Open that door

  On a winter evening, I was lying lazily on a chair, holding the book of Naoko Takagi, a Japanese manga writer, and flipping through the pages, enjoying this happy moment. Occasionally, I would see my own shadow jumping in the lines, followed by emotional waves of sadness and joy. Occasionally, I felt a ray of sunlight sneaking into my heart. I carefully understand from the simple and straightforward lines that happiness is scattered around like cheap air. As long as our hearts are open…
  Occasionally walk into the bookstore and find that comic books are flooding the book market. From the touching growth story of Xie Liwen’s “McDull”, to the comics boom set off by Taiwanese comic writer Jimi, from Zhu Deyong to Wanwan… Maybe modern people’s vision is getting wider and wider, they are opposed to stereotypes, and try their best to get rid of words The shackles of imagination, and pictures can release the space of imagination. Therefore, the change of reading methods has led to the popularity of comics. In my impression, comics were only a kind of children’s books at first, and now, comics have occupied the adult market. Using pictures and texts that children like to gain insight into the inner world of urbanites and explain their understanding of the world, this form itself has a bit of childishness. In particular, the use of fashion comics to interpret classic masterpieces has also become a form of readers following. Let the classic masterpiece come out from the high ivory tower, it seems a bit cordial. The science and technology book “A Brief History of Time” also introduced the concept of comics and turned it into an illustrated book. In Kafka’s novel “Metamorphosis”, the picture and the text are integrated, and it feels more intuitive and violent. Picking up a biography of Picasso on the shelf, and explaining the change in the way, it feels like falling into another world, where everything is both unfamiliar and familiar.
  Naoko Takagi was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan in 1974. She likes the manga “Hanada Shonen History”, is obsessed with collecting “Tom and Jerry” and woodworking, and loves summer with beer. She once dreamed of a flower shop and a bakery. But he embarked on the road of colorful painters. If Jimmy’s works make images a fresh and delicate literary language, which is full of poetic images and full of profound meanings, then Naoko Takagi’s comics use civilian language to detail every detail of trivial life, including Bit by bit of troubles and joy, but it seems more cordial. There is no gorgeous painting style, the handwritten text and picture style are naive, with a kind of warmth and sweetness that directly points to the heart, it seems that it is more suitable for countless ordinary people who are looking for hope in the world. Naoko Takagi’s comic series “First Time Alone”, “Going to Tokyo Alone”, “150CM”, “Bathing Alone”, etc., each of which has been published, has set off a frenzy of readers rushing to read it first. “Takagi” whirlwind from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore to South Korea, Thailand… Her readers include elderly people in their 80s and elementary school students. In a very short period of time, Naoko Takagi’s comic books topped the picture book market. From the beauty and romance of Jimmy to the simplicity and simplicity of Naoko Takagi, does it represent the return of aristocratic to civilian style?
  From “Going to Tokyo Alone”, we can see that Naoko Takagi walked from the distant Mie prefecture into prosperous Tokyo with a drawing and a pen. She used simple lines to outline various vivid expressions, crying, laughing, meditating, Angry, all kinds of faces are accompanied by emotional changes, like a stroke of magic. The one that moved me the most was the section “Self-promotion”, in which Naoko Takagi was going to a certain design company for self-promotion. She wrote a phone line for the interview, and she kept practicing intensely, but when she actually called, the person in charge of the company was not there. I’ve used up all my courage today…”. In order to express nervousness, each picture of Naoko Takagi is accompanied by funny and humorous language. Every reader who has experienced the same will burst into laughter after reading it, and there is a sadness that is difficult to express in words after laughing. . Isn’t that Naoko Takagi, who is fighting alone in the bustling city, a lonely and lonely figure?
  The subsection “Sad Fellowship” brings tears to my eyes. A group of working friends asked Naoko Takagi to drink at a wine bar in Shibuya. She was teased by her peers as a country person, and she felt depressed. So, with this picture, Naoko Takagi raised her right hand, held the menu and said loudly, “I want to order Dish”, next to two inner monologues “Ah, I always feel very uncomfortable!”, “I must drink a lot today!” A few vivid narrations let us feel Naoko Takagi’s state of mind at that time, both helpless and angry, You need to find an outlet for your emotions. On the way home, I stumbled around because I was drunk, couldn’t figure out the direction, I got lost, and I didn’t have enough money to take the bus. There is an unforgettable picture. Naoko Takagi stands in the middle of the road and weeps helplessly, and it is complemented by the onomatopoeias of “woo woo” and “sucking”, as if sound accompanies the picture. There are countless small black dots all around, with the words “Tokyo Desert” written next to it. At this time, Naoko Takagi seemed to be walking in a desert, looking isolated and helpless. Concise lines, implicit symbolism and delicate inner portrayal are integrated, making people feel immersed in the scene. When he took a taxi and returned home, Naoko Takagi finally cheered, and along with the rapid rush forward, there were hints of the inner world of “running” and “wow” next to the picture. When she returned home, she cheered at the door with tears in her laughter, “People want to kill you”, “Dear door, I thought I would never see you again.” Naoko Takagi is good at adding vividness to various scenes. The onomatopoeia of “Om”, even if you draw a bullet train passing by on paper, the onomatopoeia of “Om” should be added to strengthen the effect of fast exercise. If there is no clear childlike innocence, how can we mobilize such rich elements to create vivid and childish visual effects?
  When I close “Going to Tokyo Alone”, unforgettable scenes will emerge before my eyes. I will never forget Naoko Takagi’s embarrassment in the Tokyo subway; Buying good things, and suffering from the helpless feeling of being shy; I will never forget the evening when I worked in a sushi factory, Naoko Takagi cried on the riverbank, I don’t know where I will go in the future; I will never forget to find the goods of my hometown on the shelves of the store. I secretly laughed and burst into tears. I thought to myself, “You guys are coming to Tokyo from Mie, too”… Every little clip is deeply engraved in my mind, which is deeply moving and memorable.
  Open “150CMLife”, let us see the vision of 150CM, we occasionally feel the trouble of Naoko Takagi’s height, but more is to appreciate Naoko Takagi’s humorous personality, she will create happiness and make happiness by herself become readily available. Opening the “Single Life of 150cm” section, we see Naoko Takagi busy remodeling furniture to fit her height. First, make a bed by yourself, arrange four plastic suitcases with a width of 40CM in a row, and cover the top and bottom with a piece of cloth, which is exactly 160CM. Then I made my own small warm table, nailed, sawed, and painted with nails and boards, and I was very busy. “Being able to live small and exquisite in Japan, where the quality of living is not good, especially in Japan’s big cities, is also a small benefit of height.” The closing remarks of this section make us feel that Naoko Takagi is self-deprecating. hapiness.
  In “Having a Bath Alone”, Naoko Takagi shared with us her experience of taking a bath. In the cold and windy days, in the days of running and tiring, Naoko Takagi made her own bathing materials, which is not only environmentally friendly, saves money, but also Fill your body and mind with joy. Sakura petal bath, green tea bath, wormwood bath in spring; kelp bath, salt bath, black tea bath in summer; milk bath, wine bath, vinegar bath in autumn; sake bath, rice bran bath, honey bath, citrus bath in winter. Taking a bath can not only cleanse the body, but also restore physical strength, beauty and beauty, and make people full of happiness, which is a very enjoyable thing. Under the guidance of Naoko Takagi, I also learned the steaming skin care method taught by her book for skin care, which can create infinite surprises and happiness without money. First, pour boiling hot water into the washbasin, cover your head with a towel like a tent, do not let the water vapor escape, so that you can directly steam your face. Then, close your eyes and keep praying and reciting in your heart. This is also a good way to meditate. At this time, the water vapor continued to rise, the face became hotter and hotter, and I felt the pores gradually open, as if entering a state of fluttering. Then, after about ten minutes, lift the towel and you’ll find your entire face full of steam and sweat, very rosy. After steaming your face, first wash your face with warm water, then slowly lower the temperature, and finally wash your face with cold water, the whole skin care process is over. Naoko Takagi told me to make good use of all the resources in life, so that you can buy the joy of creation without spending money.
  Naoko Takagi’s comic book series, whether it’s “A Man’s First Time”, “A Man’s 5th Year”, or “A Man’s Travel”, no matter which book I read, my heart that I thought was cold and lonely They would all get warm and throbbing throbbing. Concepts that used to be ambiguous in the past have become more and more clear. The towers piled up with money and power look so dazzling, so many people try their best to climb up even if they are smashed to pieces. However, when they stood on the top of the tower, they felt that it was difficult to breathe. Everything was not as comfortable as they had imagined, and they lost as much as they gained. In fact, happiness is hidden in every ordinary day. Those little things, as long as you create them with your heart, will also become part of a happy life. Naoko Takagi’s ideal is very humble. She thinks that a small grandma is more cute, so she aims to become that kind of grandma in the future, and she is very happy to spend every day happily. When I was crying, I thought of Naoko Takagi’s laughing face, raising his hands and his feet jumping antics, so, no longer feel the bitterness of life, Sisi’s smile has been revealed unconsciously …

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