Everyday universe

  The leaves of the eight ginkgo trees downstairs in the office have turned yellow.
  It rained one after another, and the weather gradually cooled down.
  In the morning, my brother brought a pot of green plants. Slender, green branches, long and narrow leaves, euphemistically called: Hawaiian coconut.
  I like this kind of daily life: ordinary, ordinary, and occasionally a little surprise.
  Xiao Min, a girl in the office, raises a Brazilian tortoise named Changsheng. Changsheng is two years old, quite tall, with a piece of carmine on each side of his head, like two gems embedded in it.
  I called it Changsheng, and Changsheng stared at me intently with his eyes puffed out.
  Xiao Min loves Changsheng and keeps Changsheng in a mansion (a tropical fish tank). In summer, go to the vegetable market to buy fresh small fish, let the store wash and chop them, and feed them to Changsheng. I also bought some mealworms, dried fish, and dried shrimp from Taobao to add to its meals.
  Longevity is spiritual. Nailed with a toothpick to eat, it crawled over and took away the food, leaving the toothpick bare in its hand. If the food is placed on the ground, it will crawl towards you from a distance, making a “hissing” sound, as if singing happily and expressing gratitude.
  The long days are peaceful, and the years are stable. It can’t help but give birth to a heart of joy.
  After middle age, one’s heart gradually becomes calm and relaxed, and the complicated things are left behind. Do all the lovely things and meet all the lovely people. Those who don’t like it don’t even need to be perfunctory.
  I like flowers and plants. There are flowers in the room and on the table. That day, my best friend’s Korean boyfriend invited me to dinner, and got a bouquet of flowers, which I put in a crystal vase. The faint lavender has been open for two weeks and still has a faint fragrance.
  There was a bamboo basket on the kitchen floor, a basket of small sweet potatoes the size of a finger. When I went to Lin’an that day, Bai Cheng gave it to me. Bai Cheng is a gardening designer. He found a piece of wood on the mountain, cut it into three pieces, and made three desks. That desk is so nice, smooth and patted, it makes me jealous.
  Bai Cheng said, if you want it, I’ll go find another piece of wood and make one for you.
  It suits me so well.
  People who meet by chance are like old friends.
  This autumn, I went to many places and met many people. Compared with the old self who retreated in everything in the past, he has made great progress. Willing to try something and not feel hard.
  Don’t care too much about the result, just do it seriously.
  The same is true when writing. Sometimes I am so irritable that I can’t write a single word. Stop, get up and look at the beautiful river and willows outside the window. My mood suddenly brightened, and I continued to sit at the desk and type on the keyboard, da da da, as if there was some divine help.
  Writing is a long process, maybe it will take a whole life and I don’t know.
  I will keep writing until I find something more joyful and healing than writing.
  In autumn, everything is silent like a mystery.
  Fall in love. It’s like falling in love with someone. That person is silent and reticent, but his heart is full of energy.
  Go to a restaurant for grilled fish for dinner. The dark green box, the seat by the window, the proprietress brought up the oven, and asked intimately, has another person come over, do you want to wait and then light the fire?
  How did she know there was another person eating?
  There are so many smart and quick-witted women in the world.
  He rushed over in the rain, his white shirt soaked through. The stove was already on fire, and he only said two words: it smells good.
  The two moved their chopsticks and ate up a whole batch of grilled fish.
  The rain outside the window was still pattering down. It seems that it will go down forever. The person by the window whispered, but said some plain and trivial things.
  When a person reaches middle age, stay away from the prosperity and splendor, and return to plainness and tranquility.
  A tree downstairs, a flower in a pot, all taught me to fall in love at first sight, and then give birth to a touch of joy.
  Those small joys, little by little, gather together to form a huge universe.
  And I live in the everyday universe like a bee in the heart of a flower.
  I have never been so comfortable and safe, receiving the blessings of life and the beauty of daily life.

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