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The Beauty of the Half-Moon: A Metaphor for Life

Half a month is like halfway through life, there is still the possibility of change and room for reverie in the future.

One night while taking a walk, I looked up and suddenly saw a half moon in the night sky. It felt very beautiful. Why didn’t I experience this before?

I used to love the full moon, who doesn’t love the full moon. But life has taught me that perfection is too rare, and “missing a bit” is the norm. And when the moon is full, you lose money. Reaching the apex means that everything after that is going downhill. The beauty of the half-moon is still uncertain. When the clouds drift away, she will become plump; when the clouds come, she will become thinner. In the next few days, whether she will turn into a full moon in a plump state, or a crescent moon in a slender state, is left to people’s imagination. Half a month is like halfway through life, there is still the possibility of change and room for reverie in the future.

In the past, it was difficult for me to look up at the moon. I often looked down at the road, or looked at the steps and heart rate on the sports watch. Live in the data, pursue efficiency, make the schedule accurate to the hour, and strictly follow the schedule. At that time, how could I have the time and mood to look at the moon? Only when I stumbled, hit a wall, and learned the lesson of “haste makes waste”, and learned to slow down, did I have the heart to look at the moon. Reflecting on the past, what did “fast” bring me? The first is exhaustion, and the more you want to solve things quickly, the easier it is to make mistakes and the degree of completion is not good. It was only later that I realized that “things can be resolved if things are slowed down”. Many problems that could not be solved at the time were put aside, but they were solved naturally.

It is important to step on the right rhythm. As the saying goes, “Wake up early, catch a late episode” just didn’t grasp the rhythm well, and worked hard for half a day with little gain. Singing all the way forward, not knowing the twists and turns, hacking wildly, and finally smashing the knife and axe. Finding your own rhythm also means not being led by others. Experts and big Vs are flying all over the Internet now, and their words sound reasonable. Take Zhang Xuefeng’s guidance for parents to enroll their children in majors as an example. If parents listen to his advice and apply for majors with good employment opportunities, it is not difficult to imagine that this major will become the most competitive track. Will the job market be saturated or even oversupplied when students graduate, making it more difficult to find a job?

There are similarities between the half-moon and half-mountain landscapes. The climbers who reach the summit are often celebrated heroes, whose adventures are written and filmed. But I also want to give a thumbs up to those who stay on the mountainside to see the scenery, understand their abilities, and control the risk within a controllable range. Isn’t it a kind of wisdom! Several friends around me chose “enough” when faced with career promotion, and did not take a step forward, because the price of moving forward was going to other places and being separated from their families for several years.

Weighing which one is more important to you, resolutely giving up a higher position and a better salary, in my opinion, is even more commendable at the moment when Muqiang culture is prevalent. They can give up the “higher and stronger” exterior, and retain the “more suitable and more comfortable” heart. If we were in the same situation, we might as well ask ourselves, what about a higher position, and what about more income? Ask a few more “so what”, the answer is self-evident.

Appreciate Ban Yue as she is the more common human reality. The fatigue of modern people mostly comes from the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment, but if you pursue a sense of reality and find your own sense of rhythm, you will surely have a more beautiful mood to enjoy more scenery.

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