From Scolding to Sunshine: A Wife’s Journey to Understanding and Harmony in Marriage

  On a sunny weekend, my husband and I were basking in the sun by the river. He held my hand and said, “You seem to have grown up a lot more than before.” I asked, “How do you say this?” My husband explained, “You are more mature than before.” I used to be gentle and would not complain about some things. When I get tired from working every day, when I think of you silently supporting me, I feel very at ease and warm. Thank you.” I smiled lightly. , said nothing.
  In the past, I would always argue with my husband about right and wrong, and I did not give him the same respect and understanding as he understood and respected me. Even so, he was very patient with me. Because he said that we are a family, and there must be one person who manages and maintains the family with heart. The important thing is that our hearts are together and we work in the same direction. It does not matter who surrenders or bows. However, those who are favored are confident. For a long time, I was the one who refused to give in or bow down, even if I was irrational. Later, I read a sentence in “Why Home Hurts People” and suddenly realized that this sentence said: “Family is a place for romance and love. It is to accommodate happiness and beauty. It is not used to A place that talks about reason and career can only hold happiness.”
  That day, my husband and I went back to our hometown, and we bought our return tickets on Sunday morning. Because there are only two buses in the morning and evening, when we arrived at the station at the right time, there was already a long queue at the ticket gate. Everyone was dragging heavy luggage, like dragging the whole family. Finally it was our turn to check the tickets. I put my ID card on the ticket verification machine with great relief. “Didi-di-di”, a harsh warning sounded from the noisy crowd. Sleepy-eyed, I refreshed my swipe, and it was still “Didi-di-di”. I took a closer look at the notice – non-same day ticket!
  As if five thunders struck me, I felt all the energy and blood in my body rush to the top of my head, and I felt quite angry. Within a few seconds, a thought flashed through my mind: yell at my husband at the ticket gate, scold him for not having eyes to buy tickets, and call him stupid… I glanced at my husband, and he looked at me anxiously. I didn’t say a word, my eyes were full of remorse and panic. Thinking that since we met, my husband has taken care of me like a big brother and tolerated everything about me. I couldn’t help but tremble in my heart: No one can make mistakes without being a sage. Isn’t it just buying the wrong ticket once? Just buy it again. So, I handed him the bag in my hand and said, “Husband, help me take the bag. I’ll quickly see if there are any tickets left.” Fortunately, there were enough tickets left. After buying the tickets for the current trip, we got on the bus smoothly. .
  After settling in the car, I took out the Jiangxiang pancake I bought on the way and handed it to my husband: “Eat some quickly, it’s still warm.” “Don’t scold me, okay? I’ll pay attention to it in the future.” From his worried expression I could see in his eyes that he was still worried and uneasy. I held his cold hand and said, “It’s okay, you’ve been working too hard these days.” He looked at me in surprise and smiled innocently. At that moment, I suddenly realized that my husband also needs care and comfort, and he is also an individual with emotions and feelings.
  Later, I seriously reflected: In the past, I relied on my husband’s preference and blamed him whenever something happened. I didn’t know how to take care of his emotions and feelings. Why did my husband look at me with that kind of fear and worry in his eyes at the station? It’s because according to past experience, he would definitely be pointed at his nose by his wife at the station that day and then blushed in public. , so embarrassed that I felt ashamed.
  Now, I have realized that when couples get along, the main theme should be to cherish and understand each other, and pay attention to each other’s feelings and emotions. Therefore, my husband can’t help but praise me when I go for a walk. When you bathe in the sunshine, you should be positive and bring the same warmth to the people around you. In the warm days of each other, husband and wife learn to communicate and tolerate each other, giving each other more peace of mind, and the home becomes a palace full of love, joy and laughter.