“He” is not a pawn

  With the changes in the strength of China and the United States, there is less and less market for American technological hegemony and technological terrorism.

  In order to contain China in the chip field, the United States has been urging its allies to follow up. Unexpectedly, it has recently encountered a soft nail, which is the Netherlands, an important semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Europe. Recently, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands stated that the Netherlands will not copy the economic and trade control measures taken by the United States against China one-on-one, and criticized the United States for “should not issue orders to the Netherlands.”
  The outside world generally believes that the official’s statement stems from the long-term US pressure on the Dutch ASML company. ASML is an important manufacturer of lithography machines in the world, and lithography machines are necessary equipment for chip production. Therefore, the United States has repeatedly banned ASML from exporting advanced lithography machines to China.
  The United States dreams of choking China’s neck, but it knows that it will not be easy. In the field of semiconductors, without the cooperation of allies, the effectiveness of the United States’ various restrictive measures against China will be greatly reduced. In the past year, the United States has continued to exert pressure in private, asking the Netherlands and other countries to stand on its side, but the Netherlands does not think so.
  The Netherlands is a small country both in terms of land and population, so it attaches great importance to and relies on international trade. The high-tech industry represented by multinational companies such as Philips and ASML has always been an important pillar of the Dutch economy and the most competitive industry. If the Netherlands is too obedient to the United States and sets limits on itself, there is a risk of cutting itself off.
  At present, the global semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry is basically dominated by 5 multinational companies, of which 3 are American companies, 1 is a Japanese company, and the rest is ASML, and it is still the current leader. If the Netherlands becomes the vanguard of the United States to contain China, ASML is likely to become a victim of the exchange of fire between China and the United States, which will only benefit the three American companies. Who would do such a thing? Holland is not stupid.
  In addition, the Dutch must have seen a bigger picture, which is the Chinese market. Over the years, the Netherlands has been China’s second largest trading partner within the EU, and China is the Netherlands’ second largest trading partner outside the EU. In China, the image of the Netherlands has always been good. If tulips and football are regarded as soft power, then Dutch products such as Unilever, Heineken, and Philips razors are familiar to Chinese consumers in terms of hard power.
  Faced with such a good situation, the Netherlands naturally does not want to be a pawn of the United States. According to foreign media reports, in the past October, China’s imports of semiconductor equipment from the United States and Japan have fallen sharply due to the suppression of US policies, but the import of related equipment from the Netherlands has doubled.
  It can be seen that the Netherlands has benefited from rational choice. It is predicted that if the relationship between China and the Netherlands does not change, among the top five semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world, ASML will be the only company that is expected to achieve substantial growth next year, and the others may be due to obeying orders from the United States. Income has declined to varying degrees.
  The statement of the Netherlands once again shows that with the changes in the strength of China and the United States, there is no market for the United States’ technological hegemony and technological terrorism. But we should never underestimate the shamelessness of the United States. In order to achieve its goal, it may continue to put pressure on the Netherlands in other ways. Whether the Netherlands can withstand it and how long it can last is still unknown.
  In the final analysis, we still need to be self-reliant and accelerate the development and application of advanced technologies. If you want not to be controlled by others, relying on yourself is the best way, and let those countries that are still on the sidelines understand that containment and suppression will not only not destroy China, but will also make China stronger.

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