Sick like a healthy person

There are two ways of looking at being sick: one believes that being sick is being unhealthy; the other believes that being sick is part of being healthy.

Both views are good. However, I prefer the latter.

The latter is a higher dimensional definition of health. Not only the state of not being sick is healthy, but also the state of fluctuating, as long as the range of fluctuation is not too large, can be regarded as a dynamic process of health. Being sick is one pole of fluctuation. Is it unhealthy for a person to be active most of the time, with some occasional headaches and fever? It’s also healthy.

After the surgery, the doctor told us that the anesthetic would be very painful after the anesthesia. This pain is inevitable, and the doctor can only say: “Normal, get over it and you’ll be fine.” Well, let’s simmer. This phrase is not a painkiller, but it has a great comforting effect. It’s not the pain itself that we fear, but the isolation, self-doubt, and lack of understanding that comes with it. “Pain is normal”, with such an affirmation, then even if it hurts a little, it’s okay. It’s just pain, we are relieved, we have the strength to take on the physical stimulation, and maybe we can consider doing something while in pain. A “normal” sound is a precious gift.

We are not doctors in life and cannot prescribe medicine, but the same idea we can give to those who are facing pain and suffering is already of great help. It is one thing to cure a disease, and it is better to leave it to the doctor. We can at least conceptualize the patient as a healthy person first, and we say, “Normal, you are just sick.”

It can sound a bit anti-logical to say that one can be healthy even after a long illness, but the point remains what we think health means. If the greatest effect of illness is to destroy a person’s life, to make it impossible to work, difficult to enjoy, to see the dignity and value of life, to lose normal relationships with family and friends, then conversely, the only difference between a sick person and a healthy person, once he establishes a new normal, works and lives the way he wants, has good relationships, and feels happy and valuable again, is that he believes he is not healthy enough. is that he believes he is not healthy enough.

Since the difference is only in the perception, of course, we can change the perception. If you’re sick, you’re sick, wait until tomorrow.

A healthy person has the possibility not only to get sick, but also to get well. This is what makes life valuable. If you fully realize this, you will not be attached to the performance of one day and one moment. Learn to look at the long term and see some kind of stability beyond time: bad things always come and go, one moment not feeling well, bad mood, quarrel between partners, performance decline, a big stress and can not sleep …… sometimes think “life will never be good again “, and then the next day to cheer up a little, and feel that you can still hold on.

All of these are normal people’s normal life, so don’t be too afraid. The most important fact of life is that no matter what kind of pain we experience, we are alive, and odds are we will be alive tomorrow …… Being alive means there are many possibilities, which illness cannot erase. People who are alive are healthy.

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