The Apology for Taking Up Public Resources: A Trendy Phrase with a Hollow Meaning

“Apologize for taking up public resources” is popular in the current elite world. As soon as this sentence comes out, the style will become higher and the aura will become bigger at once. Although it is used to apologize, it will minimize the apology, and even amount to a presupposition of “speaking irony”. Appears to be humble and guilty, but actually arrogant and resentful. Saying “I was wrong”, the subtext is “I am good-looking and everything is right”. You may ask, is the effect so magical? Then go to the crisis public relations statement of a big company and read it.

In fact, this is very consistent with the things that really occupy public resources in the real world. Those who violate the parking lot and block the road, and those who occupy the road…Which one doesn’t you say a word to him, and he can answer you ten words with confidence? In short, no one is apologetic.

So whether it’s the whole scene or the exquisite black, if you talk about “public resources”, you can’t go wrong at the beginning of the article, because people care too much about resources. There seems to be a classic explanation about economics, saying that economics is the study of how to allocate resources. In the past, everyone was afraid of losing money, but now they are afraid that some good things will not be caught up. In fact, it is all resource anxiety. So when it comes to “public resources”, everyone’s heads turn.

However, there is a common problem with resources. If there are too many people involved, they will be watered down. More and more people are saying beautiful words about apologizing for taking up public resources. For example, I recently encountered two representative cases in a row. One was the owner group of my building. One day a big debate broke out about the piano sound disturbing the people. One of them was a “public resource control”. Not only did he start with an apology, but his words were the most offensive and excessive; the second is the parent group of the child’s class. One parent said: “Sorry for taking up everyone’s public resources. My child’s coat is missing. Which child took it? Is it wrong?” The parent group is really copy -pasting first, and every time there are inquiries about similar incidents, it will start with a parent expressing apology for occupying public resources.

So I found that this matter has a tendency to become less and less serious. Sure enough, two days ago I was in a crowded elevator in a high-end shopping mall, and just as the door was about to close, someone pushed it open again. Everyone saw a dark face covered with sweat. It turned out to be a food delivery boy. He squeezed in and shouted in a long, high and low voice while panting heavily: “Excuse me! It takes up a little space for everyone. resource–!”

So, when this sentence is about to become performance art, please allow me to say it seriously and seriously for the last time, and conclude this article-thanks for reading, and apologize for occupying everyone’s public resources.