The fashion road of cotton

  Li Ziqi, who turned life into poetry, once made a video titled “The Life of Cotton”. From a seed to harvesting to a quilt, Li Ziqi let netizens know how the cotton grows and how the quilt comes. A cotton field, a world, the fluffy and warm texture of cotton makes people fascinated by nature.
  In fact, cotton material has also become a part of popular culture in the fashion industry. It is practical and versatile, comfortable and harmonious. Recently, the 2022 Spring/Summer Collection of Cotton Times was unveiled at Shanghai Fashion Week, continuing the theme of “Cotton·Nature·Excellent”. Behind the fashion, we see the perfect integration of this ancient crop with modern fashion and environmental protection concepts.
Cotton, infinite possibilities for fashion interpretation

  In the memory of the public, cotton is pure white. After being made into clothes, it is extremely simple and simple, but after light dyeing, natural and healthy tones can be reflected on the texture of cotton, bringing people a comfortable and healthy wearing experience .
  The seemingly simple cotton is fashionable but it has variety. At the Shanghai Fashion Week catwalk scene, the vitality of fashion and cotton is fully demonstrated here, centered on the narrative of migration, across the sea, mountains and forests and the wilderness, layer by layer, the cotton era will provide the audience with an enlightening sense of sense. reward.
  Based on the genetic fabrics and product research and development strength of the cotton era, the designer combines outdoor elements such as hand-made uniforms, hemp rope for voyages, carabiner and other outdoor elements to design comfortable, practical and environmentally friendly cotton costumes, leaving people behind deep impression.
  It is understood that this series of fashion designs was led by Ms. Luo Dan, the design director of Cotton Times. In 2019, after Rodin joined the cotton era, with his international vision and original design ingenuity, he continued to inject smart, fresh and changeable fashion factors into the brand, which is deeply loved by consumers. This time, the design is inspired by future travelers who have migrated due to the tremendous changes in the earth’s environment. The natural colorless, fine-textured cotton is subjected to strict processes such as coloring and weaving. The original raw cotton color is transformed into a colorful pattern, and the splendid scenery of the blue planet is also presented for the second time.
The cotton era has extended the healthy and better life concept behind cotton to multiple life scenarios, which meets the current needs of a new round of lifestyle upgrades, and this is a popular fashion.

  Cotton’s life vein is gradually clarified here. In the wind and sand, a cotton sprout emerged from the dry land and turned into “watching green”, and the natural world ushered in a touch of vitality; the midsummer cotton field was swept away by the unbearable torment of the scorching heat because of the blooming “new yellow”. After that, the cotton petals suddenly changed into “Yiran pink”, gentle and beautiful, and comfortable. Finally, after a fierce blooming, the white flocks all over the mountains staged the joy of “harvest white”. In the end, cotton is immersed in the “earth brown”, and will accompany every future migration of mankind. It will be applied to the earth with its outstanding environmental protection power, so that the ecology can be restored, and the past bright scenes of the natural land will be reproduced one by one.
  Nowadays, the cotton era has extended the healthy and better life concept behind cotton to multiple life scenarios, which meets the current needs of a new round of lifestyle upgrades, and this is a popular fashion.
  Shanghai Fashion Week is the leading trend indicator in China’s fashion industry. The encounter between the cotton era and Shanghai Fashion Week indicates that the brand is based on a more influential fashion position and delivers the extraordinary value of cotton to a wider audience.
Cotton, blooming sustainable charm

  The “Cotton·Nature·Excellent” theme fashion show in the cotton era not only shows the charm of cotton fashion, but also explores the problem of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, bringing insights and reflections on the long history of human development. Since ancient times, human activities have profoundly changed the natural environment, and vice versa. The cotton era is convinced that only by adhering to the concept of sustainable development and coexisting in harmony with nature can the earth’s homeland be sustainable.
  Cotton has been with human society for more than 7000 years, and it has always maintained a strong vitality. It has become an environmental protection messenger and silently guards the earth. Unlike chemical fiber, cotton is a natural gift to the land. Even in the barren saline soil, cotton can find a place to survive. In Xinjiang, China, relying on abundant sunshine and land resources, Xinjiang cotton is bred with extremely high quality, which is also the best choice for cotton in the cotton era. In ten years, Xinjiang’s cotton production has increased by 78%, and more and more deserts have turned into oasis. The growth of cotton has contributed to alleviating land desertification.

The Cotton Era 2022 Spring/Summer Collection was unveiled at Shanghai Fashion Week, continuing the show theme of “Cotton·Nature·Excellent”

  Not only that, as a natural fiber, cotton can be used without processing. It is safe, comfortable and brings happiness to life. As a brand with cotton as its core raw material, Cotton Era has spared no effort to tell the story of cotton and convey the benefits of cotton to the environment. This Shanghai Fashion Week is to give cotton a new fashion concept, telling the contribution of the “cotton story” to the earth, and let more people understand the unique charm and value of cotton. For example, discarded cotton products can be degraded naturally, not burdening the environment and rejuvenating the ocean; replacing paper with cotton soft towels reduces tree felling and protects forest resources.
I hope that more people will use cotton and wear cotton, understand the relationship between people and nature in a virtuous cycle, mutual benefit, and contribute to the protection of the earth’s ecology.

  As early as the beginning of the cotton era, three principles were laid down: “Quality is prioritized over profit, brand prior to speed, and social value prior to corporate value.” In a sense, it promotes cotton consumption habits and advocates comfort, health, and comfort. An environmentally friendly lifestyle has extraordinary significance for the sustainable development of society.
  In terms of products, the cotton era combines strict quality control with innovation, environmental protection, quality, and craftsmanship. Nowadays, a flexible cotton soft towel can be used repeatedly, which is both comfortable and environmentally friendly, especially for infants and young children. This medical-grade quality control provides people with a safe experience. In the cotton era, the outing clothes designed with cotton fiber as the core raw material continue to lead the fashion of wearing cotton, letting the sustainable fashion charm of cotton be integrated into daily life.
  Just as Mr. Li Jianquan, the founder of the Cotton Era and the advocate of the cotton concept, said, “I hope to lead the audience into the world of cotton in an original way and experience a journey of’migration’ accompanied by cotton, making it natural, high-quality, and sustainable. The cotton adds color to life. At the same time, I hope that more people will use cotton and wear cotton, understand the relationship between human beings and nature’s virtuous cycle, mutual benefit, and contribute to the protection of the earth’s ecology.”

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