Little white dog

  Whenever I pass by a long alley on a snowy day, looking at the windows with deep curtains on both sides, I always think of that little white dog, and always feel that it will suddenly poke its head out from under a certain curtain… It was my first time in New
  York In that year, I didn’t drive. I lived in Flushing, and every time I went to a school in Jamaica, I always walked a short distance to catch a bus. When school first started, it was autumn with golden wind and red leaves. These roads were not only not bitter, but also enjoyable; There is a lot of nostalgia in the world, and it is a bit miserable.
  Coming out of my house on Eich Street, I always turn left and wait for a bus on the curb on the next street. There is a small grocery store not far from the right side of the station. When the weather is warm, some young Hispanics often gather in front of the store. Their noise annoys me; but as the weather gets colder, after the children hide in the house, they are lonely again. stand up. At the beginning, I could pick up the bright yellow ginkgo leaves at my feet, so as to alleviate the loneliness of waiting for the bus. When the north wind blows, even the leaves are hard to come by.
  The cars in New York are not as punctual as I thought earlier, especially the orange-red buses that cross the district and shuttle in the alleys, sometimes people can wait for twenty or thirty minutes.
  At first I always stood very close to the middle of the street and looked around, but the increasingly biting cold wind forced me to shrink to the foot of the wall.
  It was an old red brick house, a five-story apartment, and the gate was twenty meters away from the license plate. Facing the station, there are other people’s windows, always with faded, yellow curtains hanging down.
  It was another cold day that forced me to stay close to the edge of the building. The car still didn’t come, and I was panicking from the cold. Suddenly, a small head poked out from behind the curtains of someone’s house. It turned out to be a cute little white dog. It must have been standing on a chair or something, struggling He leaned on his neck and looked out, staring at me.
  It has brown-black eyes, very bright, and a small black nose. It breathes hard against the window glass, as if it wants to smell me, but it breathes out a cloud of water vapor.
  I squeezed my eyes at it, and it seemed very excited, and the water vapor on the glass also expanded. The curtain kept trembling, and it was believed that its tail was also constantly swaying behind it. I whistled twice, its ears trembled, and its eyes seemed to be brighter.
  Suddenly a pair of big hands stretched out from behind the curtain, grabbed its body, and it disappeared behind the curtain.
  Even so, the appearance of this little white dog made me forget the cold, and the bus turned around not far away.
  The next day, I went to the station to wait for the bus. Look at the window, there is no little white dog, think about the car that I have been waiting here for several months, only yesterday I saw the puppy, maybe it was brought by a guest by chance! I whistled anyway. It didn’t come up and I blew again.
  The curtains began to tremble. First, two little paws lay on the window sill, breathing wildly with the little black nose, and the little white dog came out again.
  So every day after two o’clock in the afternoon, when I went to the station to wait for the bus, I always whistled it out. When it doesn’t come up, I just keep blowing and have to call it out. And most of the time it would show up, panting wildly every time, as if it had a lot to say to me, but it didn’t take long for its owner to take it away in an unreasonable manner.
  The winter is getting deeper, and sometimes when I am waiting for the car, there will be dense snow suddenly, and in a short while, one side of the old ginkgo can be dyed silvery white, and my hat, shoulders, and shoe uppers are covered with a layer of white snow; When I was teasing the little white dog, I even forgot to shake off the snowflakes on my body. When I got on the bus, the snow melted and wet my clothes.
  Sometimes I would bring a few pieces of beef jerky, a nostalgic luxury item sent from China, that I would share with the little white dog. It’s a pity that it can only inhale through the frosted windowpanes, but it still fails to appear from the main entrance not far away as I expected.
  That was the first midwinter I experienced in the United States, a winter of ice and snow for a wanderer from a foreign land who was “longing to go home at the end of the year”. I don’t have many friends, and no matter how many letters I have from home, I always feel that it is not enough. This cute, unknown little white dog has become a friend who I know by heart through the window. It seemed to anticipate my presence, and sometimes I could see its upturned head from afar as I walked towards the station.
  In fact, the window sill is not too wide, but it has never sat on it, presumably the things under it are not high enough, so it can only look up. On the contrary, after two heavy snowfalls, the snow plow piled snow on both sides of the road. I stood on the snow, put my face against the window, and kissed it. Although it was cold glass, there were many knowing smiles. I know it’s extremely rude to look at other people’s windows, but I can’t help but want to get close to the little white dog. Sometimes I think that in the past it was my hope to comfort my loneliness and forget the cold, but gradually I seem to have become its hope too.
  Unexpectedly, just one afternoon when the winter was about to fade and the treetops were lit up with new greenery, when I was talking to it silently as usual, suddenly the curtain was half drawn, and an old woman didn’t know that she was still a little girl to me through the window. The dog barked a few times, and the little white dog never appeared again.
  No matter how loud I whistled, the curtains still fell. I went from hope and waiting to disappointment and anger: how can a puppy be locked in the house all day? It must be more lonely than me! Sometimes I went for a walk around that apartment, especially on holidays, and I never saw the little white dog come out for a walk, but the old woman often came in and out calling friends.
  Day by day, although the weather has long been warm, the spring scenery in front of me can’t replace my longing for the little white dog. I believe people nearby will wonder why this oriental face always faces the old woman every time he waits for the bus The window whistled violently.
  In late spring, the house I bought near the school was handed over. When my friends helped me move everything to the new house, I asked them to drive me to the place where I lived, to the station—— He decided to knock on the old woman’s door and protest to her, asking her to improve her attitude towards the little white dog immediately.
  I rang the doorbell and the old woman’s voice came through the intercom. I explained to her why I came, and hoped to see the little white dog again and say goodbye.
  ”I removed the chair by the window, I don’t want it to see you; you’d better not see it, because you will be disappointed!” “Is it sick?” I was taken aback, “Is it dead?
  ” Nothing, same as before!”
  ”Then let me watch it again! Because it helped me get through the coldest winter of my life!”
  ”Since you insist, just wait outside the window where you often stand, and you will know how hard it takes to look at you every time.”
  I flew to the window, happily blowing the whistle I often whistled , My heart almost jumped out, this is the moment when I will reunite with my long-lost best friend!
  The curtains were opened, and the old woman stood behind the window, bent down, and finally, the little white dog I had been looking forward to day and night appeared before me again: the old woman lifted the little white dog up slowly, and I was shocked, too shocked to speak ——That cute little white dog, unexpectedly…has no two hind legs.

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