Keep a low profile

In the Internet age, a person can only be seen, known, and paid attention to if he has a high profile.

High-profile must be strong, not afraid of attack, in turn, the more attacked, the more attention it will become, the more likely it will become the protagonist of public opinion, and what you do will sell well; high-profile is not only beautiful, but also brings fame and fortune.

High-profile people can also be addictive. High-profile people are often inseparable from high-profile people. For example, the cigarettes people smoke and the alcohol they drink, the better they get, the less they can go down, and the more uncomfortable they get. But the network is rolling, like the new and dislike the old. It is difficult for anyone to stand in the high-pitched area all the time, so they must constantly toss, hype, build momentum, and create trouble in order to maintain a high profile.

Some people think that a high profile is a kind of success, but it is not. High profile is just a way of living in this era. Of course, everyone has the right to choose their own way of living, and it is understandable to choose anything.

However, some people choose another way of living – low-key. This kind of person doesn’t like to be noticed by people with every move, and talked about with every word. Understand that in a commodity society, the price of high-profile existence is commodification. In this way, people who are willing to keep a low profile are not known, but they can do what they like in a down-to-earth way, fully enjoy and savor life, and live a peaceful, stable and practical life.

Low-key is to live in your own world, high-profile is to live in someone else’s world.

Culture is the same.

Business culture must be high-profile, only high-profile will sell hot, low-key who knows, who will buy it? However, a hot item cannot always be a hot item, and sooner or later it will be replaced by something fresher and trendier. Therefore, fashion is the darling of business culture. The most successful ones in the market are fashion items. People say that fashion is created by creating momentum, and there are a lot of colorful bubbles in it, but business culture is not afraid of bubbles, because it only seeks the commercial effect at that time, the shock and strength of the moment, and does not seek lasting charm.

Therefore, it is difficult for another pure culture to pursue the charm of lasting life to become popular today, but it will not give up its own pursuit for the popularity. It is content with loneliness because it is convinced of the value and meaning of this culture.

I have great respect for some of my colleagues. In a society dominated by the market, I am afraid that writers are the most composure group of people. They do not know where to hide on weekdays, and they rarely put their heads out to probe their brains. Touching the depth of life and human nature, the creativity of words is astonishing. When people read it and talk about it, they don’t know where to go without making a sound. Perhaps, only in this way can I write a work that truly understands the life of society.

Some writers are naturally low key. They live in the deep folds of society, but also in their own hearts and dispositions, so they can see the light in the darkness and the shadows in the sun, as well as the pain points in the depths of the earth. They are not born to be stars, they do not manage themselves, but only shape the characters in their writings; it is the same for any thinker: they are low-key in order to make their thoughts truly a high-profile of the times.

Enjoy low-key – low-key quiet, grounded, deep and meaningful. Being low-key is not about being marginalized, forgotten, or incompetent; on the contrary, only self-confidence can be low-key and content with low-key.

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