How to Live Happily in a World of Slander and Envy: Inspired by Keigo Higashino’s “White Night Walk”

After reading Keigo Higashino’s “White Night Walk”, I deeply understand the phrase “There are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart”.

Knowing people, knowing the face but not knowing the heart, and getting along with others, we can never accurately identify a person’s heart.

The so-called human heart is separated from the belly. In this world, it is impossible to understand the human heart and understand human nature.

Maybe you will be slandered in an inadvertent moment, you will be speculated because of a trivial matter, and you will feel frustrated because of other people’s comments.

But as you grow older, you will slowly discover that those who especially like to slander others are themselves unhappy.

A friend shared such a story, and I was quite moved after hearing it.

After work, my friend bought what she wanted through her own efforts, for which she felt a sense of accomplishment. After a good month, she finally bought the bag she had always liked.

Because she was really happy, she sent a circle of friends.

To her surprise, an old classmate who had not been in touch for many years commented: This bag looks fake.

There was even a comment that teased her: which man gave it to me again.

Seeing these comments, she was very surprised. Spending her own money to buy something she likes is a very normal thing, why would it be vilified.

In real life, there are always such people who like to magnify other people’s words and deeds, look for other people’s shortcomings, and try their best to slander others.

There is a saying: “You can live well, but you can’t live better than me.”

Fearing that others will live better than themselves, so they create something out of nothing and deliberately slander others.

Such a person does not deserve happiness, nor will he have true happiness.

Even if happiness is in his hands, he can’t grasp it, he will only disturb other people’s happiness.

People who like to slander others expose their own ignorance and ignorance.

Slandering seems to be pulling and stepping on others, but it is actually destroying oneself.

What a person looks like to the outside world is what his heart looks like.

People who can’t see the good of others and speak ill of others are not only immature, but also make their own hearts dirty.

People who are truly happy don’t bother to point fingers at other people’s lives.

Even if they envy the lives of others, they will work hard to pursue the life they want, and naturally they will live happier and happier.

And people who always promote themselves by slandering others are like frogs at the bottom of a well, and they will not get any improvement in their abilities.

In this world, there are mountains beyond mountains, and people beyond people. There are really many excellent people.

pictureSource: Panoramic Vision
Rather than being envious or jealous, it is better to read more, exercise more, and see the outside world more, enrich your life experience, and strive to improve yourself.

A sober person knows how to put the focus of life on himself, instead of staring at the excellence of others.

Happiness is not obtained by comparing and stepping. Happiness comes from the heart. It is the love of life and the abundance of self-spirit.

The host He Jiong said: “Praise words can be blurted out, but words of slander should be thought twice.”

However, there are many people who blurt out words of slander, but are very stingy in words of praise.

Many times, those who love to slander others look at the excellence of others with colored glasses.

But every outstanding person has his own ability.

Don’t dare to admit the excellence of others, dare not face your own badness;

Seeing other people’s success is a fluke, and deliberately fabricating lies to slander others;

I want to be happy, but I am afraid that others will be happier than myself…Once you have such a mentality, you will never get happiness.

Happiness, in a certain sense, lies in how you define happiness and how you view happiness.

Those who are truly happy, they recognize and bless others.

When you slander others, the first thing you get dirty is your own mouth.

Happiness needs to be obtained through one’s own efforts, not by slandering others to obtain that so-called sense of balance or superiority.

Everyone is pursuing a better life, what bag we carry, what clothes we wear, what size house we live in, what kind of car we drive, it has nothing to do with others.

What other people’s lives are like has nothing to do with us.

Happiness has always been in our own hands, and the most important thing is to be rich in heart and rich in spirit.

The rest of your life is very precious. May you let go of your obsession with others, take care of your own happiness, live your current life with your heart, and have a better life.