How I Stopped Being a Strict Middle-Aged Person and Became More Graceful

  As I got older, I inevitably found out, what’s going on, surrounded by people younger than me? They’re fresh and cute, but there are moments when I’m like, “These young people…”
  Until one day, in a conversation, I had a revelation.
  That day, I was talking about an author with my colleagues, and I said: “Mr. Xiao, I occasionally have excellent works, but the output is not stable enough; the writing is smooth, but not smooth enough; I have my own thinking, but not deep enough…” Colleague Answer: “What you said makes sense, but he is still very young, only in his twenties.”
  This was a moment of happiness to my heart: How could I forget to consider age? “The Great Gatsby” wrote: “Whenever you criticize others, remember that not everyone in the world has such superior conditions as you.” At that moment, I realized that one of my current superior conditions, It’s a little bit older.
  This sentence is not a self-deprecating middle-aged man. We often say that time is fair and time is great. If you really believe in the power of time, then “age” is a huge advantage. After I figured this out, I couldn’t help re-examining myself: Am I an overly strict middle-aged person?
  For example, I would earnestly persuade the young people around me to be humble. I have overlooked that humility requires a mature and clear mind, to be aware of one’s own limitations, to understand the goodwill of others, to recognize beneficial information, to transcend inferiority complex and narcissism, and to learn to know and introspect. And our minds can only grow in the experience of the world.
  For example, I once blocked two “post-00s” children because I was annoyed that they followed others’ opinions on some hot issues and did not think independently. I have overlooked that independent thinking requires a sound knowledge structure, a solid logical foundation, a broad vision and an open mind, and to obtain these requires persistent learning.
  For example, I sometimes slander a young man for his poor EQ. I have neglected that emotional intelligence means insight into the world, compassion for others, and understanding of subtle things, all of which are based on experience. Didn’t I myself practice and comprehend clumsily over the years, and I am still at a loss.
  I recruited a boy who thought he was talented, but he was very impatient with all the clerical work, thinking that he was overqualified. At the time, I thought he was full of flaws, but now that I think about it, maybe he just lost a little age and a little experience. Time has not had time to teach him the value of basic work to career growth, and the significance of ordinary things to people.
  Many people may just need more time to be blessed, such as the young teacher Xiao, who will gradually acquire the proficiency of techniques and the depth of thought.
  He has experienced hardships and dangers for a long time, but he is more gentle, and he is more gentle when he is familiar with the world. The time that flows through our lives wears down our youth and physical body, and will also give us some more precious things, such as mature work skills, the ability to control life, self-cultivation, understanding of the same kind, and understanding of life. comprehension and appreciation.
  Compared with the latecomers in this world, I, the person who played first, got more time to practice and become a better person, and accumulated richer experience of “being a person”.
  After figuring this out, I can no longer be a strict middle-aged person. Those who get the time bonus first should be graceful, kind, and understanding, and have patience and confidence in the latecomers. It was a small awakening that happened to me when I hit middle age.

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