Reminiscing the classics

Since the 1960s, countries around the world have set off an upsurge in exploring the universe. Under this background, many classic animations with the theme of universe and mecha came into being. In 1985, the American Golden Harmony Company re-edited the three Japanese animations “Macro Fortress”, “Macro Knights” and “Mecha Genesis”, which were quite similar in theme and unrelated in content, and organized them into plots, The 85-episode long-form animation with the same characters, named “Battlestar”, is divided into three parts in chronological order, “The Legend of Macross”, “Robot Ruler” and “New Generation”. Although it has been played for more than 30 years, people’s enthusiasm for it has never diminished. Its related sequels, comics, novels, movies, games, etc. have come out one after another, and its influence is no less than that of the contemporary “Transformers” “.

In the “Battlestar” trilogy, the plot is the most exciting, and the most memorable for the audience is “The Legend of Macross”. In the short 36-episode story, there are life-and-death struggles between two races, as well as turbulent contradictions within the races, and even under the background of cruel wars, the pursuit of life, the desire for love, and the hatred of ugliness… …Using the platform of animation, the production direction showed a magnificent and thought-provoking tragic epic to the audience.

War: The Magic Mirror That Reflects the Heart

“The Legend of Macross” is by no means a war film that simply tells about justice and evil, aggression and resistance. It contains human beings’ in-depth examination of their own living conditions, as well as their ambivalence about how to develop and utilize advanced technology.

On the other side of the universe, there is a planet named Tailo, inhabited by the same intelligent life as the people on earth. During a cosmic expedition, Zoll, a Tailor scientist, discovered a kind of bee-like gregarious high-level intelligent life on a planet called Optra, the Invi people, who devoured the “flower of life” to survive Survive. Zor brought the Flower of Life back to Tello, and research found that it could create a powerful energy source—prehistoric energy. Zoll developed “robot technology” and accelerated Tello’s prosperity. However, in order to dominate the prehistoric civilization, Tylo’s chief robot rulers formed a giant clone tribe called Zentraedi for the purpose of aggressive expansion. Optra bore the brunt of the attack, and the atmosphere in its planet was evaporated by Tello, causing the originally kind Invi people to become belligerent, constantly fighting back against the Tello people. In the face of such barbarism, Zor was completely disappointed with the Tylors, and took all the seeds of the Flower of Life into space in a spaceship. I don’t want the spaceship to fall to the earth due to the interception of the Invi people on the way, and Zoll unfortunately died. The spaceship he was riding was the Space Fortress. Following the signal sent by the spaceship to the universe, the Zentraedi, Tello and Invi, eager to recapture the prehistoric energy, all came out of their nests, arrived on Earth one after another, and started three interstellar wars with the Earthlings. It depicts the battle between Earth and Zentraedi.

After several rounds of tragic battles, both sides paid a heavy price. The surface of the earth was scorched by heavy artillery. Only the 70,000 soldiers and civilians on the Battlestar survived, and the Zentraedi almost wiped out their families. The survivors were miniaturized. gradually integrated into human society. On the surface, the fuse that triggered this series of tragedies was the prehistoric energy that the planets competed for, but if we traced the source, it was actually caused by people’s more and more inflated desires. Just imagine, although these two races are different in size, but they share the same ancestry, origin, and genes, if they cooperate as equals and share energy from the beginning, how can they both suffer? Although the story is about the energy competition between the stars in the virtual world, the demand for energy and even the competition is not a patented product in the virtual world, and the real world abounds since ancient times. Although the development of civilization is full of twists and turns, if unnecessary disputes can be eliminated, the road ahead will be much smoother. Relying on war and blood to atone for sin is really the best policy.

Although the war created many tragedies, it also inspired people to grow up amid setbacks and adversity, and to realize the true meaning of life in the midst of death. The times of suffering call for heroes, and they also create heroes. Without this Star Wars, Rick and Max would likely have had a dull life and lost the chance to become the ace pilots on the fortress. Likewise, times of suffering are also thought-provoking, prompting people to correct their mistakes and save the defeat. The Zentraedi who provoked the war were persistent and blindly trying to recapture the prehistoric energy from the earthlings. The root cause was that they only knew war in their minds. If they did not use this war to contact the people of the earth, how could they know the value of feelings? The ending of the story clearly tells the audience that only if the two races shake hands and move forward together can the tragedy be avoided.

Song: Gospel of Hope

When it comes to the most memorable image of the audience in the works, it is Lin Mingmei. This character not only created a precedent for singers in the universe and mecha animations, but also compared with other singers, Mingmei, in addition to her pretty face and sweet voice, is more like a spiritual symbol. Express feelings and convey culture with singing.

In the story, the military strength of the enemy and ours is very different. In the face of the Zentraedi and millions of warships, which are several times larger than the earth, the space fortress that has been abandoned by the earth army can only be confronted by the limited number of deformed fighters on the ship. , it was only a matter of time before being captured, but Mingmei gradually reversed it all. If listening to Mingmei’s singing at first was just a relaxation and recreation for the soldiers and civilians on the fort after exhaustion, disappointment and fear, then as the girl’s voice and smile became more and more deeply in people’s minds, her singing was no longer noticeable. Time becomes the spiritual sustenance of all. When Grover was forced to convey to the refugees on the fort that the Earth Army had abandoned them and ordered them to leave the Earth immediately, because Mingmei firmly stood on the same side as the captain and tried her best to appease and encourage the refugees, a storm was created. Once it was subdued, the status of the soldiers in the hearts of the people was not shaken. When hundreds of enemy planes from Antenna invaded the interior of the fortress, because Mingmei remained calm and performed for the citizens on the stage as usual, people’s fear was reduced by half, and unnecessary casualties were avoided.

Mingmei’s singing, while comforting and inspiring people on Earth, is also changing Zentraedi bit by bit. With the three Zentraedi spies going back and forth between the enemy and the enemy, Mingmei’s deeds, records, and the singing “Mingmei dolls” sold in the streets and alleys of Macross City were introduced into the Brittai Corps. Many Zentraedi people are like Earth people. So obsessed with this girl, and then began to yearn for earth culture. In a short period of time, batches of Zentraedi soldiers escaped into the Battlestar during the fierce battle between the two sides. The soldiers who barely stayed in the headquarters were also shaken and their fighting spirit was greatly reduced. In the end, even Commander Britt, who played a pivotal role on Zentraedi’s side, led his entire army to form an alliance with Battlestar, thus turning the balance of victory. In the decisive battle, her song “We Will Win” boosted the morale of the Earth Army, won the support of many Zentraedi, and further disintegrated the fighting spirit of Doza’s main fleet.

The role of Lin Mingmei’s singing in the first interstellar war is unprecedented. Without her, even if there are many outstanding pilots and soldiers, the earth will not escape the doom of complete destruction. It is precisely because of her huge impact on Zentraedi’s inherent culture and outstanding contribution to the earth that it has become an eternal myth in the hearts of the two races.

Love: the hurricane that breaks through the thorns

In the 1980s, the vast majority of children’s entertainment programs faced the topic of love, either completely avoiding it or exaggerating it, but “The Legend of Macross” answered the audience’s deeper meaning of love.

The emotional entanglement between the protagonist Rick Carter, singer Lin Mingmei and female commander Lisa Hayes runs through the story almost throughout. Rick and Mingmei’s love affair started with a hero saving beauty. They are similar in age, have similar temperaments, and the friendship and tacit understanding they cultivated when they were trapped together at the bottom of the fort for a few days together made their feelings warm up quickly. For a long time, Mingmei was the reason for Rick’s heroic fight. It’s a pity that when Mingmei became Miss Space, the generation gap between the two increased day by day and drifted further apart. Contrary to the former, Lisa and Rick met Rick with no surprises or romance at first, and almost spent their time in constant quarrels. Lisa, who is the boss, thinks Rick is frivolous, while Rick demeans Lisa as a “nagging woman”. Even at the most critical juncture of the war, it is difficult for the two to stop fighting. But slowly, they got to know each other in the dispute, appreciated each other, supported each other, gradually entered each other’s hearts, and eventually became lifelong partners.

Rick’s two loves have witnessed the entire process of his growth. Mingmei, as Rick’s first love, made him feel the sweetness of love and made him understand the mission of protecting his lover. After Mingmei became a star, her erratic attitude and the intervention of her rival Lin Kai once hurt Rick. In the face of such a dilemma, Rick did not give birth to hatred because of love, nor did he lose his strength. Instead, with his unswerving love for Mingmei, he rushed to the enemy with the determination to fight to the death for his lover, and quickly rushed to the battlefield in the smoke of gunpowder. Growth, Nirvana rebirth. Infatuation with Mingmei made Rick avoid the affection that Lisa gave him, but Lisa was like a navigation light in Rick’s fighting career, always subtly giving him inspiration and helping him grow. With the deepening of their friendship, Lisa’s care for Rick’s life, emotional tolerance, spiritual understanding, and ideological commonality all prompted Rick to complete the difficult transformation in life and let him understand: he He is not flying and fighting alone. As a soldier, he also bears the great responsibility for the future and survival of the earth and human beings. In a sense, Lisa is not only the final destination of Rick’s feelings, but also the wings of Rick’s wings.

Although the relationship between Max and Milia does not occupy too much space in the animation, it is enough for the audience to ponder. As the ace pilots of both sides, the two met on the battlefield and experienced several fierce battles. In order to restore her self-esteem, Miria, who was slightly inferior, miniaturized herself into a human and mixed into the Battlestar, trying to fight Max again for life and death. . At the beginning of their union, even though the voices of opposition came one after another, it was precisely because they withstood the pressure and bravely fell in love that they finally laid the foundation for the earth and Zentraedi to turn from war to peace and the universe to return to peace.

In addition to happiness and romance, the love in this animation shows the audience more responsibility and growth. Perhaps these stories are too heavy to make people appreciate how sweet they are, but they are thought-provoking and inspiring.

Will: the ever-growing fire

“The Legend of Macross” is a sci-fi epic full of legend and tragic atmosphere. It contains multiple elements such as thinking about war, singing and love. This shows the tenacious fighting spirit and unyielding spirit. In the story, whether it is the Battlestar commanders Grover, Lisa and Fok who survived between the Zentraedi fleet and the senior generals of the Earth Army, or the once impulsive Rick, Madara and Max; Britay, Exidor and Miria, who were obedient to the leader Doza, who fought hard and numbly, all experienced a test and struggle, and obtained spiritual sublimation from the predicament of survival or human nature. And use it to inspire people around it, making it continue like a never-ending fire.

The persistent belief and tenacious will of the protagonist Rick once inspired Dana, Scott and others in the follow-up works to move forward bravely, but his spirit is inherited bit by bit from his predecessors and comrades in arms, and is in countless lifetimes. comprehended in the trial of death. The production skillfully borrows Rick and the people around him to reflect on his human nature and reveal the theme of the story step by step. Roy Falk is the leader of Rick flying into the blue sky and rushing to the universe. He once took Rick to fly in the blue sky when he was a teenager. Rick’s entry into the army was not so much the drive to protect Mingmei, but Fokker’s encouragement. After Rick enlisted in the army, Fokker, as his direct superior, was self-evident to his help in terms of military literacy and love life. On the battlefield, whenever Rick encounters a little trouble, Fokker will always lend a helping hand at the first time; when Rick is troubled by love, Fokker never tires of giving him valuable advice, encouraging him to face love boldly and decisively. After hearing the sad news of Falk’s death, Rick shed rare tears. In order to uphold his eldest brother’s legacy, Rick became more and more brave on the battlefield, and soon grew into the soul of the deformation fighter team. Even after many years, Rick, who was flying around in the plane, saw a few wildflowers that broke out on the barren earth after the war. When he was shaken by the endless battle, he recalled the scene of flying in the blue sky with Fokker when he was young. , Recalling what his elder brother taught him at the beginning of the army, Rick was relieved. Although Fokker passed away, his spirit still paid attention to Rick, and guided him to move forward bravely.

As the supreme commander of Battlestar, Captain Grover’s awe-inspiring righteousness and humanitarian spirit deeply infected everyone on the fortress. With the major mission of returning the 70,000 citizens of Macross City to their homes, Grover fought bravely against powerful enemies. Even when he was abandoned by the Earth Army and misunderstood by the residents of the fort, he never complained. In the decisive battle, in the face of the dilemma of the earth’s army being completely wiped out, he remained undisturbed in the face of danger, protected the lives of 70,000 soldiers and civilians on the fortress, and kept the fire of human civilization alive. After defeating Doza, in order to protect the earth from alien aggression, he organized the construction of Battlestar II, and led his subordinates to smash Chiron’s conspiracy at a critical juncture and defended the earth again. Although Grover took his unfinished career and chose to die with Chiron without hesitation, his spiritual successors Rick and Lisa acted as a continuation of his life and drove the Battlestar III to lead the expedition to the expedition a few years later. space to safeguard the harmony and co-prosperity of the universe.

To sum up, while showing the audience a grand background and profound themes, “The Legend of Macross” has insightful interpretations of the delicate feelings between people and the spirit that has been passed on from generation to generation. In animation, there are cruel wars, people’s reflections on it and the unyielding will they show in the face of disasters; there are sincere feelings, and there are people who cherish it and show bravery and sacrifice in order to protect their loved ones; there are sweet Singing also has the unlimited potential that people burst out under the inspiration of singing; there are countless partings of life and death, as well as the deep friendship and unprecedented unity that people have established in the midst of adversity, as well as the determination and courage to work tirelessly for ideals. It can convey so many connotations to the audience, which is an important reason for its longevity. In 2015, following the release of the “Battlestar” sequels “Sentinel” and “Shadow Chronicles”, live-action movies are also being planned.

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