Silence is a Sign of Not Loving You: What to Do When Your Partner Withdraws

Whether a man or a woman, they all hope to meet someone who loves them and have a good relationship.

However, when it comes to feelings, the most important thing is fate.

No matter how fascinated you are when you first meet each other, after getting along for a long time, many feelings will be diluted by daily necessities.

Whether it is husband and wife or lovers, there are many examples of people who have loved each other deeply, but have no chance to grow old.

Time keeps passing, and people’s hearts keep changing.

Once the person you have loved deeply, once he starts to be silent to you, it means that he no longer loves you and wants to separate from you!

Silence is silent rejection

I have heard such a sentence:

“Silence is the most hurtful way to refuse. The other party is telling you with actions that even if you stand in front of him, he is not interested in you.”

Because I am not interested, I am too lazy to talk to you, and use silence to refuse your approach.

He can’t read back the messages you sent him , and you want to talk to him about your thoughts, but he just ignores you.

Rather than talking a few more words with you, he would rather open up the game and play a few rounds.

Such a person has already let go of you in his heart, he would rather hold his mobile phone than hug you.

Silence is deliberate indifference

People often say that silence is golden, but in the emotional world, silence regardless of the occasion is undoubtedly a torture to the lover.

In an intimate relationship, if a person often treats you like this, to put it bluntly, he is tired of being with you.

You’re planning a trip together, ask him where he wants to go, and he says he’s not interested.

If you keep asking, all you get is silence.

You act like a baby to him, ask him if he loves you, and he is also speechless and responds with silence.

The two of you are sitting face to face, but the only thing you can hear is your voice.

He didn’t have the slightest desire to speak, and he couldn’t find anything in common.

Such feelings are really suffocating.

Silence is evidence of not loving

Someone once said:

“There are no cold people in the world, but it’s not you who want to be warm.”

How can someone who truly loves you make you feel wronged.

When he is with you, he will always start the topic first;

With him, don’t worry about the air becoming quiet, he will try his best to create common memories with you.

Only people who don’t love you don’t care about your emotions.

He loves to ignore your initiative, but accepts your concern in silence;

He takes your dedication for granted. Such a person has no place for you in his heart.

He is using a silent way to force you to leave voluntarily.

So instead of being humble to please him, it is better to stop the loss in time and let this relationship stay in each other’s memories.

In the emotional world, silence is an attitude, and indifference is a refusal.

If the person you love deeply often keeps silent when getting along with you .

You share funny stories with him, and he just ignores you.

You pour out your grievances, and he treats you like air.

You show him concern, but he says you are meddling in your own business.

So whether this relationship should be let go or should be retained, I believe you have already given the answer in your heart.

Whether it’s love or marriage, true love goes both ways.

Constantly begging humblely, all he got was mercy.

Whether a man or a woman, before loving someone, don’t forget to love yourself first.

Only when you love yourself, others will love you.