The car of the future

  If you were to use your rich imagination to design a new image of the future car, you would surely predict that it would run faster, be lighter, and be safer and more comfortable to drive. However, car designers believe that the characteristics of the future car should be, first of all –
  The car has always eaten “fine food” – gasoline and diesel. But it can not “digest”, then the exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. In cities, a car emits 1 ton of carbon monoxide, O.3 tons of hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide every year. They are the “culprits” that pollute the atmosphere, make people sick and cause cancer. Traffic police deal with cars every day, inhaling a lot of exhaust fumes, they suffer more than residents ……
  In order to eliminate the car “poisonous gas” to human health hazards, save energy, people have been looking for clean fuel for cars, alcohol is one of them. Alcohol produced from sugar cane, sorghum and other raw materials, each liter of alcohol can allow cars to travel 16 kilometers on asphalt roads. Compared to gasoline, it emits less harmful gases, and alcohol is cheap, buy 1 gallon (3.785 liters) of gasoline money, can buy more than 2 gallons of alcohol. Many foreign cars have long been “eaten” on the “alcohol gasoline”, that is, to gasoline mixed with l0% to 20% of pure anhydrous alcohol, which not only saves gasoline, and reduce air pollution, the car is still running so fast. Brazil has long been publicly promoted a special “eat” alcohol cars.
  Cars are also happy to “eat” hydrogen. People like hydrogen cars because when hydrogen is burned, only harmless water vapor is emitted. Hydrogen is flammable and has to be stored in a strong metal tank, just like gas. Each 500 grams of hydrogen gas is equivalent to 3 liters of gasoline, which can make the car run 30 kilometers, so it can be seen that hydrogen is more capable than gasoline. Germany and Australia are very active in researching hydrogen cars, which can run 400-500 km by adding hydrogen fuel once. In recent years, domestic Chery Automobile has launched a hydrogen energy car, which can run more than 700 km with one addition of hydrogen gas.
  Electric cars use batteries to drive, no gasoline at all, no toxic emissions, no noise. No wonder electric cars are looked at differently. A new type of high-energy battery, each charge, can drive the car to run 100 to 600 kilometers. If it manages to reduce the self-weight of the battery, the car will be even faster. The world’s fastest electric car currently has a top speed of 323 km/h, while common cars on the market can generally reach a top speed of 120 km/h. It seems that electric cars run short distances for people to commute to work, or for the postman to deliver newspapers, letters, etc., but quite suitable.
  Solar cars are the cleanest. Solar panels on the roof of the car to generate electricity, technically not difficult to solve. China and many other large countries have piloted the solar car. In the United States, someone driving a solar car around the country, the fastest speed of 88 kilometers per hour. Japan designed a miniature solar car for children, 8 kilometers per hour, from childhood to cultivate their interest in driving cars. Despite the current high cost of silicon solar cells, solar cars offer hope.
  Lighter and more compact
  The car is like a runner, to run fast, it must be light and “muscular”. This “muscle” is the material used to make the car.
  The traditional metal materials, heavy weight, will gradually “retired”, available light metal, engineering plastics instead of it. Alloy steel to build the skeleton, with reinforced plastic and aluminum to do “skin” to lighten the glass to replace the general glass, so that the car is made both lightweight, but also strong.
  The United States invented a graphite fiber car, the body and chassis with graphite fiber manufacturing. It is lighter than aluminum, but the strength can be compared with steel, and does not rust. This car than ordinary metal car weight reduction of one-third. It runs fast and saves fuel.
  Lightweight car to have a streamlined “slim” body. In high-speed driving, reduce the body air resistance, in order to run faster. Thus, the emergence of flat, low center of gravity, “frog” type cars and smooth, unedged “torpedo” type cars. A young female designer in Germany made a “torpedo” type three-wheeled car, which ran 4760 kilometers to consume 1 gallon of fuel, setting a world record for energy efficiency in cars.
  More intelligent
  The future of the car driver does not always have to stare nervously ahead, eyes unblinking to drive, he will be much more relaxed. The car’s electronic computer manipulation system will help him drive. The driver sits in front of a panoramic curved glass window with a wide view and a pleasant mood. The car has comfortable sofa reclining seats, soft bed, automatic telephone, color TV and refrigerator, as convenient as at home.
  ”Hey, please pay attention to fuel saving.” This is the reminder from the fuel control instrument. When it’s just getting dark, the instrument will tell you, “The headlights are on.” When the driver needs to rest or look at the picture newspaper, TV, enjoy the surrounding scenery, you can rest assured that the car is completely handed over to the computer “assistant”, the car will automatically drive normally. It will speed up or slow down at any time according to road conditions, will also turn. The car’s “artificial eyes” can see obstacles dozens of meters in front of them. When the car in front of the vehicle, pedestrians, it will automatically slow down, avoid; a destination, it stops steadily, and automatically open the door.
  ”Seventy-two changes”
  To make the car play a bigger role, more adaptable, we must make it have Sun Wukong “72 changes” of the skills.
  For example, people have designed a car with shape-shifting wheels. Its “short” wheels, up and down the retractable, climbing stairs as if walking on flat ground. In the event of a fire in the building, it can flexibly climb up and down to put out the fire, rescue people, and become a powerful helper of the fire department.
  There is also a deformed wheel car. When not loaded, the wheels are round; when loaded, become oval, and can constantly change shape with the uneven road, so that the driving speed is not affected.
  When it comes to hill climbing walking car, you must feel quite new, right? This car replaced the wheels with a “foot”, each foot has 2 to 3 meters long. It walks like a person, step one “foot”, then step another “foot”. Walking car can climb a 45-degree hill, each “foot” and then the weight of 500 kilograms, but also easy to lift.
  The greatest ability to water, land and air multi-purpose car. To the car with an air cushion, it can float on the water driving; installed on the wings, installed propellers, it can fly at low altitude, really a car multi-purpose!
  The car, fed by the wisdom of mankind, will take a new look on tomorrow’s transportation stage.

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