulling out the main character of the prank. The title of the champion was returned to veteran Miller who had participated in the new york City Marathon more than 20 times.

Miller felt disconsolate after winning the late championship. Every year after the competition, he would join the members of the new york Police Runner’s Club in the post-match celebration. If he knew it was the champion at that time, he would certainly be honored with all the wine. More importantly, the old man found cancer last year and insisted on running all the way, so he lacked a champion to comfort his heart.

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