Thanks to the young man who “fished” at work

  Slowly, I found that there was only one wall left in my life, and I only did 3 things in the wall – wake up, work, sleep.
  Participating in a corporate training course, I found that one of the problems that the management is troubled by is how to stimulate young people’s enthusiasm for work and prevent everyone from “fishing”.
  Young people now more and more like to say a word, called “fishing at work”. Every day they sigh at the moment when work is over: I have “fished” today, but I am still unhappy.
  Bosses should hate “fishing” employees very much. After all, they prefer that every employee devote all their energy to working hours.
  ”Fishing” at work shows that today’s young people are becoming more and more self-conscious and love freedom, but the more they want to separate work and life, the more they find that the boundaries between the two are magically disappearing.
  Before going to work every day, I will also plan: I will use the time at work to work, stay in a daze, and go to the bathroom; after get off work, I will use it to enjoy life, cook, go to dinner parties, watch talk shows, and make a salted fish to lie down. Also in bed. But at the end of the day, I still feel very tired. Work and life are becoming inseparable. Work has gradually become an integral part of life.
  Indeed, it is difficult to completely separate the life and work of modern people. I don’t agree with what Kazuo Inamori, the sage of Japanese management, said in “The Method of Drying”, “People must learn to devote their time and energy to work” – work is the protagonist of life. I appreciate the attitude towards life of Mr. Zeng Shiqiang, a master of Chinese management, “to make work a part of life”.
  If you can, find a period of time without work and experience life with your heart. When you learn to leave yourself blank and learn to work hard at a fixed time, you will suddenly find that you have reasonable control over your own time. This sense of control is a subtle feeling that makes you appreciate and accept yourself.
  I have always been grateful for the time I worked at Yilin, especially the experience of traveling and giving lectures. At that time, I only needed to teach an hour a day, and the rest of the time I would stay in the hotel to read, write, and rest. I wrote that when it was almost dusk, I took a car and walked around the best scenic spots in the city, and then went to eat local specialties. Return to the hotel in the evening and write down how you felt about the day. When the day is over in a hurry, I will rush to another city the next day.
  At that time, I was full of energy, racing against time, especially courageous, and especially vigorous. To this day, I am also very grateful for the business travel experience in those days, because the time set aside to see the world every day has given me a different life experience.
  At that time, I was writing every day, and after publishing 5 books in one go, I came to Shanghai and lived a regular working life. Going to work, going to get off work, working overtime, meeting the same people, worrying about different things. I have been burying my head in doing things, and I have lost the time to look up at the stars, at the crowds, and at the scenery.
  In this kind of life, I seem to live very seriously, and I don’t have time for “fishing”, but I don’t have time to write, record and explore myself. I spend too much time doing things, one thing after another, so busy that I don’t have time to stop and think. Slowly, I found that there was only one wall left in my life, and I only did 3 things in the wall – wake up, work, sleep.
  That’s why I said, I really want to thank the young man who dared to “fish” at work. He is still thinking about who he is, what he wants to do, and what kind of ideal life he wants to live.
  Life doesn’t happen overnight. At a certain point in the future, you will doubt, deny, and toss and turn about the values ​​that were very firm at the beginning, and then get an answer ecstatically and move on. After walking for a period of time, you will find that you used to be stupid, and the things that have been abandoned are so precious, so you will regain the idea of ​​the past and continue to move forward.
  If you can, “feel the fish” appropriately. Once you find yourself, please act immediately, don’t be lazy, and don’t doubt. Right now, make a decision and live a better version of yourself.

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