The Beauty of Loneliness

  bright moon. shadow. Own.
  Face each other into three people.
  Who said loneliness is loneliness? That talented poet tasted the richness and beauty of poetry in loneliness.
  Enjoy solitude. Solitude is a unique enjoyment.
  Learn to be with loneliness. Turn loneliness into a kind of charming style.
  Loneliness is a person’s spiritual masturbation.
  Separated from his wife and children, the huge living room is filled with loneliness.
  A person will also turn on the TV in the living room, so that the colorful world will appear in front of his eyes. A person can also knock on the keys of the study room, so that the noisy music can ring in the ears. A person will also get close to the potted flowers on the balcony, letting the complex fragrance of flowers linger in the nose. A person will also go to the kitchen stove, letting the smell of fireworks waft in the house.
  And the tables, chairs, beds, and quilts in the room still retain the warmth of Tianya people in the past…
  When you are alone, you are not just alone.
  It’s also like when it rains at night in Bashan, but he cuts the candles in the west window alone.
  A person’s alone time is opened leisurely, in fact, it is not a vast artistic conception-
  quietly, cuddling with loneliness, letting thoughts run wild. Just as the so-called silent contemplation, thinking for thousands of years; quietly moving, seeing thousands of miles… It
  can also make the brain vacate, vacate into a blank, and even ignore the existence of oneself.
  At this moment, people are completely empty. Whether lying or sitting, leaning or standing…all are like a speck of dust, floating in the boundless time and space. People seem to no longer belong to themselves, but only to the vast universe.
  Loneliness is a journey of freedom from body to soul.
  His wife and children are not around, there are no longer figures swaying in front of his eyes, and there are no more annoying whispers in his ears. A person has a complete living space alone.
  Finally, I can calm down, I can finally relax. Do nothing, or do everything; think nothing, or think everything. Deduce the romance that belongs to one person at will.
  When you’re alone, you’re really just one person.
  The king of Yue, who suffered from hard work and tasted courage, has been silent for many years in solitude; that silence is the thinking of wisdom and the accumulation of strength.
  Loneliness, like a ray of breeze, can clear away the haze in the heart; Loneliness, like a touch of the morning sun, can dispel the darkness in the heart; Loneliness, like a fine needle, can deeply hurt the paralyzed nerves… In loneliness
  , Harvest hope; in solitude, reap joy; in solitude, reap awakening…
  Loneliness is a precious and profound introspection in life.
  The days when I share the same room with my wife and children are always disturbed by family trivial matters; I have been annoyed and complained because of this, but I have no time to ruminate on the meaning of life.
  Now, when a person stays alone in an empty room, he often listens to his own heartbeat, the ticking of the clock on the wall, and the rustling of the curtains as the breeze moves in the boundless loneliness.
  Listening, time suddenly opened a three-dimensional scroll of life. In an instant, I saw right and wrong, bright and dark, and alienated in my past life…
  When I am alone, I am the most sober.
  Loneliness is not a person’s dejected fall, nor is it willing to be lonely.
  Solitude is the best state of existence or life.
  A person is thrown on an uninhabited island by the storm of fate—the “superman” named Robinson is a real superman, without despair, but relying on his tenacious will and extraordinary ability to independently support himself. The clear sky of life; decades, safe and sound, creating a miracle of life.
  Loneliness is a person’s greatest self-reliance.
  Thinking about my past self, I was unable to do many housework; I was too lazy to take care of people and things outside. Just because everything is carried by my wife who is good at both internal affairs and diplomacy, I am also happy to be a “leisure family”, always like a naive child.
  Right now, Yiren is far away—it’s all over, life has to go on, and everything has to start again. Start cooking and washing alone, and start dealing with others alone.
  When you are alone, it is the second growth of a person.
  The hustle and bustle of the world is so troublesome; why don’t you go to the moon and live in the heights of Qionglou Yuyu.
  In the desert Guanghan Palace, there is no one to accompany you. Although alone, but far away from the hustle and bustle of the mortal world, and enjoy a piece of tranquility. Let’s dance to clear the shadows, dance a dance of your own that does not require the audience to attend…
  Falling into the world of mortals, always and everywhere, there are always all kinds of troubles. The reality is helpless, there are so many things, and there are always countless entanglements.
  Why not find a lonely time and space to return to your true self.
  Loneliness is a beautiful dance of one person.
  I have a quiet nature, and I like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, hide myself in a private time and space, and get along with myself.
  Especially in the days when my wife and children are not around, I often go back to my own room from outside to dance a “dance” alone – the graceful movement of my eyes on the pages of the book is a dance of eyes; The chic waving on the screen is the dance of fingertips; the indulgent galloping of thoughts in words is the dance of thoughts… When you are
  alone, a person presents the most beautiful posture!

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