Final Round

  Shawn is a talented professional boxer who has become a boxing legend by winning the super heavyweight championship gold belt with his superb boxing skills and successfully defending his title nine times in a row.
  In July 2009, his tenth title defense is going to start. This title defense is also his last fight as he is about to say goodbye to the boxing world. He hopes to have a perfect ending through this fight and then retire as a boxing promoter. Nearly forty years old and past his prime, he is no longer fit to continue fighting in the ring.
  The challenger, Sanchez, is a rising star in the boxing world, ten years younger than Sean, with an impressive record of twenty-six wins. The referee on the stage was Tim, a gold medalist who had enforced numerous major boxing matches. The top fighters, the top judges, and the promotions of the organizers made this fight extra attention-grabbing, and tickets were snapped up early, as everyone wanted to witness this grand event known as the “Mars vs.
  Before the fight, Sean’s team studied Sanchez thoroughly, developed targeted tactics and conducted targeted training. We all agreed that although Sanchez has an age advantage and a heavy punching power, he is technically inferior to Sean. As long as he could go all twelve rounds without getting knocked out, there was little doubt that he would win the fight.
  The fight started, and Sanchez started to bombard Sean in the first round, trying hard to knock him out with a single punch. But Sean didn’t give him any chance, defending and dodging flawlessly, and timing a lot of nice counters. Sanchez had no place to use his strength, although a lot of punches, but did not take advantage of much, the third round will be hanging face.
  Shawn followed the established tactics, cleverly circling with his opponent, step by step to drag the game to the second half.
  But in the end, the fight was about the young and the strong. As the rounds continued, Sean’s punching speed gradually slowed down and his footwork became less flexible. By the eleventh round, Sanchez was attacking with the same intensity and frequency, but Shawn was already feeling exhausted and was staggered by a heavy punch to the face from Sanchez. Sanchez quickly seized the opportunity and forced Sean to the corner of the ropes, and launched a storm of blows to him. Sean hit several punches in a row, and was only able to fight back.
  The experienced Tim was keenly aware that Sean had lost his momentum and was unlikely to turn the tide, and would only suffer more damage if he continued to fight. For the protection of the fighter, he immediately rushed forward to block Sanchez and stopped the fight in time. Looking at Shawn again, his eyebrow bone had been opened and blood was flowing down his cheek.
  ”I can still fight, I’m not down yet!” Sean was a hundred times reluctant and shouted at Tim eagerly.
  Tim hugged him and shook his head, “No, you’ve been seriously injured and can’t fight anymore. Sadly, Sean, the game is over.”
  At that moment, a dramatic scene appeared. A five- or six-year-old girl broke through the crowd and swooped from the front row to the ring, looking at Shawn in horror, his face covered in blood, crying out “Daddy! Daddy”! The little girl is Sean’s daughter, who followed her mother to see her father’s last fight. Obviously, her father’s bloodied face and swollen eyes scared her.
  Seeing his frightened daughter, Sean’s heart ached as if it had been torn hard. He couldn’t think of anything else and rushed over, kneeling at the edge of the ring, and kept calming his daughter. When his daughter stopped crying, he stood up and rushed to Tim, begging, “Mr. Tim, I beg you to let me finish the fight, I can’t end it like this! Please!”
  Tim was in a difficult position, he looked at the little girl with tear-stained face, thought about it, went to Sanchez’s side and communicated with him, consulted the three off-court judges, and then signaled Sean and Sanchez to continue the match. The sudden situation caused a small commotion on the stage, and it was the first time everyone saw such a scene and talked about it.
  Sean looked at his daughter with a determined look and raised his fist to her with force.
  The affection gave Sean tremendous strength, and with the rare recovery of his strength, Sean had a godlike power and launched a big counterattack against Sanchez. He saw the moment and landed a beautiful uppercut to Sanchez’s jaw. The punch was not heavy, but it did enough damage to this vital area. Sanchez fell to the ground in response, and after several efforts, finally failed to get up.
  The reversal came so suddenly that a tidal wave of cheers rang out across the room. Tim raised Shawn’s arm high and announced loudly, “The final victory belongs to Shawn, he is the rightful champion!” He smiled at Sean’s daughter and winked at her playfully.
  The staff carried her to the ring and handed her to Sean. She carefully touched her father’s cheek and asked him if it hurt. Sean said lovingly, “It’s okay kid, it’s really okay, how can you fight without getting hurt? But you see, dad has won by fighting hard.”
  Witnessing the scene in front of him, thunderous applause rang out from the stage once again. Sean walked out of the ring with his daughter in his arms and left the scene to the enthusiastic applause of the audience.
  Ten years later, Tim retired. During a celebrity talk show, the host asked him which fight in his decades-long career was the most memorable for him. He thought about it and said with great certainty, “It was the matchup between Shawn and Sanchez. In my mind, they are both great boxing champions.”
  At that moment, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl in the audience stood up, looked eagerly at Tim and said excitedly, “Hello Mr. Tim, do you remember me? I am Shawn’s daughter Julie. Thank you for giving my father the opportunity to finish that fight. That round was so important to him and we always remember that it was you who made my father’s victory possible.”
  Tim curbed his smile and replied seriously, “Son, now I might as well tell you that that last round of the fight was not for your father, but was held especially for you. What you saw then was just a show.”
  Julie froze for a moment. Tim continued, “In fact, the fight was over by the eleventh round at that time, and Sanchez was victorious, except that we didn’t officially announce the real result of the fight until you left the ring.”
  Julie’s eyes widened in astonishment. She had always thought that it was her father who, with his amazing perseverance, had achieved a stunning reversal and won the final victory. And especially important, this valuable quality of her father had an incomparable influence on her later growth, inspiring her to keep moving forward. In retrospect, my father was setting an example for himself, but it took a lot of courage and commitment to overcome the great loss and frustration of defeat. She was really lucky to have such a good father.
  ”Refereeing is a very serious matter, and once the game is suspended, it can never be changed. But, you know, your father’s words made me change my mind.”
  Julie shook her head blankly.
  Tim’s gaze became affectionate: “Your father asked me at that time, ‘My child is down there, let me play another round of the exhibition match in order to protect my child’. Such a request, I do not have any reason to refuse, because as a father, I know very well, witnessing the father was beaten full of blood, what kind of trauma will be caused to the child’s young mind, all I can do is to do my best to repair it ……”
  Julie was in tears as she ran up to the stage and hugged the revered old man tightly, mouthing, “Thank you! Thank you!”
  Tim patted Julie’s shoulder and said lovingly, “Son, you should be more grateful to Sanchez, the three judges on the stage, and the lovely audience. They all did an amazing job that day with a great compassionate heart. The rules are cold, but the hearts are warm.”

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