My brother taught me a lesson

I have a very unconscious brother, college entrance examination results more than six hundred points, in Xi’an on a good university is more than enough, but he chose the University of Jilin.

So far away that I wanted to go see him but could not afford the plane ticket, just when the university made a lot of things. At that time, the most serious is that he wanted to drop out of school to start a business, how to persuade the family did not listen, and finally suddenly awakened to continue to go back to school classes.

The most important thing is that he wanted to quit school to start his own business. No one understands how many days and nights of study for the acceptance letter suddenly in his eyes is nothing.

This time he did not compromise, came to Beijing alone, and a group of young people doing his favorite artificial intelligence industry. His circle of friends is always attending meetings all over the country, and the occasional photo makes me feel that this child in my eyes has grown up.

His spare time is either studying or running. When I saw the photo of him sweating and smiling at the camera after running a marathon, I felt very touched because he is living the way he wants to.

Tonight, for the first time, I had a two-hour phone call with him. I never understood why he was so determined to give up the opportunity to go to graduate school, but now I am relieved that I have never seen a 23-year-old student who has just graduated plan his future so clearly.

I thought I was two years older than him, and my conversation with him should be me teaching him how to understand work and life. But every word he said during the two hours was like a cone to my pain.

I talked to him about making money and he said, “Sis, don’t you think making money is not something you should think about right now? I hope you can spend your time and money on yourself. Of course, I don’t mean eating, drinking and playing, I want you to keep improving yourself, learning English, doing scientific research, applying for patents, and five years later you will find that your achievements are far greater than the money you spent your time earning. If you have financial difficulties, I can help you, I just hope that after five years, your life value will be far higher than now.”

He said he came into contact with many colleagues who graduated from Tsinghua University and realized that people who went to prestigious schools did not necessarily have high IQs; most of them were desperate in their studies.

He said that when he first arrived in Beijing, he used all his savings to enroll in a listening, listening, reading and writing class because the meetings he attended were all in pure English and his English was poor.

I thought about myself and how all my savings were spent on enjoying life. I say, I often can’t sleep at night now, because I often think back to my years of school, feeling busy and busy but not learning anything.

I sometimes panic, very confused, and even afraid of the future, this fear comes from their current state of life. I also had a time like him, every day full of spirit to study, busy, full of fantasy about their future, but I do not know why, recently, I can not quite see my future.

He said, sister, do not need to think, a little bit to do. Well, starting today, do it little by little.

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