“Meta Universe” VS Smart Phone: Embrace If You Can’t Hit

The relationship between the meta-universe concept and VR

  ”Meta universe” is a very dazzling concept. People of course want to see that it is not just a concept, but another emerging industry after looking at smart phones.
  Strictly speaking, smart wearable devices have always been regarded as the new terminal carrier after mobile phones, but whether it is smart headsets, smart watches, and VR (virtual reality) glasses that were once very popular around 2016, or the market space is relatively vertical and insufficient It is imaginative, or the hardware experience and application ecology are too far away, so that VR itself is actually not particularly big in 2018 except for mini games, live broadcasts, indoor travel, and viewings combined with panoramic technology. The scene breaks through.
  Although VR itself as an industry is not tepid, but it is just waiting for the opportunity (in fact, you can search for some vertical self-media accounts about VR, in fact, these years have survived, indicating that the industry itself exists), part of it Entrepreneurs decisively abandon the all-in-one VR with time delay and relatively insufficient content, and choose more practical augmented reality (AR) combined with smartphones. Augmented reality has gradually become a “Metaverse”.
  This is why Cook is reluctant to use the technical term AR instead of the popular “meta universe” to express it.
  The reason why the concept of “meta universe” was born is related to Western religious and cultural beliefs. They believe that the universe originated from the idea of ​​God. The so-called “God creation” actually uses ideas to materialize activities. In this religious idealistic worldview Underneath, it is easy to package the world of information presented on the retina into a spiritual “universe”, which is indeed incredible for the Chinese.
  Of course, in recent years, everyone has become accustomed to using vocabulary such as “Marvel Universe”, which is an “IP story collection” for us. In this way, we have to say that we have to cut some content-level truths.
Usage scenarios of mainstream AR products

  To put it simply, this type of AR product (that is, the specific product corresponding to the current popular “meta universe” concept) is to make full use of the computing power and applications of smartphones to directly map or screen it to similar Google glasses.
  Currently, Meta Universe’s landing products include Rokid, and ByteDance has invested 9 billion yuan in the all-in-one Pico (I don’t know if it is combined with mobile phones). There are many players entering the Meta Universe industry chain, but if you want to surpass VR machines to open the so-called content And the “multi-dimensional universe” at the application level, AR products must be combined with mobile phones.
  Let’s describe a scenario where
  people connect their mobile phones to the Bluetooth of AR Meta universe products, or place them on a special screen projection device (charged), then put on AR glasses and adjust their myopia. Correct the focal length of your pupil and you can see the apps on your mobile phone on the retina. You can click the button like an infrared transmitter on your hand, and you can click on the apps you see in front of the “eyes”, such as Douyin, and you can use the short video of Douyin. , You can also click on WeChat to choose a friend to chat and make a video call, etc.; you can also return to the desktop and click on iQiyi to follow the drama…
  In short, AR cleverly avoids the self-developed computing power required by VR (especially making the device It is very heavy to wear on the head), which also avoids reopening the corresponding APP application ecology based on a new wearable device. After all, the developer ecology itself is more difficult to achieve than the opening of smart hardware. In addition, now that users can achieve a better experience through APP, such as the aforementioned games, remote viewings, live broadcasts, etc., mobile phones can actually be satisfied. VR can neither surpass mobile phones to provide better user experience, but also There is no way to use high market education costs to change the mobile phone-based media contact habits of mainstream users.
AR as the relationship between Meta universe and smartphones

  Thanks to the blessing of the mobile Internet, mobile phones are the medium with the lowest barriers to use, the richest functions, the greatest commercial value, and the most mature application ecology in human history. To be N times larger. Now that there is a new hardware carrier that can subvert mobile phones, it seems to be a bit idiotic. However, the pragmatic approach of Metaverse with AR as the main attack direction is:
  ”If you can’t beat it, you will embrace.”
  It is this kind of product development and breakthrough. The idea also determines that the smartphone itself has become the “ceiling” of current wearable AR products; but because the ceiling of the mobile phone is high enough and the native application experience of APP is sufficiently mature, the AR product itself has enough “gimmicks”. It may also make up for the lack of 2D rendering of some mobile phones on tangible screens. For example, in scenes such as enjoying photos, social videos, and playing games, AR mapping “secondary applications” can indeed achieve a more “cool” three-dimensional rendering effect. Perhaps it is the reason why Facebook has become the pioneer of the so-called “meta-universe”. If you have an impression, you will know that the VR outlet a few years ago was also promoted by Facebook. This is because the core business of Facebook is actually the social relationship chain. Ins, videos, games, etc. on the Internet, integrate its core product lines with the help of Meta Universe.
  From the perspective of Facebook’s active deployment, Tencent will follow up in the meta-universe field sooner or later, if nothing unexpected happens.
  It is worth mentioning that Meta Universe’s practice of using mobile phones as servers and basic hardware to extend its business is actually very similar to blockchain.
  Everyone knows that the blockchain itself has a grand pursuit of a completely different path from the current mobile Internet route. In fact, Bitcoin itself is a virtual financial transaction system that bypasses the real currency online. It advocates distributed accounting and The decentralization method itself can make up for the data pollution of the Internet itself and the shortcomings of the monopoly of the platform, but if the blockchain does not combine the transaction market of mobile applications, the user participation mining mechanism, and the community constituted by various mobile applications, there is nothing at all. The method allows Bitcoin and other digital tokens to form sufficient liquidity, and it is difficult to achieve landing in a true sense; even if the corresponding mobile phone computing power is not combined, the number of concurrent transactions on the line will be extremely poor. fail.
  It is precisely along this path that Metaverse basically introduced the blockchain community’s reward and redemption mechanism for user participation. What’s interesting is that Facebook itself is also an active promoter of blockchain Libra. In fact, since it is virtual The currency itself is the wall of digging the dollar, and the Fed will definitely not let it become the currency in the Internet world. This determines the end of the blockchain virtual currency from the very beginning, and it is a long way to go. But Facebook considers that the blockchain can be combined with behaviors such as games on AR glasses.
  In addition, Roblox Studio design sandbox games can actually use virtual robox currency for players to build virtual reality in the game world.
  Wearing AR glasses is “mining” to differentiate from playing with smartphones. This pattern is really big (but since September 24, it has been stipulated that virtual currency-related business activities are illegal in China, and related mining The behavior is no longer feasible)!
  After all, Meta Universe, which is in the stage of financing and capital market building, wants to show its commercial value to investors. It often puts all the cards on its hands and puts it in a concept to open up investors’ imagination, thereby enhancing its own valuation. value.
  It is based on the mobile phone as the basic software and hardware model, AR or Metaverse players only need to do the mapping (adaptation) of mobile phones and smart glasses, which combines the application results and rich content of the mobile Internet instead of Building an ecosystem like the previous development of VR has a higher success rate; at the same time, it also resolves the need for strong computing power and cloud service support infrastructure for online virtual content, thus becoming an exciting product innovation in the capital market.
  However, the mobile phone itself is self-contained. Whether people will need AR or Metaverse hardware products to bring new experiences, it still needs to be verified by the market, but it will definitely be the first to explode in the entertainment field. It is certainly not very practical for a text worker like Ah Xing who has a myopia of 800 degrees. Is it better to put your battlefield and excitement in the virtual world like “Ready Player One”, or is it more boring for life? This question is more complicated, so let’s leave it to a sociologist!

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