In 2014, when I gave a speech at New York University, Mr. Wang Dingjun (Ding Gong) and his wife, who were 90 years old at the time, came to see me and invited me to their home for dinner. I have read many of his articles, know his life experience, admire and respect his literary works and character, and I am honored to be invited by him.
  My wife prepared a table of hearty meals for me, and specially made dumplings. Ding Gong didn’t eat, but talked endlessly.
  He said, your Communist Party says that the common people are water and you are fish, while the KMT looks down on the common people. This alone is doomed for the KMT to fail. He also said that during the Anti-Japanese War, most of the soldiers and generals of the national army were able to risk their lives and fight bravely, but after Japan surrendered, problems came. He said, not to mention those high-ranking officials who took the opportunity to make a fortune, even those small officials with some power in their hands also made money and found women within their ability. He said that there was a small cadre in Shenyang who was in charge of the families of Japanese soldiers. He had to find a Japanese woman to sleep with him every day, and planned to sleep with 365 Japanese women a year. He also called himself a “national hero”. Undefeated reason? The above contents can all be read from Ding Gong’s four-volume autobiography.
  Ding Gong said that if an army cannot treat the prisoners well, it is not a civilized army. A person is a villain if he bullies the mothers and babies of surrenderers. And those who take advantage of the country’s victory to snatch the property of the losers and insult the women of the losers are like beasts in clothes.
  I recalled chatting with an old writer, and the topic involved the kneeling bronze statue of Qin Hui and his wife in front of the Yue Temple in Hangzhou. He said that Qin Hui and his wife communicated with foreign countries and framed Zhongliang, which was a heinous crime. Letting their bronze statues kneel there and endure generations of people’s scolding and slapping seemed beyond reproach. But the people’s government led by the Communist Party will not do such a thing. We will erect statues for our heroes and let our descendants commemorate them, but we will not kneel our enemies before the tombs of heroes.
  A man touching the chest of the kneeling bronze statue of Qin Hui’s wife, no matter how loudly he shouts, has doubts about his personality.