The Canvas Bag: A Symbol of Power and Success

  Some time ago, I met a female director. At first, she only added WeChat, but later she said enthusiastically, let’s come out and meet up. Meet together, there is a famous hostess.
  Before leaving, I thought of having dinner with such powerful women, and immediately dug out the most expensive bag from the closet. It was a brand-name bag bought at the Tokyo airport four or five years ago. At that time, I was just in my early thirties, and I thought, at this age, it’s time to buy a more expensive bag, and I have to support the scene, right? When a woman buys a bag, she always gives herself a lot of psychological hints, such as why don’t others have it, why can’t others carry it?
  I can’t lose, I have to buy.
  After I bought the bag, I used it very rarely, mainly because it was too bulky to fit. Another reason is that, as a person who devotes himself to writing at home, I really don’t have many opportunities to go out, it can be said that there are very few. Where do I go to support the scene?
  Now, this opportunity has come. Carrying a brand-name bag that had been dusty for many days, I rushed to the afternoon tea restaurant happily. When the two female bosses greeted me kindly and asked me to put the bag on the chair beside me, I suddenly found that both of them were carrying canvas bags.
  Two canvas bags placed randomly and loosely used made me a little uncomfortable. The designer bag in his hand suddenly seemed so deliberate and solemn. This bag seems to reveal something, and I desperately long for their approval. But against the backdrop of the canvas bag, it looks petty.
  It turns out that the reality is completely different from the TV series. In order to gain recognition from the upper-class circle, the heroine in the TV series begged her grandpa to tell her grandma to buy a bag, and Baba took it to the party, just wanting everyone to look up to her. The audience couldn’t help feeling like this, wow, it seems that to fight against the upper class circles, one must wear the aura of ruining one’s fortune. In another domestic drama about lawyers, when the female boss goes out, she takes out a Hermes platinum bag, puts a laptop in it, and piles of case documents, then proudly holds the bag in her hand, stepping on high heels out of the office. It makes you feel in a trance that female bosses must be so grand.
  In reality, female bigwigs are not willing to dress up carefully to come to the afternoon tea party. It’s not necessary, they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone, especially women who do their own business, they don’t know how to refine themselves from hair to heels. The first is too time-consuming, the second is too much effort, and the third is unnecessary.
  I took a closer look at the outfits of the two female bigwigs. They both carried their own personalities in a casual way, and they were not swayed by trends at all. If clothes were language, they would probably be saying, oh, I have my own set, and no one can change me easily.
  The canvas bag is light, strong, and packable. The female boss is also a woman who runs around for a living. Her bag has to take care of family and work. No one can have it both ways. A powerful person just needs to be as considerate as possible.
  That kind of exquisite and elegant bag can’t be a weapon for them to hunt in the streets.
  A friend told me about her younger sister, who is in her early twenties and works a job with a monthly salary of several thousand yuan. But I want to buy a bag worth 40,000 yuan. My friend advised her that it was unnecessary, but my sister was very annoyed. She said that several colleagues in the unit had memorization, but she did not.
  When she said this, I couldn’t help but think of myself many years ago. At that time, I was just married and my life was not rich, but I wanted to buy a brand-name bag no matter what. I told my husband about this idea, and he said bluntly, why do ordinary people like us buy luxury goods?
  He was telling the truth, but at the time we had such an argument that we were close to getting divorced. The more poor the economy is, the more sensitive I become, and I just want things that don’t belong to me.
  People are always full of thousands of desires for things they can’t afford.
  Time explains everything. After the age of 35, most of the women I meet, whether they are partners in a law firm or well-known producers, carry a canvas bag when they go out to play.
  I asked friends who are lawyers, your female lawyers are all carrying platinum bags in TV dramas, what about in reality? She smiled and said, there are all of them, depending on the person, there are many assistants with platinum bags.
  I looked at the canvas bag next to her, and I probably understood that the canvas bag is a kind of state, where the sound is loud and the sound is invisible, the elephant is invisible, and the avenue is simple.

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