Say “confused”

“Rarely confused” is Zheng Banqiao’s famous saying. Under the banner of “Rare Confusion” written by Zheng Banqiao, there is a line: “It’s difficult to be smart, it’s difficult to get confused, and it’s harder to move from clever to confused. Put it together, take a step back, and feel at ease right now. “This should be Zheng Banqiao’s explanation of “rarely confused”.

Judging from the explanation of this line of money, Zheng Banqiao’s inner “confusion” is “to put it together”, “to take a step back”, to let go and make concessions, to be careless, not to be reported, and shows tolerance and big Degree and mind.

There are many smart people in the world and few people who are “confused”. Compared to being smart, “confusion” is more difficult, because intelligence only stays on intelligence and IQ, and “confusion” sublimates to a kind of wisdom and mind.

When you see someone “confused”, you see others as stupid. You feel bullied and fooled. That’s because you are really confused, but others don’t care about you.

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