My two female classmates

I heard that “five stars” is divorced again, she is my old classmate, this is her third divorce. It is said that her luck is so bad that she always meets scum men.

When she graduated from college, she had a boyfriend, introduced by relatives, the other is the youngest son of the family, the father is an official. A year after graduation, “five stars” got married. As her father-in-law retired, she and her husband had more conflicts, and she felt more or less cheated, and many things she wanted to do were not done yet!

Divorced, and found a businessman, but still did not live to the head. Then she had a third marriage, the other party is not good-looking, but treat her especially well. It is the kind of good that lowers itself to the dust and lifts her to the half-air. This time she felt she couldn’t go far wrong. Who knows, after a year, the ugly husband’s novelty has passed and his kindness to her has faded. Probably also because they found a five-star beautiful woman, self-importance, the more inflated.

When the “special goodness” disappeared, his ugliness became unbearable. Small eyes, thick lips, and a smell, the “five stars” had married him for his goodness to her, did she love him? Of course not. She left once again.

Because of the several marriages, her five-star face has been depleted to three stars or less. At the party, anyone can see that she is haggard in all her designer clothes to hide.

The girls in the same class back then, there is a beauty a star, some of the girls back then to not know the world shallow for her happiness worried about. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. A classmate reunion, the group found her beautiful a lot. The nourishment of life reconciled her appearance of “brown”, and her own temperament in the Dunliang rubbed together, like a rough pottery glazed.

This girl quit her job last year, took the marriage and family counselor certificate, opened a studio, and has a good business both online and offline. Really, there is nothing better than her for this profession. Her own happiness is the best advertisement. She is satisfied with everything, including the frank face of her appearance “brown”. She used to tease herself, and once told me, “You think my mom is angry, she came back from shopping the other day and told me happily, “I finally met someone who looks worse than you today!”

We both burst out laughing. She is so beyond the appearance of “brown”, exudes another kind of charm. It was a kind of spring breeze charm. Now we meet her, we call her “Teacher Ye”, is flirting, more admiration.

Once, we girls how envious of “five stars” good-looking ah, thought this good-looking must lead to happiness. It is only after a number of years, will know that the creation of happiness is not at all physical appearance, wealth, these visible things, they are some other invisible things, such as character, emotional intelligence, and independence and self-consciousness.

Until now, “five stars” still feels that she is too unlucky to meet someone. She hadn’t really thought about what the reason for her bad luck was. It is probably because she has been betting all her weight on the other party that she has been unlucky.

If there are any lessons in the life stories of these two female students, I would say that if one has enough self-respect and self-control, one can live a happy life in any situation. The kind of partner you meet is important, but more importantly, what kind of a person are you? Where will you take a relationship? Will it lead to the subway to spring or into the ditch?

How close you are to happiness depends on how close you are to yourself. This intimacy is not about eating and drinking well and primping yourself to look shiny on the outside, but about loving yourself from the inside and affirming your value. Just like my female classmate, Ms. Ye, she crossed the “hurdle” that many people see as an obstacle to happiness and went straight to her own happiness with determination.

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