Lead to a beautiful, wise and good life

  The German philosopher Jaspers once put forward the concept of “Axial Age”. During that period, a group of great philosophers and their ideas emerged from various civilization zones of human beings, which profoundly affected the human spirit, world outlook and life paradigm. To this day, human beings are still living among the basic questions they raised.
  Socrates, Buddha, Confucius and Jesus, among many sages, Jaspers chose these four great philosophers.
  He believes that even in the dazzling Axial Age, these four sages have unrivaled extraordinary status in terms of depth of thought and breadth of influence.
  From the perspectives of life, core thought, and influence of later generations, he presents the life course and ideological essence of the four sages, trying to penetrate the layers of fog of history, mythology and ideology, and restore the real image of the philosopher as much as possible for readers.
  In Jaspers’ view, the greatness of these four sages is not only in their enrichment of human knowledge. As a representative of existentialism, his focus is on the proposition of “existence”.
  The vision of these four philosophers penetrated the concrete human life, directly hit the human existence itself, and provided a model for the human existence form through personal practice. They expand the possibilities of human existence, which is what makes them really great.
  The four philosophers also have four completely different approaches to life.
  Socrates entered daily life, made full use of reason and wisdom to pursue the truth, and tried to implement a good life until the last moment of his life; Buddha realized the inescapable suffering of human beings, and by eliminating self and “abandoning” earthly things. Way to achieve the transcendence of human beings; Confucius paid great attention to the order of the world, and responded to the troubled times with the way of a gentleman, demonstrating the greatness and possibility of human nature; Jesus faced the fate of human beings, and with extremely serious and thorough faith, provided for human beings. the way of redemption.
  The existence of these sages, and the questions they raise, can make ordinary people uneasy. The reason is that “as soon as we perceive that our troubled lives are getting further and further away from their ardent focus, we feel the pressure and the urgency to arouse our sincerity.”
  However, the path provided by the sages is not for future generations to imitate. True wisdom is not obtained by indoctrination, but only by individual awakening.
  ”They are the hanging lights that help us find our way, but they are not the imitation objects that we follow step by step.”
  The path that the sages have traveled is our ideological resource, and it is truly beneficial to face life and existence with a sincere attitude. ultimate proposition.
  Jaspers also reminded that it is impossible to complete the path traversed by these four sages at the same time in one’s life. Although they are four different aspects of life, they cannot be integrated into one. A path to perfection. One can only choose one and make up his mind to practice and accomplish it.

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