The death of painting

  Murdered Barcelona, ​​Spain, is an ancient and prosperous city. At the end of Watervan Street, there is a very old building, the owner of which has no longer lived here, and has rented it cheaply to Falcao Sins, who is very young. Falcao Sings lives in the house with his 19-year-old grandson Moses Sings. Moses’ mother died of an accidental illness 10 years ago, and his father died 4 years ago due to excessive grief. Moses worked in an auto repair shop, and Falcao stayed at home all day, bored. Only when his grandson came back in the evening did he feel a little gratified.
  On this day, the sun has fallen, and Moses has not yet come home. Falcao was very worried and called the owner of the auto repair shop. The boss said that Moses had left the factory an hour ago and went home. The auto repair shop is only ten minutes away from home. Why is he still not there? When
  night fell, Fakaur pricked up his ears and listened intently, hoping to hear the sound of his grandson’s car horn, but the grandson did not hear it all night. return. In the early morning, the doorbell rang suddenly.
  ”Excuse me, does Moses Sings live here? We belong to the police station.” A high-spirited young policeman stood at the door and said solemnly.
  ”Yes, yes, he, he is my grandson. What’s the matter? Did something happen to him?”
  ”Your grandson Moses was murdered. We found his body on the beach and his ID card on him before we could I found it, please come with us and identify it.”
  Falcao followed the police to a room ignorantly. When the police lifted the white cloth covering a wooden bed in the center of the house, Falcao could no longer control himself, and he felt the world spinning: it was Moses!
  ”Who killed my grandson? Who? Who?” Fa Erko murmured.
  At this time, a sheriff came over and asked Falcao some information, and finally said: “Mr. Falcao, does your grandson drive to work?”
  ”Yes, he has a Jinbao sedan, 80% new, the car number is BIC4041 .”
  The sudden sadness made Falcao suddenly become haggard, and he returned to his residence with his grandson’s watch and other relics indifferently.
  Trap A
  few days later, Falcao, who was still in grief, went shopping at the supermarket and was about to cross the wide road when suddenly a light gray Mercedes-Benz car flashed past him and wiped him a little. He staggered and fell to the ground.
  The car suddenly stopped seven or eight meters away from him. The door was pushed open, and a very fashionably dressed young woman, in her 30s, was very attractive and stepped out of the car. She came to Falcao, her waist slightly bent, and asked with concern, “Sir, did you fall in pain?”
  As the young woman said, she gently lifted Falcao, chattering incessantly to apologize. Then, she put Falcao into her car and said, “Sir, I’ll take you to the hospital!”
  Falcao rubbed his waist a few times with his hands, feeling that the pain was better than before, so he shook She shook her head and said, “It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to go to the hospital.”
  ”Well, sir, I’ll send you home.” The young woman said sincerely.
  Falcao told her the address, so the young woman drove Falcao to the house in a car and helped him into the house.
  ”Sir, my name is Queslin. I’ll come to see you in a few days.” The young woman stopped for a while and then left.
  Since then, Queslin has been visiting Falcao every day or two, bringing some nutritious food every time. The two gradually became acquainted. One day, the beautifully dressed Queslin suddenly fell into Falcao’s arms, hugged his already fat body tightly, and panted, “Falcao, I like you, and I want to marry you. You.”
  Falcao was stunned! He was more than 30 years apart from Quesline, more than enough to be her father. Moreover, thinking of this, Falcao pushed her away in a hurry, and murmured, “No, no, Quesline, don’t do this, don’t do this, I-I have nothing.
  ” After a great insult, he stared at him blankly, with tears in his eyes, and sincerely said the reason.
  It turned out that Queslin had been married twice. The first time, was to marry a man of his own age. However, two years later, the young man who likes to mess around with flowers got tired of her and went to find another lover. She later married a millionaire who was 20 years older than her. But the millionaire treated her as a plaything and abused her arbitrarily. In the end, the millionaire gave her a beautiful villa and abandoned her.
  ”Mr Falcao, I know you have no money and are old. But what’s the use of more money? What’s the use of being young? Young men and men with more money are dangerous to women. I only If you want to live a peaceful and peaceful life, if you don’t dislike it, we can live in my villa together.” Queslin said, hugging Falcao tightly with affection. Falcao stared blankly at Quesline, he could smell the strong perfume and the intoxicating body fragrance of Quesleine. He knew it was all real, not a dream.
  Falcao obediently followed Queshlin’s arrangement and moved to Queshlin’s villa to live with her.
  This afternoon, a car horn was heard outside. After hearing the sound, Queslin walked to the window, looked down, and quickly walked out of the room and went downstairs.
  Falcao went to the window, looked down, and saw a red car parked by the lawn, a man in his 30s, wearing a black tight jacket, leaning against the door of the car. Queslin stepped forward, the two muttered for a while, and the man got into the car and drove away.
  After a while, Queslin went back upstairs, with a faintly nervous expression on her face.
  After dinner, Falcao lay on the sofa and rested. Queslin brought a steaming cup of coffee and carefully placed it on the coffee table aside.
  Then, Queslin walked into the bathroom and undressed for a shower. However, she seemed a little uneasy, and couldn’t help stretching her neck through the frosted glass of the bathroom, looking at the faintly lying Falcao.
  Falcao turned sideways and was about to reach for the coffee mug. At this moment, Queslin’s puppy, Sammy, happened to run over and touched her. The coffee mug fell on the thick carpet. Sammy ran over, licking the coffee on the carpet hastily. Suddenly Sammy shook her head sharply, wandered uneasy on the carpet, and kept screaming a few times. After that, he fell dead on the carpet, blood dripping from his nostrils and the corners of his mouth.
  Falcao looked at the dead Sammy in horror, his mouth wide open and his whole body trembling. At this time, Queshlin came out after taking a shower. Seeing this situation, she was a little startled, and then returned to normal.
  ”Sami, it, it’s dead…” Falcao said in horror.
  Queslin glanced at the coffee cup that had fallen on the ground, and then leaned over nonchalantly, picked up Sammy, and threw it into the trash can downstairs.
  At night, Falcao lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. What happened just now was so terrifying, he thought to himself, why did Sammy suddenly die suddenly? It must be poison in the coffee. Could it be that Queslin wanted to poison me? The more he thought about it, the more panic he felt in his heart. You must immediately escape the place of right and wrong. He pushed Queslin gently, and saw that she was motionless. So he quietly rolled over and got out of bed, tiptoed to hold his clothes, walked out, and fled back to his old house.   Reason Why did Quesline
murder the penniless Falcao? It’s a   long story. Half a century ago, Falcao was a strong young man. By chance, he met Picasso, a young painter at the time, in a bar. At that time, Picasso was just in his prime, and he was not as famous in the world as he is today, but he was only slightly famous in Barcelona. He has a cheerful personality and loves booze. Once, when he was drunk, he was full of passion, and he couldn’t find the canvas in a hurry. Picasso asked Falcao if he would let him paint with his back instead of the canvas. Falcao agreed, stripped naked, and Picasso really started. Come. Start by stabbing the outline of the entire painting on his back with a needle—busts of two young women. Then, add dyes to paint a “body painting” that is unparalleled in the world. This painting, which Picasso named “The Sisters”, thus remained on Falcao’s back forever.

  Later Picasso moved to France, during which he experienced the ups and downs of World War II. Over time, his paintings became more and more expensive. After Picasso’s death in 1973, his paintings doubled in value. Falcao didn’t realize that the picture on his back was enough to make him a millionaire, a multi-millionaire. However, the Barcelona underworld began shortly after Picasso’s death,

Just inquired about the treasure on Falcao’s back. The leader of the underworld is Mogini, a tall man in his 40s who is violent and cruel by nature. His minions soon found out all the details about Falcao. Mogini asked two minions to wait on the road, and when the grandson of Valcao, Moses, stopped him when he drove by, he forced Moses to go back to kill his grandfather, and then peeled off the skin on his back and handed it to them. When Moses refused, the two thugs became angry and strangled him to death, then threw him into the sea and drove away in Moses’ car.
  After mutilating Moses, Mogini still did not give up. He asked his lover, Queslin, to drive down Falcao and tricked him into a villa prepared in advance, waiting for an opportunity to poison him, but Unexpectedly, this time it was soaked in soup again.   Agreement
After Falcao escaped back to the old house, he still had lingering fears.
The next day, two strangers came to the door, one was a little older, about forty-two or three years old, and called himself Pilate; james. Pilardo claimed that they came from Paris, France. Pilardo is the deputy director of the Louvre Museum in France. This time, he came here specially after learning about the back painting, in order to sign an agreement with Falcao. As the most abundant museum in France and even in the world, the Louvre is willing to buy the picture on his back for one million francs. Pilardo said that from now on James would live with Falcao as guardian. After Falcao died, the famous painting on his back was peeled off and preserved with chemical liquid. Then put it in a gold cabinet and hang it up. Pilardo believes it will be the most precious and rarest collection in the world.
  Falcao weighed it a bit, thinking that because of his advanced age, he had to let the painting spread to the world even for Picasso’s affection, so he agreed to Pilardo’s request, but he refused to accept it. A staggering amount of money. This makes Pilate in awe. However, he still said: “Mr. Falcao, I will quickly find another more secluded house for you to live in. James will take care of your future life. If you want to spend money, you can ask him for it at any time. But you must remember one thing, you can’t go out casually. In addition, please accept one of our precautions…” Pilardo approached Falcao slightly, lowered his voice and said a few words.
  Falcao hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded.
  So, Pilardo quickly bought a secluded building in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​and let James and Falcao live in it together.
  Time flies, more than a month has passed. James is young, strong and energetic. He lives with an old man who is dying all day long. His life is very boring. More than a month is as long as a few years. He can’t hold back any longer. That night, he quietly went out to relax. However, when he came back, the house was empty!
  It turned out that Mogini sent people to inquire around to find out the whereabouts of Falcao, and asked people to monitor them, waiting for an opportunity to hijack Falcao. That night, when Mogini’s men saw that James was out alone, they broke down the door and took Falcao away.
  Mogini was overjoyed when he saw that Falcao finally got his hands, and he couldn’t wait to tore Falcao’s clothes, and he was stunned.
  ”Is he, is he Falcao?” Mogini asked, glaring at the two minions beside him.
  Falcao was stunned for a moment, and quickly made up his mind. He glanced at Mogini, and pretended to be old and dull. He said, “What? Falcao? He’s my brother, I’m his brother.”
  Mogini’s face suddenly became suspicious, and they never found out that Falcao had an older brother during the investigation.
  Seeing this, Falcao said repeatedly, “I am Falcao’s older brother. I have been living abroad all the time. This time I came back to see my younger brother who has been away for many years. Hey, I am old, and I don’t know how many times we can meet again.
  ” Seeing that Falcao was telling the truth, Gini frowned and said, “Well, where is your brother Falcao? Take us to him.”
  Falcao was stunned, and then said, “Sir, My brother went out yesterday and hasn’t come back yet, and I don’t know where he went.”
  Mogini gritted his teeth and said viciously: “What? You don’t want to be honest? Well, I have to apologise to you. “As he spoke, his eyes gleamed fiercely, staring at Falcao. Afterwards, he winked at the two minions on one side.
  The two immediately understood, and one of them took a leather whip beside him and pulled it hard on Falcao’s naked back. Unexpectedly, Falcao didn’t seem to feel pain, and didn’t scream, just looked back at the whip bearer calmly.
  Mogini wondered inwardly. At this moment, another minion grabbed the whip. He was tall and strong, with a round waist and thick arms. He raised the whip high and slammed Falcao’s bare back. After one whip, he was about to whip a second. “Slow, ah, stop!” Mogini hurriedly stopped him. It turned out that he saw that Falcao’s back was pulled open, and colorful lines were exposed at the crack. He stretched out his hand and tore off the raised cracked skin, and a beautiful painting appeared in front of him. On the screen are two young girls with different looks and looks, lifelike and ready to appear.
  It turned out that Pilardo knew that many people coveted the rare paintings on Falcao’s back. In order to prevent accidents, he asked James to measure the size of Falcao’s back accurately, and telegraphed to Paris, asking experts to customize a layer with Falcao back fit faux leather. This artificial leather is made of extremely fine high-grade latex, which is almost real, and even the veins of the skin are clearly visible on it. After that, a special person was sent to Barcelona to cover Falcao’s back and cover the Picasso painting.
  ”Hey, I didn’t expect you to lie at your age.” Mogini sneered, gritted his teeth fiercely, and said sinisterly, “Hmph! Falcao, I’m sorry for you today, I want to live Peel your skin!” With that, Morgini tilted his head toward the two minions, motioning for them to join him.   Rescue
At this moment, the alarm sounded sharply, and footsteps could be faintly heard outside the door.
Mogini hesitated, wanting to take Falcao with him. However, time was running out and Hai 0 could not wait, so he flew into the bedroom alone. As the leader of the underworld, Mogini’s bedroom has a hole that leads to a secret passage under the carpet.
  It turned out that after Moses was assassinated, the police finally found the car based on the characteristics of his grandson’s car described by Falcao. The situation of a group of people. After receiving the report of Falcao’s disappearance, the police immediately estimated that it was related to Mogini’s group. However, the tricky Mogini has escaped through a secret passage, and this time only two of his minions have been caught.
  James was overjoyed to see Falco safe and sound. He stepped forward, took his hand, and said, “Mr. Falcao, you, you are startled.”
  Falcao sighed and said nothing.
  James suddenly found Falcao with his upper body naked, and was very surprised. He hurriedly took off his coat, put it on for Falcao, and said, “Let’s go, let’s go back, go back quickly.” With that, he pulled Fa Erkao hurried out.
  Although Falcao escaped, he became more depressed and unhappy. He did not expect that the paintings that Picasso left on his back would bring so many unexpected disasters.
  The next day, the police came to the door and asked Falcao to help him in order to capture Mogini. Police had installed a small high-energy transmitter on Falcao beforehand. Then, let him wander the streets. When Mogini waited for the opportunity to rob Falcao again, he pressed the button of the transmitter in his pocket and informed the police.
  Falcao thought about it and agreed.
  Sure enough, Falcao was stumbled upon by Mogini one afternoon after wandering aimlessly on the road for a week. Mogini immediately followed, only to throw himself into the net. The wicked Mogini was finally punished by the law.
  Police once again thanked Falcao for his cooperation and will drive him back to his residence. However, Falcao said: “I don’t need to send it today, let me walk back slowly by myself. Mogini has been arrested, and no one will come to pester me again.
  ” He left alone.
  Self-immolation As
  night fell, James was very anxious in the house. Dinner time had passed early, but Falco had not yet returned. He called the police station. The police told him that Falcao had already walked back. Hearing this, James turned pale in shock, threw down the phone in a panic, and ran out, driving slowly to search. Suddenly, he saw a raging fire on the street not far away. There were many people around, some shouting, some rushing around, making a lot of noise.
  James stopped quickly and walked towards the fire. By this time, someone had put out the fire. I saw a man curled up, his body scorched. James squeezed in, looked through the streetlights, and couldn’t help screaming! It was Falcao! The painting on his back was burnt! James sighed and got into the car in frustration.
  It turned out that Falcao had already made up his mind secretly to set himself on fire and destroy the painting. For this painting, he suffered all the hardships, and he was unwilling to endure the pain caused by this painting, and simply destroyed the painting. The murderer of the grandson had been caught, and the old man had already made his wish, so he refused the police to send him a car.

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