Mini truth

  Small handbags have been popular in recent years, and various fashion brands have flocked to produce mini bags. Regardless of the age of the shop, the handbags sold are the size of a coin purse or business card holder. Due to the cute and exquisite design of mini bags, the styles, materials and colors are endless, so fashion lovers have started to buy them. The mobile phone is in the hand, and it becomes an interesting scenery on the street. I have always loved to study dressing. Of course, I will not stay out of the trend. I have already purchased a lot of good ones, and I have learned a little bit of life philosophy from using the mini bag.

  The mini bag is not difficult to buy your favorite style, and it is not difficult to accompany it. The most difficult thing is the choice of items in the bag. Since I was young, I like to go out with complete equipment. Purse, documents, cosmetics, medicines, stationery, notebooks, thermos cups, shawls, etc., are divided into categories, neatly packed, and put all in a big bag for emergency needs. The former boss will attend work with me. I was surprised to say that my handbag is like a warehouse. Okay, now I switch to a small handbag, like moving from a thousand-foot house to a hundred-foot “nano building”, you can’t bring anything, you have to choose fiercely. In the process of sorting out, I found that I had always been extremely insecure. For example, I was always afraid of stomach pain and there were three kinds of painkillers in my bag. As I am no longer a student, my portable stationery includes not only ballpoint pens, but also highlighters and lead cores. Pen and correction tape; the most inexplicable thing is that I don’t know when I started, there will be dental floss and toothpicks in my handbag, but in fact, the rate of external use is extremely low. When everything couldn’t fit into the mini bag in front of me, I had to bite the bullet and discard it. Finally, I didn’t even bring my wallet. I put my documents, bank cards, tissues, keys and a lipstick in the bag and left. Of course, that trip was good, but the outfit was much more chic and light.
  A fashion trend makes me bold to make changes. In fact, life is the same. The more people, things, and things are held on, the more cumbersome they are, and they don’t necessarily lead to better lives. Self-examination at the right time, eliminating unnecessary things, letting go of the burden, and reducing the burden is often easier than imagined, and there is no need to worry too much. Just as I go out with my beloved mini bag, I can still live safely and comfortably, and walk lighter than before.

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