How to Turn Shortcomings into Business Opportunities

  There is a village called Tamba in Japan. When the whole of Japan is becoming rich, it has not yet got rid of poverty and backwardness, but they have no secret recipe for getting rich, and there are no special products in the village. Later, they went to Tokyo to invite an expert named Isaka Hongyi. After learning about the situation in this village, Isaka Hongyi was also very embarrassed.
  Finally, he turned around and thought, since there is only “poverty and backwardness”, why not sell poverty and backwardness? He suggested to the villagers: If you want to sell poverty and backwardness, you have to be more poor and backward. In the future, don’t live in a house, but live in a tree; don’t wear clothes made of cloth, but bark and animal skins, just like our ancestors lived thousands of years ago, so that people from the city will come Sightseeing and tourism, which will bring rich tourism income. After the villagers followed suit, the news spread to various cities. For a while, there were a lot of tourists. In less than a year, the villagers in Danbo Village became rich.
  ”Poverty” has always existed in people’s consciousness as a shortcoming, which is lackluster. Yet it is precisely poverty that people here take advantage of to get out of poverty.
  In the eyes of ordinary people, shortcomings are quite terrible, a kind of risk, which means failure. If a company’s products have shortcomings, they can’t wait to find a fig leaf to cover them up, because the shortcomings will cause a crisis of trust and shrink the market. However, if you experience the extraordinary from the ordinary, and then consider how to directly exploit these shortcomings, then you can also find business opportunities. It can be considered that shortcomings are sometimes business opportunities rather than “injury” opportunities. To understand this sentence, we must open our minds and let go of our thinking.
  We all know that all juice drinks will have sediment. While most manufacturers mark “if there is a small amount of precipitation as natural pulp components” at the bottom of the bottle body, Nongfu Orchard uses reverse thinking psychology to do the opposite – instead of concealing the problem with fear, it is better to easily tell consumers By. They used this as a promotional slogan, and “shake before drinking” is prominently printed on the bottle. “Shake it” implies consumers – “I have real materials, squeezed from three kinds of vegetables and fruits”.
  There is such a widely circulated sentence in the product manual of Nongfu Orchard: “What we do in this industry is not just adding a new brand, but a new product, a product that is not bound by the existing ‘regulations’ , its appearance will definitely change the rules of the game in this industry.” With this belief, Nongfu Orchard used a sentence that is often used by the industry to eliminate the misunderstanding of precipitation in beverages-“If there is precipitation, it is normal, please shake it well after Drink again” has become a fashionable way of drinking. As a result, even the decision-makers of Nongfu Orchard did not expect that relying on this selling point, the sales of beverages soared all the way. This is “taking shortcomings as features and features as selling points”, which eventually became a classic case that consumers will never forget.
  In today’s commodity economy world where “thousands of horses are galloping and the battle is still raging”, the competition in the market is the competition of wisdom. Whoever can find a vacancy in the market can seize the opportunity and occupy a new market. It can be said that there are various shortcomings and various profits. If you don’t even know where the shortcomings are and what they are, there will be no business opportunities. In the process of discovering business opportunities, a key point is that you have to capture and observe the real needs of consumers, so that you can turn shortcomings into selling points that they recognize, instead of bluntly referring to a deer as a horse and turning right from wrong.
  From now on, please re-examine the unchangeable shortcomings of your business and your products, and see if you can extract the “shortcomings” that are beneficial to consumers, condense them into a selling point, and truthfully tell consumers the reason , maybe this method can bring you unexpected gains.

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