Home exercise and online fitness become new fashions

  With the awakening of health awareness, everyone’s willingness to exercise has increased. In addition to the impact of the epidemic, in order to maintain daily exercise, the demand for home exercise has increased significantly. Therefore, the online “cloud fitness” model without leaving home is popular, home “cloud fitness” videos have become popular, and home “cloud fitness” live broadcasts have emerged rapidly. A series of fitness equipment and online fitness courses are sold and sold. Bestsellers, trigger a buying frenzy.

Physical sunscreen is on fire

  On Xiaohongshu, there are more than 4 million notes related to “sunscreen”, of which “physical sunscreen” has become one of the most discussed topics this year. With the popularization and recommendation of physical sunscreen and products by beauty bloggers such as Li Jiaqi and Luo Wangyu, consumers’ awareness of this market has gradually increased. In April this year, the flagship products of Jiaoxia, which hit the “first share of new consumption outdoors”, include sun protection “little black umbrella”, sun hats, sun protection clothing and so on. At the same time, Decathlon, Anta, Li Ning and other brands have also developed sunscreen equipment.

The ideal old-age care in the new era: have confidence and live for yourself

  Chinese residents who are optimistic about “getting old” are planning their ideal old-age life with “new old-age care”. They break the stereotyped and boring traditional retirement scene and plan ahead to enrich their life forms such as socializing, entertainment, and continuing study after retirement. In order to enrich their retirement “exclusive wallet” and achieve the “million” goal as soon as possible, saving the retirement “exclusive fund” in advance has become a tacit choice for many “new pensioners”.

The demand of color pupil consumers is becoming more and more diversified

  Affected by the differences in daily life scenes, the scenes of wearing color pupils in different age groups show a certain difference. CBNData survey data shows that most of the “post-00s” who are still in the school stage prefer class scenes; “post-95s” mainly focus on interesting scenes such as travel, watching movies, dating and Hanfu; “post-90s” and “post-85s” “I’m used to wearing it during my commute to work. In addition, when consumers buy color pupil products, they will focus on wearing cycle, water content, material and other aspects.

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