Sow joy

  After dinner, I was clearing the table when my 7-year-old daughter suddenly asked me, “Mom, can you buy me a flower pot?
  ” I don’t have time to take care of flowers. If you want any flowers, Mom can buy them ready-made and put them in a vase…” I think of the piles of dirty clothes to be washed every day, the cups and dishes to be cleaned, House cleaning, emails to be processed, manuscripts to be written, oh my head is the size of a big winter melon, there’s no time for flowers.
  ”No, I don’t want any ready-made flowers, I want to grow my own.” The daughter said loudly, pouting in dissatisfaction.
  ”Oh,” I said in surprise, “what kind of flowers do you want to plant?” I didn’t expect my daughter’s reaction to be so strong.
  ”I want to sow joy!” said the daughter eagerly.
  ”What? Hurry…happy? What did you say you wanted to plant?” I asked suspiciously.
  ”Happy! I want to sow joy!” the daughter repeated impatiently.
  ”Sowing happiness? How to sow happiness?” I was even more surprised. Why did my daughter suddenly say that she wanted to sow happiness? Is she not happy?
  It suddenly occurred to me that there is a lack of laughter at home recently, and it is true that I rarely see my daughter laugh.
  ”I don’t know how. But Betty’s mother does. I can hear laughter from Betty’s house next door every night. Betty always smiles when she goes to school every day. I want to smile like her, but no I forgot to laugh in a while. Today, I went to Betty’s house to play, and Betty was blowing soap bubbles on her balcony, and her mother prepared snacks for us. I had a great time at her house. I asked Why is Betty’s house full of happiness, how can there be so many happy things. Betty said it was because her mother sowed happiness. Oh, mother, Betty’s mother planted a lot of flowers, and their balcony was fragrant, but It smells good. Mom, buy me a flower pot, and I’ll go to Betty’s mother to ask for some happy seeds to make our family happy, okay?” My daughter said so much in one breath, it really made me feel a little bit. Not used to it. She has always been silent.
  It seems that I have to put aside those pending emails and manuscripts for a while.
  ”Honey,” I said, rubbing my daughter’s head, “leave the seeding of happiness to mother, and mother will sow for you.”
  ”Really, mother, you can also plant?” The daughter was pleasantly surprised ask.
  ”Well, Mom will learn.” I assured her with a smile.
  The next morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I got home and went to visit Betty’s mom next door.
  After explaining her intentions, Betty’s mother smiled and said, “In fact, sowing happiness is the same as sowing flowers, except that sowing flowers is in a flowerpot, and sowing happiness is in people’s hearts.
  ” If we plant the seeds of hope, we can expect miracles. If we plant the seeds of passion, love will come back to us. If we plant the seeds of determination, nothing will stop us from being the person we want to be. If we work hard enough, our harvest will multiply like a small seed can produce many flowers.”
  ”If we plant happiness, we can reap multiplied happiness! In short, we plant in our hearts. Whatever you put, it will grow.” Betty’s mother said with a smile.
  Listening to Betty’s mother’s words, I remembered the serious face of my husband and often said to the children: “Go to mother, dear, Daddy is reading the newspaper” or “Dad is watching the football game”, and my busy figure, also often correct. The child said: “Go play first, dear, Mom has a letter to answer” or “Mom still has a lot of clothes to wash”, no wonder the daughter feels that the home is boring. She is only 7 years old, which is a lively and active age.
  ”I understand. What you said made me stunned, thank you!” I held Betty’s mother’s hand and got up to say goodbye.
  ”This is for you, go back and try it, it will be very effective!” She took out a small paper package from the drawer, handed it to me, and winked at me with a smile.
  That’s a bag of flower seeds. A lot of people grow flowers or something, but I always thought I wouldn’t. I either watered too much or not enough. Either put the plant in the sun or place it in a place that is too shady. I know that some plants prefer heat and humidity, while others prefer dry and shade. But I just can’t get them right. This time, though, I’m going to take up the challenge.
  I planted the seeds in the newly bought pots and told my daughter that I had planted happiness. I water the flowerpot on time every day, and my daughter goes to the flowerpot to check it every day. I don’t know what seeds I planted, but I know that the seeds of fishtail chrysanthemum will grow fishtail chrysanthemum, the seeds of morning glory will grow morning glory, and the seeds of happiness will definitely grow happiness.
  Two days passed without any movement. But I continued to water the pots.
  On the fourth day, the green buds finally emerged. My daughter was so excited, she happily ran to tell me that happiness had sprung up. Those little buds made us smile, and even my husband Roy seemed to be infected by our happiness, put down the newspaper in his hand, and ran over to watch with a smile.
  Betty’s mother was right, it really worked. I planted happiness and reaps more happiness.
  That weekend, I dropped everything and Roy put down his favorite newspaper, and we played and laughed together as a family. We blow soap bubbles on the balcony together. We watch TV together. Let’s go to the zoo together. Let’s have a picnic together. We did nothing that weekend but planted the seeds of joy in our daughter’s heart.

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