How to Create an Entrepreneur IP Through Short Videos?

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are taking the production of short video content as the core position of individuals and brands, and live broadcasting as a connecting path for brand transformation.

However, short videos are sometimes really confusing: Some people are neither new media professionals with a strong “net sense” nor planners, but they can break through the siege on an extremely competitive platform; The professional players who rushed into the battlefield, after holding high and hitting high, they fell into the sand instead.

A cruel reality is: as the most popular attention resource at the moment, it is not easy to really seize the short video dividend. To create entrepreneurial IP, we must follow the trend, and we must also systematically learn how to explode the volume of video IP, and implement the strategy of creating explosive content throughout the entire process and field of business operations.

Positioning Logic of Entrepreneur’s Personal IP
1. Business goals: There are three kinds of business goals for creating entrepreneurial IP: direct realization, business realization, and increase in capital market value. Therefore, the first step in positioning is to first clarify the business goals of creating an entrepreneur’s IP, and then to position the image and personality of the entrepreneur. If e-commerce brings goods, you can create an image of an expert who understands the industry and products; if you want to monetize the back-end business and divert traffic to the private domain, you can position yourself as a practitioner and leader in the industry; and if you want to increase the value of the capital market , Focus on increasing fans during operation, and the personal position can be an industry observer.

2. Memory points: According to the past experience and personality characteristics of the characters, it is necessary to extract memory points that can form differentiated cognition in the minds of users. For example, Luo Yonghao’s key words are “industry dark lights”, “repeated battles and repeated defeats”, and “returning the truth”; Li Guoqing’s key words are “uprightness”, “angry youth” and “loving people”. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the character setting should be full and three-dimensional, and the advantages and disadvantages can be magnified to make the audience feel real. After all, no one is 100% perfect. The personalized operation of account content is very critical.

3. Social value: The higher-level entrepreneurial IP positioning is to spread the social value of entrepreneurs and continuously output entrepreneurial values ​​in content operations. For example, Yu Minhong’s keywords: educators, leading unemployed teachers to help farmers bring goods, the pattern and position are higher.

Steps for Entrepreneurs to IP
1. Look for benchmarking accounts, disassemble high-profile content, and imitate the copywriting structure. For most entrepreneurial IPs, if they are in the stage of starting an account, don’t write content manuscripts as soon as they come up, you can first read the entrepreneurial IPs on the platform, disassemble the content copywriting of popular models, and imitate the account style and shooting techniques. Because the underlying logic of the short video platform is that content that has been “exploded” will “explode” again. Pay special attention to imitating the structure of the copywriting, not 100% plagiarism. Only by integrating the unique personality and style of IP with the content created after the second creation, can we slowly measure the content style that suits us at the stage of starting the account.

Special attention should be paid to the creation of character design is a long-term process, which needs to be comprehensively reflected in the content scene, character language, and character demeanor.

2. Tag the account. Before releasing content in the early stage, while swiping more benchmarking accounts, pay attention to benchmarking accounts, like and bookmark popular content, and collect popular matching hashtags, which will help the system identify account preferences. Once your content starts posting, focus on adding the “#” hashtag to let the system tag your account. Because the system needs to identify whether the account is a workplace account, entertainment account, game account, or beauty account among a large amount of content every day. How does the system judge? It is based on the published copywriting keywords and the “#” hashtag that is actively added. And the hashtag is a free traffic pool, and the system will continue to recommend content to people who are interested in the topic. According to experience, it is ideal to bring 3 to 5 similar hashtags for each content release.

3. Content testing. It is recommended to measure the content of the early account 3 times, about 10 each time. Focus on testing different content forms and shooting scenes. For example, oral broadcasts, dialogues, and interviews are common shooting forms. The daily content released by the founder IP mainly includes: entrepreneurial stories, industry insights, daily work, daily life, drainage content, etc. The shooting scene can be work capture, conference room bust, outdoor walking, etc. The point is to be natural and authentic. After testing 3 times, you can basically detect the explosive content.

4. Main points of hot style content: tell stories instead of dry goods. When creating content, focus more on content that users can use as conversation material, rather than simply sharing dry goods. Users generally prefer to listen to gossip and curious stories. Gree Dong Mingzhu and his subordinates’ daily work stories, opinions and differences should be expressed through real snapshots, rather than sharing management experience through Dong Mingzhu herself. Make the content topical and become something that users are willing to remember and share. Such content is more likely to become a hit.

5. Copy of popular models. After testing out the content of the hits, the next step is to batch copy the hits. Copy the copywriting routines, shooting forms, and monetization methods of the previous hits, and change the soup without changing the medicine. In the early stage, don’t over-pursue innovation, but find a way to mass-produce popular models efficiently. The recommendation pool of the platform algorithm determines that popular content will be popular again, even if it is produced by the same account.

Matrix Operation Mode
In the context of the explosion of short video content, the matrix operation of short video accounts has become a new trend. The multiple effect, amplification effect and synergy effect of the matrix can comprehensively improve the operation value.

1. Account matrix

The originator of matrix-based operation of short video accounts is Fan Dengshu. Their accounts include the founder of “Fan Deng”, which has 8 million fans. They are mainly in the form of live broadcasts. The content mainly includes personal life and work perception, reading experience, celebrity interaction, etc.

The other is the enterprise account of “Fan Deng Shushu (now Fanshu app)”, 80% of the content is the founder’s external speeches and some oral videos, mainly book recommendations. Matrix also has “Fan Deng Reading and Parenting”, 95% of which are also Fan Deng’s own video content, but the content focuses on family education. In addition, there are dozens of regional operation center accounts of Fan Deng’s reading, and the content is also a reproduction of Fan Deng’s oral broadcast content, with secondary editing, with the main goal of attracting users to join the regional reading club.

Relying on this set of matrix numbers, Fan Deng Reading has set a record of tens of billions of views on Douyin, and even once alarmed Douyin’s official content rectification, but it also set a record for Fan Deng Reading’s company with more than 100 million fans on the entire network. The annual revenue exceeds the record of 1.5 billion yuan. Fan Deng’s extremely high-margin business model once became the object of imitation in the knowledge payment industry. With the development and growth of the company, Fan Deng also realized the limitations of relying too much on the IP of entrepreneurs, and began to “de-Fan Deng”, as can be seen from the series of actions such as changing the company’s name to “Fanshu” IP and upgrading the brand.

2. Business matrix

The business matrix refers to the fact that the company has different business lines for diversion, and the crowd is subdivided into operations. A typical case is Qiuye IP, including Dahao, the founder of “Uncle Qiuye”, who mainly sells products created by personal IP. And its business matrix accounts include: Qiuye PPT, Qiuye Excel, Qiuye Word, Qiuye Office, Qiuye AI, etc., which continue the brand potential of Qiuye, but the content shooting is mainly based on the appearance of team members, and the short video is based on the plot. The output of content and dry goods accumulates fans, and the commercialization of live broadcast products takes different office software operation courses as the main monetization method.

3. Team matrix

The team matrix is ​​based on the account matrix, plus the mechanism of personnel horse racing. The staff here includes lecturers, directors and editors. I believe that most people have swiped Zhang Qi’s account on Douyin. Zhang Qi’s account matrix includes: Zhang Qi’s business education, Zhang Qi teaches you new business, Zhang Qi’s business class, Zhang Qi’s teacher, Zhang Qi’s business thinking, Zhang Qi’s new business thinking, Zhang Qi’s new business thinking, Zhang Qi, Zhang Qi’s customer education, Dozens of accounts including Zhang Qidong Commercial. It can also be seen from the name that the positioning and the crowd are consistent. The paying users are mainly traditional business operators in China with an annual revenue of over 20 million yuan.

The blogger management that Zhang Qi relies on is originally a traditional offline education and training institution. Because of the short video traffic dividend, he successively created top commercial IPs and set a record of 6 billion yuan in annual revenue. Their team matrix adopts the method of short video violence. First, they search the entire network for the topics that business owners are most concerned about, and then find different lecturers for trial shooting. The first step is to race the horse—the teacher first. So the result of Zhang Qi’s IP that I see now is also the result of the selection of the short video traffic mechanism.

After the teacher is out of the competition, the key short video content is based on the two-day and one-night offline public class as the main material, and 300 video content are shot in 2 days. Secondly, each lecturer is paired with more than a dozen directors and editors, and operates about 100 accounts for content horse racing. Because there are natural differences between each director’s ideas and editor’s techniques, let the system algorithm make the choice in the end.

In addition, Zhang Qi’s live broadcast room is a pseudo live broadcast. That is to say, 4 live broadcast rooms were broadcast at the same time, and when they were opened, they were all teachers Zhang Qi. After a closer look, they were actually the content of Zhang Qi’s live broadcast room recorded in advance, plus different staff collocations. In this way, the content looks different visually, and it also circumvents the rules that the platform does not allow recording and broadcasting. As an ordinary user, it is almost impossible to browse to 4 Zhang Qi’s live broadcast rooms at the same time. Even if they do, because the average stay time in the live broadcast room is only a few minutes at most, it is impossible to recognize that the content inside is recorded in advance.

Entrepreneur IP realization conversion path
1. Closed-loop monetization of new media platforms: short video and live broadcast e-commerce bring goods

For example, Li Guoqing became the anchor of Tik Tok wine head delivery, and Luo Yonghao made a friend and became the head delivery live broadcast room. This model is currently backed by the platform’s trillion-dollar e-commerce GMV target, and the growth rate is extremely fast. At present, the top accounts can also get a large share of this big cake.

2. Conversion from public domain to private domain

Drain the core business to WeChat private domain transformation. For example, the coffee brand T97 Huohuo has also accumulated a large number of investment and franchise leads, from the front-end public domain to the private domain to undertake and transform. There are also such models as investors watching projects online, studying abroad, and immigration consultation. Basically, they are channeled to the back-end professional team for screening and acceptance through private messages or adding fan groups. The advantage of this model is that the follow-up traffic can be controlled by oneself. As long as it is operated properly, the same group of users can continue to repurchase, which is very suitable for high customer unit price products. At present, many companies rely on this model to make a fortune silently. After all, the real transaction data does not go to the platform, and many public information cannot be fully disclosed.

The essence of traffic is ultimately to empower business, and the value of business is ultimately altruistic. Only by building differentiated products or services that provide users with core values ​​can the business model continue to be healthy and healthy. This is the long-term goal of building the founder’s IP. road.