How Much Did I Lose When I Lost My Phone?

   I lost my phone. The mobile phone was a prize I won in an essay contest, and it was a big brand. On the day I received the mobile phone, I checked the price online, and it was close to 8,000 yuan, which means I lost 8,000 yuan, and I feel distressed when I think about it.
   At a gathering of friends in the evening, I will tell my friends about it. A friend said: “You didn’t lose 8,000 yuan, but 5,000 yuan.” I asked him why he said that, and he said: “8,000 yuan was the price of this mobile phone at that time. At most five thousand yuan.” He was right, because my phone wasn’t lost then, but now. So, I didn’t lose 8,000 yuan, but 5,000 yuan.
   Another friend said: “You didn’t lose 5,000 yuan, but 3,000 yuan.” I asked him why he said that, and he said, “Because you have used this mobile phone for two years, you can buy it for 5,000 yuan.” When you get a new phone, you lost the old one, so your phone is worth at most 3,000 yuan.” I think he has a point. If my mobile phone is sold in the market, it can only be worth 3,000 yuan at most.
   Another friend said: “You didn’t lose 3,000 yuan, but 1,000 yuan.” I asked him why he said that, and he replied: “Because this mobile phone is actually a luxury for you. .If you buy another mobile phone, I believe that based on your consumption concept, you will definitely buy a counterfeit phone, and it will definitely not exceed 1,000 yuan.” What he said made sense. Although this phone has many functions, for me, 99% of the functions inside are idle. The mobile phone can make calls, send and send text messages, and occasionally use it as a watch to check the time, which is enough. So, in fact, I just lost the 1,000 yuan I spent on buying a counterfeit mobile phone.
   Another friend said: “You definitely didn’t lose a thousand yuan, but you didn’t lose a penny. Back then, your mobile phone didn’t cost a penny at all, so no matter how much the mobile phone was worth at the beginning, or how much it is worth now, it doesn’t matter.” It has nothing to do with you.” He was so right. The mobile phone is sponsored by a company, and it is the sponsoring company that pays for me, so even if there is a loss, it is the loss of that company, not mine-I have not lost a penny. How can it be considered “lost” when things that were obtained for nothing are lost?
   However, another friend said: “I think you lost a lot of money. As for how much you lost, it’s hard to say. If you sold this mobile phone at that time, you could sell it for at least 7,000 yuan. A thousand yuan invested in the stock market or coin collection market may have already become ten to twenty thousand yuan, or even more.”
   Lost a mobile phone, different people have so many different opinions, so that in the end, I don’t even know how much money I lost.
   Everything can’t stand scrutiny, especially when it comes to “losing”.

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