Multiple measures are needed to promote the development of the additive industry

To enhance market competitiveness, we need to rely on scientific and technological progress, actively innovate, and adjust the product structure of additives. Additive enterprises should focus on market demand, base themselves on existing conditions, introduce and develop new technologies, and develop new products. Natural, nutritious, safe, and multifunctional are the directions for the development of additives. Additive enterprises can vigorously develop such products. In order to improve the level of innovation, enterprises can jointly establish research and development centers with scientific research institutes, and develop more products with independent intellectual property rights and high added value and high technical content, striving to be one step ahead of competitors.

We should attach importance to the role of talents. Technical innovation, marketing, and technical services are all inseparable from high-quality talents. First of all, enterprises should make good use of key management personnel who are open-minded, broad-minded, and proactive, and let them formulate the development direction and measures for enterprises.

Secondly, introduce and cultivate technical development, technical service and marketing personnel, and adopt scientific incentive mechanisms to improve their work enthusiasm. In addition, we should strengthen the training of operators. Good production plans require good workers to implement them. Training high-quality technical workers is of great importance for improving the overall level and product quality of enterprises.

We should strengthen supervision and support. The relevant government departments should reform the supervision system of food additives. In addition to strictly issuing hygiene licenses for additives, they should also manage the production, sales and application of additives throughout the process, forming a unified, coordinated and efficient supervision mechanism. Many food quality incidents caused by additives are not caused by the quality of additives themselves, but by the abuse of food enterprises. It can be seen that supervision should be strengthened in the sales and application links of additives.

We should increase the efforts to report correctly on additives. Relevant units such as government functional departments, industry associations, additive enterprises and media should work together to publicize the role of additives correctly, guide food enterprises to use additives correctly, and guide consumers to understand additives correctly.