n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane CAS No. 3069-19-0

Unleash the Grip of Innovation: n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane (CAS No. 3069-19-0) from Pengrun Ltd.


Widely used in waterproofing agent products, can form a high-efficiency water-repellent film to inhibit water absorption.

Packaging and storage

After opening the package, it should be stored in isolation from moisture in the air to avoid hydrolysis and gel; It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place at a temperature of 25 °C with a shelf life of 12 months.

25L plastic drum packaging; 208L closed steel drum packaging.


Product number PR-203
Chemical name n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane
chemical formula C9H22O3Si
molecular weight 206.35
CAS 3069-19-0
Purity (chromatography)% ≥98%
Refractive index 1.407/25℃
Specific gravity g/cm³ 0.911/25℃
Boiling point °c 202℃


In the realm of material science, where success hinges on unwavering bonds, n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane (CAS No. 3069-19-0) emerges as a champion. This versatile silane coupling agent, from the trusted manufacturer Pengrun Ltd., redefines adhesion, opening doors to a world of enhanced performance and possibilities.

The Ultimate Bonding Bridge:

Imagine a molecule like a microscopic construction worker, effortlessly bridging the gap between organic and inorganic worlds. That’s the essence of n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane. Its unique structure features a long hydrocarbon chain (hexyl group) that creates a strong hydrophobic barrier, making it ideal for water-resistant applications. The silane moiety (Si-O bonds) readily forms covalent bonds with organic polymers like paints and resins, while also establishing strong connections with inorganic substrates like glass, concrete, and metals. This dual-action magic creates an incredibly robust interface, preventing delamination, enhancing mechanical strength, and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Beyond the Surface: A Grip on Diverse Applications:

The power of n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane extends far beyond mere surface-level adhesion. Its versatility shines in numerous industries, including:

Coatings: It strengthens the bond between paints and substrates, leading to chip-resistant finishes, improved weatherability, and extended coating life.
Sealants: It significantly improves the adhesion and water resistance of silicone sealants, ensuring durable and leak-proof applications.
Composites: As a silane crosslinker, it strengthens the bond between fiber reinforcements and resin matrices, resulting in high-performance composites with superior strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability.
Adhesives: It significantly improves the adhesion of adhesives to both organic and inorganic substrates, ensuring reliable and durable bonds for critical applications.
Construction: It strengthens the bond between sealants and building materials, leading to weatherproof and durable structures.

Pengrun Ltd.: Your Trusted Ally in Silane Solutions:

When it comes to quality and reliability, Pengrun Ltd. stands tall. Their commitment to stringent quality control and continuous innovation ensures you receive a consistently high-performing n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane, backed by expert technical support.

Embrace the Future of Innovation:

With its unmatched adhesion prowess and diverse applications, n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane from Pengrun Ltd. empowers you to:

Craft stronger, more durable materials.
Streamline manufacturing processes.
Innovate and push the boundaries of your industry.
Take the leap towards material mastery. Contact Pengrun Ltd. today and unlock the full grip of innovation with n-Hexyltrimethoxysilane!