One person’s romantic

Qi Zhi returned to Han Village at dusk.

There is nothing special about Han Village, except that the village is bigger and has more trees than other villages. Han Village is located in the arms of a big river, so the woods surround Han Village like a belt. Qi Tianxiao, who has been on a plane, said that he can see the real thing in the sky. Water, trees, and villages all look real. Someone asked, can you see Longcun from the plane? Long Village is as big as Han Village. Qi Tianxiao said disdainfully, Long Village is nothing, there is not a single tree. A levee is dozens of miles long from south to north, and it is strange that there are flourishing trees in this area of ​​Hancun.

Right now, Qi Zhi was walking along a curved dam. He carried a large bag on his shoulders, a small bag in his arms, and a plastic bag in his hand. In fact, neither of the two bags had much weight, but Qi Zhi couldn’t help but look overwhelmed, as if the eyes of the whole village were staring at him, and Qi Zhi’s appearance was made for them. The embankment is quiet, the village is inside the bend, and the river is outside the bend. The river water is dark green, and water plants can be seen swaying in it. There are many fish and shrimp in the water plants. Every summer, someone sprinkles a white medicinal powder into the water, so that the river water turns out a white, which is the white belly of the fish. Although it is said on TV that the fish killed by medicine cannot be eaten, it is harmful to the human body. But what does it matter? Everyone in Han Village has eaten fish killed by medicine, and they have eaten it for many years. No one has a problem with eating fish. Therefore, every year when the dead fish are killed, men, women and children of Han Village go into battle, and take the nets tied with sieves, fences and mosquito nets to catch fish. During that time, it was Hancun’s festival. It was like fighting a people’s war. Hancun was unprecedentedly lively and bustling.

The village was shrouded in mist, and the chimneys of the impatient people were already emitting cooking smoke. Qi Zhi sniffed hard, trying to inhale the smell of cooking smoke into his lungs. He felt that the cooking smoke was as fragrant as food. What can be inhaled into the nose is a midges. The midges stuck to the inner wall of the nasal cavity, and Qi Zhi sneezed several times before “squirting” it out. Qi Zhi rubbed his nose, his eyes sore with tears. At this time, a person jumped out of the bushes suddenly, and said, “Bah!”

Qi Zhi smiled and said, “It’s Yang Yuxin.”

Yang Yuxin said, “Are you back?”

Qi Zhi moved the big bag from the left shoulder to the right shoulder and said, “It’s back.”

Yang Yuxin said, “What good things did you buy, such a big bag.”

Qi Zhi blushed and waited for Yang Yuxin to see for himself, and waited for Yang Yuxin to say something after reading, but Yang Yuxin didn’t say anything. “It’s just a double quilt.” Qi Zhi explained himself: “Everyone in the city builds this.”

Yang Yuxin said, “Are you earning less money?”

Qi Zhi smiled and said nothing. He thought that his not answering was actually the best answer.

Yang Yuxin said: “My mother asked me to go to the river to find ducks, and we can talk when I have time.”

After Yang Yuxin finished speaking, he walked down, making Qi Zhi feel melancholy. He felt that the words between him and Yang Yuxin were not finished yet.

“Come to my house when you are free!” Qi Zhichong shouted to Yang Yuxin.

Yang Yuxin didn’t answer, just waved at him. Yang Yuxin had already descended to the bottom of the embankment, and there was a cotton field under the embankment. Yang Yuxin can reach the river by crossing the cotton field. At this time, Yang Yuxin turned around and said, “Come home and have a look.”

Qi Zhi blushed again. He thought that Yang Yuxin was talking about Xueyan. A man has been away from home for a long time, who does he miss most? Of course the daughter-in-law. Not to mention that Xueyan is the most beautiful daughter-in-law in Hancun. Qi Zhi had been walking with big strides, but suddenly stopped his steps. He thought, when he got off the embankment, he could see his green lacquered iron gate, what was he busy with.

There was a sweet and ambiguous breath in the air, which made Qi Zhi’s heart go round and round. Qi Zhi greeted people he met from time to time, and the large bag on his shoulders changed positions from time to time. Unfortunately, it was already dark, and the big bags and the words on the big bags were not very eye-catching. Qi Zhi hurriedly said a word to the last person he met in front of his house, and then turned into his yard.

Qi Zhi started to call Mom in the yard, but actually it was Xue Yan in his heart. I don’t know why Qi Zhi is always a little shy, like those guys who haven’t married yet. In fact, Qi Zhi has been married for four years, and his son Xiaojian is three years old. But Qi Zhi is really a shy man, and unmarried young men are more generous than him.

Mom and Dad came out to greet him, as well as the second sister-in-law next door. The son Xiaojian screamed anxiously on the kang. The second sister-in-law took Qi Zhi’s large and small bags. The second sister-in-law said, “Qi Zhi is very filial, and every time I come back, I don’t come back empty-handed.” Mom said, “Have you eaten yet? What do you want to eat?” Dad said, “Just do it, you don’t know what your son likes to eat. ?” Xiaojian ran over and hugged Qi Zhi’s head, Qi Zhi asked, “Did you miss Dad?” Xiaojian saw candy and cakes in the plastic bag, so he responded perfunctorily and left Qi Zhi. Qi Zhi turned around in the room, and then turned around again, but he still couldn’t hold back. Qi Zhi asked, “Where’s Xueyan?”

Mom didn’t lift her head and said, “Go back to my mother’s house.”

The second sister-in-law was quick with her mouth and hands, and Qi Zhi opened the bags one by one while he was eating. The second sister-in-law laughed loudly and said, “Auntie, what do you think your family Qi Zhi bought? Are you ashamed, there is no couple in our village who bore a quilt.” Qi Zhi said: “Everyone in the city builds this.” The second sister-in-law said, “How can we compare with the city here.” Qi Zhi gathered up his courage and said, “What can’t be compared, it’s not the same as sleeping and having children.”

The second sister-in-law hit Qi Zhi affectionately and said, “Auntie, listen to me, is this still like what your honest bastard said? It was the city who taught him badly. Tell me, how much did Qi Zhi earn this time?”

Qi Zhi said, “Second sister-in-law can’t spend as much money as she earns.”

The second sister-in-law said, “there is your second brother, brother, don’t think about me.”

The second sister-in-law laughed again as if taking advantage of it, and Qi Zhi also laughed. Because the second sister-in-law did not block her mouth, Qi Zhi dared to say anything to the second sister-in-law. If it were someone else, Qi Zhi would not dare to say it if he had something in his heart. However, Qi Zhi still felt that he had gone too far. He realized that when he was teasing with his second sister-in-law, his father backed out, and his mother’s face was not good-looking. She didn’t even smile the whole time. Qi Zhi felt uneasy, he knew that his mother didn’t like the second sister-in-law. When the second sister-in-law walks out from this threshold, my mother will nag her in every possible way. But the second sister-in-law doesn’t care much about other people’s faces, and she never comes back a few times just because her mother doesn’t give a smile.

But Qi Zhi just wanted to say something to the second sister-in-law. Qi Zhi had a kind of enthusiasm in his heart, and teasing could relieve some kind of pressure in his heart. That pressure is very subtle, with a sad or melancholy flavor. This made Qi Zhi’s mood not very clear. He was talking and smiling, but his eyes wandered to caress the duvet. The two were spread softly on the kang, and pink lotus flowers filled the entire pond. Xiaojian got in and out of the quilt from time to time, which made Qi Zhi feel distressed. Qi Zhi put down his rice bowl and went to clean up the quilt, and found that there was a large oil stain on the quilt. Qi Zhi roared, “Xiaojian!” Xiaojian crawled out of the quilt with an innocent face. Qi Zhi said, “The newly bought quilt will make you dirty, do you know that?” Xiaojian shook his head and said, “I don’t know.” Qi Zhi pointed out the oil stain to his son, and Xiaojian also stretched it out. When I touched it with my little hand, that little hand was also stained with oil.

Qi Zhi rounded up the quilt and carried it into his room, which was deserted.

Of course it was because of the lack of Xueyan.

But there is more.

It is an artistic photo of Xueyan.

The photo is framed in a wood-grained frame and hangs in a very conspicuous position. The Xueyan in the photo looks like a pink beauty, with a seductive look and soul. A white gauze skirt was tied around her chest, and her entire shoulders were bare. People are not beautiful, but sexy. Qi Zhi blushed, he was a little embarrassed for Xue Yan.

He had known for a long time that Xue Yan wanted to take this kind of artistic photo, and Qi Zhi agreed with her. Once when I went to the town to go to the market, Xueyan stood outside the window of the photo studio and couldn’t move. Qi Zhi said, if you like to take photos, you can go in. Xueyan said that she hadn’t showered for several days. Qi Zhi said that taking pictures has nothing to do with taking a bath, and he can’t take pictures of the mud. But Xueyan said that the photos should be placed in the house, and she would feel unclean whenever she looked at them. “Let’s talk about it later.” Xue Yan said reluctantly. Qi Zhi didn’t expect that Xueyan would hang up the photos. According to Qi Zhi’s thoughts, the photos should be put in the album. What Qi Zhi didn’t expect was that Xueyan would take pictures alone when she was away. Xueyan also wore a large bra, and her breasts were a little out of shape.

Qi Zhi thought with some guilt that he had too little time at home. Xueyan is waiting for him to take art photos together, maybe it will be the year of the donkey and the month of the horse.

Mom came in at some point and stood leaning against the door frame. Mom said, “Your second sister-in-law is gone.”

Qi Zhi asked, “How long have you been away?”

Qi Zhi realized that he had made the wrong answer and looked at his mother awkwardly.

Mom didn’t care. Mom said, “She still has a face to hang out with. I don’t know how shabby she is.”

Qi Zhi put the quilt on the bed and sat on it. Qi Zhi said, “When will I go and pick up Xueyan?”

Mom turned her head to the side.

Qi Zhi said, “Why didn’t Xueyan bring her children when she went home?”

Ma said in a vicious voice: “There is a man surnamed Ma in Long Village. He usually gambles big money and small money, but I don’t know why he hooked up with your second sister-in-law. Seeing the sky, he threw the car behind our house, and then overturned it over the courtyard wall. That day, your uncle watched Ying’er and blocked the two of them.”

Qi Zhi frowned and asked, “Where’s the second brother?”

Mom said, “I came back and left again.”

The neighbor’s second brother is also working in the city. He went to see Qi Zhi not long ago. The second brother didn’t tell Qi Zhi about this, but he could see that the second brother had something on his mind. Qi Zhi lay down on the quilt, with the back of his hand against the quilt, and the lotus blossoms slipped on the water. He felt sorry for his second brother.

Mom said, “Just buy the quilt and let your second sister-in-law see what it’s doing. Tomorrow she will be able to shout so that the whole village will know.”

Qi Zhi said, “I didn’t steal it.”

Mom said, “It’s not a steal or a robbery, but you don’t know Huang Xiuying’s mouth.”

Qi Zhi said: “Whoever likes to say whatever, don’t care.”

Mom stopped talking and walked around the room. Smooth out the sofa towel, put a few slippers and leather shoes on the shoe rack, and wipe the dust off the cabinet with a rag. Mom said again, “How can there be such a daughter-in-law, who doesn’t care about the sky and the ground, and only cares about one’s own face. The soil in the house can bury people, and they don’t know how to put their hands on it. The outside of the donkey dung ball is light.”

Qi Zhi didn’t like hearing this, so he covered his ears with a quilt. Mom finished her work and finished talking, and was about to go out when Qi Zhi got up and said, “I’ll go pick up Xueyan right now.”

Ma blurted out, “No.”

Qi Zhi asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

Mom took a breath and said, “Xueyan has been arguing about going to work since you left, saying that she is bored at home. I don’t care if she wants to go to work, but she shouldn’t go to restaurants and drink with others! The two men fought back. When they got home, they were still awake. They took a water glass as a wine cup and touched people cup by cup. When your dad slapped her twice, it went wrong. I went back to my mother’s house and said I would never come back!”

When Qi Zhi heard this, he became anxious and said, “Why didn’t you notify me earlier about such a big matter? No wonder her phone calls are always unavailable. No matter how hard it is for Xueyan to wait for me to come back, there is no reason for her father-in-law to beat his daughter-in-law!”

Dad had been listening to the sound in the main room, but now he rushed in in a single step. The thick-necked blushing shouted: “Why can’t I manage it? She ruined the reputation of my Qi family, I don’t care who cares? Waiting for you to control her, can you control her? Who doesn’t know that you will pee when you see your daughter-in-law? , do you care about her or she cares about you?!”

Qi Zhi’s blood hummed to his head, and his eyes were almost smeared with blood. Qi Zhi twitched his lips and said, “Dad, Dad, how can you talk like this. No matter how bad your son is, she’s your son, and no matter how bad your daughter-in-law is, she’s your daughter-in-law. I know you’ve always looked down on Xueyan, but she’s good. It’s your grandson’s mother, why can’t you protect her!”

Dad said, “Can I protect her if I protect her again? You ask in Hancun, and people say something, so embarrassed that I have nowhere to put my old face. Let her ruin the reputation of my Qi family!”

Dad’s eyes almost burst into tears, he stomped his feet angrily and walked away stubbornly.

Mom said, “Qi Zhi, you just don’t know what to do when you talk like this. I ask you, why don’t we protect her? What did she do in the four years of marriage? Did she work in the field or at home? Did she manage it? Did the adults still take care of the children? You don’t even look at her virtue, and she doesn’t wear any clothes that are attached to her, you don’t know how many people laugh at her!”

Qi Zhi didn’t speak anymore, he knew he was in big trouble. Xueyan has been at odds with her parents for several years of marriage, but she has never quarreled publicly. They don’t care about each other, they are like two people, and Qi Zhi’s troubles are self-inflicted. Back then, parents couldn’t look down on Xueyan, so Qi Zhi insisted on marrying Xueyan. Qi Zhi’s ideas were completely different from those of his parents, and the generation gap was unfathomable. Parents don’t understand emotions. In particular, I don’t understand Qi Zhi’s feelings. Qi Zhi broke his head for his parents’ “don’t understand”. There were so many things he wanted to say in his heart, but he couldn’t. Qi Zhi covered his face with his hands, lay down on the bed, and dialed Xueyan’s phone again, but no one answered. Qi Zhi’s tears flowed out like a flood. He was a crying child when he was a child, and wanted to go home with a heart like burning coals, but he didn’t expect to face such a situation.

Mom pulled a quilt, and the quilt was pressed under Qi Zhi’s body without pulling it. Mom also said with a crying voice: “My dad and I have been busy all year, saving our mouths and saving our hands, for who? It’s not for you. We didn’t agree when you married Xueyan, how old are you? Children, you know how to hook up. You are the one who is looking for life and death, and then you marry a goblin. You go from house to house in Hancun and ask who’s daughter-in-law is as moisturizing as her, and it’s a job to apply grease and powder. Okay, you have to dress well. Just be lazy and greedy, we should be a living Bodhisattva. But she can’t be too outrageous, actually drinking with a man, and she is so drunk that you don’t know about human affairs. You are used to it. Yes! You even bought a double quilt, do you think this is in Longcun? This is Hancun, you have lost the face of the Qi family!”

Mom walked out after saying this, leaving the hissing air of the room to Qi Zhi. Qi Zhi suppressed his voice and roared twice, his hands and feet were cold with anger, but he didn’t know who to be angry with. When she looked up, she saw Xueyan looking at herself with a pair of smiling eyes, her expression soft and playful. Qi Zhi felt that the tide was receding from his head, and his heart suddenly became quiet.

He folded the quilt as it was and put it back into the bag. I first wiped the oil stained area with a paper towel, the more I wiped, the less clean it became. He had to tuck it in, but he couldn’t see it from the surface. Qi Zhi felt very uncomfortable. The oil stain was like a patch, which made his eyes uncomfortable. Qi Zhi remembered that when he was choosing quilts in the city’s department store, he repeatedly compared them, lest which color Xueyan would not like.

Xueyan thought that the quilt at home was too small more than once. When she was in Qi Zhi’s arms, she would show a piece of her back. Especially in the late autumn and early winter, when there was no fire in the house, Qi Zhi had to cover the snow swallows tightly before snuggling up carefully. At that time he said, when will we make a big quilt. Xueyan said, it’s strange that your mother wants to do it for us. Qi Zhi also knew that his mother would not make it for them. In the countryside, husbands and wives used to have two quilts for generations. If they built one, they would be ridiculed. A lot of things are so weird, people like conventions. A year ago, he was too embarrassed to buy it because he was afraid that someone in the village would gossip. Once, when he was working in the city, he went to several households, and saw that their beds were all double quilts, and they didn’t need to be folded during the day. Qi Zhi suddenly had an opinion.

Xueyan was so happy to see it!

Qi Zhi has a caring feeling for the duvet, just like his daughter-in-law Xueyan. A few years ago, before Xueyan graduated from junior high school, she accidentally bumped into a car with Qi Zhi, which made Qi Zhi lose her soul. Qi Zhi he waited for Xueyan at the entrance of Longcun village every day, and touched her face with his eyes. Xueyan happened to be a precocious girl who used to pass notes to boys when she was in elementary school. Qi Zhi’s “stroking” quickly worked. One day, Xueyan deliberately waited until it was dark before returning, and saw Qi Zhi still waiting there foolishly. Xueyan threw the bicycle into the distance, quietly went over and hugged Qi Zhi’s waist.

Xueyan is an open-minded person, and she is not careful. After getting along with Qi Zhi, she began to live like a year. After she got her graduation certificate, she hurriedly got married.

Mom began to see that Xueyan liked her very much. Xueyan looked like a movie star, and she never mentioned the dowry. But as soon as she heard that she was the daughter of Feng Lao Liu from Longcun, her parents’ faces turned cloudy. Longcun and Hancun are close, and they both know Feng Laoliu. Everyone knows that Feng Lao Liu is not a person who lives. Qi Zhi wanted to marry Xueyan, so he hanged himself and wiped his neck. Parents didn’t agree, and they hung themselves and wiped their necks to make trouble. In the end, they didn’t make trouble with Qi Zhi, and Xueyan got married.

My parents suggested that they could not feed the two for nothing, and Qi Zhi said that I could go out to work. In order to show his determination, Qi Zhi left after five days of marriage and returned three months later. He divided the money he earned in half, gave half to his mother in front of Xueyan, and half to Xueyan in front of his mother.

Mom and Xueyan both cried. Xueyan cried because of grievance, and she lost her hair thinking about Qi Zhi. Mom cried because she felt distressed. Qi Zhi had never done heavy work at home and was reluctant to let him do it. The three months that Qi Zhi went out, he suffered, and his hands were full of blood.

Mom said to Dad, “Let’s just make offerings to the Bodhisattva at home.”

They really have no choice.

Qi Zhi put the quilt in the cabinet and walked out of the room. Dad is sharpening his sickle in the backyard, ready to lock up corn stalks. In fact, many households do not want corn stalks. They let the harvester collect the grain and leave the stalks alone. Dad still uses the traditional method of tying up straw into bundles and letting the donkey cart pull them home. The straw was still green. Dad smashed part of it with a pulverizer and buried it in the soil to make silage. The other part was poked on the wall to dry and kept for the fire.

Qi Zhi’s family’s work is always more than others’, and it has not been the same for decades.

Qi Zhi and Dad took the initiative to talk to each other, and asked which plot of land was going to be harvested and what the harvest was like. Qi Zhi came home to help Dad harvest autumn. Most of the company Qi Zhitai was working with were migrant workers, and they had to take a few days off when they were busy with farming. Qi Zhi could not have come back. Without him, his parents would still be able to take the crops back home. But the matter of buying a double quilt has almost become a problem for him, and it really makes him sleepless. What made him miss even more was the feeling of him and Xueyan covering a double quilt together. He wanted to go to Longcun to pick up his daughter-in-law as soon as possible, but when he saw his mother’s attitude, he hesitated again.

Dad’s hair was gray, and his skin was so black that it seemed to penetrate his flesh. Qi Zhi asked a few words, but Dad didn’t respond. Qi Zhi was apprehensive. He took a small bench from the main room and stuffed it under Dad’s ass. Then Dad said, “Go pick up Xueyan tomorrow.”

Qi Zhi let out a long breath.

Long Village and Han Village are separated by a road, Han Village is called East Road, and Long Village is called West Road.

Kehan ​​Village is different from Long Village. From a distance, there are many landlords in Han Village, and many in Long Village are extremely poor. Therefore, in the year of the land reform, the people of Longcun divided the land of Hancun. In those years, the daughters of Long Village would rather be thrown into the river to feed the fish than marry in Han Village, because they would be looked down upon by others. But there are a lot of Hancun girls who come to Longcun to be their wives. Later, this situation was reversed, and no one can tell when the reverse occurred. The people of Longcun always get the ethos first, no matter the good or the bad. For example, Long Village has “ten thousand yuan households” before Han Village. Longcun first had a “concubine”, and then it was Hancun’s turn. The liquor in the consignment store in Longcun sells faster than in Hancun, and the pork sellers are reluctant to go to Hancun, saying they can’t sell it. The people of Longcun mocked the people of Hancun, saying that the people of Hancun “snatch” and break a penny into two halves. But the tone has lost the superiority and pride of the year. More and more Longcun girls are willing to marry into Hancun, but Hancun has to pick and choose. There are capable people in Hancun who have run several factories, and that kind of wage-earning life makes the girls of Longcun salivate.

Because of the collective enterprise, Hancun has built roads and has running water. Hancun has more handmade workshops than Longcun. Such as grinding tofu, leaking vermicelli, making cakes, and making clothes. There are even people who make money, paper people, paper horses, cardboard boxes and cabinets, paper household appliances and so on. Most of the money in Sanli Wucun was earned by the people of Hancun. But the people of Hancun have basically not changed. The wine in the consignment store is still not as fast as Longcun, and the pork sellers are still reluctant to come to Hancun. That’s why the people of Long Village said that they wouldn’t come to the land reform again, and the people of Han Village had to wear paper hats again. In the past, the people of Longcun divided the land of Hancun, but this time they can share the money of the people of Hancun.

Of course, this is a joke of the Longcun people themselves. Because everyone knows that good things like land reform will never happen again. The people of Longcun have had it once, and will not have it again.

Feng Laoliu is the most popular person in Longcun because he can eat, drink and talk. The people of Longcun can eat, drink and talk, but they are not as good as Feng Laoliu. Feng Laoliu drank two and a half catties of liquor in one meal, which is a record. Like the Guinness or the Olympics, records need to be broken. If you can’t break it, you will never be able to stand behind others. In fact, when Feng Laoliu drank a pound and a half, he couldn’t find his mouth, but after all, the latter pound was still poured into his mouth, so the record was counted. Feng Laoliu is the drinking leader of Long Village, and Feng Laoliu’s family affairs are the affairs of those drinking friends.

Feng Laoliu also wants others to take his family affairs seriously. Feng Laoliu likes to be lively.

Xueyan’s beating became a piece of news in Longcun. Xueyan was beaten at night. After the beating, she woke up with alcohol, and then stumbled back to Longcun. When Xueyan came back so late, Feng Laoliu jumped, Xueyan lay on the kang crying, and fell asleep while crying. Smelling Xueyan’s alcohol, they concluded that Xueyan was being bullied outside. Feng Laoliu said: “My old girl, don’t meet a bad person.” Fu Yufang said: “This girl is too wild, and she doesn’t accept her temper when she is married.” Feng Laoliu said: “It is also a skill to be able to drink. Which of my daughters can’t drink four or two and a half catties?” The next morning, Xueyan’s face was swollen like a doughnut, and she couldn’t even get out of the bed, so Feng Laoliu was anxious. When asked, it turned out that he was beaten by the father-in-law. Feng Laoliu jumped three feet high, which is amazing!

He called Fu Yufang to get dressed, and we went to find the old thing. Each of them went out with a bicycle, and the Long Village was still silent. When I came to Hancun, Hancun had already cleaned the courtyard and cleaned the courtyard.

The two rushed into the yard, and Fu Yufang scolded: “You shameless old man, dare to beat my daughter, I think you have no kingship. We have given such a good daughter to the Qi family. If you are not satisfied, just do it. Hit, scold when you open your mouth, why do you?”

Qi Zhi’s father repaired a pick handle with an axe, and said without looking up, “It’s not good. It’s hard to find in the sky and hard to find on the ground.”

Feng Laoliu said, “Don’t murmur, my in-laws, I said that my daughter is so good that I didn’t bury your family. If Qi Zhi hadn’t been begging and chasing after your family, would we Xueyan come to Hancun? Don’t say we still If you study hard, you may not be able to go to a university in the future. We have to be in the palace, if you don’t admit it.”

Qi Zhi’s mother brought the pig food bucket and just walked into the yard. Said: “We didn’t serve the mother’s life, we would dig food in the dirt and feed the big pigs and the little pigs. The big pig and the little pig have a conscience. If you feed it, it will hum at you, better than people! ”

Neighbors in the neighborhood had already gathered around, and they all said that Xueyan was not. This said that Xueyan had to go to the embankment to comb her hair, and she combed her hair for an hour. When breakfast is cooked, my mother-in-law will shout all over the world, there is no such daughter-in-law in the world. The one who said that the father-in-law and mother-in-law were working outside the yard, and Xueyan put nail polish on her feet in the yard. A rural daughter-in-law, what a stinky beauty. There were worse words coming out of the crowd than that. Feng Lao Liu wanted to see who said it, but every mouth of the buzzing was moving. Feng Laoliu shouted angrily: “Hancun really has no kingly law, so it makes sense for you to beat people? My daughter is just drinking, so she deserves to slap us? Who is my daughter? It’s from Longcun. A flower, we put a flower on the cow dung in your Han Village, we will be moldy for eight lifetimes!”

The crowd laughed loudly, and Fu Yufang’s fat face turned into a purple eggplant with anger. She beckoned Feng Laoliu to go out, scolding Hancun’s mother all the time as she walked. Everyone heard Fu Yufang swearing, but everyone pretended not to hear. A few young people deliberately made strange noises, chasing the wheel of Feng Laoliu’s car.

The people of Longcun soon learned about Xueyan’s beating and the fact that Feng Laoliu and his wife were brought back by Qi Zhi’s parents. They went to Feng Laoliu’s house to inquire about news, and they also helped to come up with ideas. This is the case in the village, everyone is used to taking other people’s affairs as their own. Xueyan is really a flower in Longcun, but before it could bloom, she was pinched away by Hancun people. At that time, several young men in Longcun couldn’t sleep well, and I hated myself for not starting first. They all know that Feng Laoliu is a good talker. As long as he is in the right mood, it doesn’t matter if he gives his daughter to anyone. The first four daughters of Feng Laoliu were all married like this. Those four daughters are also four flowers, just like a dream, Feng Laoliu married them casually. The reason why the boys from Longcun didn’t start first was because they thought Xueyan was still young. They were foolishly waiting for Xueyan to graduate from middle school. They didn’t expect that Xueyan would become someone else’s bride at the same time she graduated.

Compared with her four elder sisters, Xueyan is not only beautiful, but also less conscientious. Of course, Xueyan is not lacking in heart, but she is simple, laughing and joking with everyone, and is very easy to be deceived. They just felt that Xueyan was deceived by that kid in Hancun. That kid looks like a bitch, blushing when he speaks, he has studied in a secondary school outside, and he doesn’t have a serious career. What qualifications does he have to marry Xueyan? Xueyan knew she was beautiful since she was a child, so she took her beauty seriously. She asked Dad why he was so beautiful, and Feng Lao Liu said he was drinking. That year, the land that Feng Laoliu had newly divided, there was no place to store the food, so he drank the wine instead. Xueyan asked Meimei if she could eat it, and Feng Laoliu said seriously, why not! In the past, beautiful women could enter the palace. The elder brother of the woman was the uncle of the state, and the father of the woman was the husband of the state. Women don’t even comb their hair, they have maids. For several years, Xueyan thought she could enter the palace too, but only when she was older did she realize that it was all in the book, and it didn’t count.

Xueyan’s anger was also childish, and it was over as soon as she cried. She wanted to wait until Qi Zhi came back and everything would be fine. She and Qi Zhi are really good, caring and caring. They never separated when they slept together, and she always rested on Qi Zhi’s arm. Qi Zhi’s arm was numb and did not move, for fear of disturbing her. They didn’t spend much time together. Qi Zhi wanted to make money for her, so she could buy rouge lipstick and high heels. Xueyan’s high-heeled shoes are the tallest in Hancun, don’t be too arrogant to wear them on her feet.

But things were out of Xueyan’s control. She didn’t expect so many people in the village to hold injustice for her. Everyone who came said that it was a strange thing to be slapped for drinking. There are many people drinking in Longcun, but I have never heard of anyone being beaten because of it. After all, the people of Hancun are jumping around, and the people of Longcun are not taken seriously. Xueyan listened to these remarks and relieved her a little bit of guilt. On the third day, Xueyan’s four sisters and brother-in-law also came. That’s how their family is, they pay attention to everything. Once, because Feng Laoliu was arguing with someone on the ground, his daughter-in-law and uncle stood on the ground, scaring the family to death. Xueyan was originally a person who had no idea. Since the sisters came, Xueyan would rather listen to them.

The sisters said that Xueyan couldn’t just go back like this, they would bully you even more in the future. Only when they come to pick you up can you go back, not if you come less, you have to come old. Not once, but three times. Xueyan’s eldest sister said that Xueyan’s father-in-law had to come with a gong, and she said that it was wrong to beat her daughter-in-law. The elder sister’s words made Xueyan laugh, and Xueyan said, “My father-in-law is a stubborn gourd-head, and he will not do as you say if he dies.” The elder sister said, “I just want to break his stubbornness, what happens when he hits someone? Not stubborn?”

Choking all morning, stewed a pot of dangzi at noon, and everyone ate a clean bowl. Li Shushan, who killed the pig, brought a whole pig into the water, making Feng Laoliu so happy that his mouth could not close. Feng Laoliu said that Shushan was a warm-hearted person, and he didn’t even sell meat for Xueyan’s anger. Xueyan’s fourth sister rolled her eyes. She had something to do with Li Shushan back then, and she knew why Li Shushan came.

Eat a meal in full swing, go to go, sleep to sleep. Xueyan’s fourth sister was dawdling before leaving, and her eyes were always on Li Shushan, but Li Shushan ignored him. At that time, Xueyan’s fourth sister looked down on him and thought he was poor. But you can give him some favors, let him touch a handful, and then earn him a knife of meat, or two pig trotters. When he found a suitable master, he left without saying hello. Xueyan’s fourth sister didn’t feel guilty either, and she used her eyes to hook him when they met again. Last year, this trick also worked. The two dug through the pile of firewood and scared an old sow. This year, Li Shushan has changed. He didn’t even look at Xueyan’s fourth sister, but he even sent a pig to the water. Originally, Xueyan’s fourth sister felt that there were too many people today, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But Li Shushan didn’t take the eyes of the fourth sister Xueyan, which made the fourth sister Xueyan anxious.

Feng Laoliu fell asleep, and Fu Yufang also fell asleep. Fu Yufang also drank some wine, although not as much as Feng Laoliu, but today the daughter-in-law was sitting at a table, Fu Yufang was also happy, and couldn’t help but greedy for a few more glasses. Her snoring was louder than Feng Laoliu’s, and her whistle sounded, which made Xueyan laugh more than once. Xueyan asked Li Shushan how much the upper and lower water was worth, and Li Shushan said that it was not worth much. Since Uncle Six likes to eat, I will give him to eat. These words were very appetizing to Xueyan, and she couldn’t help taking Li Shushan as her confidant. Many things that shouldn’t have been asked have been asked, such as the matter between the second sister-in-law and the old horse, Hancun has been making a lot of noise, I don’t know if Longcun has heard of it. Li Shushan said, is that also a thing? If this kind of thing was a problem, Longcun would have been messed up long ago. Xueyan asked curiously, why is this kind of thing not a problem? Li Shushan said, let me tell you this, our village is next to the door, and no one has no business. Xueyan didn’t believe it, and said that if this was the case, how could I not know. Li Shushan said, of course you don’t know, no one told you. Do you know what happened to Uncle Six? Xueyan spat at Li Shushan and said, don’t be a fool, my dad is not such a person. Li Shushan said that this is nonsense. When Uncle Liu was young, everyone knew that he was good with Liu Yi’s family.

Xueyan thought about it, Yingyingchuochuo remembered the fight between her mother and Liu Yi’s family. When the two met on a narrow road, Mom would put on Kuai’s face when she went up, without even saying hello. Later, Xueyan and Liu Yi’s children went to school together, and they never paid attention to her. It seems there is some problem here. Xueyan asked Li Shushan to talk about this in detail, and Li Shushan moved forward mysteriously and said:

“Liu Yi is a waste of dim sum and was bullied when he was in the production team. Liu Yi’s daughter-in-law looks good, and other women in the team are jealous of her. At that time, Uncle Six was the team leader and often assigned her work alone. One day, the two of them were locked in the warehouse, and a lock is a night. Your family is looking for someone, and Liu Yi and the others are looking for someone. The next morning when the warehouse door was opened, they both ate half a sack of tree trunks.”

Xueyan said, “It’s just a choreography when I hear it.”

Li Shushan laughed and said, “It’s fun to make up shit, it’s not fun if you don’t talk or laugh.”

Xueyan said, “My dad is a good man.”

Li Shushan said seriously: “Uncle Six is ​​really handsome, and his life is worth living. It’s just that he is old now.”

Xueyan giggled and said, “Li Shushan, you are so funny. You have always been so good at talking? Why can’t you find a wife when you are so good at talking? Your mother-in-law hasn’t given birth to you yet?”

Li Shushan said: “That’s because I don’t want it. I want the water hole to be blocked that day. You don’t know how many people want to be with me.”

Xueyan said, “Is it just for your oil-stained twist?”

Li Shushan said, “What’s the matter? It’s delicious to drink for a lifetime. Whoever will be my father-in-law will burn high incense.”

Xueyan knew that this was not the truth, it was Li Shushan joking. But she still asked, “What are you looking for?”

Li Shushan said, “Your fourth sister is like that.”

Xueyan said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, you said earlier that I would be a matchmaker for you.”

Li Shushan said with a hippie smile, “You can do that too.”

Xueyan pushed him.

Li Shushan slanted to the left, then slanted to the right, just on Xueyan’s body. Xueyan pushed him hard again, pushing Li Shushan upside down.

Li Shushan got up and said, “Xueyan, let me give you a brain teaser. Do you think the black hen is better than the white hen?”

Xueyan deliberately said nonsense: “The white hen is powerful. The white hen is big.”

Li Shushan said, “Let me tell you, black hens are powerful, because black hens can lay white eggs, but white hens cannot lay black eggs.”

Made Xueyan laugh upside down. Li Shushan took the opportunity to grab a handful on Xueyan’s chest, and before Xueyan’s angry eyes widened, Li Shushan fled.

Qi Zhi got up early and came to the field before his father. Qi Zhi used the sickle that his father sharpened yesterday, and it was extremely sharp. Qi Zhi found the edge of the ground, and concentrated on his work. Qi Zhi felt that he was already a mature man, and he couldn’t always act like a family. So when I woke up in the morning, Dad thought he would go to Longcun to pick up Xueyan, but Qi Zhi picked up the sickle and tried the blade. Dad asked, “Aren’t you going to pick up your daughter-in-law?” Qi Zhi pretended to be disapproving and said, “Let’s talk after finishing the work.” Qi Zhi noticed that his parents exchanged glances, and Qi Zhi surprised them. In fact, Qi Zhi has his own little abacus. He thought that it would be useless to pick up Xueyan at this time, and it would not benefit anyone. It’s better to wait until the evening, the day’s work is over, and the mind is calm. Xueyan came in and called Mom and Dad, and everything was over. Then he opened the double quilt, and he and Xueyan got into the quilt. The feeling was unbelievable. He believed that this was the result, obvious. Although Xueyan suffered some grievances, Qi Zhi would doubly comfort her. Xueyan was not stubborn, she listened to Qi Zhi. Qi Zhi has this grasp. Locking corn stalks is an easy job without a cat’s waist. He only needs to hold the straw with his left hand, and wipe the ground with a sickle with his right hand, and the straw will be locked down. The locked straws are placed horizontally in the ridge, head to head and foot to foot, neat and tidy. When one bundle is enough, put it in another. When the sun rose, Qi Zhi brought down the crops that were as dark as the soldiers. Qi Zhi’s sleeves and trousers were wet with dew, and it was a little cold. But Qi Zhi’s head was sweating, and when the sun shone, the beads of sweat turned into crystal beads, which dripped on his face. Qi Zhi didn’t do much farm work. Before getting married, he focused on his studies and failed to pass the exam. After getting married, I focused on making money. When I first went to the property company, Qi Zhi drilled the sewers all day long, and the sewers in the city were strange, either here or there. But even if Qi Zhi got into the sewer, he would be clean and fresh the next second. The bag he carried with him contained clean clothes. Unlike others, he was a sloppy person when he did sloppy work. Now, Qi Zhi has become a small squad leader, with a group of people, always complete the repair tasks quickly and well. The old master took Qi Zhi as an example to educate others: Qi Zhi looks like a scholar, but he is not hypocritical at all. Doing the dirty work, rushing to do it, really looks like a Communist Party member. Of course Qi Zhi did not join the party, but Qi Zhi became an advanced. Qi Zhi, a migrant worker became an advanced, the general manager personally wore a big red flower to him, praising him for his ideals and achievements.

Qi Zhi said in his heart that he was on the Honor Roll for money, so that he could get bonuses. Qi Zhi’s thoughts in his heart have never been told to anyone. He wants Xueyan to live a good life, and he doesn’t want Xueyan to work too hard. The appearance of his mother always irritated him. People in their early fifties seem to have lived for two lifetimes. Compared with the women in the city, they are not like women.

Such a beautiful Xueyan is the pride and wealth in Qi Zhi’s heart, and he protects her like a treasure. Qi Zhi sometimes wonders himself, the same relatives have different feelings in his own way. Seeing her mother work hard seems just right, and if Xueyan works too, Qi Zhi can’t stand it any more.

The sun is rising and the ground is lively. People came from all over the neighborhood. The field on the left is planted with millet, and the millet has matured, and the ears of the grain are heavy and bent over. It was the father and daughter who came to harvest the millet. They simply said hello to Qi Zhi and went to work. The neighbor to the right is sorghum, which is still green. The women who came to collect the sorghum turned around with the sickle under their arm, but they were reluctant to do it. Qi Zhi was not familiar with the woman, but knew that she was a woman from Qi San’er in Qianjie, and she lacked electricity. Qi’s three legs are disabled and he can’t go to the ground, so women do all the work alone. The woman was standing behind Qi Zhi while Qi Zhi was rubbing the edge of the ground to bundle the corn stalks. The woman said, “Uncle doesn’t know me, my name is Guixiang.” Qi Zhi turned back and smiled at her. Said: “The sorghum in your field is not ripe yet.” Guixiang said: “Otherwise, I would not be willing to do it, and I would be jealous watching my uncle work.” Qi Zhi said, “Is there anyone else who is jealous? Guixiang said: “Our peasants are the life of the crops, and if we don’t work for one day, we will die.” Guixiang’s words were very useful to Qi Zhi, and he was willing that others would not treat him as a peasant. Guixiang asked, “Uncle hasn’t picked up my aunt yet?” Qi Zhi replied, “I’ll go when I’m done.” After speaking, Qi Zhi was a little puzzled, since Qi San’er’s house is far away from his own, why did Xueyan come back? Does she know about the family too? Qi Zhi thought so, but did not ask Guixiang. Unexpectedly, Cinnamon opened the chatterbox and said endlessly:

“Uncle, you probably don’t know, there are three major incidents in our Han village. The first major incident is that Qi Tianxiao went to prostitutes. You must know that Qi Tianxiao was on a plane, but don’t you know that Qi Tianxiao went to prostitutes? Qi Tianxiao was arrested by the Public Security Bureau for prostitutes in the county town. The Public Security Bureau wanted to fine him 5,000 yuan. Qi Tianxiao said, I will give him an extra 5,000 yuan. If you have worked hard, you should buy a few cigarettes. The Public Security Bureau was annoyed when he heard that, saying that you are not taking advantage of the money? The fine is 20,000 yuan. Qi Tianxiao wanted to beat back the rake, so he cried and cried, kowtowed and bowed. He did his right job, bet big money and bet small money. I don’t know why he hooked up with Huang Xiuying. Every time he stole someone, he threw the car behind your house, and then flipped over the backyard wall. Once, Huang Xiuying’s father-in-law took aim Son, with a few people, I also climbed in through the courtyard wall…”

Qi Zhi spit out “bah”, he can’t listen to such gossip. The neighbor’s second brother is working in the city, and the second sister-in-law is restless. These mother’s words have been exposed, but Qi Zhi is unwilling to believe it. The work in his hand accelerated, and he wanted to stay away from Qi San’er’s woman. The movements of his subordinates were also much louder, and the clatter of corn leaves filled his eardrums.

Guixiang smiled happily and said, “Uncle is quite good at farming!”

Qi Zhi ignored her.

Guixiang added: “This third thing has to do with Uncle.”

Qi Zhi was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t stop his work.

Guixiang giggled and said, “Xueyan… Uncle knows about my aunt?”

Qi Zhi straightened his waist and looked back at Guixiang. The scarf on the silly woman’s head is tilted up into a small triangle at the back of her head, like a chicken tail. Qi Zhi told himself not to listen to this woman’s gossip, thinking so in his heart, but he didn’t hold back his curiosity. “What’s the matter with Xueyan?”

Guixiang looked at Tian and meditated for a while, pretending to be scheming. Said: “I didn’t say bad things about my aunt to my uncle. I did it for my uncle’s good. I wouldn’t say it if it was someone else. I know that it hurts people when I say it.”

Qi Zhi was impatient, “Go ahead!”

Guixiang said: “This is what my uncle told me to say. If my uncle doesn’t let me say it, I won’t say it at all. I am older than you, but you are older, and the older person is the old family. I just talk to the old family. Don’t be afraid to talk. People in Hancun say that Xueyan is not a serious woman, her face is like a monkey’s butt. Her lips are as red as a child’s, and even her toenails are oiled. A woman will have an accident sooner or later. Don’t look at her family members who always protect her. Sooner or later, there will be times when they can’t protect her. But something happened that day. She drank too much with a group of men in the town and was so drunk that she didn’t know what to do. She threw it into the car… Could it be good? When I entered the door, the second master slapped him twice, and the fan went wrong, and he went back to his mother’s house. The next day, his father Feng Laoliu came to look for his daughter’s face. The grandfather and the mistress didn’t even let in, they were all escorted out. The mistress said that the girl’s eyes are also her father’s eyes, and Hancun is unlucky for our family and married a vixen…”

Qi Zhi waved his hand, and suddenly felt that he had no strength at all. He turned and walked towards the ground, where he left the cinnamon to dry.

“Hey, hey!” Cinnamon shouted.

Qi Zhi didn’t look back.

Dad drove the donkey cart to pull the crops, and now this old donkey is left in the whole village. Their family always seems to be living in the old times, with Mom sitting in the car, and Mom holding Xiaojian in her arms. The donkey cart came to the field until Mom and Xiaojian got out of the cart. Xiaojian said, “Dad, have you picked up a cantaloupe?” There are often accidentally dropped melon seeds in the crops. After the rain in summer, the seeds of the melons gave birth to melon vines. In autumn, there are small cantaloupe that unexpectedly ripen. The peasants call it a small dung melon, but the rare is the most expensive, and the dung melon is also good. Two days ago, when Dad came to the field to collect corn, he had picked it up, which made Xiaojian satisfied. Today is still this piece of land, and Xiaojian thought there was a cantaloupe waiting for him.

Qi Zhi said impatiently, “There is no melon.”

Xiaojian held a small rice pocket in his hand. Xiaojian said, “Grandma baked the green onion cake for you, it’s delicious.”

Qi Zhi was even more impatient: “Don’t eat.”

Mom and Dad looked at each other. Dad said, “I told you to pick up Xueyan today, but I didn’t tell you to do the work. We could have brought the crops home without you. You’re impatient if you don’t have to do some work.”

Mom said: “I have to talk about it when I get it back. It’s her fault, not me. There is no daughter-in-law like her, no matter how old or young. She doesn’t go back to her own home when she is busy in autumn. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Qi Zhi asked knowingly: “Xueyan’s parents have come to our house?”

Mom said: “It came from a fight. He didn’t say that he apologized to his daughter, and he said that it was not okay. He said that his daughter had wronged our family, and that his daughter had to be a righteous lady when she was a queen. Saying that if you weren’t so dead, you would be a liar. , his daughter still has to go to college. Bah, she also has to be that material.”

Qi Zhi said, “There’s nothing good about talking out of the fire. Dad Xueyan is a reasonable person.”

Mom shouted: “If he is sensible, I am ignorant? If I am ignorant, I can let you pick her up? If he is sensible, he should send the person back. Don’t you know it’s a busy month in Daqiu?”

Parents are not idle when talking. After getting the cart in order, lead the donkey to a place where there is a lot of grass, and then tie up the corn stalks. They were faster than Qi Zhi, and they were also tied tightly. After a while, they were tied down halfway. Xiaojian went to catch the grasshopper by himself, and when he caught one, he brought it to Qi Zhi to see. Qi Zhi sat on the ground with a sigh of relief in his heart, unable to come out. The face also turned from green to yellow, and then from yellow to green. Qi Zhi stuffed a ball of grass into his mouth and chewed it like an animal, leaving Xiaojian baffled.

Xiaojian said, “Why do you eat grass?”

Qi Zhi grabbed his son’s little hand and asked, “Do you miss your mother?”

Xiaojian said loudly: “I don’t want to!”

Qi Zhi spit out the grass and glared at Xiao Jian angrily. Xiaojian clutched his little butt and ran away as if he were escaping.

For the first time, Qi Zhi had another idea about Xueyan. No one likes someone like him, not even his son. Xiao Jianmanyue slept with her grandmother and never looked for her mother. He had never eaten Xueyan’s milk, Xueyan refused to eat it, for fear of deforming his breasts. Qi Zhi also agreed with Xueyan to do so, but then again, if Xueyan let Xiaojian breastfeed, Qi Zhi also had no objection. Qi Zhi doesn’t take the issue of breasts becoming deformed very seriously. It was Xue Yan’s idea that made him take it seriously. Xueyan was only eighteen years old that year, and Qi Zhi loved her more than his son. When Xueyan gave birth, she screamed and screamed, scaring Qi Zhi’s soul away. At that time, Qi Zhi’s only thought was: to strangle the child when he was born.

Qi Zhi worked at home for three consecutive days, helping his parents to collect all the crops in the field. Qi Zhi himself felt puzzled. In the past, he was troubled by crops. Qi Zhi was so tired that his back was sore and his legs were sore, he really wanted to lie in bed for a day. But seeing that his parents were too tired, Qi Zhi put away his thoughts. Mom has bad legs and arthritis. When you squat, you need to hold your squat, and when you get up, you need to hold your back. It took me a few slaps on my knees to carry the rice bowl, otherwise, I wouldn’t even have time for that. The family raised an old sow and gave birth to twelve little pigs. The piglets all look the same as the sows, with short wrinkled faces and smiling eyes. This one sow is almost enough for a year’s expenses. If the piglets are doing well, they will be sold within two months of raising them. If the market is not good, develop fat pigs to sell meat. A nest in spring and a nest in winter is more accurate than depositing in a bank. My parents didn’t count their days to waste at all. The family also has three sheep, one ewe and two lambs. At the end of the year, kill one, sell one, and keep one for next year’s cub. There are meat to eat and money to spend, as well as incense for descendants. In the spring of the next year, find a ram to mate with, and it is another good year for the sun and the moon. He also raised more than a dozen chickens, and Dad and Xiaojian were able to fight their teeth every few days. That is to say, three or five eggs are fried, and most of the rest will be carried to the city to sell. Because they are free-range chickens, eggs are two to three times more expensive than those raised by professional households. It’s a good day, but Qi Zhi doesn’t like it. Qi Zhi always felt breathless after such a day. So Qi Zhi chose to work part-time, and he didn’t earn much money. But Qi Zhi likes to do things in the city. There are such tall buildings, such bright neon lights, such wide roads, and so many beautiful men and women. Although these have little to do with Qi Zhi, Qi Zhi still likes them.

Qi Zhi’s engineering team is responsible for the city’s sewers, which are often covered in oil. But it doesn’t affect Qi Zhi’s liking for his work. Qi Zhi is a person related to the city.

Qi Zhi had a total of seven days off, and he planned to pick up Xueyan on the fourth day. He thinks it’s good, not only give his parents an explanation, but also give himself an explanation. Although he couldn’t think of it every night, Qi Zhi tried his best to restrain it. He even wanted to punish Xueyan in this way. Because Xueyan will soon know about Qi Zhi’s return to the village, she thinks that Qi Zhi will not miss her any less than Qi Zhi. When Qi Zhi thought about this, his heart was sweet, with a bit of bitter sweetness. He was very quiet in his heart, unlike when he was buying a double quilt in the city, he wished to take a step back home, wishing to immediately put the double quilt over his body and hold Xue Yan in his arms. He was very proud that he was already a mature man. Don’t take your children’s love too seriously. he said to himself. Of course, he also needs Xueyan to make things clear, Xueyan will not lie to him, Qi Zhi has this confidence. Qi San’s daughter’s words hurt Qi Zhi. Qi Zhi was furious that someone would spoil Xueyan like this, and that Xueyan would be spoiled like this. This kind of abuse really hurt Qi Zhi, making a heart like a charcoal, suddenly cold.

After dinner, Yang Yuxin came to visit. Yang Yuxin and Qi Zhi went to school together, and they were able to talk in the village. Yang Yuxin gave Qi Zhi a cigarette, and Qi Zhi reluctantly took it. Because Xueyan didn’t like the smell of cigarettes, Qi Zhi never learned to smoke seriously. Yang Yuxin said, “Xueyan hasn’t come back yet?”

Qi Zhi said, “I don’t have time to pick it up yet.” Qi Zhi emphasized that he had to pick it up, and he could no longer let others despise Xueyan.

Yang Yuxin said, “I thought you had to pick up Xueyan when you came back that night. It seems that I underestimated you.”

Qi Zhi frowned. “Don’t make fun of me.”

Yang Yuxin said, “It’s still funny, Xueyan burst into tears when she saw me. You said that Qi Zhi was so cruel, and he didn’t see anyone when he came back from the city. What are you doing so indifferent to others?”

Unexpectedly, Yang Yuxin said this, Qi Zhi’s eyes were a little hesitant.

“Live your own life, don’t listen to the nonsense of the villagers.” Yang Yuxin pondered his thoughts.

Qi Zhi asked, “When did you meet Xueyan?”

Yang Yuxin said: “Yesterday. I went to a relative’s house in Longcun and saw Xueyan going to buy meat. I told Xueyan that you were back and bought a double quilt. Xueyan was as happy as a child.”

Qi Zhi smiled embarrassedly.

Qi Zhi asked Yang Yuxin when the wedding would take place and if there was a suitable person. Yang Yuxin smiled and said, “It’s early.” Yang Yuxin is a strange person, he should have said his wife long ago, but if he didn’t, he was so angry that he cried and wiped away tears. Yang Yuxin is a repairman. He can repair anything with noise and earns a lot of money a year. There are not a few girls who want to marry him, but Yang Yuxin doesn’t want any of them. There are not many people like him in Hancun.

Qi Zhi asked Yang Yuxin what kind of person he was looking for.

Yang Yuxin said, “I’ll get married when I meet someone as good as you and Xueyan.”

Qi Zhi said, “How do you know if we are okay?”

Yang Yuxin said: “I haven’t eaten pork and I haven’t seen the pig run? I haven’t seen a good relationship, but I haven’t seen a bad one? Which man in Hancun is willing to buy a double quilt like you? There are rumors outside—— I didn’t say it.”

Qi Zhi asked what they were talking about.

Yang Yuxin said: “If you dare to carry the quilt back in broad daylight, you will definitely not be afraid of what others say. I also covered a double quilt on my wedding day so that those people could chew their tongues.”

“A quilt,” Qi Zhi said, “everyone in the city builds it like that, but the villagers make a fuss about it.”

Yang Yuxin said, “You are right to marry Xueyan. The girls in the countryside are less civilized like her, and they are all elm-shaped heads.”

Qi Zhi said: “Parents have lived like this all their lives. In fact, all life is a lifetime, and there is nothing new.” This seems like relief, but also like self-giving up. Qi Zhi couldn’t feel anything, but Yang Yuxin heard the overtones.

“I’m not free enough yet. Let’s talk when I’m free enough,” he said.

On the night Qi Zhi came back, Li Shushan got the letter. Longcun and Hancun are like this, fart here, and smell there. Li Shushan heard what Zhang Gazi said. Zhang Gazi also worked in the city and came back in a car with Qi Zhi. Zhang Gazi came to Li Shushan’s house after dinner. Li Shushan’s house was lively and bloody everywhere. There are piles of pig hair here, a few pig skins there, and the yard smells bad. Li Shushan doesn’t kill pigs well, and he walks around to touch dead pigs or old sows that don’t give birth to shoddy pigs. These Long Village people all know, but Long Village people don’t think so. What people earn is money, how much money can you make if you just let him kill the fat pigs. A dead pig can earn two or three fat pigs, and the people of Longcun will settle the account. The people of Longcun are also in the light of Li Shushan. For example, buying a dead pig today died of lung disease or poisoning from cabbage gangzi. Like Li Shushan, Longcun and Li Shushan believe that the disease does not matter. It is the price of dead pork. If it is sold to other villages, it will be a good fat pig.

Li Shushan was not in the mood to work these two days, only he himself knew why. Everyone in Long Village was talking about Feng Xueyan’s return home, but everyone else joined in the fun, only Li Shushan thought carefully. At first, Li Shushan didn’t even think about Xueyan’s head, he was thinking about Xueyan’s fourth sister, Xueping. In those years, Li Shushan had always been on good terms with Xueping, but let Xueping play tricks. Later, Li Shushan’s life became more and more prominent, and Xueping used excuses to find Li Shushan every time he came home. This gave Li Shushan an illusion, he thought Xue Ping had some idea. She looked forward to the arrival of Xue Ping, looking forward to the moon, but Xue Ping never mentioned divorce. She did everything possible to make Li Shushan happy, and then she played Li Shushan, and then earned a piece of Li Shushan’s pork or a few trotters to go. Li Shushan even believed that the things that Xueping took away were not given to Feng Laoliu, but kept for her husband.

Li Shushan’s sorrow is the sorrow of a pig. He dreamed several times that he was a pig, waiting to be slaughtered by Xueping. But he couldn’t fight against Xueping, the eyes of the two met, and Xueping had the upper hand. This is always the case. Xue Ping is a person, she can see that Li Shushan is a paper man, and she can lead her to walk. But Li Shushan felt that he was a mouse, and he let the female cat play with him while he was alive, and let the female cat play with him when he died.

Li Shushan was determined not to be Xueping’s mouse. He can’t fight her, so it’s alright not to play, right? Li Shushan had been quiet for half a year, and had already asked the matchmaker to talk about kissing, and Xueyan suddenly came back.

They met for the first time in front of Li Shushan’s meat stall. Xueyan came here to buy meat, and she didn’t buy it properly, saying that it was not good here, and it was not good there. Xueyan’s voice was high and crisp, but Li Shushan could tell that she was not an expert. Xueyan’s fluttering demeanor suddenly activated Li Shushan’s imagination. Li Shushan had never paid attention to her in the past, thinking that she was just a little handsome girl. Now that I measure it carefully, I realize that there is not much distance between her and herself.

This is secondary. The main thing is that Li Shushan suddenly realized that he could be a cat and treat Xueyan as a mouse. He knew about Xueyan’s situation in Hancun, and he knew that there was a man there who took her as a treasure. So Li Shushan didn’t expect him and Xueyan to be able to play the result, as long as they could “play”, they would be very angry.

Xueyan originally wanted to buy two catties of meat, but Li Shushan raised his knife and chopped it down, more than three catties. Li Shushan didn’t make an appointment, so he put the meat in a plastic bag and handed it to Xueyan. Xueyan naturally understood that there was too much meat, so she was not polite, and walked away with the meat in the spring breeze.

So Li Shushan was very concerned about Xueyan’s affairs, and ran to Feng Laoliu’s house every three days. Li Shushan knew in advance that Xueyan’s four sisters were coming. He sent a pig to the water, not only to please Xueyan and Feng Laoliu, but also to give Xueping eye drops.

That day, Li Shushan and Xueping’s husband sat at a dinner table. Xueping’s husband called him brother one by one, so that Li Shushan couldn’t find it. Xueping gave Li Shushan a wink from time to time, but Li Shushan ignored it. When the wine reached its climax, Xueping secretly pinched Li Shushan, but Li Shushan was indifferent.

Zhang Gazi told Li Shushan that the fool from Hancun had returned. They got in a car, got out of the car and said goodbye to him. The dog had horns like a whole sheep. When I got home and saw my daughter-in-law lost, I should cry. The boys in Longcun called Qi Zhi a fool. When he was chasing Xueyan, he stood at the head of Longcun all day long, like a telephone pole. He looked so stupid. Li Shushan clearly knew that Zhang Gazi was talking about Qi Zhi, but he nailed it: “Who are you talking about?” Zhang Gazi said: “Qi Zhi from Hancun is a fake, and he speaks like a city. He also chased the conductor to ask for tickets. It’s like a big deal, and Hancun people have this virtue.” Li Shushan’s heart was a little confused, he thought that Qi Zhi might come to pick up Xueyan at night. As for Xueyan’s coquettish energy, there’s no reason why a man won’t return when he picks it up. Zhang Gazi continued: “That fool even bought a double quilt, and he kept showing off in the car, saying that duck down costs seven or eight hundred yuan.” Li Shushan immediately thought of two naked people rolling in the quilt. , Li Shushan was very uncomfortable, as if the one among them was his own woman. Li Shushan said, “Can Gazi do me a favor?” Zhang Gazi said, “Brother said.” Li Shushan said, “You call Xueyan to me, and I’ll give you one hundred yuan.” Zhang Gazi said cautiously. : “What are you doing?” Li Shushan cut a piece of meat and threw it to him, “It’s okay.” Li Shushan said.

After Zhang Gazi left, Li Shushan quickly took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and took out a stack of 100-yuan banknotes from the cabinet and put it under the stack. Li Shushan looked in the mirror with a beard and an old face. It’s a bit old-fashioned. In terms of age, he was five years older than Qi Zhi. This gave Li Shushan confidence. He carefully shaved his face and smoothed the bird’s nest-like hair with a towel dipped in water. The towel also smelled of pig hair. He stuffed it under the bed, pulled out a new towel from the cabinet, and covered his head.

Li Shushan thought a little ruthlessly, who let you eat my pig intestines for nothing.

Zhang Gazi came, but did not bring Xueyan. Zhang Gazi said with a bitter look on his face, “Xueyan can’t survive, and I can’t do it.” Li Shushan was a little confused as if he was hit in the head, and he didn’t realize that Zhang Gazi was actually lying. Zhang Gazi went to Xueyan’s house, smoked a cigarette, and said that he and Qi Zhi came back from the city in the same car. It seemed to the Feng family that Zhang Gazi was here to report. Xueyan affectionately called him Brother Gazi, and lit his cigarette. Zhang Gazi thought to himself, Li Shushan has no good intentions. If something really happened, should I offend Feng Laoliu or Li Shushan? Feng Lao Liushan made a big stick, and Li Shushan would use a knife. At that time, my three heads will not be enough for them to cut. After thinking about it, Zhang Gazi decided not to earn the hundred yuan, although he was really reluctant. Zhang Gazi said pitifully to Li Shushan, “If it didn’t work out, my brother won’t reward me.”

Zhang Gazi threw down a hundred yuan and ran away in a hurry.

Li Shushan squatted late outside Feng’s house. Qi Zhi did not come to pick up Xueyan. Li Shushan pondered like a private detective, and didn’t understand why Xueyan didn’t let the fool from Hancun pick him up. The autumn night was very cold, and Li Shushan shivered like a watchdog. The only reason he squatted here was to know if Xueyan would leave Longcun. Until now, Li Shushan realized that the most important thing in his life was to know that Xueyan was still in Longcun.

Just like hard work pays off, Li Shushan heard footsteps when he was thinking about it. Li Shushan was overjoyed, and Xueyan came out, standing on the street for a long time. You don’t need to ask to know that Xueyan is waiting for Qi Zhi, she clearly knows that Qi Zhi will not come so late, but she still has illusions. Later, Xueyan walked forward for a while, and Li Shushan silently followed her behind. He coughed lightly, and Xueyan was startled.


Li Shushan approached and let Xueyan take a look. Skin cream was applied to his face, and he could smell the fragrance. Xueyan said, “Brother Shushan, what are you doing out so late?”

Li Shushan said, “I passed here just now, and I lost a hundred dollars when I took out cigarettes.”

Xueyan said in her mouth, “Really?” and went to look for it with Li Shushan. Li Shushan quickly threw the money to the ground. Xueyan’s eyes are good, and she can see it at a glance. Not one hundred, but two hundred.

Xueyan said: “You lost one hundred, I picked up two hundred, how do you count?”

Li Shushan said, “What else can I do, I’ll give it to you.”

Xueyan said, “I can’t ask for your money in vain. I’ll give it to you quickly.” As she spoke, she shoved it into his hand.

Li Shushan did not hide, and said in his mouth, “It’s a waste of money, you found it, and you can count it as a labor fee.”

Xueyan chuckled and shoved the money into Li Shushan’s hand. Li Shushan tentatively squeezed Xueyan’s hand and then hugged her.

Xueyan was anxious and said, “Let go of me, I’m calling someone.”

Li Shushan said, “I will not let you go even if I call someone, I miss you.”

Li Shushan said again: “Who made you so good!”

Xueyan struggled to earn, but did not struggle. Li Shushan’s two arms are tighter than the iron hoop. The two fit seamlessly. Xueyan suddenly smiled, and in an instant, Xueyan suddenly had the desire to take revenge on someone. All the expectations for a few days have come to nothing, and now she has the desire to be filled. Her writhing is subconscious and conscious, like a performance show. The night was like a cloud of ink, splashed on Xueyan, and instantly dyed Xueyan black.

Qi Zhi suddenly became a dispensable person.

Although the four elder sisters and her parents strongly urged her to wait for her father-in-law to pick her up before returning, but in Xueyan’s heart, that kind of awareness was not particularly obvious. Xueyan will not be jealous of anyone, everything comes and goes like the wind. So when Zhang Gazi told her that Qi Zhi had returned, Xueyan quietly began to groom. She decided that Qi Zhi would come to pick her up in a while. They hadn’t seen each other for three months. That kind of anxiety and longing had become a concern and connection, entwining her thoughts and consciousness very simply. She knew that she might offend her sisters because of this, and Xueyan was not afraid. Xueyan and the elder sister’s son are about the same age, and Xueyan makes her temper and loses her temper, and no one can help. As for his father Feng Laoliu and his mother Fu Yufang, Xueyan was even less of a problem. They couldn’t stand coaxing, and when Xueyan coaxed them, they didn’t have any temper. But things are always unexpected, and Qi Zhi didn’t come. There were times when Xueyan wanted to go back on her own, but of course she just thought about it, so Xueyan still couldn’t do the shameless thing.

So Xueyan encountered Li Shushan. It was not clear whether it was accidental or inevitable. Li Shushan made all Xueyan’s waiting come to an end. Xueyan had no guilt, such a kind of pure happiness and joy that Xueyan could not have expected. Li Shushan spoke dirty words and acted fiercely, which made Xueyan feel fresh and interesting. That kind of fresh and interesting is worth repeatedly pondering and chewing. The autumn harvest helped Xueyan, and both parents went to the ground. Xueyan pretended to want to go too, Feng Lao Liu said, don’t tire my old girl. Feng Laoliu and Fu Yufang dressed up like a pair of fishermen and fisherwomen driving the car away. The village was empty at once. Xueyan took advantage of the opportunity to buy wine at the consignment store to visit Li Shushan’s meat stall. But didn’t come close. Xueyan was standing not far away, talking to an old lady. When it was confirmed that Li Shushan had seen him, Xueyan left like a lotus flower in the wind. Xueyan believed that she was a lotus flower, with such a charming and pink face, and her body was as moist and white as a lotus root. Xueyan was eager to open herself up in the sun and let a man take a good look, which would surprise him. Because he has never seen a woman more beautiful than Xueyan, Xueyan has this confidence.

Xueyan waited all morning, but Li Shushan didn’t come. Xueyan waited until the whole person was empty. She thought that Li Shushan might not have seen herself. Maybe I saw and didn’t understand what she meant. Maybe understand but dare not come. Xueyan understood the concept of abandonment. She felt that time was going on and she felt that her body had grown weeds, and she needed a sickle to cut it. Finally someone came, and Xueyan felt like she was going to die. The person who came was Zhang Gazi, who came to borrow a cart. Zhang Gazi asked, “Qi Zhi didn’t come to pick you up?” Xueyan looked at Zhang Gazi, and couldn’t even turn around to answer. Zhang Gazi said, “I know Sixth Uncle and Sixth Aunt won’t let you go, don’t take advantage of that kid.” Xueyan smiled weakly. Zhang Gazi pushed the car out, and suddenly turned around and said, “Be careful of Li Shushan, beware of his bad idea of ​​hitting you.” Xueyan suddenly regained her energy and said softly, “Why don’t you hit my bad idea? Zhang Gazi was stunned for a moment, then muttered, “I don’t dare, for fear that Uncle Six will slap me with a brick.”

Xueyan prepared a hearty lunch for her parents. Xueyan is a smart person, as long as she wants to do it, there is nothing she can’t do well. Xueyan prepared meals for her parents but she had no appetite. She went back to the house early and lay down, causing her parents to ask back and forth, “Is it ill?” Xueyan said, “I’m tired.” Feng Laoliu said, “That bastard beat up.” Feng Laoliu would curse. Xueyan said angrily, “What are you scolding him for?” Feng Laoliu said, “This kind of bastard is born with no conscience. I heard that people came back early, so they won’t come to pick you up.” Xueyan said resentfully. : “The feet are on my legs, use him to pick them up?” Feng Lao Liu knew what Xue Yan was thinking, but he was stubborn. He said, “Don’t go back if you don’t pick you up. I raised my daughter, and I would rather support her for the rest of my life.” Xueyan was the only one left at home, and Xueyan felt at this time that Qi Zhi turned out to be a dispensable person. It was as if the two were separated by 108,000 miles, and when they thought of him, they were strange and vague.

Of course Li Shushan knew what Xueyan was thinking. Seeing her wriggling gait, Li Shushan understood Xueyan’s mind. Li Shushan didn’t come in the morning for three reasons. His meat has to be sold in the morning, this is one. Second, he remembered that he was a cat, and he couldn’t let the rat pass by with a single hello. The rat should be given a taste of waiting for the cat. Because in the past he had waited miserably. Third, he wanted to lead Xueyan to his home, instead of doing things on the street like last time. There are many hundred-yuan banknotes piled under the stack of his house. He wants to create the illusion that money is everywhere in his house. He knew that everyone in the Feng family loved money. Li Shushan’s thoughts and feelings have developed by leaps and bounds, and he is already planning for the final move. Although he was distracted while selling meat and miscalculated several times, he still stayed up until the afternoon and sold the last cut of meat.

In the afternoon, they saw each other at two ends of a street. Li Shushan beckoned, and Xueyan walked over a little ashamed. My heart was pounding, and my steps were twitchy. In the afternoon, there was no one on the street, only the sunshine that filled the street, white and bright. Li Shushan closed the door, hugged Xueyan whole, and strode back into the room. Li Shushan swears while walking, which makes Xueyan’s shyness worse. They glued together frantically and bewilderedly, and a game went on for a long time.

Li Shushan didn’t forget to overturn the quilt and showed the banknotes. Xueyan said, “Why do you just throw away your money?” Li Shushan said lightly, “If you earn it, just throw it away.” Xueyan said somewhat contemptuously, “How much money can you make as a slaughterer of pigs. “Li Shushan said in a lighter tone, “Don’t look down on it.” These words were a bit esoteric, and Xueyan was silent. Li Shushan said, “Take as much as you like, and buy a good piece of clothing.” Xueyan said, “What if I like them all?” Li Shushan felt tight, but said cheerfully, “Then take it all.” Xueyan silently said. After getting off the kang, he turned his eyes firmly to other places. Xueyan said, “I’m leaving.”

Qi Zhi went to the consignment store and bought two bottles of good wine, which were “Jin Yuyang”. “Jin Yuyang” is different from ordinary “Yuyang”. A red string is tied around the neck, and a small gift bag is hung on it, which ranges from 1, 2, and 5 yuan. If you’re lucky, you might even run into a dollar. Farmers rarely buy “Golden Yuyang”, which is twice as expensive as the ordinary “Yuyang”. Therefore, people who buy “Jin Yuyang” are not ordinary people. When Qi Zhi carried “Jin Yuyang” to Longcun, many people in Longcun were staring at the plastic bag in his hand, and some people scolded Feng Laoliu: old thing, he found a good son-in-law. Of course, this is just Qi Zhi’s idea. Qi Zhi greeted people from time to time, waving to those he didn’t know. Qi Zhi knew that many people in Long Village knew him, and that Feng Laoliu’s old son-in-law raised his daughter-in-law as a golden egg. Whose daughter has such a blessing? For some reason, Qi Zhi likes Dragon Village. The kind that likes to be buried in a very secret corner of the heart, usually without even knowing it. Compared with Hancun, Longcun looks dirty and disorderly. The house looks short and the gatehouse looks sloppy. But people seem kind. This was highlighted when Qi Zhi became the son-in-law for the first time. Qi Zhi and Xueyan made a private life first, and then he came to the door himself without even asking for a matchmaker. That day, Feng Laoliu drank too much, and his eyes were like two small lanterns. Qi Zhi said that he was from Hancun and his name was Qi Zhi. He is the only brother in the family, and has a sister who was married early. He graduated from secondary school and was only four years older than Xueyan. Both of you love me, he wants to marry Xueyan as his wife. He promised to treat Xueyan well and never bully her for the rest of his life. When Qi Zhi said these words, his upper and lower teeth were fighting, and his back was covered with white sweat. Qi Zhi was going to let Feng Lao Liu scold a bloody head, Xue Yan was still young, only seventeen years old, and still a middle school student. If any parent is changed, it will not be like Feng Laoliu. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Qi Zhi for a long time. Ask: “Did my daughter like you?” Qi Zhi said, “I like you.” Feng Laoliu said, “As long as my daughter likes you, I’m happy.” Feng Laoliu fell asleep after saying this. Yes, the snoring sounded like thunder. Qi Zhi couldn’t believe it was true, thinking that it was drinking talk. But when Feng Laoliu woke up, he called him “Five Uncles”, which made Qi Zhi ecstatic. Xueyan has four elder sisters, and Feng Laoliu made the final decision, and Qi Zhi is the “fifth aunt”.

Feng Laoliu is not someone who lives, that’s what my parents said. There are many people who cannot live in Longcun, and Feng Laoliu is the “best” among these people. The liquor in the Longcun consignment store sells fast, where have they all gone? They asked people like Feng Lao Liu to drink it. That’s what Feng Laoliu is like. He is drunk three to six, and drunk every day. I contracted a few acres of land, and I did it with all my strength. After I finished it, I just had to eat and drink. So Feng Laoliu eats well, dresses poorly, and has no savings. But all year round it’s a gamble. There is no food and drink in Xuetian, so Feng Laoliu will go to Xueye to chase rabbits. The rabbit ran faster than him. When he entered the house, he caught the fattest old hen and shouted, “Fu Yufang, take off the feathers!”

Fu Yufang listened to Feng Lao Liu in everything. As long as Feng Laoliu issued an order, she would be good at it one after another.

For some reason, Qi Zhi just liked the Feng family. The Feng family was in a mess, firewood was piled up in the yard, and the dog was lying on the firewood. Dog droppings are all over the yard. Dirty clothes were soaked in the big basin, and the dust of firewood was floating on the clothes. In the main room, the basins are facing the sky and the bowls are facing the ground, which can make people feel confused. But what can be done? Qi Zhi likes Longcun and the Feng family, and he doesn’t even dislike the mess of the Feng family. He has been bound by various rules since he was a child, and that sense of relaxation can make his body and mind happy. He likes to listen to Feng Lao Liu staring at the mountains with drunk cat-like eyes. Qi Zhi is not good at words, and he can also tell jokes here. The various meat and vegetarian jokes heard from the city lined up one after another. It’s incredible that Qi Zhi doesn’t have this kind of talent elsewhere.

When Qi Zhi came to the door with “Jin Yuyang”, a child rushed to tell Feng Laoliu. The child was in his teens, a boy. After entering the courtyard, he shouted, “Your old man is here.” Feng Laoliu said, “Go, go, you are also worthy of being my old man?” Confused by the child, he scratched his head and said, “It’s your old man. , Qi Zhi from Hancun.” Feng Laoliu said, “I thought you were talking about your own height.” Feng Laoliu was overjoyed, he knew that there was another good wine to drink. The wine bought by Qi Zhi is always better than the wine bought by the four uncles above him. Feng Lao Liu really likes Qi Zhi in his heart. Feng Lao Liu said to himself, “I don’t want to make it difficult for Qi Zhi, but his parents are too deceiving. If you don’t tell me this time, you can’t live in his house, Xue. Yan, do you think so?” Xueyan replied in a loud voice, “Just do as my four sisters said, and Dad, you can call the shots for me!”

Fu Yufang said, “If you don’t make the decision, I will make the decision, and I don’t believe that the people of Hancun have lost their king’s law!”

When she said this, Xueyan beat the sesame straw with a wooden stick under the wall with her mother. Xueyan wore a bright red jacket, blue jeans, and high-heeled leather shoes. His long hair was pinned by a glass hairpin and floated to his waist. Xueyan rarely worked in her parents’ house, and her parents were reluctant to let her do it. But this kind of small work, Xueyan, is also like playing. A dustpan was placed under his feet, and with the rustling of wooden sticks and sesame straw, the little sesame seeds ran into the dustpan alive and well. The aroma of sesame pierces the nostrils. The yard was filled with the golden autumn sun, Xueyan sniffed from time to time, she had heard Qi Zhi’s footsteps, and her heart was beating like a drum.

Xueyan returned to the house a second before Qi Zhi entered the door. She closed the door, climbed onto the kang, and looked out against the wall. She could see the people in the yard, but the people in the yard couldn’t see her.

Qi Zhi shouted, “Dad.”

He shouted again, “Mom.”

Qi Zhi handed the wine to Feng Lao Liu. Feng Laoliu’s heart is hot, but his face is cold. He rarely has the opportunity to drink “Jin Yuyang”. If it wasn’t for Xueyan’s affairs, he would have liked to take a sip right now.

What happened to Xueyan broke his heart. Xueyan is so big, he has never touched a finger. But he was beaten by his father-in-law for no reason. How rough are those big hands of the father-in-law! Feng Lao Liu shivered with anger when he thought of this.

Qi Zhi asked, “Where’s Xueyan?”

Fu Yufang stretched her voice and said, “Not at home.”

Fu Yufang was busy with her work and didn’t even look at Qi Zhi. Qi Zhi had to go over to fight Feng Laoliu. Feng Laoliu piled the peeled corn on the pillar. The corn was golden and golden, with a small braid, and the two were tied together. Cross the yard up, the higher the yard.

Qi Zhi asked, “Have the crops been harvested?”

Fu Yufang said coldly, “Waiting for you if you don’t accept it? We are not so lucky.”

Hearing that the words were wrong, Qi Zhi started to work. He brought the corn from afar and held it in his arms. Feng Laoliu got the corn without using a cat’s waist. The corn was dead, and after a while, Qi Zhi was sweating profusely.

Feng Lao Liu took the lead to sit down and rest, and also gave Qi Zhi a bench.

Feng Lao Liu said, “Your parents know you’re here?”

Qi Zhi said again and again: “I know, I know. They asked me to pick up Xueyan. My dad also said that he was confused that day and hit Xueyan. No matter what Xueyan did, it was wrong for him to hit someone.”

Feng Lao Liu said, “Does he really say that?”

Qi Zhi said, “That’s what I said.”

Feng Laoliu said, “They always look down on me.”

Qi Zhi knew that this was serious, and also knew that what he said was right. Parents don’t like Feng Laoliu, especially Feng Laoliu drinking. On the day of their wedding, Feng Lao Liu was so drunk that he couldn’t get up from their new house. Feng Laoliu also loves to visit, and every time he visits, he must eat. Drink every time you eat. Every time I drink, I get drunk, and my parents are very troublesome. At first, my parents accompanied the guests, but later they were too lazy to talk. Every time Feng Lao Liu came to the door, his parents’ brows would form a big pimple.

Feng Laoliu said, “Do you know why your father beat Xueyan?”

Qi Zhi said, “Xueyan drank too much.”

Feng Laoliu said: “My daughter just had some drinks with her friends. What kind of injury did she get, and what kind of vulgarity did she lose? It is a skill to be able to enter the restaurant, which shows that my daughter is capable. Originally, your mother-in-law and the two of us wanted to come and say , the door is not allowed to enter, the water is not allowed to drink, and my daughter is called a vixen! I said that you are Qi Zhi’s parents, I will not say it sounds bad. Try someone else, I am Feng Laoliu. Stop talking!”

Qi Zhi hurriedly said, “I’m sorry.”

Feng Laoliu said: “It’s useless to say sorry, Xueyan can’t be picked up. This is not my personal opinion, it’s a joint decision made by my five daughters. If I want Xueyan to go back, the only thing is to ask their husband. Mother and two will pick you up. We will eat and drink and entertain.”

Qi Zhi thought for a while and said, “You are a little embarrassing.”

Fu Yufang screamed: “Why don’t you say that they are embarrassing Xueyan? Since I was a child, I was reluctant to stab her with a finger, why would he use a slap fan? Not to mention that our Xueyan looks like a flower and jade, you can live in Longcun Ask and ask, who is the daughter-in-law who is still angry with her in-laws? Or you are not bad to Xueyan, or we can marry as a big girl!”

Xueyan in the room couldn’t listen anymore, and suddenly shouted: “Mom!”

Qi Zhi was stunned for a moment, before he rushed into the house without hesitation. Xueyan sat against the wall, and when she saw Qi Zhi come in, she covered her face and cried. Qi Zhi’s tears also flowed down like rain. Then the two hugged each other. Xueyan said, “I know you don’t want me, so you only came to pick me up now.” Qi Zhi leaned on Xueyan’s ear and said, “I don’t want you to work, how busy is the family right now.” Xueyan asked, “Buy a pair Got caught?” Qi Zhi said: “I bought it, I’ll wait for you to go home and cover it.” Xue Yan said, “Qi Zhi, I really didn’t do anything else, I just drank some wine and got drunk. Your dad slapped me. I swear to God, I have never done anything to be sorry to you.” Xueyan said while peeking at Qi Zhi, she suddenly felt guilty.

Qi Zhi sighed and said, “If you drink like that, you won’t know if you are bullied.”

Xueyan said coquettishly, “Who bullies me? Who dares bully me?”

Qi Zhi said, “Come home with me, go back and apologize to your parents.”

Xueyan pushed Qi Zhi away and said in surprise, “Who apologized to whom? I just drank a little and didn’t interfere with anyone, so why should I apologize to them? My dad drinks every day and gets drunk every day. Drunk, who did you ask him to apologize to?”

Qi Zhi said, “You are not your father, you are Hancun’s daughter-in-law. Which daughter-in-law is as drunk as you?”

Xueyan said, “Is my daughter-in-law not a human being? Next time I’ll drink, I don’t believe that I can make a crime by drinking. Which state regulation says that a daughter-in-law is not allowed to drink?”

Qi Zhi’s face was flushed with anger, and he shouted in a low voice, “Xueyan!”

Xueyan cried: “I knew that you didn’t come to pick me up sincerely, but to vent your anger on behalf of your parents! It was me who was beaten, not them! If I beat them, I would go and kowtow to them now! Don’t tell me!”

Qi Zhi trembled all over, and after holding it for a long time, he said, “Do you still want your in-laws to kowtow to you? You have done something embarrassing and still want your in-laws to kowtow to you?

Xueyan said, “I’m not ashamed!”

Qi Zhi said, “Do you know what people in the village say about you? It’s so shabby that I can’t even say it!”

Xueyan shouted: “I’m not ashamed!” and shouted, “I know if I’m ashamed! People who lose me and myself have nothing to do with you! My parents don’t think I’m ashamed, how old are you! ”

Qi Zhi raised his hand and slapped it, but it was himself. Qi Zhi walked out without turning his head, and Xueyan howled like a splash behind him. Qi Zhi’s eyes were filled with tears, and his heart ached. He murmured how this, how this.

He thought that at this moment, Feng Laoliu stopped him and said all his good words, and he couldn’t make him turn back. But Feng Laoliu was still yarding corn there, and Fu Yufang was still beating sesame stalks under the window, and neither of them spoke.

Qi Zhi ran out of the Feng’s yard, only a few barks could be heard from behind.

A light rain fell. The rain started to fall in the middle of the night, and when I woke up early in the morning, the world was wet. Before the sky was clear, someone shouted happily: “Good rain!” At that time, the rain had not stopped, and the raindrops were shredded and silent. The man who woke up from his sleep was dubious, he ran into the yard with his clothes on, and sneezed deeply. Qi Zhi was still lying in the bed, and his heart and liver were moistened by the rain. He thought that it has been raining less since the beginning of summer this year, and the crops in the fields have matured against the rain. If you want to grow wheat, you must be flooded with water. Not to mention the cost of electricity and water, but also time-consuming. In the flooded ground, I couldn’t get my feet down for three days, and when I went down, it would be muddy. It was the first time that Qi Zhi was excited about a rain like a serious peasant. Of course, Qi Zhi’s excitement was a bit deliberate, and some pain was wrapped in excitement, and the excitement seemed a little false. When he got up and brushed his teeth, he saw that his mother had already prepared the meal and placed it on the dining table. Wheat seeds and fertilizers are piled up in the main room, as well as pesticides for mixing wheat seeds. Parents are busy inside and out, and the ground is covered with wet footprints. There are two bags of wheat seeds, with a total weight of 200 catties. Qi Zhi asked, “Why do you use so many wheat seeds?” Mom said, “Longcun grows ours every year.” Qi Zhi’s heart trembled, and the pain immediately appeared on his face. He didn’t say anything when he came back from Long Village, and Mom didn’t ask anything. He didn’t want to say, Mom didn’t want to ask. He hated Xueyan a little, not only let his parents know about his own affairs, but also let the four sisters know. With so many people involved, it would have been a ton of things that were half a catty.

Mom wants to be in front of others in everything, regardless of her own or others’. If this matter changed Xue Yan’s mother, she would not be able to remember to leave wheat seeds for others.

Longcun comes to Hancun every three or five times to change wheat seeds, as many families do. The wheat in Hancun is good, and it is collectively bought from the county scientific research institute. Dwarf, large ears, heavy grains, not lodging. The second and third generations can also be used as seeds. One pound of wheat from Long Village is exchanged for eight or two seeds from Han Village, and this is the case every year. Of course, except for those real relatives, they came empty-handed and walked with wheat seeds on their backs. Don’t even say thank you. For six years, Feng Lao came to this day to pack wheat seeds, and he would not come a day earlier. Mom also has complaints, knife mouth, tofu heart.

Qi Zhi looked at the wheat seeds and worried while eating. He thought that the old husband-in-law would definitely not come. Knowing that the uncle is at home, he may be waiting to send it. After eating, Qi Zhi also made a plan. Thinking of the way Xue Yan was crying, he was also very distressed. Xueyan was wronged, no one dared to touch her since she was a child. The slap that my father-in-law slaps will hurt for a lifetime. Qi Zhi felt a little remorse about what happened yesterday, and he was reckless. Xueyan’s words stabbed him. But Xueyan only said those words when she was wronged! Dad was already in the coat car, and Qi Zhi said, “I will send the wheat seeds from Xueyan’s house over there, and go directly to the field from there.” Dad said, “Ask your husband’s pole when he will plant the wheat, and you can go and help. .” Qi Zhi responded. Mom said, “I owe them something in my life. My family goes to the fair in three or eight, but I don’t understand it in four or six.” Qi Zhi said, “What’s the point of knowing how much you know? Take care.”

Qi Zhi’s car got wet, and he wiped it with the sleeve of his clothes. Mom said: “When you go to Long Village, you have to change your clothes, don’t wear clothes for work.” Mom’s rules are many. In fact, Longcun and Hancun are so close that no one knows each other. But since Mom had spoken, Qi Zhi obediently returned to the room. Hearing Yang Yuxin’s voice outside calling Qi Zhi, Qi Zhi walked out with his sleeves stretched out. Yang Yuxin said, “I have something to do, come to my house.” Qi Zhi asked what was going on as he walked. Guess he couldn’t hear it later. Yang Yuxin said, “Your husband has come to my house to change wheat seeds. I said Qi Zhi’s house kept it for you, and he didn’t say anything.” Qi Zhi said, “I’ll send it over if you come a step late.” The two came to Yang Yu’s new home, and Feng Lao Liu was sitting on the kang, talking nonstop about chasing rabbits in the snow. Seeing Qi Zhi, Feng Laoliu stood up abruptly and said to Yuxin’s mother, “Is the old sister-in-law ready for me? I have 100 catties of wheat, so you can give me 80 catties of seed, and one catty is less. No.” Qi Zhi said, “We have prepared it for you, and we are about to send it there.” Feng Laoliu said expressionlessly, “I won’t bother your family.” granary. Yuxin’s mother looked at Qi Zhi in embarrassment. Qi Zhi went to the yard to push Feng Laoliu’s car. Unexpectedly, Feng Laoliu was furious and shouted, “Put it down!” and slapped Qi Zhi in the mouth.

Feng Laoliu said, “We wouldn’t be able to grow wheat without your Qi family? Stop dreaming!”

Yang Yuxin’s face turned pale, and she said, “Uncle Feng, you are unreasonable! I kindly found Qi Zhi, and sent the wheat seeds to you one step later. You even beat him!”

Feng Laoliu said, “You ask their family if they are unreasonable! My daughter was beaten after drinking a little wine outside. How many times do I beat her?”

Yang Yuxin said, “Are you drinking a little wine? You’re too drunk to wake up!”

Feng Lao Liu said, “So what?”

Yang Yuxin hesitated and said, “There are men in the car!”

Feng Lao Liuqi Yu Xuan An: “So what?”

Yuxin’s mother came up to push Yuxin, and pushed Yuxin to a stagger. Yuxin’s mother rambled: “Why are you so ignorant child, what’s the matter with you here! Qi Zhi doesn’t say anything, why do you need to make irresponsible remarks here?”

Feng Laoliu burst into tears and said, “Old sister-in-law, you judge, whether they beat my daughter to bully others. My daughter is just drinking, and they slap us…”

Yuxin’s mother said, “I don’t understand your business, so don’t tell me about it. Here is a bag of wheat seeds, which we prepared for ourselves. You can pack it first, and come back if you don’t have enough.”

Yuxin’s mother couldn’t move, but Qi Zhi helped and put the wheat seeds on the bicycle. Yuxin’s mother said: “Qi Zhi is a good boy, and Xueyan is not a loss for marrying him. He, Uncle Feng, you can handle things on your own, but don’t take the two children’s affairs as your own.”

Feng Laoliu said, “I know my daughter.”

After he finished speaking, he got into the car.

Yuxin’s mother said, “What are you talking about. Qi Zhinian don’t take it to heart, this old man, Shao, protects the calf.”

Qi Zhi bit his lip and said nothing. ”

Yuxin’s mother said: “It’s not that the aunt told you, you dote on your daughter-in-law too much.”

Yang Yuxin sent Qi Zhi out, and neither of them said anything. After walking for a while, Yang Yuxin suddenly said, “Are you saying that the people of Hancun and Longcun are different?”

Qi Zhi smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t have the mood to study those.”

Yang Yuxin said, “Xueyan was fine the first two days. How can this old man turn his face?”

Qi Zhi didn’t say anything else, he stopped Yuxin and said not to send it, and then sent it home. Yuxin still sent it, he felt sorry for Qi Zhi.

Qi Zhi said again: “Go back.”

Yang Yuxin said, “You are also a bachelor now.”

God really has eyes, it rained just right, no more and no less. The people who have confiscated Qiu are a little anxious, and the people who have finished Qiu are proud, as if they have foresight. Several small planters were parked on the field, and people did not even pay back the price, waiting in line for the planters to plant. The people in line were all young people, and the older ones brought ploughs, hoes, and harrows to cultivate their own crops. The same is true in the harvest of wheat, and those who reap the wheat under the poisonous sun are old men. Young people are enjoying the shade under the big trees, bragging and waiting for the harvester. Qi Zhi was also moved when he saw the planter, so he looked for an opportunity on the ground and said, “Dad, I heard that the planter sows evenly and saves seeds than manual labor.” Dad said, “I won’t make it if I don’t charge money.” Dad said The planter cannot plough the soil deeply, and the soil is easy to harden in the coming year. Qi Zhi knew that this was not the reason. Dad didn’t use the planter because of two words: save money.

The donkey is an old donkey, too old to understand human nature. Pa used it like an old buddy, whispering slowly. After unloading the car at the end of the field, Dad put the donkey on the garden. Dad said, “It’s time for you to work hard again. It’s up to you whether you can eat white noodles next year.” Dad held the handle firmly with both hands, and first picked a straight line on the edge of the ground, and the soft ground immediately opened up. belly. Wet, oily, and reassuring to look at. Mom sows seeds, Qi Zhi sows fertilizer. Qi Zhi wanted his mother to sow the fat and sow the seeds himself, but the mother would not do it. Mom said I don’t worry about you spreading fat, can you spread it evenly? Qi Zhixian spread a handful along the ditch, and the fertilizer fell like snowflakes. Mom still picked on Qi Zhi’s fault, saying that the hand strength should not be too dead, and it landed in piles. But it can’t be too loose, and a gust of wind will blow the fat away. Mom walked behind Dad, Qi Zhi walked behind Mom, stepping on the footprints of the two people, still felt tired and panicked, one foot deep and one foot shallow. Look at my mother again, because my legs are weak, it is more difficult to walk. Qi Zhi thinks that this kind of work requires at least three people to do it. In previous years, there were only two people, father and mother. I don’t know how to do it. It must be Dad who has stalked the ground and came back to sow the seeds. After spreading the stubble and then picking up the stubble, half the work is virtually added. Xueyan never went to the ground, she didn’t want to come, her parents didn’t expect her to come, and Qi Zhi was even more reluctant to let her come. In order to prevent Xueyan from going to the ground, Qi Zhi even encouraged his parents not to. Let dad scold. Dad said, “The peasants don’t plant the land, you drink the northwest wind to live!”

Qi Zhi’s face felt a fever, this was the first time. In the past, he always felt that protecting his daughter-in-law was the right thing to do, and he never thought that it would increase the burden on his parents. Subconsciously, Qi Zhi felt that his parents were the life of labor. You can do it, and he can do it if you don’t. Xueyan also had a share of land and had to eat. The young Xueyan really has no reason to let her elderly parents work for her. The responsibility for thinking and going is still up to you. In Qi Zhi’s sense, Xueyan has always been a seventeen-year-old middle school student, as delicate as a doll made of cream.

Xueyan is also a woman. A young, healthy woman. Working women are rarely beautiful. Does Xueyan have to be beautiful? Is it normal to like beauty so much?

Stepping on the wet land, Qi Zhi liked the feeling of a peasant. The land is clean and free of oil. You need to taste the aroma of the land to be able to smell it. Dad has not planted enough for a lifetime, and Qi Zhi can understand why.

Mom fell down with an “Ouch”.

When Qi Zhi ran over to take a look, he found that one of his mother’s feet was sprained.

Qi Zhi helped his mother to the ground. She said that she was fine, but her lips were so painful that she couldn’t even speak properly. Qi Zhi spread a plastic sheet on the ground and helped his mother to sit on it, her ankles were already red and swollen.

Qi Zhi was in a hurry and didn’t know how to pinch it.

Mom thought his hands were heavy and said, “Xiu Bo, try it out, men’s hands are like pliers.”

It was only then that Qi Zhi discovered that the person laying the plastic sheet was actually Xiubo, a well-known person in Hancun. Xiubo took off his mother’s shoes and socks, put his feet on his knees, kneading and pinching, really a pair of dexterous hands.

Qi Zhi felt embarrassed for his mother’s feet, so he asked, “Have you studied massage?”

Xiubo said: “How can there be such a coincidence, I am here to relax the muscles and activate the blood. It doesn’t seem to be obstructing the bones.”

Xiubo still relieved Mom’s pain. Dad came over, glanced at Mom’s feet, said nothing, and went to the land again. Qi Zhi said: “Mom rest, I’ll sow the seeds, and then fertilize after sowing.” Mom hurriedly said, “You can’t sow seeds, let your father do it!” Xiubo said, “Can Aunt trust me?” Laughing like a flower, he said, “Who doesn’t know Xiubo’s ability, you can make a few percent more wheat by sowing seeds.”

What Mom said was an allusion, and Qi Zhi also knew that allusion. When the land was just divided, Xiubo’s father died, and Xiubo was just a little girl in her teens. That year, every family that was planting wheat didn’t dare to sow their own seeds. Many people had never sow seeds before, so they had to hire the crops in the team. The dealer’s style is actually Qi Zhi’s grandfather, who has been planting seeds in the team all his life. The ditch was dug up, fertilizer was applied, and Grandpa Qi Zhi waited in line to sow the seeds. Later, my grandfather got confused and often asked, “Who should sow the seeds?” In fact, he sowed that season. Xiubo is such a capable little girl, she dares to sow seeds by herself! At that time, it was a big news in Hancun, and many people went to see Xiubo sowing seeds as if they were watching a theatre. I saw that the little girl was not in a hurry, and the wheat seeds went into the ditch one by one. Someone told her that it is dense, dense, and thin, and the wheat will be tillered next spring. Xiubo looked back, his little arm was still trying so hard. The result was a big surprise that year. The autumn cold came early, and the wheat seeds didn’t have time to tiller in the soil. Originally, a grain of wheat could produce three to four spores, but when I saw it in the spring of next year, it was miserable. A good wheat seed could produce a single seedling, but almost none. A large piece of flat land is so sparse, people can’t wait to plant themselves in the soil. Looking at the one-acre and three-point land of Xiubo’s family, it is green and green, and it is dense. It looks so open and bright. People from other villages who passed by said that looking at the land planted in Han Village, the people who still live in a village are not as good as a little yellow-haired girl.

It’s a joke to talk about it now, but it wasn’t that easy back then. One mu of Xiubo’s land can yield 800 catties of wheat, while others’ yields are one-third less. The person who suffered the most was Qi Zhi’s grandfather, who was invited three times a day when he was planting wheat. Wheat grows like that, and he can’t lift his head all of a sudden, and walks all day long with his waist on his back.

Xiubo used to be a celebrity in Hancun, but his fate was bad later. Married a primary school teacher, married for three years without getting pregnant. When I went to the hospital, I found out that I was suffering from congenital infertility. The primary school teacher packed her things when she got home, saying that you are not as good as a hen, and it is useless for us to keep you. Xiubo divorced like this, which was equivalent to turning around outside and returning to Hancun.

He was filled with righteous indignation by the popularity of Hancun, saying that the primary school teacher was not a thing. For such a capable girl, he said Hugh and came back. He didn’t care about the people of Hancun. Someone proposed to fix the kid and fix him to be infertile. Things were loud and lively, but no one actually took action. Xiubo doesn’t have a long way to go. His father is the only son, and she is the only daughter.

Xiubo lives with his mother. Qi Zhi asked her if she was still looking for someone, and Xiubo said that she was afraid to marry.

During the break, Qi Zhi seriously discussed with her about men and women. Qi Zhi said that men should raise women. Xiubo said that a woman who does nothing will become a waste, and no one likes a waste woman. Qi Zhi knew that Xiubo would not insinuate Xueyan, and Xiubo was a kind person. Qi Zhi took Xiubo and sat a little further away, and asked her how she felt about herself and Xueyan. Xiubo smiled and said, “I can’t say it well.”

Qi Zhi said, “Hurry up and help me, I’m dying of worry.”

Qi Zhi talked about his trip to Long Village and Feng Laoliu’s coming to Han Village, and his eyes became red as he spoke. If there were not so many people in the field, Qi Zhi might cry. Xiubo said, “Xueyan really shouldn’t have made it so difficult for you. She still doesn’t know the temper of the uncle, and she has never been soft to anyone in her life.”

Qi Zhi said: “So I didn’t mention it when I came back, and my parents wouldn’t pick her up if I mentioned it. I can’t think of how this would end.”

Xiubo said: “There will be a way. Everyone says that you are a capable person. Back then, you were able to marry Xueyan, and you settled down in the city, making Xueyan an urbanite. Young people in Hancun Who is as capable as you are?”

Qi Zhi said: “Don’t scold me, I don’t have any ability.”

Xiubo asked, “When are you leaving?”

Qi Zhi said: “There are still two days off.”

Xiubo said: “I heard that you have bought double quilts.”

Qi Zhi blushed and asked Xiubo who was listening. Xiubo said: “No one in Hancun does not know.”

Qi Zhi asked Xiubo what he should do, and Xiubo said she had no good idea. “You should have a good talk with Xueyan.” Xiubo said: “Don’t go to her house, don’t come to your house, and find a place outside. You couple are so good, what can’t you do? Maybe you can meet them as soon as you meet. Talk about it. Don’t use your phone, it’s easier to get misunderstood on the phone.”

These words inspired Qi Zhi, and he vaguely had some ideas. He asked Xiubo if he could do her one more favor and go to Long Village. Xiubo quickly waved his hand and said, “I can’t do it. First, I’m not familiar with Xueyan, and secondly, I’m stupid. Your second sister-in-law and Xueyan are good, and if you talk about Xueyan, why don’t you let her go? go.”

Thinking of the second sister-in-law, Qi Zhi was a little annoyed. In the past, she only had an open mouth and dared to say anything, but she actually dared to do anything. “Let’s talk about it.” Qi Zhi said.

Dad got up and shouted to work. Xiubo said, “If you need to go, you can go. I will help you with your family’s work.” Xiubo looked away when he said this, but Qi Zhi could see that her eyes were a bit desolate. .

“Let’s find someone else.” Qi Zhi whispered.

Xiubo turned his head and glanced at Qi Zhi, and said with vicissitudes: “It’s not that I don’t want to look for it, it’s that I can’t find it.”

Qi Zhi’s throat choked, and he almost burst into tears. He couldn’t take his eyes off Xiubo, and actually felt that the vicissitudes of life were very beautiful.

Qi Zhi had never felt this way before.

Qi Zhi came back from the field and went directly to the second sister-in-law’s house. To be honest, he was in a hurry. This kind of urgency is a bit violent, unlike the first day back to Hancun, the urgency is a gentle urgency that can be controlled. He looked at Xiubo in a daze, Xiubo sowing the seeds ahead, he always thought it was Xueyan who was sowing the seeds in front. He thought that Xueyan had been married for four years and had not grown at all. If Xueyan could deal with the land from time to time, she might have changed someone long ago. The land can make people’s character become honest and solid. Don’t yell when something happens. If the person walking in front is really Xueyan, Qi Zhi is willing to follow her for the rest of her life, Xueyan sows seeds and Qi Zhi sows fat. There’s nothing wrong with working on the crops. It’s been done like this for generations. What’s so great about Qi Zhi and Xueyan? Why do they have to live a different life? When Qi Zhi thought about these questions, his heart was not at ease, it was a bitter helplessness. He thought, if Xiubo were Xueyan, his heart would be stable immediately, but Xiubo was not Xueyan. Why is Xiubo not Xueyan?

Ma knelt on one knee and picked soybeans on the ground. My parents were reluctant to waste an inch of soil, and they planted soybeans on every corner. Mom and Dad won’t wait until the autumn ripens to harvest, but there are still soybean pods that burst into the ground early, and Mom is picking them now. Mom carefully plucked the soil around her, her seriousness made Qi Zhi feel that looking for golden beans was nothing more than that. In the past, Qi Zhi would have walked over to laugh at his mother, but now Qi Zhi has no such mood.

Qi Zhi thought that Xueyan should really come to the ground. She should let Xueyan know what it means to live.

Why is Xiubo not Xueyan?

After planting a piece of land, another piece of land was planted, and that piece of land was also the seed of Xiubosa. Mom’s feet can move slowly, but she still limps. Dad did all the work before he could talk to Xiubo. Dad told Xiubo about the moisture content and next year’s harvest, how much the rain at night saved each household, and about this year’s wheat seeds” The difference between 0451″ and last year’s “0519”. It’s all about land and crops anyway. It’s not that there is nothing to say, there is really something to say. When Qi Zhi stared blankly at Xiubo, he saw her as Xueyan again. Qi Zhi thought, if Xueyan was really like Xiubo, would Qi Zhi think she was bad?

That kind of urgency came suddenly at this time. He wanted to talk to Xueyan, and have a good talk. When he said this, he would lie on Xueyan’s lap, not in love words, but in love words. They always talk like this, it has become a habit. Then it’s doing things, doing that kind of thing. Thinking suddenly short-circuited here, Qi Zhi opened his mouth like a toad, and his whole body burned like charcoal. Qi Zhi lay slowly on the ground like an old man. The sun had absorbed the moisture from the surface of the ground, but the ground was still cold. Qi Zhi worked hard to stick to the ground like a patient with fever and cold, and he could feel that the ground he was sticking to had become a groove.

Qi Zhi came back from the field and went directly to the second sister-in-law’s house. Of course, he didn’t tell the truth to his parents. Mom asked him what he was doing, Qi Zhi said something. Qi Zhi didn’t even look back when he said something. At the fork in the road, Qi Zhi walked forward. The second sister-in-law and his family are neighbors, but the door of the second sister-in-law’s house opens in the other direction. Qi Zhi hit a lock. The lock made Qi Zhi blushed. Qi Zhi looked at the person left and right, and stretched his head to listen to the movement. Qi Zhi knew that this was absurd and completely subconscious. Of course there was no movement. Qi Zhi walked to his house with a bit of melancholy, thinking about the old horse in Longcun, will get together with the second sister-in-law, is it true?

Qi Zhi lay down at home for a while, then passed the second sister-in-law to take a look. The second sister-in-law also went to the ground to harvest autumn, and didn’t come back until it was dark. The second sister-in-law entered the room and turned on the light, let Qi Zhi into the room, and washed herself outside. When he reappeared, he changed his shoes and shirt, and brushed his hair. Qi Zhi secretly pursed his lips and smiled, thinking that he is not the second brother. The second sister-in-law said in the first sentence, “Do you know about me and Lao Ma?” Qi Zhi was startled, and Qi Zhixin said, how could anyone come up and talk like this. The second sister-in-law said, “It’s all that old guy who doesn’t do anything, and everyone in Han Village knows about the trouble. Qi Zhi, you said, if it was in the city, would it be a problem?”

Qi Zhi asked blindly.

The second sister-in-law added, “I know it’s not a big deal in the city.”

Qi Zhi said, “How do you know?”

The second sister-in-law said, “don’t think that I don’t know anything if I haven’t been to the city.”

Qi Zhi blushed and stammered, “No, it’s not what you think. No.”

The second sister-in-law said, “Does every family in the city build double quilts?”

Qi Zhi didn’t lift his head: “Yes.”

The second sister-in-law said, “This is not over. I said that people in the city are not afraid to do that kind of thing.”

The second sister-in-law laughed, causing Qi Zhi to straighten up the cold prickly heat. “Just kidding,” said the second sister-in-law.

Qi Zhi said, “Where’s the second brother?”

The second sister-in-law said, “Don’t worry about him, if he has the ability, he will not come back for the rest of his life. Not in bed, not under the bed, it’s not good to be jealous.”

Qi Zhi said nervously, “You spend a lot of time with Xueyan when I’m not at home. What are you talking about together? Talk about this?”

The second sister-in-law laughed again. He came over and tugged Qi Zhi’s ear very intimately. “Don’t think about Xueyan blindly, Xueyan has never done anything to be sorry to you. But it’s been hard for you these few days, do you miss Xueyan?”

The second sister-in-law sat down next to Qi Zhi, put her chin on Qi Zhi’s shoulder, and made Qi Zhi’s ears itchy as if blowing. Qi Zhi blushed at the second sister-in-law and said, “Second sister-in-law, what do you want to do?”

The second sister-in-law pulled Qi Zhi’s ear and said softly, “What do you think I want to do?”

Qi Zhi suddenly stood up and said, “I’m here to ask the second sister-in-law. If the second sister-in-law doesn’t want to help, forget it.”

The second sister-in-law also slapped her face: “You haven’t farted since you came in. How can I know why you came?”

Qi Zhi blushed suddenly. Said: “Second sister-in-law, you…”

The second sister-in-law said, “What am I? Don’t you just want me to tell Xueyan? Say it clearly. Xueyan promises to give me face. Tell me, what do you want me to tell me?”

Qi Zhi said, “You ask her to come out. I have something to tell her. Tell her I’ll be waiting for her at Laolongtan by the river.”

The second sister-in-law asked Qi Zhi with a seductive look: “What are you waiting for?”

Qi Zhi said, “Second sister-in-law, don’t tease me, I’m so anxious that I’m on fire.”

The second sister-in-law said simply: “I know you are in a hurry, but I didn’t see me putting on my clothes. Silly boy, as soon as you come in, I know why you are here. Do you think the second sister-in-law is stupid? ”

Qi Zhi walked out of the second sister-in-law’s house in a daze, but did not go far. Hiding in the shadows and watching the second sister-in-law push the car out. A passer-by asked the second sister-in-law what she was going for, and the second sister-in-law said loudly, “Go to Longcun and send a message to Xueyan from Qi Zhi’s family.”

The second sister-in-law rode away. Qi Zhi touched his face, it was hot. He thought, the second sister-in-law is really hateful, why is that? But there was a little warmth in Qi Zhi’s heart, which was a little unusual.

Qi Zhi remembered his second brother and patted his face lightly.

The place in Laolongtan is close to Longcun, and there is a large section of stone lagoon. People in Xiahanhan Village are willing to go there to fish, and they can touch catfish and black fish that are half a foot long. There is a big rock by the river that is unusual. It used to be the marriage bed of Qi Zhi and Xueyan. Qi Zhi remembered that time and thanked Xueyan very much. Xueyan just turned eighteen and gave him her body. When Xueyan lay down on the big stone, she said faintly, “Qi Zhi, I am yours.” Qi Zhi was so excited that his face was full of tears, and he smeared Xueyan’s chest. Above the head is the sky full of stars, and below the feet is the clear river, the two young lives between the heaven and the earth blend together. That night Qi Zhi said a lot of stupid things and said his love to you thousands of times. Xueyan is so petite and so beautiful. The breast is like a green fruit, and there is only one grip on the waist, and there is something even more indescribable, which makes Qi Zhi linger. They clung to that rock, like Adam and Eve in Genesis. Their clothes hung on an elm tree and fluttered in the wind like flags. Xueyan asked, do you have the ability to give me happiness? Qi Zhi said, yes. Qi Zhi said, I will protect you with my life and shield you from all wind and rain. The people who love you the most in this world must be your parents, but I love you ten thousand times more than them! Xueyan likes to ask silly things like all girls of this age. Xueyan asked, if I fell into the river with your mother, who would you save first? Qi Zhi said without hesitation, save you. To save you is to save myself. I can only save others if I save myself first. Do you understand what I’m saying? Of course Xueyan understands, Xueyan is a girl who likes to make promises, and she rejoices at Qi Zhi’s promise.

This is what happened in the spring of four years ago. What a charming spring night! Xueyan stood on the big rock, her long hair draped under the rock, Qi Zhi picked a lot of wild flowers and sprinkled it on Xueyan’s body, Xueyan’s smooth skin was brighter than the stars. There are insects in the grass, frogs in the water, and thousands of lights in the distance. But all this is so far away from Qi Zhi, there is only one girl named Xueyan in his heart, there is only one girl named Xueyan. All his tenderness and love were born spontaneously because of this girl. Like memorizing lines, he said that I am willing to be your slave all my life, as long as you love me. I am willing to live for you all my life, as long as you are happy. Xueyan was so happy that she almost fainted. She didn’t expect love to be so delicious. That kind of happiness is bigger than the sky, bigger than the earth, deeper than the river and deeper than the sea. Apart from being the bride of the person in front of her, Xueyan had no other idea.

But happiness also has its limits. Qi Zhi’s parents didn’t like Xueyan, and they didn’t like it since they got married. Four years later, Xueyan is still a dispensable member of the family. Parents are busy every day, but they never remember to greet Xueyan.

Xueyan gave birth to a child for the Qi family, which is why Xueyan lived in this family. But Xueyan did not change her own attributes and status because of giving birth to a child. Xiaojian has been sleeping with his grandmother. Xueyan is still an eighteen-year-old Xueyan, and nothing has changed.

So Qi Zhi wants to talk to Xueyan. On the big stone that used to be the marriage bed, let’s talk about what’s in your heart. He had a lot to say to Xueyan, about Xueyan, about himself, and about the two of them. About land and crops, about parents, about sons, and even about double quilts. Under the autumn starlight, Qi Zhi silently calculated the second sister-in-law’s walking time and speaking time. Qi Zhi believed that Xueyan would soon leave the house with her second sister-in-law, and his parents couldn’t stop him if they wanted to. Qi Zhi made a draft for himself, he believed that Xueyan would listen to her and understand him. He even planned that he and Xueyan would both go back to Long Village and then Han Village tonight. They’ve been apart for so long that they have no reason to part anymore.

When Qi Zhi was sitting on the big stone and waiting for Xueyan, a meteor slipped in the sky, and a hint of coolness made him wrap himself tightly. It was at this time that Qi Zhi heard movement on the embankment. He didn’t move. Imagine that Xueyan should come quietly from behind, just like the song, let me cover your eyes quietly. But Xueyan didn’t come down the embankment, she stood high on the embankment. Xueyan said, “When will your parents and your mother come to pick me up?” Qi Zhi also stood up from the stone and said, “Can you come down and talk?” Xueyan said, “Come up.” Qi Zhi walked onto the river Embankment, hugged Xueyan. Xueyan struggled hard and pushed Qi Zhi away. Xueyan said again, “Tell me first when your parents will pick me up.” Qi Zhi didn’t answer, walked over and held Xueyan’s hand, Qi Zhi never wanted to let go.

He and Xueyan got off the embankment, hugged the big rock, and started kissing her. Xueyan’s body changed from stiff to soft in Qi Zhi’s hot kiss, and then coiled around Qi Zhi like a snake. Qi Zhi desperately insisted on himself, he wanted to make this prelude longer, and countless days of longing and longing made Qi Zhi’s heart become watery. He was afraid that this beauty would be fleeting. But Xueyan didn’t know Qi Zhi, so she unbuttoned her own clothes first, and then unbuttoned Qi Zhi’s. Xueyan cheered and let out a loud cry, causing Qi Zhi to have mixed feelings. He sank his whole body into Xue Yan’s body deeply, and only felt that Xue Yan was the river, and he was a fish in the water. What a need for water and fish. Water without fish is stagnant water. A fish without water is a dead fish. He and Xueyan had such a relationship, a relationship that was timeless, timeless, and belonged to the laws of nature.

When he calmed down, Qi Zhi felt that he was more like the emerald-green long embankment, beside the river flowing day and night. He doesn’t flow when the water flows, and he doesn’t go when the water goes away. No matter how the sun, moon and stars change, it always sticks to itself in one direction. He carefully dressed Xueyan and wanted to caress her in a different way, but Xueyan quickly jumped away.

Xueyan said, “When are your parents coming to pick me up?”

Qi Zhi silently looked at Xue Yan. Qi Zhi said, “They are also your parents.”

Xueyan said, “Don’t say it so nicely. You don’t know what my parents treat me? Honestly, do you think I was raped that day?”

Qi Zhi swallowed hard and said, “Let’s not mention this, okay?”

Xueyan said: “Slowly say I was fine that day, even if I was raped, it’s none of their business. My body is my own, I can do whatever I want. Why would they beat me!”

Qi Zhi said, “Xueyan, let the past be in the past.”

Xueyan said: “I can’t make it through. You must explain the matter to me clearly. Do you think I was raped? If I admit Qi Zhi, will you not want me? Well, I will admit it. Qi Zhi, I was raped, and they raped me just like you did!”

Qi Zhi said weakly: “Xueyan, please don’t talk like this, I can’t stand you talking like this.”

Xueyan said, “I know you’ll be suspicious if I don’t talk like this! Why didn’t your parents come to pick me up?”

Qi Zhi said, “You don’t know what kind of temper your parents are? Can’t I pick you up?”

Xueyan said firmly: “No! As long as they don’t go to Longcun to apologize, I will never go back to Hancun!”

Qi Zhi stopped talking, he didn’t expect things to be like this. When Xueyan walked back, Qi Zhi followed her. He had a lot to say to Xueyan, but for some reason, he couldn’t say it. They walked to Xueyan’s house one after another like this, and Xueyan walked into the house with a twist and didn’t say anything.

Qi Zhi was stunned for a moment, then dragged his two heavy legs and walked in. Feng Laoliu and Fu Yufang were both sitting on the kang, and when they saw Qi Zhi, they pretended not to see it.

Qi Zhi said hard, “Dad, Mom, I want to take Xueyan back.”

The two of them almost shouted together: “No! Whoever beat us out, who took us back!”

Qi Zhi hesitated for a moment and said, “I will go back to the city tomorrow.”

Feng Lao Liu said, “Tell us what to do?”

Qi Zhi withdrew from the room. Walking into the yard, he passed a person. Although it was very dark, Qi Zhi could still see that the person was Li Shushan, who killed pigs.

The two looked at each other, but neither of them spoke.

The wheat seedlings are green.

When the autumn is coming to an end, the wheat seedlings on the ground are green. Qi Zhi stood on the roof of city buildings and often looked into the distance. The vast land was a layer of green in his eyes. The green color made Qi Zhi feel wronged, and his eyes were often wet. The grassy smell of the wheat seedlings also made him aggrieved, and Qi Zhi could smell it at such a distance. Qi Zhi was originally a taciturn and unsmiling person, so no one knew that he had pain in his heart. Qi Zhi was working on dredging or dredging the city’s sewers, and there were cars flying past his ears. Qi Zhi often felt that those cars had run over his body. Qi Zhi often has such hallucinations.

A little snow fell. Snowflakes came to the land like a joke before winter came. Qi Zhi has a natural affection for Xuehua, because of the charm and graceful nature of Xuehua, Qi Zhi likes them. Qi Zhi lay on the window sill and looked at it for a long time. If there was nothing else, Qi Zhi would look like this forever. At this time, someone called Qi Zhi outside, and Qi Zhi walked out without thinking. He didn’t expect anyone to look for him, he had no relatives or friends in this city. The person looking for him was Xueyan. Xueyan’s face turned red from the cold. The weather is really not very cold, but Xueyan’s face has been frozen red. Qi Zhi was a little at a loss, he didn’t know how he was at a loss. Did he come? He said let’s sit in the house. It sounded like a stranger. Xueyan was wearing a long camel hair coat, Qi Zhi looked at her, her hair seemed to be longer than the coat. Xueyan said, let me tell you something. Qi Zhi said, let’s talk. Xueyan said, let’s get a divorce. Qi Zhi’s heart skipped a beat, as if the heartstring was broken. Xueyan had changed her phone number since the last time, and Qi Zhi could no longer contact her. Qi Zhi said, “Have you made up your mind?” Xue Yan said she had made up her mind, she had already made up her mind. Qi Zhi wanted to say, what if I disagree? I thought and thought, but didn’t say anything. Qi Zhi asked when to go through the formalities, and Xueyan said you’d better come with me now.

They went to the Civil Affairs Bureau and went up to the third floor. Qi Zhi didn’t know how he got here, but he still reached the third floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The one who received them was a middle-aged woman with permed curly hair. The woman is drinking a glass of fresh milk, promoting her beauty experience while drinking, using fresh milk instead of boiled water. Xueyan said, “We’re here to file for divorce.” The woman asked while drinking, “How many years have you been married?” Xueyan said, “It’s been almost six years, and we have been separated since four years.” The woman said, “” The seven-year itch hasn’t reached yet, are you two going to discuss it again?” Qi Zhi’s face flushed blood, but he still shook his head.

The snow outside is already very heavy, one after another. The two stood in the snow, and their hair turned white in no time. Qi Zhi had hallucinations in an instant, as if they had already reached the age of gray hair. Qi Zhi had the desire to stand with Xueyan and walk hand in hand when she had gray hair. Xueyan was still as beautiful as when she was eighteen. At this time, Xueyan smiled, making Qi Zhi’s hallucinations disappear. Xueyan said: “I didn’t expect divorce to be so easy, as easy as marriage. I knew it was like this…” She changed the subject later. “I’ve been in Hancun for four years, but I never feel like I’m a Hancun. How strange.” Qi Zhi said to himself, that’s because you didn’t integrate, and I also prevented you from integrating. I always wanted to raise you like a flower, but you have no foundation and cannot support you. Thinking like this, Qi Zhi didn’t say it. Since he knew that she lived with Li Shushan, Qi Zhi felt that there was no need to say anything. Xueyan waved her hand and walked away. She still looks like a middle school student, maybe she hasn’t grown up. It wasn’t until Xueyan’s figure was buried in the crowd that Qi Zhi tore his throat and shouted, “Xueyan!”

People in the whole street stopped and looked back at Qi Zhi. Only Xueyan didn’t look back, she never looked back. Qi Zhi’s mood is very complicated, not all because of Xueyan, not all because of the divorce. Just like the cry he ripped out of his throat, it actually has nothing to do with Xue Yan. Qi Zhi didn’t call her because he wanted to keep her. Qi Zhi knew that Xueyan was not someone who wanted to stay. In fact, what Qi Zhi called was himself. All his years of hard work were passed on through that shout. From now on, Xueyan is no longer Xueyan, and Qi Zhi is no longer Qi Zhi.

With a bang, Qi Zhi felt something in his heart collapsed.

Xueyan soon got married to Li Shushan, who killed pigs in Longcun. That day Qi Zhi got out of the sewers of a road, and a man bent over to look over and said, “Isn’t this Qi Zhi?” Qi Zhi smiled embarrassedly, Qi Zhi was covered in oil. His face was also black and white. The person who came was Qi Tianxiao, a capable man from Hancun. The news of Xueyan’s marriage was what he told Qi Zhi. Qi Tianxiao said that Feng Laoliu always eats other people’s pig intestines for nothing, and he posted a girl out while eating. Longcun people have this quality. Qi Zhi’s already numb nerves hurt again. Of course he knew what kind of person Li Shushan was. He thought that a butcher might bring Xueyan more happiness than him. “Now Feng Laoliu doesn’t have to worry about snacks.” Qi Tianxiao added, “He bought fennel aniseed by the jins, saying that he was going home to stew the scorpions. This is the quality of the people of Longcun, and there is an uncle who kills pigs. You don’t know what Xueyan is like now, do you? She wears a bloody smock every day, and her hair is dirty and messy, but she’s not head-to-toe like in Hancun. Feng Laoliu ruined a girl already.”

Qi Zhi tried to think about what Xueyan looked like now, but couldn’t remember. But he knew that Xueyan must be a standard woman now. Maybe being a woman should be standard, otherwise she will always waver. Qi Zhi regretted that the time he understood this was now, not when he married Xueyan.

Qi Tianxiao added: “I heard that Xueyan regretted it long ago. She thought that Li Shushan had to have a lot of money, but he threw money everywhere in his house, and Xueyan always took it casually when they took a wedding photo. A few thousand. It was only after I got married that I found out that Li Shushan’s money is just that, and it’s gone when it’s spent. You say that the people of Longcun are evil, it sounds like they’re making up a story.”

Qi Zhi took a cigarette from Qi Tianxiao and took two puffs like a man. Qi Tianxiao added: “I heard that you are getting married too? If you are married, you should show it to the people of Longcun. If the rotten eggs from their village are missing, we will still make trough cakes.” Qi Zhi wanted to explain that he had no plans to get married, and remembered Xiubo, he felt that it was unfair to her to say it.

Mom repeatedly called him to talk about marriage, saying that there is no more suitable person than Xiubo.


When Qi Zhi returned home during the Spring Festival holiday, he immediately felt the joy at home. Both parents were so happy that they could not close their mouths. That kind of situation really made Qi Zhi feel very uncomfortable. Qi Zhi expected that his new year would be empty and lonely, but he didn’t expect things to be completely different. Ma took him to his house, where the new furniture was bright and dazzling. Mom said: “Everything that can be moved has been removed by the people of Longcun, and even the nails on the wall have not fallen off. That’s a bunch of bandits. But that’s fine, we’ll buy a new one. In the past, I was reluctant to spend money on you. Money, it’s different now, my son will tell Mom what he wants, and Mom will promise you everything.” Qi Zhi said with a wry smile, “It’s too early to buy these now.” Mom said, “It’s too early, my new daughter-in-law. But I can’t wait, just waiting for you to go home for a wedding.”

Qi Zhi was startled and asked, “Who is the new daughter-in-law?”

Ma said with satisfaction, “I told you, Xiubo.”

Qi Zhi and Xiubo met once, and everything was finalized. Xiubo sewed the clothes for Xiaojian, and put them on a kang of single cotton. Qi Zhi’s nose is sour, and his heart is hot. How can he be? I was free once, but not free. The marriage with Xueyan is like a big show with an open flame, and the relationship is his alone. Qi Zhi is always discouraged, feeling that his emotions can be shattered by life because of a little thing, and he is still incompetent. I think it has to be mixed with something hard, maybe, the quality of Xiubo is. He also felt that he owed something to his family, his mother, and Xiaojian, and he was willing to compromise. Qi Zhi clearly felt that he didn’t love Xiubo, Xiubo took out the scarf that he knitted by himself, and put it around Qi Zhi’s neck involuntarily, Qi Zhi felt a warm current warmed him. But that’s not love, it’s not love. The scarf was blood red, and it reflected Qi Zhi’s face red. Hanging down on both sides of the chest, I feel like a city person. Qi Zhi couldn’t help grinning. In the years when he wanted to marry Xueyan, Xueyan didn’t even sew a button for him, so he couldn’t help sighing. Xiubo stretched out the scarf flat, and turned over the collar of his shirt for him. Said: “I knitted a thick sweater for Xiaojian, but I haven’t tried it on the upper body. The child grows fast, so I deliberately knitted it bigger.” Qi Zhi endured and endured, but did not let the tears fall. Xiubo said again: “I know you don’t love me, I’m not beautiful, and I’m two years older than you. But one day I’ll make you fall in love with me, do you believe it?” Qi Zhi suddenly hugged Xiubo , but it is the feeling of hugging mother and sister. He really hoped that Xiubo was his mother or sister who could give him a good hug. Qi Zhi is a child who has been wronged, and there is nowhere to say that kind of grievance.

Qi Zhi and Xiubo got married, and many families in Han Village followed. The faces of my parents have become glorious, and there are many people who follow the ceremony, which proves that there are many people who agree with this marriage. Mom specially sewed a double quilt for them, and after only a few years of work, it has become popular in the countryside.

Every time my mother said, it’s good to cover a double quilt, it’s warm, and everyone in the city builds this. Mom’s eyes were even a little warm. When Qi Zhi didn’t look at her, she looked at Qi Zhi, and when Qi Zhi saw her, she hurriedly looked elsewhere.

It’s the time of the bridal chamber again.

Qi Zhi and Xiubo were lying side by side, neither touching the other. Qi Zhi wanted to put a hand on Xiubo’s body several times, but he couldn’t let it go. The lights in the room were very bright, and a landscape frame was hung where the photo of Xueyan was originally hung. The frame was chosen by my parents for Qi Zhi, and they must have thought that Qi Zhi liked it. If it was for themselves, they would buy the flowery kind. Xiubo had been dozing all the time, Qi Zhi secretly looked at her, remembered Xiubo’s desolate eyes when he was growing wheat, and was faintly moved. At that time, Qi Zhi persuaded her to find another person, and Xiubo said that it was not because he didn’t want to find him, but because he couldn’t find it. I don’t know if Xiubo has been found now. If so, there will always be one person who is not wronged in this marriage.

But Qi Zhi, who was lying under the duvet, felt nothing. The desire, the passion, and the beautiful imagination of love at the time have all gone. The quilt was not warm at all, and I always felt a cool breeze rushing around. The body is cold, and the heart is also cold. Qi Zhi wanted to see where the wind was blowing, but at a glance, he saw that there was an oil stain on the quilt between the two of them, the size of a fingernail. Qi Zhi suddenly remembered the quilt he bought in the department store, which was also stained with oil by Xiaojian. The quilt was hidden somewhere, and Qi Zhi never saw it. He suddenly sat up and turned the quilt inside out to see that it was indeed a new quilt and had nothing in common with the old one.

Qi Zhi suddenly had a strange feeling. He felt that the oil stain was Xueyan, and Xueyan was lying between him and Xiubo.

Qi Zhi sighed silently. Sighing out, he put Xiubo in his arms.

Qi Zhi was exhausted by a series of bizarre dreams. He opened his eyes and found that Xueyan had gotten up at some point. Qi Zhi was very puzzled that Xueyan had never woken up earlier than him. At this time, Xiubo broke in and said excitedly that the sow had produced nine piglets. Before he finished speaking, he ran away again.

Qi Zhimeng was very happy for a while. He rolled over and got out of bed, pulling his shoes and running out. His new life started like this, but Qi Zhi himself didn’t seem to think so.

Many years later, Qi Zhi found the double quilt at the bottom of his mother’s cabinet. According to Hancun’s custom, Xiubo burned a lot of her mother’s clothes, and Qi Zhi grabbed the quilt and carried it to Xiaojian’s house. Xiubo chased after him and asked him what he wanted to do. Qi Zhi said that Xiaojian was going to marry a daughter-in-law, and this quilt had never been covered by anyone and could be placed on his son’s wedding bed.

Many folds can not hide the gorgeous flowers on the quilt. Xiubo suddenly remembered those old things. She stood at the door for a moment and said nothing.

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