The Beauty of Middle Age

Like a boat washed by the river, you have reached middle age in a hurry, and your body, face, eyes, and mood are all stamped with middle age. Looking back, the crows are flying, the cicadas are silent, the red is withered, the green is thin, and the youth has slipped away; looking forward, the white-haired chicken-skinned, withered and hobbled are approaching.
  Middle age is somewhat similar to noon: dignified, deep, and empty, it is a pole on the life curve. Standing here, you can see the way you came from at a glance, and the movements you can stir up on the way out are almost unmatched. Life is like a magician shaking off his burden, there will not be too many mysteries at all.
  The key word people assign to this age is “maturity”, but life will still hurt you: you worry about family members getting sick, you get angry when your children are disobedient, you get frustrated when you make mistakes at work, and you worry about having no money… It’s just that you have learned to be vigilant against these gray things Mold, no longer give them a chance to ferment and grow.
  At your age, you have to hold the child with your left hand and your parents with your right hand, and you have become the parents on both sides of them. The daughter has just entered puberty, like a confused lamb, with a ten-pound schoolbag on her back. She is still so fragile, if you don’t pay attention to what you say, you will hurt her. As for your parents, they shrunk so short and wobbled when they walked, do you still have the heart to complain to them? Lover, like you, is also busy fishing in middle-aged rivers.
  So, you have to have the ability to untangle and repair yourself. You have to maintain your usual image: carefree and cheerful.
  Over the years, you have been engraved by time and life, and your heart is constantly changing. In the vicissitudes of life, some places have hardened, while others have softened. Once upon a time you were a leaf, and the environment was the wind, and you moved when it blew. You follow others to go to cram school, English class today, secretarial class tomorrow, and management class the day after tomorrow, like a monkey breaking corn. Bite the bullet and drink at the banquet, but it made my stomach cramp. You are gentle and gentle on the outside, but you show your teeth and barbs at home. You just want society to accept you, but you don’t know what you want.
  At that time, your life posture is to look out into the distance. When I was in school, I looked forward to graduating; when my daughter was young, I wished that she would grow up; when I was working, I wanted to retire; In short, the real life is on the other side of the mountain, and the life under the chin is just the prelude to an opera, the trestle of a port. Now you regret how much life you missed out on. Because every meadow, every stream, and every hill in life is a one-time encounter. You learned to adjust the focus and focus on your eyes only after more than half of the calendar was torn.
  So, you can listen to your parents’ nagging, you are willing to take a walk with them, and you know how to drag them to eat here and there. Instead of going straight to the cosmetics counter after paying the bonus, I bought a pair of soft shoes for my lover. You will take your daughter to the beach to watch the sea, rush to Shanghai to watch an F1 race, and help her realize a dream when she most wants to realize it and you have the ability, because dreams will also wither. You learn how to stir-fry the vegetables and make the soup very fresh. You pass on love through these small things.
  You know, it may not be too long before the parents who are still around the dinner table today will be gone. The daughter will soon spread her wings to find her own sky. She will not grab your skirt and “broadcast” the class news to you every day as soon as she comes home, nor will she lie down on the sofa and stuff her stinky feet into your arms. Happiness is passing.
  Correspondingly, some things were inadvertently pulled away. I no longer want to modify myself by changing my appearance. Doesn’t accepting myself mean that the world accepts me? Now, you will wear a piece of clothing for several years, use a mobile phone until it can no longer be used, and you want to live in this old house until you are old. More and more colleagues have already driven their own cars to and from get off work, but you simply don’t even take the shuttle bus and instead run to and from get off work. From this you gain a kind of freedom and strength, you rely on very few things, and survival is actually not difficult. Life is like this, when you retreat to the edge of the trend, the trend becomes an irrelevant background.
  You can also live in peace with your work, instead of jumping around in various industries like a grasshopper like before. Because you understand that no matter what work is like a piece of cloth, each has its delicate and bright front and its rough and dull back. In middle age, life has flowed through the turbulent canyon of youth to a relatively open place, where it becomes calm and clear. There is no need to sigh when the flowers are withered, there are still fruits.

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