The Data on Our Apps is the Proof of Our Lives

Perhaps, the data on the App is the proof that everyone lives seriously.

She often fell into the confusion of not knowing which app to open next second, and she was dazed, forgetting to think about something, oh, to see if the books bought online have been shipped. Sometimes I can’t remember, just let my fingertips swipe around on the screen. Weibo, few of my friends are using it anymore. Many people use WeChat, but they hate the likes that follow after a like. Taobao, you can buy everything you need to buy and there is nothing missing. It seems that after looking at it, it is better to go to the mini game to collect energy and feed the chicken.
One time I had a dinner with a friend and talked about Douyin, but she didn’t pretend, she didn’t like to watch this kind of videos very much. A friend asked her: Don’t you feel old like this? She thought, when you are old, you are old, there is no need to force your heart.

On the way home from get off work every day, she opens the shared location on WeChat to let her family know that she is on the way home. When she leaves the subway station, she scans the traffic card app on her iWatch, and she gets out of the station in a second, then searches for a shared bicycle, and opens the app on the watch to unlock it. This series of actions is coherent and swift. The App is like a series of door locks, which are opened one by one.

When she gets home, the child will pick up her mobile phone and play for a while. At this age, she is very interested in small games. She has to collect energy every day and water them to enjoy the fun. From time to time, she also needs to dress up the chickens in the farm games, which is smoother than her. She feels that her physical body plus her mobile phone is the complete image of a mother in the child’s mind. She asked the child, do you miss me during the day? The child said, think. She asked unwillingly, do you miss me or my mobile phone?

When the child was young, she sang every night to put the child to sleep, and she got pharyngitis as a result. Later, she found a good helper, using a mobile phone. She chose a short story on her blog, played it for about 20 minutes, and then opened the voice memo, which contained the sleep songs she recorded, and played it repeatedly for another 10 minutes. When she looked up again, the child was already asleep. After the child goes to school, she can’t teach her some homework because she relies on the mobile phone software. The homework is difficult in several grades. After searching, there are many videos made by Internet celebrity teachers. The child seems to be enlightened after watching it. She thanked the App on her mobile phone for fulfilling the responsibility of being a good mother and a good teacher for her.

When she fell asleep by herself, she felt a glimmer of light beside her pillow. It was her husband looking at her mobile phone. She often wanted to ask him: Are you happy? Sometimes her husband is playing games, but she can’t understand; sometimes she is using an app like Douyin, and she asks if it looks good? He put the screen in front of her eyes: someone was walking and fell into the river, a dog was sitting at a desk and playing on the computer… He asked, is it interesting? She knew where her husband’s joke was, but she didn’t find it funny at all. This is the person she loves, who can watch a short video over and over several times, laughing foolishly by himself. At that time, she still had the question in her heart: are you happy? All these years of being married to a woman like me who doesn’t like to laugh.

Sometimes they talk before going to bed, and they talk about the children’s funny things during the day. The child recently asked to have a mobile phone of her own. She thought that before the child’s wish was not met, this request would be heard from time to time. In order to comfort the child, she could only temporarily give her own mobile phone to the child to play with. She told her child that her mother only had a mobile phone when she was 18! The child seems to understand but not understand. From their generation, it is estimated that once someone in the class pulls out their mobile phone, someone will soon follow suit.

Her favorite apps are Sleep++ and fitness records. When used with a smart watch, Sleep++ will automatically record her daily sleep, remind her to go to bed at 22 o’clock every day, and automatically report yesterday’s sleep status when she wakes up in the morning. Her sleep quality is not good, so she likes this kind of self-observation. Sometimes she goes to sleep just for a beautiful sleep record. When she wakes up every day, click to check the best sleep time of last night, and think about what kind of dream she had at that time. The fitness record is set to consume 300 calories per day, which can basically be achieved on weekdays. Sometimes after sitting for a long time, the fitness record will remind her to stand for a while. She thinks it is very considerate, like a friend. Whenever she completes a full circle, the fitness record will pop up and say: Wife, congratulations on how you are today… She likes such a compliment, which is something she has not seen for a long time in her life.

Yes, every day is spent in trivialities, it is very necessary for someone to say to yourself: You have worked hard, you are awesome. In this way, day after day, she works hard to achieve three full circles, cycling, walking, and climbing stairs. The data on these apps is the proof of her serious life.

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