Silane Impregnation Solution: A Cost-Effective Way to Protect Concrete Structures from Corrosion

1. Causes of concrete structure corrosion:
The causes of corrosion of concrete structures include weathering, corrosion, freeze-thaw, solar carbonization, spalling and corrosion of steel bars, and these factors may lead to the destruction of concrete structures. Corrosion will affect the long-term use of concrete structures, and material aging and structural deterioration are inevitable. If no anti-corrosion measures are taken, concrete corrosion will cause irreversible damage to the structure.

2. Product introduction of silane impregnation solution:
Silane impregnation solution is a high-performance penetrating impregnation coating with a small molecular structure, which can penetrate deeply into the capillary wall of concrete and react with hydrated cement to form a polysiloxane interpenetrating network structure. Through a strong chemical bonding reaction, the microstructure of the concrete surface is endowed with long-term hydrophobicity, and the function of breathing and ventilation is maintained, which greatly reduces the intrusion of water and harmful chloride ions, etc., and ensures that the concrete structure is free from corrosion.

3. Application field of silane impregnation solution:
Silane impregnation solution is mainly used in various reinforced concrete structures, including commercial buildings, parking lots, garages, warehouses and cold storage, basements, swimming pools, highways, bridge structures, subways, tunnels, port terminals, airport aprons, runways and marine engineering wait. Silane impregnation solution is especially suitable for high-grade concrete structures used in harsh environments, roads, overpasses, utility poles, sewage treatment tanks of sewage treatment plants, etc. that are eroded by salt spray and deicing salt.

4. Construction steps of silane impregnation solution:
The construction steps of silane impregnation solution include repairing obvious defects on the concrete surface, removing surface debris and attachments, and using a broom to sweep away sand, dust and other harmful substances and pollutants. Operators use a spray gun to apply silane impregnating agent to the concrete structure under construction. The amount of each spray is 200ml/m2, and the spraying is done twice in total, and the time interval between the two coats is at least 4 hours.

5. Precautions for silane impregnating solution:
When using silane impregnating solution, it should be noted that the concrete surface should be in a dry state, and the age of the concrete coated with silane impregnating solution should not be less than 28 days, or the concrete should not be less than 14 days after repair. Do not spray silane impregnating fluid when it is raining or exposed to strong winds or direct sunlight. The silane impregnating solution can be opened before use and used within 72 hours after opening, otherwise it will be solidified and discarded. There should be no open flames near the construction site, and operators should use necessary safety protection facilities.

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