How to Develop Strong Determination and Concentration to Achieve Your Goals

  Maintaining concentration is a practice, concentration can produce tranquility, tranquility can produce wisdom, and wisdom can then lead to peace. Your determination determines how far you can go.
  At work, I admire this kind of person: no matter how difficult or urgent the situation is, he can remain calm and composed, understand the situation first, and then make quick decisions and find ways to deal with them. This kind of person has a calm mind, does not panic when encountering difficulties, sees flowers blooming and falling, is not surprised by favors and disgrace, and remains unchanged despite the collapse of Mount Tai, which makes people sincerely admire him.
  Concentration is so important, it has nothing to do with intelligence. Some people are very smart, but they always care about gains and losses. If they are not satisfied, they lose their determination and choose to give up. The road to success is not crowded, but there are many people who choose to give up. Those who can really persevere to the end are determined people. Concentration is mainly reflected in these three aspects:
  1. Stable mentality
  . Some people have unstable mentality and are particularly prone to emotions. They lose control when encountering unexpected situations and want to give up when encountering difficulties. People with determination have a stable mentality and will not be easily swayed by emotions. He will digest negative emotions by himself, look at the environment optimistically, and find ways to solve problems.
  People with a stable mentality do not panic when encountering problems. No matter how wind blows or rains, they remain unmoved, not anxious or impatient, and can deal with things they encounter calmly. Don’t be impetuous when doing things, work steadily, solve the current problems in a down-to-earth manner, and create conditions for the results you expect. After doing something, no matter what the result is, you can face it calmly, withstand setbacks, win applause, and not be disturbed by noise.
  2. Stable rhythm
  A steady rhythm means not panicking, being able to do things well step by step, being responsible for the results, and doing the right things. People who lack concentration are unable to maintain a steady pace, are not practical enough in doing things, and do not think deeply. They always look at the heights of other mountains, and when they see good ideas from others, they just use them, regardless of whether they are suitable for them. If you don’t do well, you never look for problems within yourself. You always attribute the cause to others and the bad external environment.
  Why can’t you keep the rhythm? ①Can’t see the direction. He didn’t have a clear understanding of what to do, his mind was in chaos, and he couldn’t see the path to accomplishing it, so he panicked and lost his concentration. ②Can’t find a way. He may have found a direction, but not how to achieve his goal. If there is no method, people will become ill and go to the doctor indiscriminately, doing whatever they want. ③The ability is not reached. When his ability does not match his desire, he will become very anxious and lose his rhythm.
  3. Ideal stability:
  Everyone has a simple ideal in his heart and a long-term goal that he wants to achieve. However, when you stand at the crossroads of life and see thousands of storms, can you still stick to your ideals? Economist Xue Zhaofeng said that people naturally like things that are present and certain; they will be wary of things that can only be consumed in the future. The shorter the return period, the greater the certainty and peace of mind. Therefore, when faced with choices, many people tend to pursue immediate gratification and ignore long-term value. For the sake of immediate interests, they lost their ideals and used any means to achieve their goals. They even kept giving up their principles and lived a life they hated. People with determination will be determined in long-term value, do difficult and right things, and will not give up until they achieve their goals.
  How to practice your concentration? First of all, we must cultivate our character. Many people lack concentration mainly because their character is too bad and they choose to give up when they encounter some setbacks and grievances. To cultivate your character, you need two powers: one is the power of insensitivity. You have to be tough-skinned, don’t be glassy, ​​don’t be overly sensitive to external evaluations and vision, and maintain a certain degree of “sluggishness” in your heart; the second is willingness. May the road be as long as it is. Many times, the reason why you feel the difficulty is too great is because your willingness is too small. When your will is only as big as a table tennis ball and you encounter difficulties as big as basketball, you can’t see the goal, only the difficulties. However, when your desire is as high as Mount Everest, even if your difficulties are as high as Mount Tai, they are insignificant. You have to find what you really love. Love is the magic weapon to overcome fear.
  Secondly, we must improve our capabilities. Concentration comes from ability. Ability is the magic needle that makes you invincible. What you get by luck will eventually be lost due to lack of strength. The best way to improve your capabilities is to take on greater responsibilities and constantly solve problems. As you solve one problem after another, your abilities will continue to rise to a new level.
  Finally, delay gratification. The general is on his way, not chasing the rabbit. Don’t chase the petty gains in front of you, but take a longer-term view and delay gratification.
  Maintaining concentration is a practice, concentration can produce tranquility, tranquility can produce wisdom, and wisdom can then lead to peace. Your determination determines how far you can go.