Although it is the last time, it will look the same as before. As usual, that’s it. And the reason why it is called as usual is precisely because it is very. And just because it is very, when I think about it again, I feel even more bleak.

It’s the last time after all. She gave herself extra strength, determined that even if she couldn’t do it very well, at least she wanted to look good. She still has it. No matter how bad it is, it can look good. When there is no lining, at least you have to support your face, and you can’t let your face and lining collapse together. You can’t grow this age in vain, you have to have these necessary abilities.

He made an appointment to drink tea, and the card time was the same as before: around 8:30. This schedule has already eaten dinner, and the only suitable name seems to be drinking tea. What about tea? Needless to say, he will arrange for a follow-up. As for what will follow, it can be roughly speculated. It’s been almost five years, and between them, they know each other more or less.

Speaking of it, this time is actually the first time since his work was transferred to Xiangcheng. The first time we meet in the same city is the last time. Well, that’s what she decided.


What to wear? He tried two jackets in front of the mirror and settled on the brown one with dark flowers. Dark flower, dark flower, secret flower, between him, her, and them, isn’t that the case?

He even picked out his clothes, and he curled the corners of his mouth. So grand, it seems like a new beginning, but in fact it is just an old person, commonly known as an old lover, or an old lover. In contrast, he prefers the title of “Old Friend”, and when he chats about private topics with buddies who have a good relationship, he will also call each other’s confidantes “Old Friend”. This word is both vulgar and vivid, as well as storytelling and sense of the times. It is frivolous and frivolous, and it proves its charm for a long time.

He was the first to go back to the teahouse that he planned to take her to today, and one of his buddies said that it was his old friend who opened it. His buddies’ Lao Xianghao opened a teahouse, and he took Lao Xianghao to the teahouse. When he thought about it, he had a debauchery style, which made him feel itchy and uncomfortable.

In an instant, her appearance jumped in front of her eyes, making her even more itchy. Among the few women who have handled it, this is the most favorite. how to say? It’s almost like an ideal type. Although her appearance and figure are only of the upper middle class, she is a stunner on the bed, and she is very congenial. The only flaw in the ointment is that she often makes him a little uncertain, often makes him feel a little strange, and feels distant from her. For example, there have been so many skin-to-skin kisses, and each time she was a little reluctant, a little jerky, a little shy, and a little ignorant, as if she had just known each other for a while, or even as if he had just pulled him into the house from the street. There is another advantage: it can effectively awaken the initial freshness every time, making him feel stimulated enough. More times, he also regarded this half-shoveling as a tacit game. He never mind pushing, because he knew she would. As soon as he enters her body, it won’t take long for her to continuously secrete a surging moisture, immersed in a carnival with him, which is pure and cheap. He really loves this body. As long as he thinks of doing it with her, he will be full of animal desires. In this state, no woman could give him before. When it’s over, when alone, he’s always smug and a little weird. Because of this, she is not sure about this, and he likes it. This kind of thing, if it is too accurate, it is actually boring, right?

She should be a little unsure about him. In the past few years, he has never given her special time for dating. He has suddenly contacted her when he came to Xiangcheng for meetings and other affairs. Can we meet? He asks that every time. This meeting is of course a pun, both above and below. If you can’t go to bed, then simply disappear. Once, when she got to the hotel room, she hesitantly told him that her period was coming. He blurted out angrily: Why didn’t you say it earlier? Her face changed suddenly. He was also aware of the blunder, and quickly made amends, saying that he had prepared something delicious for her when he knew that she was coming for her period, and reluctantly put it off. Soon after, she filed for divorce.

Every time you come and go, you are not stable at all. Between us, forget it. She didn’t mention the menstrual period, her tone was very calm, it was more like a mournful coquette than a threat.

He quickly admitted his mistake and promised to change it in the future. Next time he will still imitate me. There are always excuses and reasons for this and that. It’s really busy, but he really doesn’t want to give her any stability. Everyone has a family, and each other’s family already has a lot of stability, and between her, what they want is instability. If he had to talk about stability, the only stability he wanted was that she would be there whenever he needed her to go to bed. Other than that, stability is unnecessary. You don’t even need to say the date and place in advance. Depending on his situation, he will act according to his desires. This is the essence of her existence. ——Although he is not sure about her, she is not sure about him, and they are not even sure about themselves, which is fair.

Later, she also made a few small tempers, and he coaxed a few times. He is very good at coaxing, and when he is coaxing her gently, he will also enter the play, secretly sighing that he is very like a lover. The tone in which she said “not stable at all” was pitiful, weak and weak, and she clearly had feelings for him, and this tone also benefited him. It’s a pity that he didn’t say it a few times, so he didn’t get enough of it. However, having said that, it is annoying to say too much. He didn’t have time to coax him endlessly, although she was still very coaxing – staring at him with her round eyes, simple and clear, he knew she believed her.

She looks so cute.

Of course, you can coax in words, but never get used to it in actions. Promises are meant to be broken. Women, especially this kind of women, can’t get used to it, and they can’t be beaten at the beginning, so as to save one day from kicking the nose and the face. So, coaxed and committed again, committed and coaxed again, it seemed that after a few rounds of repetition, she was smoothed out. Occasionally, she will still be unhappy, and she will be mean to him, but as long as she doesn’t break up, she will be mean to her. He forgives her and won’t really break up with him. No matter how charming she is, she is also a milf after all. Is it easy to find a man like him who is capable in bed and has a good temper under the bed?

I don’t know when, after she stopped being petty, she had more meanings that made him uncertain. For example, once he sent her a nude photo of himself to increase the sexiness, and she received a stern warning from her. Another time, he asked her to take him to meet her girlfriends as a show of sincerity, but she also refused. From this, he also deduced that if he wants to take her to the party of his buddies, he can only do it first and then play it, and only once. Let’s put it this time, it’s the first time after he transferred to Elephant City, it’s kind of commemorative.


Send me a location and I’ll pick you up. His WeChat came.

no need. Go individually. she replied.

Good boy.

He called her good again. Well, to her, that word used to be like a bullet, and he used it to hit a target before every date. When he hits, she hits. Now, no matter how much he calls, she doesn’t feel it. It seems that someone put her bulletproof suit on, and it seems that the bullet has turned into plastic, maybe it was originally plastic?

The first time he called her that, she was surprised. When she was in her thirties, no one called her that except her husband. He called so naturally. That day, she accompanied the leader to Yucheng, where he was on business. He participated in the reception and had a dinner together. At that time, there were no eight regulations, and people could eat and drink openly. Wine is the soul of a dinner party. She doesn’t have a lot of alcohol, and is often the kind that is ignored, but no matter how small a grasshopper is, there is still meat, and she is larger than a grasshopper, so she has never been spared, and she has to drink a few glasses. After dinner, she sang karaoke in the hotel’s karaoke room. She continued to accompany her. Because she sang well, she was really interested in singing, so she sang a lot. He also likes to sing, and ordered a lot of male and female duets. When ordering the song, he pointed to the song “I Quietly Blindfolded Your Eyes” and said, let’s order this, darling? He was so close to her that he almost put his lips to her ear. After a burst of numbness hit, she obediently said: OK.

K song also inevitably continues to drink, so the wine is connected to the wine, the song is connected to the song, the wine urges the song, and the song urges the wine. She had never drank so much alcohol before, and before she knew it, she was a little drunk. After singing, she only saw him. The song finally ended, and the two of them walked at the end. He said sending her into the room, both logically and unexpectedly, happened.

The moment he entered her body, she was actually awake. No real drunkenness. She knows everything. But at that moment, she didn’t want to stop him. I don’t know if she replayed many things in the past several times quickly, making her feel wronged for no reason, feel that the world is sorry for her, and also feel inexplicably that having sex with this man she just met seems to be able to make up for it. What a debt. So, just let him go. After all, it is also to indulge him to indulge himself.

When she woke up the next day, she was alone in bed. There are traces of him on his body, even if he is not there, he is still there. However, his physical absence still made her feel relieved. After being dazed for a while, she got up to wash up and go to breakfast. Meals are always eaten. must eat.

In the restaurant, she saw at a glance that he was also picking up dishes, and the expressions on each other’s faces were a little unnatural. But it soon became natural, or pretended to be natural. They did not sit at a table. After breakfast, she said goodbye to the leader. He and his leader said goodbye outside the lobby. When the car started, he and she said goodbye through the window like everyone else.

On the way back to Xiangcheng, his WeChat came, one after another, expressing his liking to her, but she did not reply. It has been several days since he returned to Elephant City. He still sends WeChat messages every day, and she insists on being silent. Until he came to Xiangcheng for a meeting again, contacted her, asked her to the hotel, and said he wanted to talk. She went. She didn’t know what he was talking about, but that was what made her curious, and she wanted to know how he explained what happened that day.

However, there is no explanation. The two sat in the lobby for a while. He said that it is inconvenient to be here, so let’s go to the room. She followed him into the room and he hugged her at once and started stripping her. She struggled and asked what are you doing? He replied: do you. Miss me, darling.

After it’s over, they gossip. She said it was all to blame for the wine. Fortunately, he said, there was wine. Bickering, they both laughed. In retrospect, this was the first time they had spoken formally. Yes, it is not a square and round communication language, nor is it a formal official speech, but a serious speech. From homely talk to love talk. She heard him murmur that he liked her and loved her, all of which were the most cheesy sweet words, and he spoke with confidence and eloquence.

She looked at his face in disbelief. Maybe not so fake though? Besides, it feels really good to be with him. Rubbed by him under him, she seemed to live again. It’s very different from what it’s called. Just in response to his sigh: instead of seeking a doctor and worshipping God, it is better to change people in bed.

However, there is always something wrong. She also knew that this was not a step-by-step love affair when she was young, but she just felt that something was wrong.

Where is it?

Once, he came to Elephant City to do business, and after the business was done, there was still time, so he asked her out. After chatting a few words on the WeChat phone, I learned that her husband was on a business trip and she was the only one at home. He said that he would go to her house to see her. She said no, and said she would go downstairs. He said he had arrived at the gate of the community. She quickly changed her clothes and rushed to the gate of the community, but he hadn’t arrived yet. After waiting for ten minutes, I saw him getting off the taxi with a carton of milk.

The two stood awkwardly at the gate of the community for a while, and she had to lead him to the house. When he entered the door, he asked again, are you home alone? She said yes. So, he hugged her again at once, and began to undress her, not allowing her to struggle.

Afterwards, she cried.

I don’t want to be in my house.

Good and safe at home. You have to register at the hotel, and I heard that there are cameras in the dark. He says.

However, I don’t want to be in my house.

OK, not later.

There is no more. She didn’t give him another chance. Whenever he asked her if she was home alone, she would say no.

A year ago, she changed houses. He has never been to this house.


He was waiting for her on the roadside outside the teahouse, looking through the autumn water, never looking at his phone. He’s always happy to do such a small thing perfectly.

From a distance, he saw the taxi slowing down hesitantly, and he knew that it should be this one. Sure enough, she saw her slowly getting out of the car. He didn’t even look at him, it seemed that he was just focusing on the road in front of him, walking seriously step by step.

Slow down and be nice. He says. Good, he knew that she liked to hear it, so he didn’t hesitate to say it. However, it is also a handful of age in the end, and it is too nauseous to say it too clearly. Like this, put it in the tail part, if there is nothing and stop abruptly, the proportion is just right.

When she came to the front, she just looked up at him. They looked at each other and smiled. He was in front and she was behind, and they entered the teahouse.

The teahouse is not big, with only two rooms, two floors upstairs and downstairs. The acquaintances and the female boss were waiting in the foyer on the first floor, and stood up to meet them. The female boss called her sister overly enthusiastic and went up to hold her arm. He saw her expression seemed to be a little gloomy, of course, it might be because the light was too dim.

After a brief introduction, the female boss led them into a private room. There was a small tea table in the private room. There were several shelves on the wall behind the tea table, and several kinds of tea cakes and tea sets were displayed. They sat down, ordered tea, and served some snacks. The two exchanged glances with him and smiled ambiguously, and he laughed too, but didn’t laugh too much. Only men can go crazy when they are together, but this time they have to be more dignified. What’s more, she kept her face still, and he had to keep it as much as possible.

The tea was Dianhong, and it came one after another, but she didn’t finish a cup. He was displeased, so he thoughtfully hinted, how is this tea?

In this situation, she also meekly supported her, saying, no matter how good the tea is, I shouldn’t drink it.

What’s wrong?

I drank too much this afternoon, and drinking it at night will affect sleep.

That sister must have something to drink, right? said the lady boss.

She smiled: Baishui.

So they drank tea and she drank water. I don’t know if it was a few drinks, she suddenly said to the female boss: Are you taking pictures? No forewarning. ——It turned out that the female boss wanted to take pictures of them secretly, but she found out.

Yes, respect the image rights. He was joking and motioned to the female boss to stop. He brought her here, although he wanted to show it, but it was not her turn to take pictures. Some have passed.

How many pictures did you take? let me see. She stretched out her hand straight to the female boss. The female boss said, “I didn’t take it, really didn’t take it.” She stretched out her hand reluctantly and said, I’ll take a look.

He turned to look at her, and felt that she had gone too far. But I don’t know how to stop her, after all, the female boss is at the forefront. He watched the female boss hand over the phone, she took it, and found those three photos that were taken secretly, all of which were blurred. She deleted it neatly, and deleted it completely in the trash, before returning the phone to the female boss.

The situation was quite embarrassing at this time, and it was time to go. He secretly scolded the female boss, this stupid woman. But he also had to ease the atmosphere, so he played with the tea cup in his hand and asked her, isn’t this tea set beautiful? She glanced at it, without concealing the perfunctory, and said: I don’t understand. It should be alright. An acquaintance answered: “You can take your own things if you like them. You’re welcome.” She said, thank you, I have a lot of tea utensils, and I can’t put them at home.

She closed her thin lips, and her face was full of indifference and even rawness, which really didn’t give him face. But she can always easily get him excited like this: pretending to be aggressive in front of others makes it extraordinarily contrasting and cute, isn’t it?

After sitting for a while, she didn’t say a word and didn’t drink any more water. Seeing that their complacency was waning and they were bored to the end, they said goodbye. He started the car and said, “I don’t have anyone else at home, come to my house for a seat?”

No. I go back to my house. she says.

He looked at her in surprise.

She firmly said, I will go back to my house.

He asked her the exact address and said she wanted to navigate, but she said no, just go as I said.

So she pointed to the road, in the direction of her house. When she got to the riverside park near her home, she stopped the car and said, let’s take a walk.


As soon as he stepped into the shade of the park, he took her hand. She also let her pull. This reassured him slightly. Tonight, she made him particularly uneasy, despite the fact that she always made him uneasy, as if she had never really reassured him. ——Don’t worry, it seems that he really cares about her, hehe. Her heart, of course, is to let her go, what does it have to do with him. For her, he was too lazy to work hard and worked hard. Being able to control her on the bed, train her, and enjoy her is the most important thing. Although this most important thing cannot be reached too directly, it always has to have a little curve, which can be described as a small regret.

There was a thick shadow in front of the tree, and under the tree was a long wooden chair that looked a bit like a narrow bed. He pulled her and sat down on the wooden chair. The shadows of the trees swirled, bright and dark, her face was solemn, and she let out a long sigh.

Is there anything unhappy? He rubbed her hand while thinking about attacking at the right time.

Not unhappy.

So how does it look…more mature than the last time?

It’s old again. She paused for a moment, my birthday last Wednesday, isn’t it old again?

Oh – he patted his head, as if sighing and annoyed at the same time, while searching for her birthday information in his memory, he was a little flustered. She always remembered his birthday, at least by sending a text message or making a phone call. But he forgot, more than once. It is indeed a loss. But why didn’t she remind it earlier? It looks like it’s going to be a fight. Will it be tough?

Not a big deal either. Soon after organizing the language, he calmly said: last Wednesday, right? I always remember it. I thought about sending you a good blessing. If you have time, it would be best if you can get together, but think again, you must be with your family and not disturb. I was thinking of meeting up.

Yeah? You didn’t say anything when we met just now.

Say now, is it too late? He let his eyes show affection.

Yeah, it’s late. You just admit that you forgot, and it’s nothing.

Her understanding tone is a pit, he doesn’t jump.

I really did not forget. keep in mind. Or why did I want you to come to my house just now, didn’t I want to give you a surprise?

She didn’t speak. In the shadow of the tree, he could not see her expression clearly.

If you don’t believe me, then let’s go now, and you’ll know when we go. ——There are a few odds and ends at home, pick a decent one for her. Make up your mind on the way. Make up for the birthday gift and sleep again, tonight is not a waste of time. Or, just go into the house and put her down, get a good night’s sleep, and even save the birthday present. Isn’t he the best birthday present? Just deal with her.

not going. Forget it, forget it, it really doesn’t matter. she says.

It doesn’t matter how, it’s important. Let me make it up, okay?

She was silent. He went to hold her hand again, and she stubbornly held her back and was pulled over by him. Holding her hand, he felt more relieved.

Come on, go to my place. He emphasized that there was no one else.


What’s wrong?

When I get there, I am someone else. I don’t want to be caught in bed. She seemed to laugh narrowly in the dark, and when the time came, she was reluctant to hit you, so she could only hit me.

What nonsense. She has been working in Yucheng and won’t be here until the weekend.

What if?

Not in case. I’ll call now to confirm.

She was silent. He started calling. After the fight, he said happily, she fell asleep. I suddenly realized that this joy was a bit inappropriate, so I pressed down and said, it’s alright, I promise.

She looked at him, and the inexplicable chill in her eyes made him feel a little cold.

Is this not far from your home? Then, go to your house? You haven’t invited me there yet. I’m not afraid of being caught in bed. He teases. Last time she said that her husband went to a field for business training, it would take two months, and he should not come back. Her daughter is studying abroad at university. He has numbers.

She still looked at him coldly.

Are you afraid at your home?

Yes, I am afraid. She said, at my house, I was also afraid of being caught and raped in bed.

Where are you not afraid?

Well – she pointed to the five-star hotel not far away and said, let’s go there.

He was silent for a while, and touched his pocket.

I don’t have an ID. He says.

Didn’t bring any money, did you? she says.


He never gave her money, and tried not to give her any money. For a long time, she didn’t realize it.

Money has never been a problem for her. The family’s money is all with her, and her husband’s money is given to her without a hitch. She can buy whatever the family needs to buy, and she can buy whatever she wants. The money in hand is basically balanced relative to her needs. If there is one thousand, she will spend it as one thousand, and if she has ten thousand, she will spend it as ten thousand, no more and no less. Therefore, she never had a strong desire for money, especially other people’s money.

For him, when did this idea start?

That day, when she went shopping, she was tired and thirsty. When she saw the house in front of her, she bought a big cup and was drinking slowly when she heard two young girls chatting next to her. To Yi Tucao’s boyfriend who had just broken up, he said, “I’m digging to death!” When I was with him, I never bought a “burning fairy grass” for me! As soon as I said to buy it, he said that it is not good for the health and there is no nutrition. It is better to drink a lot of pure water Barabara. Later I found out that he was afraid of spending money. When I talk about going to the mall, it’s like killing him. It’s not that I’m afraid that he will pay for what I like. Every date is this park or that park. I say that the air is good and I exercise. My mother’s shoes are worn out by him. Wouldn’t buy it again. Once, when I went to a place where no one was there, I wanted to have a great harmony in my life. Is this even saving money for opening a house? I bother!

She suddenly shuddered, remembering that she had never opened a room with him. To be precise, he never opened a house with his money. When he was in Yucheng, he never made a special trip to have a date with her. Only when he came to Xiangcheng for a meeting would he meet her without paying the rent. Except for the conference room, he did not open an additional room. The only time they didn’t do it in the conference hotel was at her former residence, where he was carrying a carton of milk, claiming to be visiting her. Compared to opening a house, the money for a carton of milk is negligible, right?

Let me tell you, a man’s love is divided into three levels. Girl B laughed contemptuously and analyzed with A: The high-level one could only swipe her card, and she wouldn’t move, the intermediate-level one would move her while swiping her card, and the low-level one would move her even if she didn’t swipe her card. We have to be medium anyway, right? Hurry up and break up with this low-level man, don’t keep it for the New Year!

– Is he afraid of spending money? Are you so afraid of spending money for her? Or, in his eyes, is it not worth spending money on? She was afraid to ask herself that, but she still asked. This question seems to have opened a Pandora’s box and led to many things. For example, once they chatted on WeChat and learned that she was going to Inner Mongolia for a business trip in two days, he said he would also go with her.

I will buy the plane ticket by myself, and you won’t need to spend any money. You can just take me in and live in your room when the time comes. I’ll serve you well when you get home from work.

He laughed and said wisecracks, and she laughed too. After laughing, I felt uncomfortable again. Now, she understands it all. Just on the money. I bought the plane ticket myself, I don’t want you to spend money, tsk, carefully analyze this, as if she should have bought it, he was so generous that she would not let her buy it, as if she should owe others for it. No, not only that, although he was going to sleep with her, he said he was serving her. ——In short, the main message he conveyed can be distilled into three words: it is clear. Refined in two words: gun friends.

The word buddy popped out, which really startled her. She had heard related stories many times, but she never thought she would have a share. However, now, between them, all signs are aimed at this word. No, she doesn’t want to. She wants to dodge. Between them, even if they are less than lovers, they should be more than friends.

The last time he went to bed—and the last time he went to bed, he had just finished the transfer procedures. It was the last time he came to Xiangcheng for a meeting as Yucheng, and invited her to the hotel after the meeting. After hesitating for a long time, she decided to go. After entering the room, the two were lying on the bed and chatting about what happened after he came to Xiangcheng. She asked him how much salary he could get when he was transferred here.

I’m getting a lot of money in this too. She suddenly wanted to play a prank.

You really haven’t seen any big money. What a big money I am. He laughs.

For me it’s a big deal. Did you say let it go or not?

As a newcomer to the Elephant City to start a business, no, it’s an old white, and I’m almost the same as you.

But your salary is higher than mine. What, don’t want to let Pong? let it go.

Alright, alright, come and go.

Then give me some pocket money. With her palms facing upwards, she reached out to him.

He paused and stroked her palm: How much do you want?

Any amount will do.

No cash, next time.

Will there be a red envelope? Red envelopes will do, up to two hundred, and I won’t kill you. She smiled. In his eyes, is this hiding a knife in a smile?

No good. My wife constantly checks my red packets, which is not easy to explain. At that time, not only will I be in trouble, but it will also cause you trouble, right?

The outstretched hand was not big, but it was a wilderness at this time. She took it back.

He took her hand back to his own: angry?

No. Just make it clear. she said flatly.

I knew it would be understandable. Between us, money is the least important thing, right?

cut. She sneered under her skin. important. Of course it matters. The so-called money is the least important thing, only those who have spent money are qualified to say. People who haven’t spent money still say that, it’s shameless. In our relationship, we can’t be there when we are sick or calamity. Usually, we just take care of each other. Except for the moment in bed, we have no relationship and can’t be related at other times. Open a room to ensure that you will not be caught, and buy a gift to make me feel that it is not just as simple as going to bed, it will cost money. Don’t worry, my appetite is very limited, and I won’t let you spend a lot. If you spend it, I will spend it. You don’t have to be afraid of this… she really wanted to say that. Does that make him fall into the bottom of his heart? But she pursed her lips tightly. Say what? Not necessary. In a sense, he was bullying her. If she is really stupid, it would be dishonest for him to bully her like this. If she pretends to be stupid, and he bullies her like this, it will be even more unkind.

Also, I haven’t paid you any money, but I didn’t ask you to pay me. Isn’t it always said that men and women are equal? This is also equality, isn’t it? He was still chattering.


At that moment, she made up her mind: this bedtime would be their last bedtime. The next appointment is the last appointment.

Today, this night, in Binhe Park, on a long wooden bench, they are sitting together, still holding hands. This situation is a bit like falling in love. Between them, they have never been like two lovers like this evening. Looking back on their time together, almost all the memories are in bed. Different beds, the same darkness, the same two unclean, crazy, pitiful bodies.


Money, she mentioned this again. She is not short of money. Since she wasn’t short of money, she naturally wouldn’t ask him for money. With her temper, she was embarrassed to ask for money. This was clear to him from the beginning. Then of course he wouldn’t take the initiative to bring it up to pretend to be a big-tailed wolf. The state between them is: happy in bed, refreshing under the bed. The latter one is particularly important. It is precisely because you don’t need to consider the trouble after getting out of bed, you can be extra happy when you go to bed. This is her core charm.

She probably didn’t think so, he knew vaguely. It was a question, and of course he knew vaguely, especially since the last date. Now it seems that this problem is likely to become an obstacle to dating in the future, so why not meet the difficulty today and get rid of it? Sometimes it’s better to take the initiative to control the situation.

Also – did not bring – money – he squeezed his throat, imitating her tone a little exaggeratedly, and said helplessly, what you said just now seems to be sarcasm at me.

She was silent.

I’m not used to carrying money, you know. We basically don’t spend much money together, do we?

She remained silent.

I think money is the least important thing between us. ——This, he said on the last date, it is necessary to emphasize it again now. In her silence, he gushed in his own way: What is the most important thing between us? It is the moments together, such as now, that is the simplest, purest and most beautiful, this feeling. When I’m with you, I never think about money, money is such a vulgar thing, mixing between us is an insult…

To be honest, I think money is a good thing. She interrupted him, finally speaking.

Of course, money is important, but between us…he smelled the danger and was eager to stop it, but it was her turn to start gushing: You pay your wife, right? Spend money for your daughter? Are you going to pay your parents? You don’t feel insulted when you spend money, do you? She paused: even if it is a client who does business with a prostitute, money means at least respect, and not giving money is an insult.

—Clients and prostitutes, how could she say that? Poke straight into his weakest spot.

But money is indeed his weakness, the softest weakness, and strangely, it seems to be his principle, the most iron principle. If she dared to dig to the bottom, the place she made him obsessed with, besides her body, was that she didn’t need to spend money. And because she doesn’t need to spend money, her body looks better. Yes, it seems so. What if you spend money? He also asked himself, and the answer was, does he still need to find her? Spend money, there are more women who are easier to use than her.

So, don’t give her money. She is not worth it. If she wants to do it, if she doesn’t want to, forget it. If she rejects him, he will definitely feel a little lost, but he also has a sense of accomplishment. There will be an illusion, as if he has resisted the temptation, as if he is a little more noble. Knowing that I didn’t do it, this illusion is also a kind of enjoyment. Does she refuse? That’s better. All in all, in short, here’s the bottom line: never spend money. no way. He had slept with her anyway, and he didn’t love her anyway, and she didn’t love him either. If love is a disease, they are not sick.

Is there anyone else? Who else did you call on? ——Except for the first time, it seems that every time he does it later, he will ask her that. Once he even said: No matter who else is on you, you let me on anyway, that’s all. These words seemed insane, as if they were just obscenities to add to the fun, but of course he knew that loyalty to a cheating woman who had sex with him so easily was a joke at all. She should also not believe in his loyalty. They don’t trust each other, and they only pretend to trust because of lust. If you can’t even talk about trust, how can you get close to love?

Yes, she doesn’t love him either. This made him extra angry and presumptuous after going to bed, and it also made him extra relaxed and relieved after getting out of bed, and made him go to her again and again without any burden. It didn’t cost any money anyway, and every time I made it, I earned it again. I still want to eat free things, but I don’t want to eat it for nothing. I still want to take such a big advantage, but I don’t take it for nothing. Then take good care of her tricky words, or if you can’t keep it together, it will be cheap.

You…how to say something so ugly. What clients and prostitutes. I’m not a whore, do you think of yourself as a prostitute?

In the darkness, she smiled softly twice: this analogy is inappropriate. I’m definitely better than a prostitute. Although I’m a bit old, I’m not sick or risky. It’s cheap and easy to use. No, it’s not cheap, it costs nothing at all.

He had let go of her hand a long time ago, and his palm was dripping with sweat. He stroked his hair. We must jump out of this pit as soon as possible.

I am indeed to blame. In fact, it is also because you are not short of money, so I never thought about giving you money…

It’s my business that I don’t lack, it’s your business that you give me flowers. One size is one size, right?

right. He answered. Then silence.

Actually, I am to blame. I don’t know why, I just want you to use money to prove something, like love. It’s childish, isn’t it?

Just now let him go down the steps. This woman is really bad.

You are so naive and stupid. He stretched out his hand and gently touched her head. It is said that this is called “touching the head to kill”, dear, do I still need money to prove my love? Think about it, every time I contact you, I call you first, and every appointment is my initiative, right?

Indeed it is. Phone bills are also quite expensive.

Still without money. Still, the sense of humor in this remark marks a return to warming, which is not bad.

where does it mean.

if not?

I mean, it makes me feel wronged that you want to use money to prove my love. If I don’t love you, how can I find you with all my heart? Why don’t you go find someone else? Sex is proof of love, don’t you understand?

She laughed suddenly, shrilly.

He watched in amazement as her laughter came to an end.

According to your logic, even a client loves a prostitute more than you love me, because there is both sex and money, right?

He was dumbfounded. She started laughing again, for a while, then for a while. He had no choice but to continue laughing, until she finally stopped laughing.

In fact, just as you think money is vulgar, I now think sex is vulgar. Alas, that’s it for now.

Sex and money…not the same thing. He groaned a little.

How is it not the same thing? I think it’s the same thing. She said arrogantly and stood up, but there was still a little smile on her face, it was too cold, let’s go.


On such occasions, on such topics, she was always laughing and couldn’t help it. Laughing and laughing, he was also surprised. What’s so funny? Such a disgusting thing.

Yes, disgusting. Just about to get nauseated. Money, sex, him, and herself all made her sick. Yes, she didn’t forgive herself, neither did anyone. She actually laughed evilly again.

Let’s talk for a while, ok? He held her by the collar.

After chatting for a while, there is the possibility of being conquered by him again. She knows her weakness. She pondered. To be honest, if it’s just a gun buddy, then he’s still pretty good. But she just didn’t want each other to be just friends. However, it is really difficult for them to evolve further. Forget it, forget it, this bad account should really be burned. If you want to burn it, burn it thoroughly, leaving no embers.

just forget it. She pulled out the placket.

Garlic is not spicy, ginger is spicy. he said sarcastically. Sure enough, it made her laugh again.

You don’t go, I go.

Alas, you are such a child at heart. He stood up and hugged her shoulders. I knew that I had a lot of deficiencies. I had no choice but to do it in the future. will be fine.

He looked up at the sky. If there is a moon, is it possible to swear on the moon?

I do not believe. She laughed again, as if she heard him scolding: Oh, this woman, she is really bad. It’s really rare for her to be so bad. Fortunately, he is also bad. The bad is the bad. They are very good at this point.

Alas, my darling – he took her hand and let out a long sigh, it’s not easy, it can’t be too much.

Yeah, you’re right. Then don’t ask for it, it’s the most clean.

——Does he want less of her? If it wasn’t for his covetousness, would he bother with her here?

She pretended to pull her hair back and shook his hand.

When he was about to cross the road, he was close to her again, and took her shoulders in a loving manner. She also took care of him.

Still a little warm, albeit only on the surface.

We don’t seem to be in love at all. she says.

He glanced at her. This bastard woman is always such a bastard. It was so easy to go to bed at first, but every time later, it was so easy to go to bed. It was obviously a face with no desires and no desires, and a hot and enchanting body on the bed, but suddenly it came to him like this. Absurd, funny, unreasonable. However, why is he so unpromising, he just likes it. Especially in such a hopeless moment like today. Is it really just because it’s free? Or because of addiction? This kind of feeling is even ashamed to admit to himself: the affair with her is like a large intestine, and he likes this bad taste. I know that no matter how fun it is, it’s also nasty, but, after all, it’s fun no matter how nasty it is. I’m afraid it won’t stop for a while.

He suddenly felt distressed. Never been so distressed. Suddenly there was an inexplicable unwillingness, and he grabbed her hand again.

In fact, I have always… loved you very much. Did you love me?

The red light froze at the zebra crossing, dumbfounded. The word love is so out of place at this time, it seems a little pathetic. Does she still love him a little bit? She is so serious and repeatedly asking for proof, it is nothing more than this. I want to find some gold in the sand. As for him, although he is not “very”, he is still a little in love, right? But theirs is indeed too little, as little as impurities in pure substances. Oh, what is the pure substance?

Can’t think any more.

It must be admitted that money is really a good thing. She suddenly turned her face and looked at him blankly: I am willing to spend money on everything I like, want, and love, whether it’s people or things. As long as there is money, as long as the money is enough.

He decided not to continue. Why are you still talking about money, this woman who gets into the eyes of money.

So, you’re right, I haven’t paid you any money. So ah, I don’t love you.

The red light turned green, and she threw off his hand again and walked straight across the zebra crossing. He hesitated and followed. She beckoned, and a taxi stopped immediately.

Thank you too, fortunately you didn’t give me money, we were able to break it down so quickly.

You… he’s a little dumb.

No one loves anyone, which is actually pretty good.

I really love you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me. She patted him on the shoulder, is it that scary to be honest? will not die.

I really… love you. This sentence is already very mechanical, and it seems to be lost. Under the street light, he suddenly looked young, like a stubborn adolescent boy. Is it love? Or just reluctant to give up a handy toy? Her heart softened for a moment, and then hardened quickly.

Thank you, thank you. She lowered her chin slightly and nodded politely, as if she was calling a curtain call. After a pause, he said: I always feel that our fate is exhausted. Just live peacefully.

——Fate, this perfect saying that there is a degree of advance and retreat, it is just right to sacrifice it at this time. Since it’s a goodbye, there’s no need to make a fuss.

He covered his face with his hands, wiped his cheeks from top to bottom, then looked at her and smiled.

Keep in touch in the future, okay?

it is good. She answered, got in the car, closed the door, rolled down the window, and waved at him.

After the car drove away, she found traces of him in her mobile phone, mobile phone number, text messages, WeChat, all the same, do you want to delete it? Think again, keep it. What can you do if you leave a whole corpse safe and sound? Besides, isn’t this in line with the Chinese-style “remaining surplus” philosophy? Leaving this Yu is Yu for himself, Yu for him, and for the only decent when we meet again later.

Well, even if they are in the same city, they will meet again if they are not together. She could imagine that scene, in the public, they would nod, smile, and even greet each other moderately, like the most common acquaintances. For a relationship – if it’s called a relationship between them, then it’s a dead end. To die without a disease is the best way to die.

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