Descending the mountain

There was a lot of work to be settled in the morning. Everything was in order, but Wheat’s early descent turned the orderly morning into a rush and chaos.

This bad seed is never accurate in his words. The people of this place are good at cursing people with such a phrase, and their own son is no exception. Old Mac looked at the time, just after 7:30. At this time, the bun was not steamed, the clothes were not washed, and the vegetables brought to the mountain were still not sorted out, so I don’t know what this bad seed was doing down the mountain so early in the morning. I don’t know what this bad seed is doing down the mountain early in the morning, but I thought I would pick him up at four or five in the afternoon. Old Mac was indignant in his heart.

The rabbits were lying on the ground in one corner of the room, showing their teeth and strange expressions. The rabbit collector did not keep his word and did not come last night as promised, which made Lao Mai worried. The dead rabbits will soon stink as the autumn tiger continues to be powerful, and six rabbits is a lot of money.

Old Mac hates wheat in his heart, in fact, wheat also does not treat him. It’s just that when the corn is ripe, you have to walk around and look after it to prevent crows, badgers and wild boars from spoiling it. More than a hundred acres of corn, it is every other day to shake a person, a person can not shake over. He is the only one left in the family, every year at this time, the old wheat will deeply appreciate the hardships of a lonely family, had to call the punk back with coaxing. He was always indifferent to the family’s business, but the good thing is that he was sensible and would eventually drive a broken car that appeared to come from a junkyard and return home from a city to help.

Wheat always said he was the family’s short-time worker, but this short-time worker was a bully and the price of work was not low. Every year, as soon as the corn is sold, his task is completed and he leaves home with nearly 10,000 yuan of money promised to him in advance. The old wheat actually did not want to give wheat so much money, but not to pay wheat will not go home to help. After helping, not as much as the cash, wheat and old wheat anxious.

No one knows what kind of business wheat is doing all these years traveling north and south, from his mouth never hear a word of truth. Father and son stay together every year for a total of two or three months, to put it bluntly, is the employment relationship. They have nothing in common, and nine times out of ten they don’t like each other, but their common goal makes them try to put up with each other. The common goal is to grow corn and sell it for money, and Old Mac needs that money to repay his various loans to relatives, friends and banks for Barley. When a person dies, it is only natural that the son should pay the father’s debt. The money is needed to go out and spend it openly for a while, his pockets are always flooded with general light, no one knows where he has earned the money over the years.

In the eyes of the old wheat, still single in his early thirties, wheat came home like a wind-up clock, a dial a turn. No matter how much work there is at home, he will always ignore, either sleeping to death, or holding the phone without darkness. Seeing this son, the old wheat feel more failure in life, decadence to even do not want to open their eyes, but not open eyes is not possible, people want to see the road ahead. Besides, in addition to this waste, there is no one else to look at. Daughter Mai Yan ran away with an old man and was not heard from in a few years. The company’s barley seven years ago had a car accident, it is said to be with a group of foxes and friends to eat, drink and play all night, after dawn on the way to a certain place, with a female assistant drove from the cliff flew down.

After barley cliff flying car, daughter-in-law rolled bag family led two children ran away, leaving astronomical debts to the old wheat. The people who came to collect the debt almost tore the old wheat eaten, the old wheat then had a hundred thousand on hand, is his years of hard work saved for retirement money. Originally the brothers did not know that there is such a sum of money, but the situation forced, had to take out all, a debtor five thousand ten thousand to spill over, or not enough to a circle. There is no way out, from that year onwards, the old wheat in more than eighty miles from home in the Jiao Long Mountain contracted land to grow corn, corn ripening to live in the mountains, two or three days down a trip to prepare some food and drink.

Even though the heart of how unhappy, the old wheat is only a little face hanging a little color. More than ten years ago, Old Mac taught Wheat a lesson, father and son had a physical confrontation, Wheat will Old Mac pushed a stumble and fell to the ground, a bare foot just stepped on a sharp shovel. Old Mac sat on the ground, hands pinching his bleeding foot, suddenly realizing that the person in front of him was no longer the son who had gotten into trouble and sought his refuge, but another bloodthirsty punk he didn’t know.

After that incident, Old Mac knew that he could no longer express his anger in a hearty way, even though it was mostly motivated by hatred. He thought twice and decided to call it quits, slowly, the role of the cart before the horse, the son became like the old son.

Lao Mai knows in his heart, wheat is different from barley, barley, despite the slick talk, farting things blow bigger than the Pacific Ocean, but in fact, it is just some trickery, but the heart is good. Wheat is a ruthless character, from childhood to catch snakes, skinning frogs, twisting chicken heads, fighting to remove people’s arms, anything can be done. The eaves of the water shine nest drip, which follows him. The old wheat teenager had the experience of his father hitting him and being beaten up by him.


Old Mai saw through the window wheat seems to be moving something heavy in the van, rubbing the old days before coming down. Before he scampered down the car a dog, Old Mac immediately recognized that it was Lao Kang’s thin dog Lightning. Lightning is covered in black brocade, dazzling in the yard. It seems that the dog does not seem to want to get off, is wheat from behind to push it down. The car, lightning to the car “woof woof woof” barked a gas, the yard side of the trees on the wild sparrows were frightened, exaggerated screaming up fluttered away.

The old wheat think fine dog today is different from the usual.

The arrival of the thin dog lightning, so the old wheat heart more unhappy. People and dogs into the house, Old Mac pretended to ask calmly, how to bring people’s dogs? Where is the person?

People have left, the dog lent me two days to play. Xiao Mai looked at the dog, as if in answer to the dog’s question.

The dog came over and sniffed Old Mac’s pants. When he looked up, Old Mac found that its eyes were red, blood soaked in general. The lightning showed its mouth to Old Mac, revealing white bristling teeth, Old Mac could not help but take a step backwards, reprimanded a few times, the dog went away.

Old Mac was blending the soft flour for steamed buns. At night, the leavened flour overflowed the basin and had to be mixed with some flour and alkaline flour to ferment for a while before steaming in the pot. The old wheat fifty years old on a woman, the woman is a fierce disease away. When the woman was alive, the old man yelled, fist and kicked at every turn, and never treated well for a day. I don’t want the woman to leave, the family broke up, the old wheat only realized that the woman’s thousand good to. For more than ten years, he was half male and half female to run the home, practicing a good cooking skills only women have.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Don’t yell at Lightning, dogs are worth more than people, don’t keep yelling at me like.

Old Mac said to himself, simply say I eat you miles, how did you grow up?

Xiao Mai pulled out a ham sausage to tease the thin dog, the thin dog looked distracted. The ideal life is off-road cars, purebred dogs and a group of friends with good taste, but unfortunately this is only a dream. Over the years in the city, wheat joined several fine dog club, Geli, Lingti, Huibei, Shandong fine dog, Mongolian fine dog, good breed is much. But for various reasons, he could not have a long time to make him feel decent fine dog, which makes wheat has been nagging at him.

The old wheat hates this kind of women in women, eating meat and drinking milk of the delicate dog. He especially disliked the dog hanging behind a man’s ass with a cage and a bird, which is the appearance of a loser. The old wheat don’t know where to learn the words: fishing poor three years, playing with birds ruined life, once you learn the dog shoo rabbit, from then on the road of no return. Xiao Mai can not listen to this, more than once to throw the face to the old wheat: less care of my business, someone also raised wolves and pythons, what’s the big deal?

Lao Mai said, in the end, it is still a child did not discipline you well, that place out and in to slip twice, or the old tune does not change. The old wheat was uncovered scars, wheat is very angry, and immediately ridiculed back, well disciplined ah! The car sent to death, and the old man fooling around with the ghost, you can still discipline badly? Old Mac is often speechless at this time, this is his fatal hardness. In the face of his son’s gloating, the father can say what else?

Old Mac withdrew his hand from the basin and started washing clothes. For some reason, father and son can’t get around the topic of Lao Kang today. Old Mac hates Lao Kang and rarely mentions him of his own accord, but the fine dog is guiding his conversation today.

When did Lao Kang go up the mountain?

I ran into him on the way back after dropping you off, and he was on his way to me, so I pulled him up the mountain with my car.

Lao Kang was alone?

Who else could it be? Xiao Mai discontented rhetorical question, you do not know that the old Kang often alone?

The dog’s head was touched by Mak, and Lightning dodged it with a toss of his head, jumping up and barking at Mak, with a loud and frightening voice.

It was dark, we went to catch rabbits, the mountains are not as spacious as Kawara, but Lao Kang had to catch in the mountains. The corn forest cover is solid, the dog can not run up, turn half the night, only to catch three rabbits, not as good as our earth grid, as long as the line, just sit and wait to collect rabbits, at least five or six a night.

How many times have I told you, that thing is too dangerous and illegal, said Old Mac while wringing his wet clothes. When he went out of the courtyard to dry his clothes, he said again, the electricity is a big problem, sooner or later will call the police know, I told you to close that thing, you just do not listen. People do not take the right path, will eventually get themselves killed.

Old Mac once again regretted that he carried the generator up the mountain.

Xiao Mai said angrily, do not curse me, okay? These years, the old pedal back luck, life is to let you curse. So big mountain, planting herbs at the top, we are at the bottom, no one is seen all day, the police who have nothing better to do, run over the mountains to investigate you in this damn place? No one is around all day long, who will go to the electricity?

Old Mac said, the woodpecker is dead, the mouth is hard. How no one? Lao Kang is not a person? He often come to you?

Speaking of Lao Kang, Lao Mai’s heart is full of contempt. The old Kang every time he came to look for wheat to stay in the mountains overnight, but he would not turtled into their simple nest to watch the corn. Lao Kang brought his own wine and meat, and would build a campfire and sit and talk with Mai until dawn. Lao Kang drank strong wine, ate rabbit meat cooked by himself, and sometimes brought pork head meat from the town’s brisket store. In front of Lao Mai, Lao Kang always showed a humble and polite side, sincerely invited him to drink, a little bit of flattery.

Lao Mai could not resist the temptation to join them once and for all to drink and eat meat. When drinking, Lao Mai always love to secretly speculate, to his years of practice in the poisonous eyes, he felt that this face diagonally across a scar of the thin man from the road is not simple.

Old Kang is a while Inner Mongolian, a while is the Qinghai people, where in the end is the people, never said clearly. Old Kang only drink and eat meat to say the matter of digging the keel, nothing else is mentioned, asked and not answered, vague words.

Lao Kang drink too much to sing, often in the latter part of the night, sometimes leave the fire and run to the river to sing. Old Mac was a fur trader when he was young, often traveled to Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, he knew what a real grassland man singing is like, but also know what their songs to express the meaning. Old Kang’s song is rough and bold, seems to contain unspeakable sadness and desolation. Mai only knew that he led a number of people not far from the Jiao Long Mountain drilling mountain digging keel, to this area for a number of years. As for how he and wheat met, Lao Mai is not sure, probably because of hunting, wheat likes fine dogs, and Lao Kang has a purebred grizzly dog. Old Mai felt that Lao Kang is a man with a story, the mystery of this man seems to carry some kind of ulterior motive.

When did Lao Kang leave? How did he leave? Why did he leave the dog behind?

Xiao Mai hands spread on the knees, said, there is no end? You really take you as a police officer, questioning prisoners this is?

The day just dawned, more than five o’clock left, said today someone into the mountains to pull the keel, busy. I said to drive to send, old Kang not allowed. The small wheat added.

The dog did not chase Lao Kang?

No, the old Kang let lightning stay, lightning stayed, wheat said looking askance at the old wheat.

That’s strange! It’s always the dog that doesn’t leave the man! Old Mac thought to himself.

After drying the clothes away, Old Mac went around to the car to take a look, the compartment is stuffed with a large snakeskin bag, filled to the brim, can not see what is. The company’s main goal was to get the rabbits to the marketplace.

Xiao Mai said without a head, Dad, I did not expect the old Kang is this case ……

The first time I saw the car, I was very surprised.


What is the situation of Lao Kang? He said dialing the phone number of the rabbit collection, the other side said an hour to come. Old Mac yelled into the phone, if not come, you rabbit eight stink!

Mak stammered and said, last night drunk, Lao Kang to me about him, accidentally leaked the bottom.

What bottom?

The old Kang told a number of things last night, there is one thing that impressed me, I think he is very righteous, is a good person.

What is it? Old Mac was tilting his head to put a steamer on the pot. In the yard, the fine dog pawed the car door and made a creepy sound of sizzling.

Dad, listen to me tell you.

A man named Yali, his parents died early, and grew up with his uncle, his father’s own brother, a piece of herding. The two are three or four years apart, very good feelings, but who would have thought ……

What happened?

The young wheat pondered for a while and said, uncle let people to kill.

The old wheat that started the fire reacted indifferently, why kill? Who killed?

It’s not for the woman!

I knew it was for women, what in the world can be separated from women.

One year, Yali and Uncle business passing through a grassland far from home, where a horse race is being held, uncle and nephew on a whim pulled the horse into the race. The tough and good riding uncle like a bolt of lightning swept across the prairie, without a doubt won the top. Wearing red flowers, the uncle shone brightly, so that everyone was dazzled.

The local number one beauty, Mug, fell in love with Uncle at first sight, and from the moment she saw him, she never took her eyes off him, laughing and teasing him with impunity. Uncle categorically refused to accept the five engagements but any man can hardly hold himself, singing a sad song and left.

Two days later, the night, Mug came after him on horseback, the inner torment of the uncle ignored the presence of his nephew, embracing Mug rolled the meadow.

That night Yali understood.

Mug is as beautiful as the fifteenth moon rising in the vast prairie, bright and shining; style as Yali’s hometown of Yalu River, rich in water and grass, infinite imagination. I don’t know, I don’t know, Yali is hopelessly in love with this wild girl who ran away with her uncle.

Yali pleaded with his uncle to give him Mug, but was unceremoniously rejected by his uncle.

How can a nephew compete with his uncle for a woman?

Uncle said, “Can’t you hear how sad my song is, can’t you see how much I love her? Mug is my eyes, more important than my life. He advised his nephew not to be delusional, should be more athletic and agile hands, relying on skills to win the heart of a woman.

After Mug became his uncle’s woman, Yali instead of dying, but more pain. He found that once something grows out of the heart, time simply can not make it extinct, but will make it grow like a weed on the prairie.

Yali suffered in pain day by day, like a patient with fever and cold, the whole day in a trance. Especially at night, listening to his uncle and Mug and laugh and make a lot of noise, he was in the frying pan. The painful Yali simply hide out, but Mug has taken root in his heart, is to run to the sky, but also can not get rid of the wild woman’s thoughts and desires.

The good thing is that uncle often go out with others to graze, or go somewhere to escort the sale of livestock, which gives Yali the opportunity to approach Mug. Yali’s fiery eyes seemed to burn Mug’s clothes off. Soon, Muger’s eyes were also on fire.

I’ll talk to my uncle, let him give you to me, I can’t live without you, I don’t want to love you secretly, I want you to be my woman openly and honestly.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I love you, she said calmly, but love your uncle more, to marry you, unless your uncle died.

Soon, the uncle did die.

He sadly found that after the death of his uncle, Mug became depressed lost the old passion, even though they later had two children, she still can not forget her uncle, how many times in the dream called out his name. The pain kept Yali awake all night.

Yali does not blame Mugatu, he wants to use the hot chest, to cover her heart warm. Slowly, Mugatu’s attitude has changed. One night, the stars are like the flowers of the prairie thickly blooming in the sky, Mugatu caress the scars on Yali’s face, tenderly said some of the bones to crisp words, Yali for finally captured the woman’s heart and excited. I don’t know if it was the devil or the angel who ordered him to do so, but the drunken Yali’s babbling revealed a shocking secret.

Once on his way home from selling horses to the production team, Yali was very attentive and tried his best to give his uncle a drink. When his uncle was lying by the river resting like a dead man, Yali raised a knife and stabbed him in the heart.

After stabbing his uncle to death, Yali first found a hidden place to bury the money from the sale of livestock, and then gritted his teeth and cut himself several times, the last knife diagonally across the face. The bloody robbery scene with one dead and one wounded was enough to blind everyone’s eyes.

That night, the grief-stricken Mugatu could have done exactly what Yali did that year, stabbing him in the heart, but the kindness of her knife was difficult to do. Mugatu ran out to find someone, and Yali took the opportunity to escape.

During the days of his escape, Yali kept thinking about the question, who did Muger love more? Uncle or him? This question, suffering from not being able to discuss with someone. The night before the accident, Yali and his friend were standing side by side at the river to pee when he asked an outsider for the first time. The friend said, certainly more love you, do not love you, you can still stand here to pee? Yali wriggled like a snake and stumbled toward the fire, which reflected his golden, intoxicated face.

Tonight is worth dying for, this life is worth it, said Yali, slurring his words.

Dad, Yali is a friend of Lao Kang, he escaped and wandered around, until he died, but did not dare to go home. For decades, Lao Kang knew that the police had been looking for Yali and knew where he was, but Lao Kang did not tell anyone about Yali’s whereabouts. He kept the secret, but also often with the money transferred by Yali, in the name of Yali to visit Mug and the children, so I think Lao Kang is a loyal and trustworthy good man.

The old wheat heard the fire, what good man? The first thing you need to do is to get a good deal. He added wood to the stove while saying, you do not even distinguish between good and bad?

Xiao Mai sneered and said, even if Lao Kang is not a good man, then Yali?

He should have died a long time ago.

Dad was right, Yali really should have died long ago.

Xiao Mai pondered for a while and said with determination, “Yali is dead, just this morning, on our family’s earth grid.


After confirming that he had heard correctly, Mai’s head buzzed as if he had hit an iron bell, and he staggered to his feet from the stove. What are you talking about? How can I not understand. Are you having a nervous breakdown?

Nerves are fine. Xiao Mai jumped out of the broken chair, a moment of difference, he dragged the crying voice, said, “Dad, I can not live, help me, I’m in big trouble. He fell to the ground with a thud.

Fine dog lightning appeared in the doorway to look at the father and son.

Old Mac legs are weak, some unstable, what happened? You talk!

Mak knelt on the ground and cried. Last night I came back from catching rabbits with Lao Kang, drinking until the latter part of the night, can remember that we went into the shack and lay side by side. Dawn, the call of lightning woke me up, a look next to no one to see, busy out looking. Dad ah …… woo …… woo …… old Kang in the earth grid sticky it. Before drinking I still remembered to close the net, but a drink everything is forgotten, then did not close the net in time, is thinking that in addition to rabbits, see if you can electricity to mountain deer or wild boar or something …… I only remember Lao Kang said he had to go out to pee ……

What about people? Where is Lao Kang people?

Old Mac was scared silly.

Dad, people are in the car.

Old Mai staggered outside, two rotund legs of varying lengths were as soft as noodles. Xiao Mai will be lightning coaxed into the house to bolt the door, the thin dog with paws to beat the door, through the door to stick out the mouth whimpering.

Snakeskin bag open, Old Mac reached out to touch, people have been stiff and cold. Old Mac blacked out and fell in front of the car.

The old man was pulled up from the ground, and after a short period of blackness and amnesia, the old man pounded his chest and cried out.

I’m not sure what to do with this. This is a life critical event ah!

The big thing in the world to get down the same have to face, the old wheat stopped crying after the father and son back to the house to talk about things. The door opened, lightning lunged out, a bite of wheat pants leg, wheat fly up a foot, lightning rolled on the ground a few heels, clip tail screaming and ran away. Wheat pulled up his pants, the stomach of the leg is bleeding out.

What are you going to do?

Originally intended to dig a pit on the ground to bury, but I was scared, and digging a large pit to bury people, a person certainly can not, do not know how to do, just a large snake skin bag, loaded on the pull down the mountain.

Buried? Only you bad seeds can think of! You think buried no one will know, it’s all over?

No one will know. Xiao Mai squeezed the blood out of his legs and stomach, which was taught to him by Old Mai to force the poison’s native recipe.

The mountain except for me and old Kang, no one, I’m sure no pair of eyes to see.

You are so sure that no eyes see? Some eyes you can not necessarily see, flying in the sky, running on the ground which no eyes? Dogs do not have eyes? Wasn’t the dog in front of him?

Dad, you are different from other people, what time is it that you are still saying such nonsense? Flying animals are also considered human? Dogs can’t talk, so what can they do if they see it? It’s just a matter of a knife.

The dog is cleaned up and no one knows? Let me tell you, a thousand years of injustice will speak, don’t be wise and confused for a while.

Dad, dad, this is the day that wheat called dad the most in more than ten years. He said, Lao Kang drunk last night and leaked, his current identity is a fake, Kang Dashan is a fake name he later entrusted to someone, Lao Kang is actually Yali.

Dad, Lao Kang is a fugitive murderer, a bad guy who is unforgivable, we will take it for the people, buried and forgotten. The place where we grow corn is high up in the mountains and far away, almost isolated from the world, except for you not many people want to go. We dig a deep hole, no one will ever know, it is safe.

Old Mac shaking and fumbling to find a cigarette, how can not light the fire.

Tell me the truth, did you forget to collect the grid, or did you not intend to collect it at all? Did you let Lao Kang stick to it on purpose? For this fine dog, or something else?

Xiao Mai closed his eyes, hands rubbing his temples impatiently said, what the truth or not the truth? No proof of death, what I said you will not believe, do not discuss this word, now say how to deal with people?

Old Mac took a puff of smoke and spit it out, slowly and hard to say, how to deal with? There is only one way, call the police to turn themselves in, for leniency.

Mak’s face suddenly became yellow and bright, you think I do not know the police? What good can the police do? I am now jumping into the Yellow River can not be washed, I am afraid to go in for life can not get out.

Smoke choked Lao Mai a coughing fit, coughing snot and tears flowing down together. Wheat, listen to me to you say. There is no one in the world does not know what happened, unless you did not do. Even if people do not see, at least heaven and earth to see, the sky has the eye of heaven, earth has the eye of earth, what you can escape the eyes of heaven and earth?

Mak sighed and said, I’m not crazy, you’re crazy first, God knows what nonsense to say!

You are young, do not put yourself in harm’s way.

You just want to send me in, don’t you?

The two people soon talked about the deadlock, wheat a face of fury. Finally, wheat showdown said, my mother died long ago, barley debt away, the slut led the doll this period do not know who shouted father called master. Mai Yan also do not know where to die, you do not know what you have done all your life? To put it bluntly, our family has been broken, and now you and I are left, you are afraid that I am the only one to count on, how you want to look at it, to send me in on it! Call now.


Old Mac sighed heavily, he pretended to be calm, the heart is actually chaotic like weeds, looking up at the sky, only to feel the sun and the moon, the head hung down again.

I don’t know how long it took, but the sound of an electric donkey was heard, and the rabbit collection cart with baskets soon rode into the yard. He said, “Go to the car, don’t let people come near, I will bring them in to sell rabbits.

When the rabbit collector went out, Mai clasped his hands to his chest and leaned his back against the windshield with an extremely unfriendly look.

What are you blocking for? Do you have something unpleasant in the car? The rabbit collector joked. Wheat looked like a cattle thief, the man felt bored, driving the electric donkey burst out of the yard.

Hearing the sound of the bursts fading away, Mai turned around and went into the house. The old wheat is from the pot to the end of the bun, bun lack of fire, and green and hard like the river rocks.

The rabbit collector is strange today, what did you say?

What can I say? The rabbit smells and does not want to pay the price, I said it stinks, but also to sell you the original price, all you delayed.

The small wheat breathed a long breath and said, I have to go up the mountain immediately, first to deal with the people to say.

How to deal with? A large living person suddenly disappeared, the old Kang led a group of digging keel will not look for him?

The small wheat does not answer the question only to talk about their own, now I know why the old Kang this person so strange, can not see the blood, do not use the smartphone, using the name of others to do the card. The old Kang’s habit I know, go out regardless of distance, no one told, said to come, want to leave, no one can not figure out where he actually is. I used Lao Kang’s cell phone to send a text message to a second surnamed Zong before going down the mountain, saying that the temporary decision to go to Inner Mongolia to do something, less than ten days and a half months, more than one or two months.

The surnamed Zong wrote back and said, “Don’t worry about going, it has me. After that I pulled out the card and threw it into the river.

The old wheat looked at the wheat in a daze and said, “You have to do this? You are confused! This thing will eventually let people find out, escaped a moment, can not escape a lifetime, like the old Kang, but also let people know the bottom.

The company’s main business is to sell rabbits to the public. I have decided, one person to do one thing, pull yourself up the mountain to bury, people deal with I left.

Wheat turned to go, suddenly remembered what said, lightning left, I can no longer take, originally dreamed of having such a dog, but it bit me, I immediately understood, lightning know that I killed its master, will I as an enemy, the dog can not stay, stay may be to kill me. You think of ideas to clean up, do not leave alive.

Hey, kid! You’re pushing yourself to the brink of extinction! Old Mai choked up.

Xiao Mai felt as uncomfortable as a mango in his throat, he blinked and swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, “If this thing breaks, you’ll say you don’t know. In case I was caught, it means that I am in the life of the robbery, currently can escape a moment is a moment. Wheat eyes burst out like a knife cold light, today I must go, let go also have to go, do not let go also have to go.

Guahua ah, you go where to go? Lao Mai cried.

Wheat heart softened, nasal cavity steeply sour, tears almost flow down. I know you are for my own good, but I must go, I’ve been in there twice, where the head of the suffering suffered you can never imagine, I’m really scared, can not go back in.

Old Mac all the tendons like being suddenly taken away, he heard the sound of broken bones collapsed, feeling that he will soon become a pile of rotten meat and bones. He leaned against the wall and tried to stand firm, did not let himself fall down.

Eventually, Old Mac said helplessly, things have come to this, I will accompany you to the mountain, you alone I do not feel comfortable.

Old Mac got food for Lightning, while the dog was eating, from the outside and bolted the door.

The car from the foot of the cloudy mountain around and around to drive up, Old Mac has a lot of things to say to his son, but the heart is in turmoil do not know how to say. When they reached the top of the mountain and drove down again, they reached the halfway point after half an hour. He said he wanted to go to Henan with a foreign accent to find out what was going on. The place where the foreign accent lived was the boundary between the two families, and the peony peony was planted above the mountainside, while corn was planted below the mountainside and in the river. The foreign accent was in a good position to get a good view of Lao Mai’s family.

The old man had to go, but Mai did not agree. The old man had fled to the area decades ago, and the foreign accent had come a long way to plant herbs, so they both left their hometowns and came to Jiao Long Mountain to make a living. When Old Mac got off the bus, he said, “I’ll go and observe, in case the foreign accent finds something.

After a few minutes of work, the foreign accent politely sent Lao Mai out, and Lao Mai thanked him with two bottles of white wine.

He said, “I’ll give you a taste of the specialties from my hometown, I’ve been neighbors on the mountain for several years, why are you still polite?

The first thing you need to do is to try to get the people out and try to get you in here, and how hard it is to fold the two ends together. Wheat is extremely disgusted with this analogy, put in the usual early onset, but today he must maintain the maximum degree of restraint, especially after the old wheat with him up the mountain, he could not bear to contradict the old wheat, in the end is to fight the tiger family brothers on the battlefield father and son soldier ah!

Remove the cover, put the person into the bed of the shack, the thin old Kang body has been stiff, can not be put flat. Seeing Lao Kang half-open mouth, frightened cold eyes no matter from which angle to look at their own dead stare, Lao Mai panic to reach out to rub, want to close the eyes for Lao Kang. He muttered, I’m sorry brother, I’m really sorry. Old Mac shook like sieve chaff.

Out of the shack, old wheat wipe off the cold sweat on his face and said, wait until the sky is dark and then dig a hole, it’s too early, in case people find it is not good.

Wheat said, this damn place around dozens of miles without people, a light up and down over a mountain will take half a day, in addition to the harvest season, where there are usually people?

While talking there was a gust of wind, all over the mountain was the alarming swish of corn leaves, the wind from the top of the corn just rolled over the head, and rustling around, as if there was something to burst out from the depths of the corn. Suddenly like what is deterred from behind, wheat only feel a chill down the spine, goose bumps all over, do not dare to turn back and can not help but turn back to the shack to look.

Old Kang is slowly sitting up from the bed, wheat scared out of breath, the heart to pop out of the mouth.

What are you doing all of a sudden? Old Mai sternly reprimanded.

Wheat rubbed his eyes hard and looked again, but it turned out to be a hallucination, scaring himself to death.


The heart palpitates wheat close to the old wheat whispered, the location I have long looked at, on the back of the mountain over there by the cliff, invisible above, planting can not reach the heel, barren wood with forest, generally no one pays attention.

Considerate, two people took out the mountain when the cold bun to eat up. Most of the day did not eat, coupled with excessive fright, Lao Mai body like an electric shock, trembling, tingling, the heart was hollowed out as hard, he silently thought, karma! This is retribution, finally came! When thinking about this, tears flowed on the face again.

The bun was cold and sticky, but he didn’t just throw it away like usual, so he had to swallow it with a mouthful of bun and three mouthfuls of water. After chewing half of the bun, Old Mac said, you accompany me to drink two mouthfuls. Xiao Mai silently got up to open the wine. They still have to wait for several hours to wait for the cover of dusk. Drink some wine to numb yourself, or to pass this too long and torturous time.

Half a bottle of wine down, and then look at the furrowed face full of frost, wheat feel this more than half a day of light, the old wheat all of a sudden aged a lot, his heart suddenly quite hard, could not help but softly called a “Dad”.

Old Mai heard the highest evaluation of his son so far: Dad is a good man, but unfortunately the fate is not good, hard work for most of his life, to old age a nothing. My mother left us early, the three dolls did not have a success, even if the key is not a carefree, net to you trouble. A large age, should be a time to enjoy the blessings, but also to run so far to plant crops. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel that we have suffered all the sins. Dad, I’m an asshole, I’m gone, who are you going to rely on?

For the first time, Xiao Mai moved himself to sobbing.

The old wheat a hand over the heart, so a shock, he felt his heart is not good, raw down the kind of pain. He had mixed feelings in his heart, a moment of sadness and panic. The end is old, he thought. Looking at the slowly setting sun, Old Mac said, children, who is not confused when young?

Old Mac tilted his head and poured two mouthfuls of wine and said, “There is a person who is bad since childhood, his father scolded him for being born a bad seed, and he feels he is also a bad seed. Seems to have a grudge against the world, see what you want to wreak havoc, pinch green twist yellow, steal chickens and dogs, a day without doing bad things two hands itchy. The neighbors were wary of him, the village people hated him, and his father’s whip was not infrequently cracked on him. He hated his father for this and cursed him to die early, but his father did not live up to his expectations and died early at the age of thirty-nine. His father died and his mother remarried, taking away his younger siblings, leaving him alone. He is a vindictive person, and has hated his mother ever since, refusing to forgive until she died.

His uncle saw him alone and wanted to ask him to earn money and marry a wife to live a good life. The uncle did not lead his own son who had been separated from the family when he changed the melon, but asked this guy to help. This guy has a sharp tongue, clear accounts, is a piece of business material. Uncle asked him to take charge of money, through the trust of the uncle, every day from the public stall ten or eight to their own pockets smooth. The uncle never doubted his own nephew, and never detailed accounting.

After changing the melon to share the wheat, uncle said half of the remaining belongs to you. He and his uncle to lift the pole scale over wheat, uncle’s eyes are not good, told him to dial the hammer to see the scale, every time when the scale to fall down, this guy smooth hand gently back a paddle pull, eighty immediately become a hundred, a dozen scales down, uncle less to share several hundred pounds of wheat. Each time he can cleverly do seamlessly, uncle actually can not see the flaw at all. At that time he was young and thought he was very clever, not blackmailing his own uncle blackmail who? People do not do it for themselves, the heaven and earth to destroy it!

The small wheat look at the old wheat, who is this guy?

Old Mai sipped his wine and then said, this person has a cousin is down the coal kiln, see him poor, always ask him to go home for dinner. Sister-in-law took him as a brother, good food and drink, sewing, one after another, he played the sister-in-law’s idea, begging and pestering people do not let go. Sister-in-law’s face is soft, can not withstand the stalking, with his good. This person and sister-in-law secretly good for a few years, cousin has been in the dark, people say sister-in-law after the birth of two children especially like this person, but also do not know who is actually the. The cousin later slowly know, scolded him and said, the sky opened his eyes will clean you up, you are too bad.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are talking about. I don’t have to be so bad to teach myself!

Lao Mai said, before the old is hidden in the heart, afraid that people know, but to this age, say it, but feel better. A person’s heart can hold more good things, but can not hold many bad things. You will be more and more unable to bear the inner torture.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The neighbor who drove a tricycle overturned and crushed his leg, the family saw me interact with a wide range of acquaintances, go out and do things smoothly, I was asked to serve the patient, the benefits are naturally few. When I returned to the hospital, I was beaten unconscious, and all the money raised by the neighbor’s family was taken away. The patient missed the best time to cure his leg and eventually had to have it amputated. The neighbors were convinced of this, and no one blamed me, but rather felt that I was doing my job. I took the initiative to pay out a hundred dollars, with their money of course, and left myself with more than three hundred dollars, as compensation for my ruthlessness to knock myself out.

Shortly after that incident, one night, I came out of a widow’s house to walk back, it was raining, walking through a wilderness, I ran up lifelessly, fell into a flooded pond and almost drowned. Through the lightning, I suddenly saw a particularly large eye in the sky. I had heard the old people say that this is called “the sky open eyes”. The first thing I thought of was that I had done too much evil the sky opened its eyes, and God was afraid to clean me up.

I was always on edge when I did more than my fair share of bad things, and I often reflected on it, thinking that I was not a human being. After I gave birth to my second child, I felt that I could not live like this after being the father of two children, and I was determined to become a human being again, but sometimes I still could not control myself.

Dad, what’s going on with you and Wang Cai woman? In the most harmonious moment of father-son relationship, wheat suddenly remembered this question, at this time to ask such a question he did not feel he was not big and small. Since he was a child, Mak knew that the old man had a lover, somewhere far away in Qinghai, the woman he had never seen, only in his imagination. But for a long time has been lurking in his family every day, she is the woman who is deeply loved by his father’s heart. Old Mac always took money from the already poor family and sent it to the woman without interruption, and visited her every other day.

What kind of a woman is it that makes Old Mac swoon? A thousand miles away, the old man could not forget half his life. The young Mai remembered that his mother always had trouble with his father for this reason, and his father always beat his mother severely.

I am not for that woman, but for my friend Wang Cai. This was explained many times, but who believed it? Wang Cai has long been dead.

Old Mac said, Wang Cai their village there is a day wandering around the melon woman, white and fat, the village people look at this brain lack of string woman since childhood, all take her as their own children. The melon woman’s family will not have any worries, and let her run around all day.

One year, the woman’s belly gradually bulged a small mountain, it was obvious that it was a change of body shape different from obesity. People in the village are talking about who did this ungodly thing that is condemned by God? The masses are outraged, we support the mother led the woman to go door to door to identify, digging three feet to the ground also to this seed of the beast to find out.

The ghost knows why the woman pointed to Wang Cai and said, “It’s him, it’s him, he took off my pants.

Wang Cai was almost killed.

Gua Zi, this is a gua Zi ah! Beastly even a melon! There is a god at three feet above the head, the sky will open its eyes, bad seeds are to be retributed, said the mother of the melon woman gnashing her teeth and cursing.

Wang Cai a hundred mouths, hanging in a tree.

Dad is really benevolent, for a friend suffered a lifetime of aggression, wheat for the first time on the old wheat impressed.

My friend Wang Cai died, leaving behind orphans and widows, I can’t live with my conscience if I don’t provide for them. When I was young, I used to go to the west to collect furs and sell livestock, and when I arrived in Qinghai, I often stayed at Wang Cai’s house. I know that Wang Cai died unjustly, and I also know that the melon woman was coaxed by a few candies to the back of the barley stack. The melon woman melon to the real, take the sugar people told her to do what to do, and then she automatically run to that place, a come to the hands of the pants.

Why don’t you expose that bad seed?

I have thought more than once to go to the public security, but I really do not have the courage, these years, my heart in the frying pan on the tip of the knife, I dare not think, so I have to numb themselves or force themselves to forget. I admit that I am a wimpy-headed ghost, if you reveal it, who is here to tell you about this bad seed?

The young Mai sucked in a breath of cold air, and soon he became indifferent, father and son have been like enemies for decades, the old Mai has never spoken to him so heartfelt as today.

You were much worse than me when you were young, wheat teased. Where is the melon woman?

She died in childbirth, and the child was sold abroad.

After that incident, I often think of the poor woman who died in childbirth and the child who was sold to who knows where. When I think of that woman’s curse, I feel uncomfortable. Strange enough, one night two years later, strange things happened to me again.

I said goodbye to the Wang Cai family that day when the sun was in the west, ready to take advantage of the coolness of the night to catch up. At that time, I was full of wine and food riding a horse, with Wang Cai family gratitude to my satisfaction, looking back on the days of the tender Wang Cai woman on the road, out of dozens of miles when the wind raged, the sky lightning and thunder after a heavy rain.

That night it seems to have stepped on the Vertigo, and like in sleepwalking, how to fall off the cliff? How did I get rescued? Afterwards, the headache did not think clearly. The sky was tumbling with evil clouds, and suddenly there were a lot of big scary eyes flashing, and there were eyes everywhere in the dark, and I could see them really well. A fireball rolled down from mid-air, rumbling after me, I also remember clearly.

Mak looked confused, looking fixedly at what he did not know about the old wheat.

Old Mac said, these years I have been thinking, people always think they are very clever, before and after the people, do things seamlessly, think that God does not know, in fact, God what does not know? God has spared who? Bad things have a price, once done, you have to pay the same price. The rest of my life, these things, all my young too much evil retribution. Barley cliff flying cars, Mai Yan and people fooling around, and now you have the old Kang electrocuted, the time has come, it is time for me to pay the price for what they do. Old Mai sighed deeply and said, “This is called deserved.

Dad do not blame yourself, to blame you were too young still do not understand, and then to blame us are not instrumental.

Wa, whether you believe it or not, no matter what people in the world believe or not, I have to say that the heavens have eyes. You do good and bad things, can not escape the eyes of heaven, the sky is always open eyes.

Back to the words, wheat understand the intention of the old wheat. He fell back to reality from Old Mac’s story, boundless darkness and fear instantly surrounded him, a needle in the back, people become anxious and restless, face is also hideous.

Well, I do not have the heart to listen to you talk about “Liaozhai”, you will not say that I am born of fox spirit, right? What problem can be solved by talking such nonsense about lying to three-year-old children? What heavenly eye, earthly eye, I think you are not normal!


The sun has completely set, the last dazzling light behind the mountain has also disappeared, the endless corn forest like waves of the sea, in the confusion of the night ebb and flow. The sky threw down a big gray nets, will cover everything, together with time, but also sieve down many fine light stars like snowflakes in the dance, quiet dusk finally came.

Let’s do it?

Wait a little longer. Old Mac looked thoughtfully at the mountains in the distance gradually blurred, as if something will come from the mountain side. Old Mac’s calm and collected let the wheat feel their own impetuous superficial, he was a little ashamed, it seems that he is still a little young, ginger in the end is the old hot.

They waited for the real dusk, but did not wait to make their own move. The police hiding in the corn forest surrounded the father and son.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Even his own son is not spared, you deserve to be cut off!

Old Mac old tears, holding back the sadness choked and said, you went in, at least I know where you are. But you buried the old Kang secretly in this place, do not let his family know where to go, how can this work? People are raised by their parents.

Old Mac also said that the things on their own backs, their own things to do their own burden, we face their own things to do, to live peacefully for a day, are much stronger than hiding and fleeing around for life.

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