Eric Clapton’s Guitar Hero Resurgence

  Someone once made such a metaphor: pop songs are Coca-Cola, sweet and delicious, but bland; classical music is like brandy, elegant and mellow, with a long aftertaste; rock music is spirits, powerful and powerful; country songs are like tequila, with a unique flavor . And the blues—that is, blues music—is like whiskey, full of vicissitudes and mellow flavors. And the whisky brewed by Eric Clapton, the world’s leading blues rock guitar master, embodies the vicissitudes of his life, with a long and unique flavor.
  Goodbye, “Cream”
  first joined The Roosters at the age of 18. Clapton has joined dozens of bands before and after, but the most famous among them is of course Cream. In 1966, he formed “Cream” with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, which soon became the most prominent rock trio of the late 1960s. The band released a total of three albums: “Fresh Cream”, “Installation”, and “Fire Group”, all of which have achieved good results. The band once toured the United States, causing a sensation across the ocean. The “Cream” period was also one of Clapton’s most important musical periods. At this time, Clapton earned the reputation of “Eric is God” for his superb guitar playing skills. However, due to the individualism and constant bickering of the band members, the band disbanded in 1968.
  The trio met once in 2005 and gave concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall and New York’s Madison Square Garden. So more and more people began to care about whether the “cream” could be compounded. For Clapton, however, the answer is no. “It was a wonderful experience,” said Clapton, the youngest of the trio. “We had a reunion, and it was a lot of fun. But that’s the end of it. Our lives are very short, right? For me, that concert in 2005 just put some things in the dust and some questions were finally answered. Because I’ve been answering questions like this for a long time: Is Cream going to be reunited? When is Cream going to be back? Poly? It makes me very uncomfortable.” And the other two are not in good health, drummer Ginger Baker has just received his arthritis diagnosis report, and the situation is not optimistic; bassist Jack Bruce is also in two Liver transplanted years ago.
  It should be said that Clapton’s personal tour and his current family life represent the present and the future, and Cream already belongs to the past.
  Love of blues
  As a master of blues music, Clapton has a soft spot for blues, and blues also made Clapton. Facts have also proved that when Clapton’s style deviates from the blues, his personality will be buried, and record sales will also decline; and the albums he interprets of the blues style can mostly achieve critical and commercial doubles. Approved.
  Referring to the influence of blues master Robert on him, he said: “After so many years, his music has become my old friend, always haunting my mind and occupying my thoughts. That’s me The most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. I’ve never doubted its purity, nor will it ever be.” On the other hand, blues music is the most fun and satisfying music for him. “Blues can express almost every nuance of my emotions, it’s my second language. It makes me grow, mature, and I want it to be a kind of music with a deeper meaning than just sadness. The purest blues is really very It’s verbal, and almost everyone can understand it to some extent. It has a quality that no other music has, which makes it unique and beautiful.”
  On the contrary, Clapton almost never cared about those pop bands, and he even said that he was never a fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Of their success, he said: “I can’t tell the difference between the music of Coldplay and U2, they sound pretty much the same. It worries me that people don’t seem to know about modern music these days. Where does the real source come from, and I don’t think they’re interested in that.” Suffice it to say, perhaps only if it came from Eric Clapton’s mouth and wouldn’t be offended.
  Tears in Heaven
  Some people often ask this question, not just for Clapton alone, can a white man with a prominent background and a privileged family really interpret this blues music that originated from black people? For Clapton, the answer to that question is that he has had so many ups and downs in his life that he uses the blues as an antidote to his grief.
  Clapton grew up in a single-parent home, raised by his maternal grandmother and grandfather, who never met his biological father. It is said that his father, a Canadian soldier stationed in Britain during the war, was 24 when he met his mother, who was only 16. This conjecture is very reasonable, because the old man who died in 1985 was a self-taught musician and a talented painter, and he was handsome. And his mother, who died a few years ago, never made any unsolicited comments about his father, and Clapton tried to avoid mentioning him in front of her. At that time his maternal grandparents were like his parents, and his real mother was like a sister. Because of this, “I was cared for and spoiled by so many people as a child, which made me a very selfish person. I cherished my own band and struggled for a long time before I had to give it up.”
  Clapton, who suffered from a fatherless childhood, was struck by fate again in his middle age when, in 1991, his son Kono, born to his ex-wife Layla, was born from his mother’s 53rd-floor apartment in New York City. The apartment fell and died at the age of 4 and a half. Losing his son was the greatest pain in his life. “Not only because of the loss of a relative younger than me, but because I didn’t have time to learn how to be a father. I always shied away from such responsibilities, we didn’t even live together. I was preparing to use my I took good care of him for the rest of my life, but he just left me so suddenly. People may ask, how could I not drink alcohol after such a blow? I want to tell you that all I can do is miss him , try to self-control and do what he thinks is right.” He transferred the loss of his son to music, and wrote the classic “Tears In Heaven” (Tears In Heaven). It was this tragedy that made Clapton firm in his determination to quit drinking. Now, he regularly auctions off his used guitars at high prices to support the “Crossroads” rehabilitation center he established.
  Music has comforted Clapton throughout his successful but tragic life, from his childhood growing up as a single parent, to his alcoholism, to his unspeakable bereavement, the guitar has always been His loyal friend, blues music has always been his spiritual pillar, giving him strength.
  ”An Idyllic Life”
  Three girls play with Eric Clapton in the rural South of England. The three little sisters, under 6, are the daughters of the 63-year-old music legend and his wife Melia McAlle, 31. Clapton is spending as much time with his family as he can.
  Clapton’s family has two nannies, each working half a week, helping with shopping, tidying up the room, and taking care of the children. But the babysitter would leave at 6 p.m., so Clapton would take over the babysitter’s job: bathing the children, telling stories, putting them to bed. Although he was alone two or three days a week, usually fishing by the creek, he was there for the children when they woke up or went to sleep.
  Now the role of the family man is something Clapton is content with, and calls it “an idyllic life.”
  When Clapton and her wife Melia first met, she was working in the famous designer Giorgio Armani’s boutique. They were both present at a party Mr Armani threw to celebrate the opening of the rehab center established by Clapton. At the party, according to the requirements, Merial, like some other staff members, is not allowed to touch the guests casually. But she kept asking Clapton if she could take pictures, and signed the “bestest” for her sister’s boyfriend. “I thought it was very interesting,” he recalls. “I thought she was unique, and deep down we knew it was each other, and it was like a window was suddenly opened.” He admits that in the past he easily Attracted by the girls, but this time is totally different. They got married in 2002 New Year’s Eve.
  It was this marriage that opened the latest chapter in Clapton’s legendary life full of great joy and sorrow.

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