Does not distinguish between work and rest

  When I was in my twenties and thirties, I carefully distinguished between work and rest time, and paid more attention to rest time. Live in a happy mood and let the rest time pass very fulfilling, in order to work hard. Having fun is the better way to give back to the work, thus maintaining high quality output. So at that time, I thought it was very necessary to stay away from work and recharge my body and mind on my days off.
  But after the age of 40, it is easy for me to accumulate stress if I don’t work on my days off. Even when I go out to play, I will feel a kind of reluctance.
  I’ve always been life-oriented, so I was very confused about it at first. This conflicted mood continued for a while until I realized there was no other way but to accept it.
  Now, including my days off, I work hard every day without pain at all. Of course, I also make time to spend with my family, so the reality is that it’s not all work every day. I feel more and more that there is no need to deliberately separate work and life.
  I used to worry that if I didn’t separate work and life I would get tired, but now I can get work done while relaxing.
  If asked “What makes you happiest right now”, I’d answer “work” right away. Whether in my sleep or awake, I’m almost always thinking about work, which is a joy to me. Eating out with friends, watching a movie, or going on a trip are fun, too, but they’re less than work. Perhaps this is due to differences in age, job content and location. When I was young, I thought it was impossible to relax and work at the same time, but now I am happy about it and don’t feel any pressure.
  Not everything goes the way I envision it, and I occasionally feel nervous, helpless, restless, and unsure of myself, but I’m comfortable with those feelings.
  An operator once said this: “The important thing is to find a job that is worth betting your life on.” Now I bet my life on my job. At the age of 30, I didn’t understand that work can be so happy and so glamorous.

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